WingsOfRedemption | Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • When an early TVclipr finds unexpected success and viewership, he struggles to maintain it as he gradually alienates both his viewership and his friends.
    Twitter: FredInTheKnud

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  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot 13 minutes ago

    Hey bro out of curiosity do you think you can do one on low tier God plus also do you think you can do a remake on DSP Dark Side Phil since there's a lot of new garbage is come out about him over the years exposing just how corrupt in despicable human being he is I'd really be fascinated with your take on a lot of this please please please can you do that

  • WhyTho ButWhy
    WhyTho ButWhy 22 minutes ago

    Listening to Wings talk about Zombies pisses me off. That fat retarded imbecile couldn't last to round 5

  • Wil Bane
    Wil Bane 24 minutes ago

    Can you read out a play-by-play of every one-on-one CoD match? That was intense.

  • Rat King Harold
    Rat King Harold 34 minutes ago

    great video man, i feel genuinely invested in this dude's life and I just heard of him. I'm glad he seems happy (ish) at the end, even though he didn't really come across as that great of a person. good work dude, keep it up

  • Brylis Stormscourge

    Wings: I'm the bad guy

    Billie Ellish, creeping behind him: *duh*

  • John Besser
    John Besser 2 hours ago

    This man has no idea the potential he has to become a great hero. He has experienced the worst of himself through the reflections of the people who antagonize him the most. All he must do now is surrender to the transformation and finally gain his wings of redemption.

  • moonsaves
    moonsaves 3 hours ago +4

    "He said that I should die".
    Do you remember when Keem happily told TotalBiscuit that he can't wait to report on his death?

  • Tiztu
    Tiztu 4 hours ago +1

    I didn't know that was how Keemstar got his start, but it's not surprising to see he's always been a massive piece of shit, in fact, I kind of agree with Wings, the dude _should_ definitely die in a car wreck

  • george kern
    george kern 5 hours ago

    All of his gfs were like as obese as why does he think they "gave up on him" for not being more mobile or active? LMFAOO

  • moosedawg87
    moosedawg87 5 hours ago

    ...what a loser

  • george kern
    george kern 5 hours ago

    I actually....somehow support everything keemstar said when they were all chatting about the suicide thing

    IIXLV 6 hours ago

    6:55 6:56

  • Mat C
    Mat C 7 hours ago

    holy shit a new down the rabbit hole video!!! yayyy

  • Frankie Joseph
    Frankie Joseph 10 hours ago +2

    1:14:25 Shout outs to Joe Lauzon. Destroyed some dude last night in the UFC. Big Ups to Joe Lauzon!

  • Panonymous Bloom
    Panonymous Bloom 11 hours ago

    Wow, early youtube was a nightmare.

  • Giggle Fist
    Giggle Fist 11 hours ago

    As much as I fucking hate Keemstar for being an arrogant and hypocritical rat.. I’ll give him some level of respect for trying to help a person who says they are suicidal.

  • iinejii
    iinejii 13 hours ago

    Really hope wings gets some of the money from this video if its monetized. Cant tell if it has ads or not because I have youtube red. Not saying wings deserves a handout but 2.5 million views on a video essentially bashing someone for 2 hours, there should be something for him.

  • LoFi Dreams
    LoFi Dreams 13 hours ago

    Got a wave of nostalgia seeing the F@G intro, holy shit man

  • maxwelpet
    maxwelpet 15 hours ago

    A big man in a small town tends to be a small boy in the big city.

  • Fresh Beginnings
    Fresh Beginnings 15 hours ago

    I like Wings. IDGAF what people say. He's ajust a human, with all the cracks and flaws that match. Wish him the best!

  • flynn caroway
    flynn caroway 16 hours ago

    One of the best productions i ever seen. not on youtube, but overall!
    well done dude. well fucking done

  • Wipez
    Wipez 17 hours ago

    I feel blessed that Wings made a video about me back in the old days. 'How strong is muscle memory?' A time when I had a bunch of old cod world record speedruns in 2011 era.

  • Wipez
    Wipez 17 hours ago

    Excellent video, thank you for your efforts.

  • Stealy Wheely Automobiley

    Never heard of Wings. Didn't realize he knew FPS Russia prior to all the drug stuff and arrests. Or Tom, or Keem. Any of them.

  • moasto02
    moasto02 18 hours ago


  • Im Bruno
    Im Bruno 19 hours ago

    Im so glad i stopped playing cod

  • The Jawnski
    The Jawnski 20 hours ago

    Was this the first L Keem took?

  • BaDLogic
    BaDLogic 21 hour ago

    Its 4:23am, I want to sleep, I keep trying to turn this off
    But its SO. DAMN GOOD.

  • refined cigarette
    refined cigarette 21 hour ago

    The trolls seem to be a bit worse haha

  • Eric Cijevschi
    Eric Cijevschi 23 hours ago

    This is the story of a weak man who holds everyone else accountable except himself.

  • Mr Zimmermann
    Mr Zimmermann 23 hours ago

    When drama was about wether a guy is camping or not

  • Crucillus Thorn
    Crucillus Thorn Day ago

    Keemstar mass flagging someone else early on in TVclip....
    You know, ignoring all the OTHER shit Keemstar does that pisses me off, this is particular bugs me due to how he very ironically made a huge hissy overMundane Matt doing the exact same thing, except without the mass flagging.
    Fuck Mundate Matt, Keemstar, Metokur and thst entire crowd by the way. Nothing but a bunch of pussies who use mob and appeal to popularity tactics to try and humiliate other people.

  • Conduitt
    Conduitt Day ago +1

    Oh the irony of a huge fat guy called wings

  • Bob Phillips
    Bob Phillips Day ago +2

    Man it’s striking how some people are just as ugly inside as they are outside

  • Conduitt
    Conduitt Day ago

    Holy shit I remember when that COD4 1v1 went viral

  • Moose Man
    Moose Man Day ago

    Oh hey keemstar. How you doing, gnome man

  • Succ
    Succ Day ago

    The guy who subscribed right as the controller flew is a magician

  • LumLum
    LumLum Day ago

    "This motherF***er is up there in the upper echelon of trolldom" Might be the single greatest sentence I have ever heard

  • Dillon6479
    Dillon6479 Day ago

    Hutch was even a douche back then too 😂

  • USS Arizona BB-39


  • DGtv
    DGtv Day ago

    Do Ron Legarski!

  • Simple Man
    Simple Man Day ago

    Keemstar is a bigger piece of shit than wings has ever been. Also maybe look into FPS kyle, that guy is a dog fart of a human being and completely screwed wings over to make himself look good.

  • Astrospawn
    Astrospawn Day ago

    Personally I've never seen the appeal of making fun of or following WingsofRedemption. To me, he just seems like a boring fat loser who plays COD on the internet. DSP on the other hand, is a walking meme and is basically a train wreck that you can't look away from.

    I do get why some people might see the fun in trolling Wings, but to me he's just boring.

  • Fim 0458
    Fim 0458 Day ago

    Hooray! a video I give the slightest shit about! wait, is this a reupload? I swear I've never seen this before but I watched a docco about this ages ago, another good video either way!

  • Ian Wamsley
    Ian Wamsley Day ago

    Like I know Wings was kind of a dick. But I don’t think these trolls realize just how sad and pathetic they make themselves by continuing to bully a man who has now taken the steps to improve himself. It pissed me off to no end when Keem called Wings’ crying a fuckup. The man has been bullied for over a decade and you’re the main reason you absolute gnome.

  • TwiCaCaX
    TwiCaCaX Day ago

    i cant get over how pathetic the people in that discord chat was hahahah thats internet 27years old kids in a nutshell

  • MoodyWanderer
    MoodyWanderer Day ago

    tldr: People are disgusting

  • TwiCaCaX
    TwiCaCaX Day ago

    to be jonest, the people bullying wings is definitely more fucking pathetic and low than wings himself. As sad as he is, these people laughs while this man is basically crying his eyes out. Sure he was aggressive he was this and that. But a big part of his personality is flawed and you can clearly see the good part of him slip through very often. And for you to get on a call, make fun and take a piss out of someone so blatantly, then laugh at their face when they ask for you to take down harrassing videos. I mean, those people are the assholes. He IS right, hes done nothing to them but those videos most probably hurt him alot (which is partly his fault, but still).

  • TwiCaCaX
    TwiCaCaX Day ago

    why cant he just play games that dont involve, other people? Not multiplayer games. Those are usually alot less frustrating ya know.

  • Luke Garner
    Luke Garner Day ago

    "Would you lick his face?" that a JoJo reference?

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. Day ago

    This was a fucking trip down memory lane, good vid lad.

  • MoodyWanderer
    MoodyWanderer Day ago +1

    Imagine getting scammed by your own mother..

  • Robin Ankbays
    Robin Ankbays Day ago +1

    **Everybody like for**
    Down the rabbit hole/WhiteBoy7thst

  • Giovanni Giorgio

    You know what's really strange? These are all full grown men acting like they're starring in Mean Girls.

  • Danny H
    Danny H Day ago +1

    This is a legit grown man that acts a fool over video games! This is so sad. He makes fun of people doing manual labor yet doesn't get an actual job out of SHEER LAZINESS. Grow up and get your shit together. Making money online is not sustainable. Start being grateful for what you have and be nice to'll get you far and unless you fix yourself you'll never be happy.

    • Danny H
      Danny H Day ago +1

      @Lester Ramos I have come across so many overweight people that are always sick, depressed, unhappy. They're also chock full of excuses as to why they can't change where they are in life. Unless they lose weight the hard way, through diet and exercise, nothing will help them. There's no magic pill to lose weight.

    • Lester Ramos
      Lester Ramos Day ago

      And the sad part is, he was trying to lose weight so he could be healthy enough for employment. It's just amazing how fate laughs at him. :D

  • Bob Phillips
    Bob Phillips Day ago +1

    Funny how their play styles matched their real life physiques

  • Bryan Fury
    Bryan Fury Day ago

    "I hate losing" - Wings "Ain't got no bitch in ma blood" OfRedemption

  • The Seventh Elk
    The Seventh Elk Day ago

    Holy shit, Keemstar is actually showing sympathy here.
    I mean no denying that he was always kinda a jerk, but I guess as time went on, the more lost causes he encountered (like Wings) and internet autists (like MundaneRatt), the more he began giving less a shit about other's problems.

  • Jody Ratliff
    Jody Ratliff Day ago


  • StuG Life
    StuG Life Day ago +2

    Fourth time watching... puts the bbc to shame with the level of professionalism in this absolute masterpiece of a documentary