The Bases Project 25 Part Four Super Soldiers

  • Published on Jul 4, 2013
  • A total of Four people have since died since this was made, now made public again, in the public interest. Max Spiers, Lee Backer, and 2 others
    We talk to some of the super soldiers, and meet Tyler Clark, who reveals the "New Area 51", a holographic protected base in the mountains in Washington State, at Devils Gulch. Tyler has RV'd and actually walked up to the base perimeter, and seen the "Spherical drone" devices, which are almost invisible. (is there a base there at all?!)
    Allegedly protected using sophisticated projection technology, he shows using some Google images some aspects of the devices at the base. (The resolution is too low to see thing properly on this video)
    See other reports by Project Camelot and data by James Rink, including the infamous alleged MILAB event.
    Max Spiers is another "Brit" and has a similar background to James Casbolt.
    Finally an NSA document from James Casbolt relating to the Nelson base in Canada, and Project Ibis.
    Some snaps from the girls, Haley Casbolt,Eva Moore, Sarah Adams and Max, in Las Vegas included!
    Another drama, or fact, smoke and mirrors, dillusion, illusion what is really going here!?
    See Bases 26 for a related, and important feature. Apology for Tyler's audio, his neck tag kept brushing the mic.
    Original attempts to encode this were remotely shut down. So here is another try!

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  • Alpharann Omega
    Alpharann Omega 7 months ago

    Very interesting stuff. As a music maker, I've some cool tunes fully original and instrumental had some tunes on the news and sports show here in NZ. I'll be happy to donate some songs for these guys' cause

  • Judgment Proof
    Judgment Proof 8 months ago

    I'm terribly sorry to hear Jay's safety was breached when his residence was violated, he must've been really scared. Anytime someone comes in unannounced and especially if they break in, that feeling is indescribable, especially if you happen to be sleeping
    As for lies being fed to the public, Santa Claus has actually been caught on security camera more than once and cameras don't lie. People may lie but cameras don't. Why don't you search for Santa Claus caught on security camera and see for yourself, especially when he puts out a fire in an instant and comes down the chimney and through the fireplace into the living room and instantly place all of those packages under and around the tree before going back through the fireplace up the chimney and re-lighting the fire from above the chimney. When he comes on the rooftop though, the security camera caught the sound of him landing on the roof and his jolly laugh before putting out the fire and coming down the chimney, through the fireplace and into the living room. Security cameras don't lie as this has very successfully been caught more than once. Then you may also see cartoon characters caught on camera which may likely be demons for all we know. Research this topic for yourself and you'll see all these people pretty much catching stuff on camera aren't lying. Remember again, cameras, specifically security cameras don't lie

  • liam foxx
    liam foxx 9 months ago

    sCIENCE FICTION TALES. Designed to "wish in" nasty tech that the cartel wants to use on us with impunity. It must be stopped.

  • Phil Wheeler
    Phil Wheeler 10 months ago


  • Amy Grein
    Amy Grein 11 months ago

    I wish I could have met max

  • Amy Grein
    Amy Grein 11 months ago +1

    I wish max was still alive

  • Marie Lewis
    Marie Lewis Year ago

    Miles is doing great work. These interviews are amazing.

  • Klytus knows best
    Klytus knows best Year ago +1

    He made his own mission up.... that’s a good one lol

  • Shari Montoliu
    Shari Montoliu Year ago

    you said in another interview that youu never sleep

  • Foxy Johnston
    Foxy Johnston 2 years ago

    +Miles Johnston. I just had to re sub to you?! I've been subbed to you for the last few years. Did you unsub me?
    Or is TVclip unsubbing your Subscribers? X

  • John schnetzler
    John schnetzler 2 years ago +1

    Miles let your guest speak! you are a nuisance in this video with you incessant interruptions!

    • liam foxx
      liam foxx 9 months ago

      he's the director of this asinine sc-fi movie

  • kirsty harkness
    kirsty harkness 3 years ago +4

    It is v easy to prove/disprove the testimonials of these so called super soldiers with a few simple experiments. Max claims he is a remote viewer, (I've known one for 15 years). So hide something in the other room and get him to find it. Casbolt claims he can regenerate at an accelerated rate, so ask him to scratch his forearm and lets see this remarkable healing process. And those that claim to have enhanced super strength, well lets see them in action. Ask them all if they would mind having x-rays taken of their metal bones, or blood samples to test for nano technologies. Interviewers don't ask for a demonstration and people they are interviewing don't offer one. Now why would that be?

    • Sa G.
      Sa G. 2 years ago

      they could x-ray the bones and give blood samples, would not be hard to do. I'm sure they would come up w some excuse.

    • Sa G.
      Sa G. 2 years ago +1

      one thing I am confused about is when they are referring to 4D and when they are referring to this reality. they seem to not be too concerned about this, when they are telling you the story.

    • Bazil Brush
      Bazil Brush 2 years ago +1

      the military control it, not the individual.

  • Alan Jay Wescoat
    Alan Jay Wescoat 3 years ago +1

    Why does the ending music have to be three times as loud as Max's mumbling?

    • liam foxx
      liam foxx 9 months ago

      because we are being messed with.

  • tdebat
    tdebat 4 years ago

    where is Bases Project 25 Part Five Super Soldiers, i want to see followup to max S. story of super soldier abductions at the conf...

  • willibill c
    willibill c 4 years ago +1

    I would say this guy is smoking too much of something.

  • Ben
    Ben 4 years ago

    34:38 the 'escape and evade technique' is done by rapidly contracting your core or ab muscles mainly as if you are trying to sit up or have been punched in the stomach. It kind of feels like an electric shock but it is just a muscle contraction. This can be done to get out of harms way when doing astral travel.

    • sion evans
      sion evans 8 months ago

      The Ben Of Ben Street can I learn to Astral to know more these videos

  • Joshiwu Thir
    Joshiwu Thir 4 years ago +1

    he is describing what sounds like a dream state. Im not saying that it wasnt imposed on him in some way.

    • Joshiwu Thir
      Joshiwu Thir 4 years ago

      The interviewer on this video has good skills . Gonna change to a thumbs up.

    • RadioFreeLondon
      RadioFreeLondon 4 years ago +2

      Yea it is the same thing as that Basagio fellow. Some sort of dream state.

  • KaleidoscopeMystic
    KaleidoscopeMystic 4 years ago

    Ah! I just figured it out! They didn't 'teleport' into a room. It's called the miracle of BILOCATION. This is what happened with many of the SAINTS in previous centuries. I also have knowledge that folks have seen me somewhere when I KNOW I was not actually there in person. But to keep in open mind, I suppose it might could also be holograms. If that's the case, then the SAINTS in previous centuries would not have encountered miraculous, but holograms. That would be sad, because I believe in them and God.

  • Julie Lovestrees
    Julie Lovestrees 4 years ago

    TOTALLY AGREE I don't believe in lying to kids about santa, t fairy, bunnies, SO TRUE thanks for SAYING THAT I TOTALLY agree....

  • Julie Lovestrees
    Julie Lovestrees 4 years ago

    I would love to hear more of Tylers Astral experiences and findings off planets any links?

  • Julie Lovestrees
    Julie Lovestrees 4 years ago +1

    I was hiking shasta once heard buzzing sounded like bees so we decided to NOT go up any further and went back down to meet our parents just a little bit down...for some reason THEY stopped on a rock and didn't want to go further I decided lets NOT go up further..

  • factorygal21
    factorygal21 4 years ago +2

    Ed Harris has been in some odd movies. The Abyss and just recently Snowpiercer which was really creepy but good.

    • Multiverse
      Multiverse 4 years ago

      snow piercer was weird but it was quite good!

  • angels avenge
    angels avenge 5 years ago

    wow...what a rip off...I had to endure this ENTIRE video because part 3 said to watch part 4 on the 8 legged moon monster...this was like a back movie with over priced popcorn...How on earth could you FORGET to talk about that??????

  • PaulBodyBuilder
    PaulBodyBuilder 5 years ago

    This guy looks like Michael Prince. Wow!!!

  • PaulBodyBuilder
    PaulBodyBuilder 5 years ago

    I wish I could have been a super soilder minus the; physical, mental, emotional, sexual abuse.

    • ross black
      ross black 4 years ago +1

      They don't exist it's a lie

  • di illusion
    di illusion 5 years ago

    what happened to the baby's hair O_o? 0:00:43

  • tread27
    tread27 5 years ago +5

    be careful of these people but not because they are super soldiers but because they are super manipulative

    • liam foxx
      liam foxx 9 months ago

      like katherine horton