Live PD: Best of Utah Highway Patrol (Part 2) | A&E

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
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    The very best moments of the Utah Highway Patrol including two huge drug busts, a man who lies to police about his identity, and one man who really doesn't want to go to jail. #LivePD
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Comments • 2 428

  • A&E
    A&E  Month ago +118

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

    • Todd Brothers
      Todd Brothers Hour ago

      Bring back new episodes of The first 48

    • sergio martinez
      sergio martinez 2 days ago

      Woah !!

    • Robert Wray
      Robert Wray 17 days ago

      It all looks staged

    • Fair Witness
      Fair Witness 18 days ago

      This show is meant to portray all citizens as criminals. They never show the citizens harassed and released. This is meant to justify and show that all citizens are criminals that have yet to be arrested and are a threat. If you had any honesty you would show the same percentage of stops that people are released.

    • connie breyer
      connie breyer 20 days ago

      Lucas P a

  • iam_your_memegod
    iam_your_memegod 36 minutes ago

    74lbs 😭 all gone. My heart is broken

  • Trucking Journeys

    Funny story I actually started my driving career at the cr engla d terminal in salt lake City Utah🤣 great people great place, horrible company tho

  • Trucking Journeys

    Driving while fatigued is a level of impairment that is as dangerous as driving while drunk! That's why it's illegal to drive tired for a CDL holder! Same rule should apply to cars

  • Rob S.
    Rob S. 6 hours ago

    No pity for that 3rd time DUI driver! Jesus Christ your going to court Monday for DUI and are on restricted driving so you go out and do the same thing again! Lmao

  • David Crooks
    David Crooks 12 hours ago

    Serious question!!!! If I'm on holiday in the USA I hire a car from one of the large rental firms. Get stopped for a minor traffic infraction and the cops find 5lbs of meth in the upholstery............. am I gonna share a cell with a big guy called Bubba🤔 Do the rental companies check no one has left their gear behind?????
    Any answers!!

  • D 416
    D 416 13 hours ago

    Course the first guy thought his privilege could get him off.

    WOLFMAN TROY 18 hours ago

    WOW ! That's a lot of meth.

  • Mr.Woo Woo
    Mr.Woo Woo 19 hours ago

    Funny how everyone's a lawyer, but some of these people couldn't pass a G.E.D test.

  • Seth Riggle
    Seth Riggle 23 hours ago

    9:55 “that was an excellent bust” that’s pretty screwed up wait a year in Utah and it’s already legal on a federal level

  • lefthandedpolack

    good job at stopping those dried flowers you dumb hicks.

  • Honyak43
    Honyak43 Day ago

    Steve Salas got promoted

  • WookDizz18
    WookDizz18 Day ago

    That 1st guy sounded like Tony Hinchcliffe.....

  • Joshua Crain
    Joshua Crain Day ago

    Suspect: "We're dropping this right now, and we're getting me out of this."
    Cop: "I am not releasing you."
    Suspect: surprised Pikachu face

  • Joshua Crain
    Joshua Crain Day ago

    I always root for these guys to pass the field sobriety test ... And they never do.

  • Rebecca Farley
    Rebecca Farley Day ago

    1st dude should be arrested for those pants and shoes, and attitude. My ex-neighbor would be drooling over all the meth, she is sooo methed up.

  • Philly p
    Philly p Day ago

    "well hmmm"

  • G.G. Reilly
    G.G. Reilly Day ago

    3:45 Dude was practicing Jedi Mind Tricks all week after too much Mandolorian.

  • Quentin Coleman
    Quentin Coleman 2 days ago

    Soooo she’s not a fan of marijuana but that third chin tell me she’s a fan of Funyuns. Something tells me there’s a puzzle piece missing.

  • Colton Cass
    Colton Cass 2 days ago

    the lady in the second is the worst. is it that dab stuff?

  • Luvliv Own
    Luvliv Own 2 days ago

    13:30 tall cup had to say his peace in order to still feel tall. And yes I said tall cup. It is what I use to protect my big balls.

  • Cary
    Cary 2 days ago

    I'm not really good walking forward but, I can try the moonwalk if you like Weeeeee weeeeeee weeee :)

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 2 days ago

    AAA's they going to put some of that back out on street and bust you again

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 2 days ago

    Oo truck full of loud

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 2 days ago

    Go to house with it son

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 2 days ago

    I us to ride with my stuff all time on truck

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 2 days ago

    A so ever one ride around with meth in truck and don't know it's there right

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 2 days ago

    He seems to have a wife not worth nothing

  • Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration

    "Is this some kind of marajuana or the dap stuff"
    Lady if you can't tell the difference then you definitely aren't fit to be a cop.

  • Derick Dove
    Derick Dove 2 days ago

    Why do some cops make marijuana sound like it’s meth

    • Daily Doser
      Daily Doser 10 hours ago

      Cuz they're all indoctrinated.

  • Joey Stickay
    Joey Stickay 2 days ago

    If you buy from Cali why is it illegal in other states this is bs

  • Emma Chapman
    Emma Chapman 2 days ago

    All stoners are triggered with the 74 lbs found

  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce 2 days ago

    I’m so like wow

  • iCapGoats
    iCapGoats 2 days ago

    15:50 no clothes handling evidence

  • Jason Coughenour
    Jason Coughenour 2 days ago

    " even when im sober "

  • Jason Coughenour
    Jason Coughenour 2 days ago

    Utah weed truck guys had butane hash oil.
    Back when this was filmed people paid around 30-50 bucks a gram.
    Now its Virtually worthless.

  • Chris Aumann
    Chris Aumann 2 days ago

    Man thank god they got all that weed of the street!!!!

  • Ziggy The Adventurer

    maybe you can start fresh, with a massive criminal history. "it doesn't get any fresher then that"

  • JohnnyRebKy
    JohnnyRebKy 2 days ago +1

    Don’t curse in front of the Mormon cops. Their magic temple underwear might get into a twist lol 😂

  • JaSean Chopper
    JaSean Chopper 2 days ago

    TVclip live PD > live PD on tv

  • TheIgors20
    TheIgors20 3 days ago +2

    9:45 :(
    All those poor teenagers with overbearing parents just got screwed out of what seemed like a group of unarmed grass merchants.

  • Danikus
    Danikus 3 days ago

    Look at all that harmless bud that they destroyed because states can't get with the program.

  • Jessica Honor
    Jessica Honor 3 days ago +3

    I wonder what will now happen with all of that “confiscated marijuana” 🤔

  • westhoop
    westhoop 3 days ago +2

    New strain is born..
    Holy Macaroni!

  • Nehemiah Pruitt
    Nehemiah Pruitt 3 days ago

    Big amount? That is nowhere near a big amount of mary jane lol

  • MuffyCakeMan
    MuffyCakeMan 3 days ago

    Just make weed legal.

  • owenswamp
    owenswamp 3 days ago +8

    “You’re gonna show me” “My guys do great work” sounds like somebody got promoted last week

    • Michael Suder
      Michael Suder Day ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing....or Affirmative Action at its finest

  • Craig Patrick Maloley
    Craig Patrick Maloley 3 days ago +2

    The guy in the tight cuffs tried using an old Jedi mind trick lol

  • Josh Lollar
    Josh Lollar 3 days ago

    06:20 I knew it was gonna be white guys. It’s always white guys

  • Josh Lollar
    Josh Lollar 3 days ago +1

    02:15 “you are under arrest”
    02:35 “do you have anything in your truck that’s illegal”
    03:30 “I dont have to read you your rights until I ask you something incriminating”........ ಠ_ಠ

  • Zephi
    Zephi 3 days ago

    That first one has the patience of a saint

  • Dana Joan
    Dana Joan 3 days ago


  • The_ReBL
    The_ReBL 3 days ago +13

    "Am i the only one taking crazy pills?" Yes bro, You're literally on meth

  • C.A. M
    C.A. M 3 days ago +3

    Brooooo when he said “well request fuckn denied” at 4:20 i couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • Robbie C
    Robbie C 3 days ago +1

    Guy got arrested for a Truck load of a plant that is less harmless than coffee. Probably gonna get life for it.

    • benthesane
      benthesane Day ago

      That's not really what it's about. It's about making money without giving Uncle Sam his cut. It's about living a lifestyle that's separates you from law abiding society.

  • Thomas E S Thomas
    Thomas E S Thomas 3 days ago

    That first guy was pretty drunk.

  • Dana Kaboom
    Dana Kaboom 4 days ago many warrants.... so many warrants...

  • BLU13
    BLU13 4 days ago +1

    I’m listening right at you

  • Epicly Trife
    Epicly Trife 4 days ago

    They getting reel high tech now arreent theyy

  • Kush Chasin420
    Kush Chasin420 4 days ago

    He sound like that purple dude from da movie home 😈🤣