Jeffrey Epstein: FBI launches investigation into death amid growing conspiracy theories

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • The FBI has opened a formal investigation into the death of the US financier Jeffrey Epstein, who's thought to have taken his own life while being held on sex trafficking charges. (Subscribe:
    But conspiracy theories about how he died are flourishing, fuelled in part by Donald Trump who retweeted one totally unsubstantiated post blaming the Clintons.
    Meanwhile Epstein's accusers have expressed their outrage that he won't face justice.
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  • Val Mid
    Val Mid 12 hours ago

    Bloomberg News: Trump should be worried about Ties with Jeffery Epstein (points a picture of President Trump).
    Me: *points pictures of Bill Clinton and Mike Bloomberg himself*

  • The Advocate
    The Advocate 2 days ago

    3:12 skanky Me Too attorney. BTW, your clients were already compensated. If a 12 year old commits murder, he/she is treated like an adult. When are we going to start holding the 13-17 year old girls accountable for their own decisions? Forced rape is one thing but "Hey kid, you want to come to this wealthy guy's mansion to make some money? The answer should always be no even from a 14 year old girl. Maybe the victim's parents should pay compensation for not raising their kids the right way.

  • Vincent Wright
    Vincent Wright 7 days ago

    This man is not dead .sorry nice try

    • Vincent Wright
      Vincent Wright 7 days ago

      This is just what they want you to think dont forget this man is illuminated and part of the masons he can disappear from a jail cell and he has alot of power to do so .if anyone has ever seen the movie sword fish they know the ending. It's part of the illusion .

  • Douglas Reed
    Douglas Reed 10 days ago

    The Clintons were involved with his murder

  • Rd
    Rd 11 days ago

    Where is *GHISLAINE MAXWELL??*

  • James Sandoval
    James Sandoval 11 days ago

    James joseph Silva Sandoval born 1987 in Shelbyville, Tennessee . Was a genius found out by some rich chick with connections, born with tele kenesis abilities and denied life framed and setup by the jealousy of the city he resides and now oppressed in every aspect of life, movie stars know who he is, one percent knows who he is, and the media broadcast propaganda at him 24/7 via transmitters and Morse. Imsi catcher or dirtbox you can see his mind. La camera network is profiling him and his family for deathpools and everyone are involved.

  • kierenalvarez
    kierenalvarez 12 days ago

    Mentions Trump the least likely person while Clinton raped little girls on his plane and island. Their is records of it hahaha fake news

  • Richard Halverson
    Richard Halverson 12 days ago

    Obama used the FBI to investigate trump during his campaign. The government just cant be trusted.

  • Prophet Ayatollah POWER-TITS Butt-tinopener STI

    what did the autospy report a the cause of death???
    ( cop) ,,..death?

  • Hitman550
    Hitman550 14 days ago

    Rest in peace Jeffrey Epstein

  • TJ Qwick
    TJ Qwick 14 days ago

    M.A.G.A. written all over this one

  • a freeman
    a freeman 14 days ago

    I believe Jeffrey is still alive..

  • Sonic Fx
    Sonic Fx 15 days ago

    Why was this a meme

  • Joe Costner
    Joe Costner 15 days ago

    it's a weird story to say the least

  • D Core
    D Core 16 days ago

    I cannot believe all the pictures with Obama and him in a boat with Asian girls on it!!

  • Luke Enno
    Luke Enno 17 days ago

    Ultimately, it will be treated as a suicide because that is what the FBI wants us to believe. They won't reverse course.

  • Mike McGomer
    Mike McGomer 18 days ago

    Communist News Network should talk..

  • Ayato’s Journey
    Ayato’s Journey 19 days ago

    Dave Chappelle give another special, too much things going on

  • Brenton Linnett
    Brenton Linnett 20 days ago

    He is not dead he is protected and so the trafficking and rape of underage girls continues

  • Mano Zigzag
    Mano Zigzag 21 day ago +1


  • John boy
    John boy 22 days ago +1

    Clinton was on his plane 27 times. If u think billy is not a child pedo and killary runs the biggest child prostitution ring ever!! And god knows what!

  • PatrudingVango3243
    PatrudingVango3243 22 days ago +1

    Obviously epstein did not commit suicide

  • Darren Evans
    Darren Evans 28 days ago

    Obviously he was killed. Who cares though. I am yet to hear of a negative death

  • mopthermopther
    mopthermopther 29 days ago

    Epstein sightings are everywhere: Mozambique, Macao, Peoria and Uranus.

  • Julie Nielsen
    Julie Nielsen Month ago

    Biden also has an accuser hence why Epstein was silenced.

  • Julie Nielsen
    Julie Nielsen Month ago

    Why did the media stop talking about this so fast? Oh Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 28 times.

  • Clint Williams
    Clint Williams Month ago

    Lol CNN gets me every time instead of lookin into trumps “accusations” their going to insist that he was just trying to get the attention off him cause you know she has never done anything wrong

  • Zorcon741
    Zorcon741 Month ago

    Biased media

  • Kenai Dog
    Kenai Dog Month ago

    So much for the Demoncratic Party Nomination for President.

  • David Bookey
    David Bookey Month ago +1

    Lol ya trust the FBI

  • maj whocares
    maj whocares Month ago

    He had to die. He knew to much Nd knew names

  • Ash Anaz
    Ash Anaz Month ago +5

    These filthy dogs must be brought to justice no matter how much money they have.

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla Month ago +1

    Epstein didn’t kill himself lol

  • Troll
    Troll Month ago +1

    If he was murdered, is that “justice?”

  • Apple
    Apple Month ago

    I don't think he was suicide because I don't think that's the face of a guy that's wants to suicide
    -I'm the truth, you can't lie to me
    - whoever you are I know that you did and no one else
    - you have to be taller and stronger than him if he was look like he was hang himself

  • Lancer____ Dog
    Lancer____ Dog Month ago

    Ateention Wal-mart shoppers, can a Mr Clinton Killdepstein please come to customer service

  • AlexTheNut11
    AlexTheNut11 Month ago

    Wikipedia said this:
    Three days prior to his death, Epstein was found unconscious on his jail cell with bruises on his neck. He was taken out and put on suicide watch. Three weeks later he was put on a special cell with another inmate. The guards would check up on him every 30 minutes. On August 9, Epstein's inmate was transferred and they didn't bring a second inmate back in, leaving Him alone. After that, *both* guards fell asleep and Both cameras in front of Epstein's cell *BOTH MALFUNCTIONED*. On August 10, Epstein was found dead with extreme damage on his neck bones.

    If this isn't an assassination, then I do not know what is.

  • Busy Biz Consulting

    Typical of a malignant narcissistic psychopath, he must "win" and have the last word so his victims never have closure. The government is a disgrace morally no better than Mexico.

  • Ligia Rendon
    Ligia Rendon Month ago

    But is he really DEAD though?

  • StopIsraeliTerror Farmer

    Fox News talking about the FBI investigating Jeffrey Epsteins Demise. Less than average intelligent people telling stupid people to trust the people who likely helped Epstein escape, to investigate themselves. If you think he. Omitted suicide with a paper blanket , you can be led to think anything.

  • Some One
    Some One Month ago

    The Clinton’s did it

  • crazytxgirl2013
    crazytxgirl2013 Month ago

    They want compensation but.... epstein already paid them.

  • Ilya K
    Ilya K Month ago

    Clinton killed him

  • Rase -iwnl-
    Rase -iwnl- Month ago +5

    Epstein didn’t kill himself the government did it

  • John Baker
    John Baker Month ago

    This is so stupid, money doesnt take away pain and suffering, that's all you people care about, take that away and get these people some real help instead of looking for a handout

  • Brayden Paulk
    Brayden Paulk Month ago

    It's not an outrageous false story, its perfectly possible that Epstein was murdered

  • EDKH
    EDKH Month ago

    Epstein Didn't Kill Himself -

  • His Story
    His Story Month ago

    NOHING HAS CHANGED ARE WE BEING PLAYED?????? The first Roman Latin laws, or Papal Bulls, of "trusts" written on the flesh of sacrificed child human skin and are the same laws applied to us today. I refer you to the "Acts of the Forty-First Congress," Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62. On this date in the history of our nationActs of the Forty-first Congress," Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62). Whereas my Chapter 9 is a time-map of the major. Headlines and Landmines of the 200-years-plus history of America, each. Actually,Roman Civil Law was fully established in the colonies before our nation.

  • dodge den
    dodge den Month ago

    The camera did not work for the hour he was let his door open

  • JustSome Lad
    JustSome Lad Month ago

    He was killed by uk government and us I think Prince Andrew and many other higher up people were involved in this. Wouldn’t be the only time uk and us government killed people.

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams Month ago

    Mention people he go tell on eipstein smart guy sure he got records mfer kulled a president they cover anything

  • bryce colwell
    bryce colwell Month ago

    Security cameras in jails don't just "not work" like an old washer in the basement. It's a no. 1 security risk and breech and addressed IMMEDIATELY... now, you've got a SUPER HIGH PROFILE inmate who's ready been attacked/attempted suicide, and the supervisor and the supervisors supervisor and the deputy and the warden and the regional warden, ALL missed not working cameras... It's a lie, and a bad one

    P0LYBIUS Month ago


  • TheCogMan
    TheCogMan Month ago

    He’s a Paedophile. Glad he’s dead. Deserves it.

  • Khalid Mahmood
    Khalid Mahmood Month ago

    The higher uppers told him to kill himself that's all.everything dies with epstein.

  • Frazmataz
    Frazmataz Month ago

    English conservative government is also full of paedophiles

  • Frazmataz
    Frazmataz Month ago

    English royal family are harbouring paedophiles

  • Tim Cantrell
    Tim Cantrell Month ago

    I was surprised when Epstein hung himself but not as much as he was.

  • Tim Cantrell
    Tim Cantrell Month ago

    Conspiracy theory my butt. He was obviously murdered & the MSM immediately took up the lie like they do every time : 9/11, Las Vegas, OKC bombing, TWA 800 etc etc Research for YOURSELF & you too will be convinced.

  • Gavin Finley
    Gavin Finley Month ago

    Here is a little meme on the Jeffry Epstein murder case. Imagine, if you will, Sherlock Holmes being called in on the case of the mysterious death in the night of Jeffrey Epstein. He was the man they had in custody, the man with all the info on pedophilia all round the world. Imagine the scene as the Scotland Yard inspector asked Sherlock Holmes if there might be something that he has overlooked.

    Yes, even though he saw the murder and knew what had happened.the watchdog did not bark.

    And why didn't the watchdog bark?
    Because the watchdog was owned by the murdering party.