Unbreakable Action Figures?

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • We ditched regular action figures for flexible Goo Jit Zu!
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    Vat19 got a chance to look at Goo Jit Zu action figures! Will you choose to be a hero or villain as you fight using your squishy and stretchy powers? Each character comes with their own special ability that'll help you fight for good or evil!
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Comments • 3 141

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +237

    Let's give it up for Calvin and Maxwell! We loved having them in the studio!
    See more stretchy things here: tvclip.biz/video/jhnLtcX3bKk/video.html

  • Stephen Benigno
    Stephen Benigno 3 hours ago

    I Like won of those

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 4 hours ago

    Video: sees that there invincible
    Me: grabs a Tsar Bomba

  • horrible,unfunny content awates you here

    Mine came broken in box :/

  • Cheezy bat 2007
    Cheezy bat 2007 11 hours ago

    Are they in stores

  • Cora Feigley
    Cora Feigley 13 hours ago

    is it true that moos made goo jit zu or not

  • Yanis Maakni
    Yanis Maakni 16 hours ago

    What kind of toy is named goo jitzu

  • HR Cantu Vostok
    HR Cantu Vostok 19 hours ago

    My 🎂🐱

  • Bradley Groot
    Bradley Groot 20 hours ago

    o no this is a #1001video

  • Shądøx Cąt
    Shądøx Cąt Day ago

    Figures: We're unbreakable!
    Scissors and pets *aRe YoU sUrE aBoUt tHaT?*

  • mirta lopez
    mirta lopez Day ago


  • Green and Red
    Green and Red Day ago

    Can the intro be an actual show ♡(ू•‧̫•ू⑅)

  • Brandon Esparza
    Brandon Esparza Day ago


  • Doug Play’s
    Doug Play’s Day ago

    Goojitzu:I’m squaisy flexible
    Doberman dog: are you sure about that?

  • Kevin Stubbs
    Kevin Stubbs Day ago

    They say unbreakable but me and my brothers will find a way to get it

  • Xander Pryce
    Xander Pryce Day ago

    ho did u hir at teh studio

  • G bros
    G bros 2 days ago

    Think of some reasin this toy is unbreakable!!!!!

    Dog:where is the toy hold my beer pls

  • Chubby_cookie gamez
    Chubby_cookie gamez 2 days ago

    why wasn't there any girls in it! girls play with that to we are not just girly unicorns with rainbows, we play with cool stuff too its not boy stuf!!!

  • Jessica Dubose
    Jessica Dubose 2 days ago

    I saw a ad for this toy in misiori they have them in wall mart

  • Maria Benitez
    Maria Benitez 2 days ago

    Can you send me all the goo jit zoo toys next week is my Birthday thankyou

  • LaGatcha Studios
    LaGatcha Studios 2 days ago

    My little cousins ripped.......

  • Imaawesomepotatowolf22 Emanuel

    The cobras my favorite one
    🐍+👦=👊👊✋✋✋👊👊✋✋ # 💪💪💪💥💥💥💥💥💥💫💫💫💨🗯💢🐍🐲🔥♿
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnd yea

  • Solomon Murphy
    Solomon Murphy 2 days ago

    I would rate this a 8/10 toy. I have one of these (pantaro specifically) and its really fun to play with but the paint or whatever it is comes of really easily.

  • Max le
    Max le 2 days ago

    Is that a challenge

  • Cooper Halperin
    Cooper Halperin 2 days ago

    The 2 kid is so polite

  • Jay Playz
    Jay Playz 2 days ago

    Is This asmr?

  • PawCreations 05
    PawCreations 05 2 days ago

    I saw these in walmart and they were all absolutely destroyed

  • Mrlolcat Games
    Mrlolcat Games 2 days ago

    Mine broke because I used a revolver (jk)

  • Cambria Knudtson
    Cambria Knudtson 2 days ago

    Calvin is a idiot that is probably their sighn to like fight bad dudes

  • Priscilla Zubia
    Priscilla Zubia 2 days ago

    Love your videos

  • Bunnilicious Everything

    1:01 to 1:10 😂 lol

  • Putraazka 17
    Putraazka 17 2 days ago


  • Gerald Green
    Gerald Green 3 days ago

    I want the last snake we saw

  • Gerald Green
    Gerald Green 3 days ago

    Can you send one to me :C

  • Sage Eaton
    Sage Eaton 3 days ago

    Jaimie: these toys don't break! Maxwell: breaks toy

  • Sage Eaton
    Sage Eaton 3 days ago

    I thought YOU died in a sharknado

  • Vikram Bhat
    Vikram Bhat 3 days ago

    Can it withstand a cinder block thrown on it from 20 ft

  • 00o9
    00o9 3 days ago

    This is pretty cool it looks like what would be a toy line in the 80s or 90s

  • Melody Cerulli
    Melody Cerulli 3 days ago

    They can break if you cut them o-o

  • Lily Farrow
    Lily Farrow 3 days ago

    lava would be charcoal if it was cold also i want to work here when I grow up

  • Kinchin
    Kinchin 3 days ago

    Guy: Before you start your collection of goo jit zus, let’s see what *real* kids think of them!

    ...so the other kids weren’t real?

  • MostlyLost
    MostlyLost 3 days ago

    If I used them as a stress toy they'd be broken in an hour.

  • Casey M
    Casey M 3 days ago


    Dogs: allow us to introduce ourselves

  • Bella Swan
    Bella Swan 3 days ago

    Can it survive a gun, bow and arrow, or steamroller?

  • Sarah Dixon
    Sarah Dixon 3 days ago +1

    Do you think I haven't seen the advert for these toys?!You are a bunch of liers!Saying that you made them!😬

  • Charles Cruz
    Charles Cruz 4 days ago

    2:23welll... poke it with a needle that will pop>:b

  • Out Without
    Out Without 4 days ago

    Can anyone buy this and try break it and post a vid or make a comment about it?

  • Samuel Hubbard
    Samuel Hubbard 4 days ago

    I have pantaro

  • David I'Anson
    David I'Anson 4 days ago +1

    I love treasure X moose toys

  • Jade Luvs Gacha!
    Jade Luvs Gacha! 4 days ago

    Tbh.. I thought the people in the beginning were dolls XD

  • The boys Ochoa
    The boys Ochoa 4 days ago

    Is this a add

  • Blyat Man
    Blyat Man 4 days ago

    I can break anything

  • scopeZZZ
    scopeZZZ 4 days ago

    4:10 vat19 doing their first ever asmr video

  • Weegee No.1
    Weegee No.1 4 days ago

    Im sure i saw this on a commercial on nick(i think)

  • Raven Atkinson
    Raven Atkinson 5 days ago +10

    I love these comments 😂😂

    Also... Maxwell:
    May i have the rainbow please?

  • Gavin Boyer
    Gavin Boyer 5 days ago

    mine broke

  • Milkslayer
    Milkslayer 5 days ago

    can i buy these any where else

  • landry bone
    landry bone 5 days ago

    Fuck u

  • Henry Lewington
    Henry Lewington 5 days ago

    I have 2 of them and they are amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • elizza Vanessa
    elizza Vanessa 5 days ago

    U guys actually look like dolls😯

    RRG STUDIOS 6 days ago

    Title: Unbreakable toy!!!!!
    Sissors: ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU

  • Gamer_Guy12o's gaming channel :/

    ''Just like when daddy hat the hot wings at the restaurant'' XD

  • xXGacha Ari RoseXx
    xXGacha Ari RoseXx 6 days ago


  • Mariobros 923940
    Mariobros 923940 6 days ago +1

    That’s right just like when daddy had the hot wings at the restaurant LOL 😂

  • Super pug Bro
    Super pug Bro 6 days ago

    Why is his name called dr black That’s not right

  • Dave the Dolphin
    Dave the Dolphin 6 days ago

    Mrbeast: last one to break this wins 10,000
    Chandler: uhh I broke it

  • billy stax
    billy stax 6 days ago

    * scissors has joined the chat *

  • Syed Talha
    Syed Talha 6 days ago +3

    Vat19: this toy is unbreakable.

    Dog: woof woof motherchucker

  • Esnath Mabula
    Esnath Mabula 6 days ago

    Give me one

  • Kate Platten
    Kate Platten 7 days ago

    It is or been