Madonna The MDNA Tour Live From Miami DVD Full Show by EPIX

  • Published on Jun 23, 2013
  • The MDNA Tour Full Show by EPIX
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  • Solo12313
    Solo12313 5 days ago

    In my opinion this was the last great from Madonna, production and looks are on point

  • Oscar Manuel
    Oscar Manuel 11 days ago

    This is pure art

  • Moisès Sarao Hernàndez


  • pablo luck
    pablo luck 27 days ago

    como te esxtraño madonna:(

  • Erick Alavez Quiroz

    Madonna reina por siempre

  • Gabriel castelli
    Gabriel castelli Month ago +1


  • Mert
    Mert Month ago

    There is bo timeline ...

  • Minecraft gamer
    Minecraft gamer Month ago +1

    I Love you,my queen!!!Forever Madonna♡♡♡

  • Mara Cerimonial
    Mara Cerimonial Month ago +1

    Amo ♥️

  • Milosz Kraska
    Milosz Kraska Month ago +1

    Why is it so edited? It is unwatchable on DVD. The best of her in real tho.

  • Mori Ica
    Mori Ica 2 months ago

    theiir dance very close and friendship reach up to hold understand
    thanks to yo tube.

  • Mori Ica
    Mori Ica 2 months ago

    baik utk dilihat rileks agar tdk stress . make ud happy cause nice.

  • Lovely Boy
    Lovely Boy 2 months ago

    Wet#game in Xbox360same to same,excellent Madonna excellent

  • L.N.V. O.S.B.
    L.N.V. O.S.B. 2 months ago

    240p???????? nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Andres Rivas
    Andres Rivas 2 months ago

    Donde puedo verlo en HD?

  • Dann R
    Dann R 2 months ago +1

    Okay, I just discovered she recorded this tour professionally. Now I need this in HD.

  • Matías tomas Toledo
    Matías tomas Toledo 2 months ago

    No podés ponerlo para descargar en HD?

  • Lovely Boy
    Lovely Boy 3 months ago +1

    Once again many more time again and again, l love Madonna world love Madonna,Madonna is love Love is Madonna.

  • Lovely Boy
    Lovely Boy 3 months ago

    I love Madonna world love Madonna,love is Madonna, Madonna is love.

  • Lovely Boy
    Lovely Boy 3 months ago

    I do what I say.

  • Lovely Boy
    Lovely Boy 3 months ago


  • blackbeardf
    blackbeardf 3 months ago

    😍 Love spent 😍

  • Элез
    Элез 3 months ago

    Prodam dyxi iz mochi madonni

  • Aiyana Ela
    Aiyana Ela 3 months ago

    So incredible im speechless wow all of it was just wow! I had to pause and cry for a while release some inhibitions then wonder why is she so fucking amazing?
    Ive never seen anything like it noone will ever be like her ever again! What a magnificent brain!

  • Brett Weary
    Brett Weary 3 months ago

    Fantastic Maddona

  • aigle tornade
    aigle tornade 3 months ago

    Rendez nous la vrai madona

  • aigle tornade
    aigle tornade 3 months ago


  • aigle tornade
    aigle tornade 3 months ago

    C koï cette voie de gamine

  • Sydney La Roche
    Sydney La Roche 4 months ago +1

    I love Madonna but I hate epix they literally kill every show they touch

  • Yakub Indrawan
    Yakub Indrawan 4 months ago

    240p, really!

  • stephen howard
    stephen howard 4 months ago

    i wana see her finger n taste her wet cunt ......oh ya she does a perfect cum slut

  • stephen howard
    stephen howard 4 months ago +1

    u just wanna finger her or lick her out

  • Kleyson Soares
    Kleyson Soares 4 months ago


  • Vicente Salazar Arancibia
    Vicente Salazar Arancibia 4 months ago +1

    Missed Holiday

  • Vicente Salazar Arancibia

    Faltó Holiday

  • Fabian Pinto
    Fabian Pinto 4 months ago


  • Cassandra Mcbride
    Cassandra Mcbride 4 months ago +1

    Some people may not enjoy madonna music, but lets face it. She can pull a hell of a show

  • la villa du bruant
    la villa du bruant 5 months ago +3

    Trop de montage tue le concert... dommage.

    • Marco Erario
      Marco Erario Month ago

      C'est vrai mais Madonna est aussi fameuse pour ses scénographies et choreographies...Elle même a dit que ses concerts ressemblent à des spectacles de théâtre

  • sueli santos
    sueli santos 5 months ago +1

    Em 1:46:53 vi uma bandeira do Brasil!!!! Nós ama Madonna

  • Gary Cambridge
    Gary Cambridge 5 months ago +1

    Not her best tour and the editing on this wasn’t as bad as the RH tour but it has some good moments 😘😍😍

  • Franco Franco
    Franco Franco 5 months ago +1

    I went to this tour in Mexico City and I was at the pit

  • Onur Akgün
    Onur Akgün 5 months ago +2

    I was on Turkish part that concert! It was really amazing i cannot forget it

  • Shaktfer
    Shaktfer 5 months ago +1

    I'm addicted is such a big moment of this gig

  • rowan torres
    rowan torres 5 months ago +2

    La única y más grande... MADONNA

  • winston1319
    winston1319 5 months ago +3

    I have been in MDNA Tour but in Paris.Amazing !

  • Khim Valmonte
    Khim Valmonte 6 months ago +3

    I want madonna to live forwver.

  • Khim Valmonte
    Khim Valmonte 6 months ago +1

    this was really an exhausting tour for madonna but she was at her prime 50s. no one can do it like this, the title queen is rightfully hers.q

  • Leula Carolyna Amaral Da Silva

    A mágica está no ar ...

  • Dushan Stojadinovic
    Dushan Stojadinovic 6 months ago +1

    Glamorisation of guns in any context at all makes me sick to my very stomach. I’m a huge Madonna fan and her boundary pushing creative artistic ideas have influenced my life greatly over the decades . Her performance in this is astonishing, as always, but guns? Sorry Queen - no.

    • Sydney La Roche
      Sydney La Roche 4 months ago +2

      So basically you can't watch any crime film or drama because it has a gun in it?

  • Miguel Angel Bertomeu
    Miguel Angel Bertomeu 6 months ago

    Raise my soul, thank you Madonna!

  • pabloo Crist Gr C
    pabloo Crist Gr C 6 months ago +1


  • JM Garcia
    JM Garcia 6 months ago +2

    the transition from justify my love to vogue tho, damn.

  • Andrius Machado
    Andrius Machado 6 months ago

    55:32 ❤️

  • The Fame Monster
    The Fame Monster 6 months ago

    why is this video only 420p ?



  • Jessica Díaz
    Jessica Díaz 7 months ago

    I ❤️ Madonna 👑🎤

  • Issorrisi Graphic
    Issorrisi Graphic 7 months ago +1

    I saw her in Florence during this tour and I will never forget how amazing it was!!!

  • Gustavo Naranjo Rojas
    Gustavo Naranjo Rojas 7 months ago +1

    Mis mejores recuerdos se remontan viajando desde Bogotá a Medellín con mi esposa y 3 hijos (la menor d 7 años) después d pedir una licencia x una semana en la empresa donde trabajaba para estar en el mejor concierto d mi y d nuestras vidas un 28 d Nov 2012. Estoy llorando d felicidad x tan hermosos recuerdos. Gracias a Dios y Gracias mi Reina x siempre MDNA

  • Lady GaGa Mad Fan
    Lady GaGa Mad Fan 7 months ago +1

    lol she's using auto tune 😂 At 13:21

  • Lady GaGa Mad Fan
    Lady GaGa Mad Fan 7 months ago +1

    She sounds so cool when signing express yourself

  • Lady GaGa Mad Fan
    Lady GaGa Mad Fan 7 months ago +1

    It's wired how she sung express yourself and born this way together Madonna said that GaGas born this way sounds like express yourself but it doesn't I love Madonna and Lady GaGa 😎

  • Pc Cardoso
    Pc Cardoso 7 months ago +1

    she's not me 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • domhull09
    domhull09 7 months ago


  • Lorena Varcega
    Lorena Varcega 8 months ago +3

    I lovethis tour it looked so worldwide like if it's message were universal, Madonna seemed to know what she was doing that year (I don't mean that she doesnt nowadays) but she was so in control of the pop scene despite many people started to say she was old but she ddemostrated she was vigent with the superbowl performance, her album her tour, definitely 2012 was a good year;

  • Momoguy GUY
    Momoguy GUY 8 months ago

    Powerful lovely kind true ass kicking friend that what you are to me Madonna

  • yoto601
    yoto601 8 months ago +8

    Nunca nadie va a superar el nivel de SHADE de cuando Madonna cantó Express yourself y born this way juntas jajsjsjsjajshshaj

  • Sebastian Oyaneder
    Sebastian Oyaneder 8 months ago

    Why is she using autotune ?

    • Sydney La Roche
      Sydney La Roche 4 months ago

      epix fiddled with the live recording a lot. they always ruin every show they do

  • J o h n
    J o h n 8 months ago +3

    Descargue este DVD pero en mejor resolucion en mi compu y quede encantado sin duda esta gira fue la mejor de su carrera y termino aplastando a todas sus antecesoras hasta la suscesora Rebel Heart Tour esta ultima fue la gira mas floja de todas especialmente por su repertorio que dejo mucho que desear, no lo entrego todo como en la del 2012....en fin toda la energia, creatividad y el poder de su carrera lo saco en MDNA. No soy fan de Madonna pero de verdad como buen observador pienso que esta gira tiene todos los elementos para ser la mejor que haya hecho.

    • J o h n
      J o h n 8 months ago

      Este es el enlace:
      Pero tienes que descargarlo por esta aplicacion y si tienes Windows 10 mejor todavia por que te descargas la aplicacion alli colocas el enlace, lo conviertes en HD y listo se descarga ya que si lo intentas descargar por la web no te lo va permitir por ser DVD original y esta cifrado por los derechos de autor en todas las web de descarga te saldra que esta denegada.

    • Andres Perez
      Andres Perez 8 months ago

      Tienes aún el link de descarga? No he podido encontrar uno

  • Jesús Emiliano Salazar
    Jesús Emiliano Salazar 9 months ago +3

    *_42:10_**_ Turn Up The Radio es todo lo que está bien en éste DVD❤❤❤❤❤_*

  • Carlos Vama
    Carlos Vama 9 months ago

    I love the minute 37:27 xD

  • Rich Val
    Rich Val 9 months ago

    1:08:28 I live for that part

  • eliarth 19
    eliarth 19 9 months ago

    The Prayer Overture: Act of Contrition» (Introducción) (contiene extractos de «Salmo 91»57​ y de «Birjina Gaztetto Bat Zegoen»)
    «Girl Gone Wild» (contiene elementos de (Offer Nissim Remix)» y extractos de «Material Girl» y «Give It 2 Me»)
    «Gang Bang»
    «Papa Don't Preach»
    «Hung Up» (contiene elementos de «Girl Gone Wild» y «Sorry» )
    «I Don't Give A»
    «Best Friend» (remix) (video/baile interludio) (contiene extractos de «Heartbeat»)

    «Express Yourself» (contiene extractos de «Born This Way» y «She's Not Me»)59​
    «Give Me All Your Luvin'» (Just Blaze Remix)
    «Turning Up the Hits» (video interludio) (contiene extractos de «Holiday», «Into the Groove», «Lucky Star», «Like a Virgin», «4 Minutes», «Ray of Light» y «Music»)
    «Turn Up the Radio» (Leo Zero Remix)
    «Open Your Heart» (contiene elementos de «Sagarra Jo!»)
    «Holiday» (desde el 8 de septiembre y solo en algunas fechas)

    «Justify My Love» (remix) (video/baile interludio)
    «Candy Shop» (contiene elementos de «Ashamed of Myself» y extractos de «Erotica»)
    «Human Nature»
    «Like a Virgin» (contiene elementos de «Evgeni’s Waltz»)
    «Love Spent» (contiene elementos de «Love Spent (Acoustic)» y «Evgeni's Waltz»)
    «Nobody Knows Me» (remix) (video/baile interludio)​
    «I'm Addicted»
    «I'm a Sinner»
    «Like a Prayer»

  • Qatarexplorer
    Qatarexplorer 9 months ago

    I am Madonna addicted person. Just love her!

  • Anastasia Z
    Anastasia Z 9 months ago

    I bow down to her

  • Anastasia Z
    Anastasia Z 9 months ago

    Fucking Legend

  • Pamela Andréa S. da Silva


  • Pamela Andréa S. da Silva


  • SantyGo A.M. 2000
    SantyGo A.M. 2000 10 months ago +2

    Madonna con la bandera de Argentina 😍💙 1:45:24

  • Army of one
    Army of one 10 months ago

    Show demoníaco da peste, meu irmão: ela blasfema a todo tempo o nome de jesus, tem viado pra todo canto. Misericórdia. Que Deus salve essa perdida a tempo.

  • Silvia Lanzini
    Silvia Lanzini 11 months ago

    Madonna ti seguo da sempre,sei la meglio nel panorama musicale.ho la collezione tua quasi completa. ..Sono di firenze Ciao 💗💖👍

  • Zeljko Anzulovic
    Zeljko Anzulovic 11 months ago


  • camino paranormal
    camino paranormal 11 months ago

    esto no lo supera nadie y menos una taylor

  • Wilson Jose
    Wilson Jose 11 months ago


  • Jose Luis Machuca
    Jose Luis Machuca 11 months ago +1

    Grande MADONNA buen CONCIERTO.

  • Dann Delorenzo
    Dann Delorenzo 11 months ago


  • Vixinaful
    Vixinaful 11 months ago +8

    Great body as always but soo much demonic influence. If I didnt know it was her concert, I'd have thought it was a black metal band getting ready to play. You can tell she's a satanic high priestess.

    • Alpha
      Alpha 6 months ago +1

      Fuck off.

  • João Vítor
    João Vítor 11 months ago

    I love this show, the editing tho...

  • João Vítor
    João Vítor 11 months ago

    I love this show, the editing tho...

  • Brendon becher
    Brendon becher Year ago +6

    O ruim é que a imagem esta horrível... :/

    • Lucas Alves
      Lucas Alves 6 months ago

      E do DVd mesmo. Mas amo essa apresentação.

  • Vivika Milenka Channel

    Whatching in 2018

  • Ambientdave
    Ambientdave Year ago +1

    Madonna is a great artist,loads of energy,amazing sets. Great music ,big mention of the fantastic team,that worked very hard behind the scenes.
    So much gear to lug around,unreal,ha,ha

  • Mery Helen Pacheco

    em 240p horrivel demais a imagem

  • E. Antonio FRANCO
    E. Antonio FRANCO Year ago +1

    So stupid

  • Edith Gottschalk
    Edith Gottschalk Year ago +1

    Podrían traducir al español la letra por favor. Gracias

  • Flavio Briceño
    Flavio Briceño Year ago +1

    mi artista preferida!

  • Flavio Briceño
    Flavio Briceño Year ago +2

    no hay como madonna....... es unica ,como ella ninguna1

  • Erwan Prasetyo
    Erwan Prasetyo Year ago +1

    I love Madonna

  • wallace silva
    wallace silva Year ago +4


  • S. Colin
    S. Colin Year ago +175

    All songs
    1.Virgin Mary 0:00
    2.Girl Gone Wild 5:45
    3.Revolver 10:26
    4.Gang Bang 14:20
    5.Papa Don't Preach 20:01
    6.Hung Up 21:51
    7.I don't give A 25:40
    8.Best Friend 31:09
    9.Express Yourself/Born this way/She's not me 34:26
    10.Give Me All Your Luvin' 38:32
    11. Turn up the Radio 42:10
    12.Open Your Heart 46:56
    13.Masterpiece 55:32
    14.Justify my Love 1:00:05
    15.Vogue 1:03:39
    16.Candy Shop/Erotica 1:07:48
    17.Human Nature 1:12:10
    18.Like A Virgin Waltz 1:17:08
    19.Love Spent 1:22:20
    20.Nobody Knows Me 1:26:40
    21.I'm Addicted 1:30:12
    22.I'm A Sinner 1:34:59
    23.Like a Prayer 1:41:44
    24.Celebration/Give it 2 me 1:48:02
    I hope that it's easyer know to find the songs.

    • blackbeardf
      blackbeardf 3 months ago

      Thanks!!! 😍

    • Lupemo
      Lupemo 3 months ago +1

      thank you for making the tracklist that MADONNA played that night at the concert

    • Diego Sousa
      Diego Sousa 7 months ago

      thank you

    • Abdul Rasheed
      Abdul Rasheed 8 months ago

      +Keefer Fleming Madonna beautiful godly Lady loooooooove to

    • Keefer Fleming
      Keefer Fleming 8 months ago +2

      Simon Colin omg ily ❤

  • Sajalin Manzano
    Sajalin Manzano Year ago

    Turn up the radio ... Ufffff