Super Mario Cereal!

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  • KittenKittyCats 4
    KittenKittyCats 4 3 days ago

    Two things,
    What is so important about cereal?
    Who else is watching this in 2018?
    if you have answers to either of these questions, please leave a reply.

  • Kenneth Mcdonald
    Kenneth Mcdonald 3 days ago

    have you ever heard of swap shop ... what is you swap games to other people online ... can you get your games to them and they take your games on talk to each other about how they link to the game ...and he also need instructions

  • PT_Kemot94
    PT_Kemot94 4 days ago

    The "Not it didn't " Was saying VERY FAAAAST,, Woweeeee

    PJMBTSOFFICIAL _ 4 days ago

    Jin must be happy

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master 6 days ago

    actually my favourite mario game is mario 64

  • Amy Lou Wilcox
    Amy Lou Wilcox 7 days ago

    I mean super mario

  • Amy Lou Wilcox
    Amy Lou Wilcox 7 days ago

    I love Mario kart

  • Maribel Alleman
    Maribel Alleman 8 days ago

    it's not a yoshi eggs they are 1 up mushrooms!

  • Ivan Freshfimbres728

    i love her energy that she has makes me laugh

  • kebab with cheese
    kebab with cheese 11 days ago

    Kill your girlfriend for Erdogan

  • Kawaii GirlGirl
    Kawaii GirlGirl 11 days ago

    the way justine unboxed the princess peach amibo is how i react to unbox any apple product

  • BettyAnn Shockley
    BettyAnn Shockley 20 days ago

    Wish I could find

  • Deidra Roberts
    Deidra Roberts 21 day ago


  • FinFamilyFun
    FinFamilyFun 22 days ago


  • MLP Crazy Liza
    MLP Crazy Liza 23 days ago

    Matt at 2:33

  • Spottedfeather
    Spottedfeather 23 days ago

    I saw this at my grocery store!

  • Princess Bell
    Princess Bell 27 days ago

    You guys get me!

  • Stapler YT
    Stapler YT 28 days ago

    This video is EVERY WHERE

    And I love it!! 😂

  • isaac anjeles neutron

    It's not a Yoshi and it's a 1 up

  • Lauren K
    Lauren K Month ago

    Wooden spoon lives matter too

  • Pyn0G Taking Ls-Roblox player-syn is 5’4

    I got some of this in person legit had to beg my parents to get $3 cereal and had to explain what amibo does (finished in a day

  • Mr Plate
    Mr Plate Month ago

    I love MARIO

  • Skylander Videos
    Skylander Videos Month ago

    Can you please do a giveaway of a amibo and give it to me I don't have a amibo😭😭😭😭😓😭😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


    Nade drunk 🤣

  • GeekBella
    GeekBella Month ago

    Couldn't make it past 3 minutes..😒

  • samljer
    samljer Month ago

    "oooeooeoehhh is nintendo making cereal now"

    dont you mean making cereal again???

  • Fyxe The Fox
    Fyxe The Fox Month ago

    Man… some people are really lucky to get their hands on that cereal…

  • puppypants 2
    puppypants 2 Month ago


  • Charlotte Parks
    Charlotte Parks Month ago

    that is on my birthday

  • sonictonic
    sonictonic Month ago

    lol this was adorable

  • Julian Trowell
    Julian Trowell Month ago

    i love super mario odessy

  • Pack A La Palko
    Pack A La Palko Month ago +1

    That was the worst day of my life

  • Pack A La Palko
    Pack A La Palko Month ago +1

    I would wake up every day just to play Mario all day long I love Mario I was so sad wene the disec crashed

  • Pack A La Palko
    Pack A La Palko Month ago +1

    I keep on seeing the fedex truck but I never buy anything from there by the way i hate milk it makes me throw up 🤢

  • Super_451
    Super_451 Month ago

    your devices are the worst meaning they suck

  • Gaming Vloggest
    Gaming Vloggest Month ago

    at the end you haftoo fait Bawser

  • hugo Milson
    hugo Milson Month ago

    is that in the uk

  • DeepCupsChan119
    DeepCupsChan119 Month ago

    That’s not Yoshi eggs that’s green mushroom health

  • Alejandro Robles
    Alejandro Robles Month ago

    That’s 1up mushrooms not Tishri eggs that would be a inverted yoshi egg

  • Deathy
    Deathy Month ago


    NujuBIONICLE Month ago +1

    5:41 Look at the face of disappointed guy who after 20 years of ongoing franchise catch up with the plot of one of the most be lo wed gaming saga 😂😂

  • Julia Lepkowska
    Julia Lepkowska Month ago +1

    I put milk first then my cereal...

  • Ricky T
    Ricky T Month ago

    The day this video was posted it was my birthday

  • Davian Gordon
    Davian Gordon Month ago

    She’s a cereal killer😂😂😂

    Xx SILENCE xX Month ago +1

    The first one was a green mushroom

  • Kassandra Galaviz
    Kassandra Galaviz Month ago

    I got the original games including super Mario bros

  • Xenia Maddocks
    Xenia Maddocks Month ago

    I got all of amiibos

  • Slayer The Wolf Girl

    Poor Luigi never gets the spotlight I bet he’s like
    Luigi: it’s always Mario Mario Mario and MARIO

  • This Is Just Riddikulus

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the marshmallows in lucky charms and likes the "oat" parts? I don't know, I just don't like them.

  • Amez Taher
    Amez Taher Month ago


  • Hydrainan
    Hydrainan Month ago

    Spoiler: Cappy dies

    JORGE HERMOZA Month ago

    I love Mario I wish I had that

  • Gio Vanilla
    Gio Vanilla Month ago

    6:36 same XD

  • Shruti Qadir
    Shruti Qadir Month ago

    my favourite colour is purple too

  • MoeTheTiger
    MoeTheTiger Month ago

    9:45 did she say million f**ks ????

  • Mlg Dude 1000
    Mlg Dude 1000 Month ago

    All I need to say is. How do you find this

  • Jérémie Sinnett
    Jérémie Sinnett Month ago

    I really need these f*cking cereals! I finally got the Switch and the Mario Odyssey game!

  • Laser Tagger
    Laser Tagger Month ago

    Hhhmmmmm do I spoil anything okay so the JK

  • Laser Tagger
    Laser Tagger Month ago

    I was eating chocolate cereal 🥣 while watching this lol 😂 lol 😆 lol 😝

  • Zexi 123
    Zexi 123 Month ago

    what happen to uploading nintendo vids

  • Jenner Comedy
    Jenner Comedy Month ago


  • Jonas Rains
    Jonas Rains Month ago

    How do I block videos from certain channels in my suggested videos?

  • RTLtriple555 BOI
    RTLtriple555 BOI Month ago

    Wait... What did the delicious Mario look like?

  • RTLtriple555 BOI
    RTLtriple555 BOI Month ago

    I didn't have any friends to play with it... Lol me

  • Brayan A Contreras E

    Quedó un serial de super Mario odesey

  • Legendary Milk
    Legendary Milk Month ago

    Where can i buy this

  • KieranShows Gaming
    KieranShows Gaming Month ago

    Super Mario Cearl Is Not In The UK 🙁

  • Unusual Guy
    Unusual Guy Month ago

    So if they’re called Mario brothers, the real name of Mario is Mario Mario !!

  • Fernando Marquez
    Fernando Marquez Month ago


  • Thuật Lưu
    Thuật Lưu Month ago

    :3 isss a meeeh

  • GamerGirl123796
    GamerGirl123796 Month ago

    Have people noticed that Justine does want ALL THE CLUES/SPOILERS in Zelda Breath of the Wild, but doesn't want ANY CLUES/SPOILERS in Super Mario Odyssey?

  • Maisha Masqud
    Maisha Masqud 2 months ago

    I'm shocked to find how old Justine is! I thought she was like 25/6, I'm so confused😳

  • Cerys
    Cerys 2 months ago

    Why the H E C K is this not in my local TESCO

  • Tha Crew
    Tha Crew 2 months ago


  • Rosie The fluff nugget
    Rosie The fluff nugget 2 months ago

    Jena you can buy all marshmallow cereal at vat 19

  • Horrifyingly Hillarious

    Mama Mia

  • Creepyface
    Creepyface 2 months ago

    I'm 15 and barely have any friends maybe one, kind of good

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 2 months ago

    Mario : “sings”
    Sees cereal
    Mario : cereal mia

  • Declan Cheetham
    Declan Cheetham 2 months ago

    Wow American cereal is so unhealthy

  • Hey! It's me! The Idiotic Child! Vazquez

    *_Mario wears Red._*

  • Melon rage foodie
    Melon rage foodie 2 months ago

    I love your joycons

  • mohamed Id bouchane
    mohamed Id bouchane 2 months ago

    i speak arabic and french and english

  • Archie clay
    Archie clay 2 months ago

    i like your vidos

  • Max_Mcg _4579
    Max_Mcg _4579 2 months ago

    I am typing with tongs lol

  • Gamer Rick
    Gamer Rick 2 months ago

    I was actually eating that cereal while watching this vid!😀

  • Joe Vitale
    Joe Vitale 2 months ago

    $35 box of lucky charms that gets you a power moon every 24 hours... huh

  • Mikey Borlek
    Mikey Borlek 2 months ago

    you get to be poser

  • awesome moustache
    awesome moustache 2 months ago

    Loves super mario, yet still doesn't know that thr green 'egg' is a one up mushroom

  • awesome moustache
    awesome moustache 2 months ago

    Sign a box for cereal?

  • Ryds splatoon 2 gamer
    Ryds splatoon 2 gamer 2 months ago


  • Coolfast - Gaming
    Coolfast - Gaming 2 months ago

    If it’s the Mario Bros... then where is Luigi in the title... THEIR LAST NAME IS MARIO EXPOSED (lol jk)

  • Coolfast - Gaming
    Coolfast - Gaming 2 months ago

    Co workers: What is it?
    Co workers: Bro... THATS GENIUS

  • Jack a boy Lover90
    Jack a boy Lover90 2 months ago

    "Oh look a yoshi egg"
    Bop it's a 1up

  • King of Split
    King of Split 2 months ago

    I like cereal with sugar

  • AnxietyChildren
    AnxietyChildren 2 months ago

    Why does it seem like she likes Matt

  • Game DeckStorm
    Game DeckStorm 2 months ago

    Una nidendo swicth

  • Game DeckStorm
    Game DeckStorm 2 months ago


  • Dangerd
    Dangerd 2 months ago

    Ich will auch in Deutschland gibts die nicht😂😣

  • Passerby
    Passerby 2 months ago

    Man she looks old now