Switching Cars With Garrett Watts For The Day!

  • Published on Nov 13, 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today Nathan and I officially adopt Garrett and he's moving in... kidding but maybe soon haha But girrrrrl... Garrett came over to my Calabasas house and surprised me with switching cars for the day... You just have to watch and see what happens.
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  • Daisy Valentine
    Daisy Valentine Day ago


  • Zak Moon
    Zak Moon Day ago

    Garrett may not have the fanciest car in the world... but it gets him from point A to point B and it’s clean!

  • Alastair Lyon
    Alastair Lyon Day ago

    Imma car boy!

  • Karol Silva
    Karol Silva Day ago

    26:34 and To The End, Nathan Was Growling with his new gift. :3

  • sophie rf
    sophie rf Day ago +1


  • Adan Guigon
    Adan Guigon Day ago

    8:53 😂😂😭😭😭

  • black girl spam
    black girl spam 2 days ago

    Y’all know Dylan’s @ on social media

  • Dreeei
    Dreeei 2 days ago

    Jeffree's becoming shane around garrett lmao

  • unknown
    unknown 2 days ago

    2:19 look at Jeffries ass get grabbed by his boyfriend and then he pushes his hand away lmao

  • Brady Baulch
    Brady Baulch 2 days ago

    You should surprise him with a new car

  • Samantha Greer
    Samantha Greer 2 days ago +1

    Garrett is too pure for this world. He should be protected at all costs.

  • Hannah Nelson
    Hannah Nelson 2 days ago +2

    I was like why are they on the wrong side of the road.
    Then I realized I'm Australian.

  • mína is best
    mína is best 2 days ago

    So cute dogis

  • Alexis L.
    Alexis L. 2 days ago

    I FUCKING LOVE NATE SO MUCH! 😂😂👊 idk hoe many times i didnt have an ice scraper living in Nebraska, dead of winter with 5 ft of snow on the ground. And had to stick my head out of the window to make it to my minimum wage job on time 😂😂😂

  • Sulueti
    Sulueti 2 days ago +1

    7:49 What made you pick this car? Having not much money and needing a car.... Remember??! 😂😂😂😂

  • vampluv120
    vampluv120 2 days ago +1

    Mom of the year award goes to Jeffree lmao😂😂😂

  • July Colon
    July Colon 2 days ago +1

    I fucking want Garret to be my bestfriend or boyfriend!

  • please help me reach 50,000 subs


  • Mathias Van de Kerckhove

    lol that was my first car

  • Starr Hinojosa
    Starr Hinojosa 2 days ago

    I love him i would love more videos of him his reaction is so cute

  • Thaily Martinez
    Thaily Martinez 2 days ago

    WTF happened to your mirror that u use for intros

  • Serenity Breeden
    Serenity Breeden 2 days ago +2

    I am a tall boy😏😏- Garrett watts

  • We actually met
    We actually met 2 days ago +2

    If he rejects you at your Prius he doesn’t deserve you at your lambo 18:03

  • j money
    j money 2 days ago

    this benjamin thing has went too far too long lol

  • j money
    j money 2 days ago

    garrett is so wholesome lol "ok let's go bring all the dogs"

  • Breanna Villagran
    Breanna Villagran 3 days ago +1

    dude i wanna see Jeffree drive my 2001 truck lmao

  • My Queen Is Shane
    My Queen Is Shane 3 days ago +2

    Garret holding Davinci is so pure 😭😭😭

    Correct me if I spelt Davinci wrong

  • Cody the Bug
    Cody the Bug 3 days ago

    Daddy is such a beautiful fur baby 😍💙

  • girl staahp
    girl staahp 3 days ago +1

    Why is Garrett gay uhh....

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia 3 days ago +1

    You should buy him a car at least!!

  • Magnolia Emporium
    Magnolia Emporium 3 days ago

    He could totally ask me to chillis, hes too funny and adorable and keeps a wand in his glove box to boot! Hahahah

  • Valeria
    Valeria 3 days ago

    imagine if you wents to school and used to to seeing jeffre pas by

  • Krystal Vernier
    Krystal Vernier 3 days ago

    I feel like Garret is secretely a pyschopath or serial killer or something lol. Grown man carrying a life like baby doll around. Lol

  • Deborah Cookston
    Deborah Cookston 3 days ago +1

    Garret needs them as his little family

  • Abraham Z
    Abraham Z 4 days ago

    the car 🤩

  • Emma Knox
    Emma Knox 4 days ago

    Really just wondering if they hooked up HMMmMmm

  • Rorowlaku Rorokuro
    Rorowlaku Rorokuro 4 days ago

    oh Garrett...

  • Emma Torode
    Emma Torode 4 days ago +1

    do do do do do
    do do do do do
    and babe Nate loves you

  • Elle Shiz
    Elle Shiz 4 days ago +6

    Can we just talk about Nate playing with his new dinosaur at the end. That's pure Michigan boy.

  • Bradley Book
    Bradley Book 4 days ago +10

    When Garrett gave Nate his dinosaur it looked like he was proposing

  • Vanessa Marquez
    Vanessa Marquez 4 days ago

    I never laughed so hard !

  • Sariah Longoria
    Sariah Longoria 4 days ago +1

    “ I think the spider died of heat”

    “I come here every morning and there are webs”

  • the.lyfeofpaige
    the.lyfeofpaige 4 days ago

    Garrett: oh this one tells you the time
    Jeffree: oooohhhh
    Garrett: but it's wrong.

  • the.lyfeofpaige
    the.lyfeofpaige 4 days ago

    OMG BENJAMIN i c o n i c

  • Abraham Villegas
    Abraham Villegas 4 days ago

    I need more Jeffree and Garret vids

  • Phoebe P
    Phoebe P 4 days ago

    And now I'm in love with Garrett.

  • Jennifer Murphy
    Jennifer Murphy 4 days ago +2

    The way Jeffree says "stunning" when he sees the car 😭😭🤣🤣

  • Jonny Chapples
    Jonny Chapples 4 days ago

    Under-construction and the spice girls!! I feel like you’re my music twin!!! ❤️

  • Monna Andree
    Monna Andree 5 days ago +2

    11:45 DRIVE....MA'АМ hahahahahahahhaha 😂😂😂 oh Garrett
    12:16 This one tells you the time... but it's wrong hahahah

  • Inger Heimen
    Inger Heimen 5 days ago

    literally the funniest thing ever is benjamin

  • liz
    liz 5 days ago +1

    Wait what did jeffree say about getting a man for nate..and nate gets jeffree in the morning?!

  • Yas Sis
    Yas Sis 5 days ago +4

    *hands nate dinosaur* "yeah, we're together now. that's what that means."

  • N0TY0U
    N0TY0U 5 days ago

    Funny thing is he probably shown Jeffree that car to show how shit it actually is so he could buy Garet a new one... I’m also joking haha

  • Maria Theresa
    Maria Theresa 5 days ago +3

    Nate and Garrett have such a cute connection! I loved this video!

  • odessyrcr589
    odessyrcr589 5 days ago +4

    LoL you can see Jeffree's panties are wet over Nate. He is truly fond of him.

  • Draggy654
    Draggy654 5 days ago

    U look like a game character especially in that thumbnail

  • Nico
    Nico 5 days ago

    this would’ve been so much more fun if garrett had a manual lmao

  • Codie Marie Gonzales
    Codie Marie Gonzales 6 days ago +8

    I love how nate always grabe jeffree’s ass instead of his waist or back LOL

  • SHSL/Ultimate Loser
    SHSL/Ultimate Loser 6 days ago

    3:04 the weird sound the dog made and then it cut off lmao dead

    ANDREA DANIEL 6 days ago

    I love these two together!!!! So fun

  • toripalios
    toripalios 6 days ago +1

    when garret gave the dinosaur 😪

  • JRG2187
    JRG2187 6 days ago

    5:48 “Garrett...”
    I definitely snort laughed. Lol

  • Karine Aroyan
    Karine Aroyan 6 days ago

    You are the cutest

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 6 days ago

    "That was a wand that I used to have and then it broke! I used to control the traffic lights with it." Garrett is the cutest thing ever. How could anyone not love him?

  • Canal da Isadora Dias

    First time ever seeing a pink lanburguini!!!!

  • Canal da Isadora Dias

    Kkkk.... I just turned to a different person!! Lol

  • Canal da Isadora Dias

    Yes please!! Drive the fancy car!! lol... but if he reject a prias ../ not funny if he like th lanburgyyini!!

  • Canal da Isadora Dias

    That was s really humiliation but at least I was brave!!! lol

  • Never give your real name

    Garrett is the biggest lovable idiot and I want him to be my best friend forever

  • Shelley Okeeweehow
    Shelley Okeeweehow 7 days ago

    Omfg I wanna drive one of dem lambos..😎

  • Shelley Okeeweehow
    Shelley Okeeweehow 7 days ago

    OMG 😱 I'm gonna cry😅😂😂😂😂

  • Suzie Cult
    Suzie Cult 7 days ago

    EyBRoWs? WhO

  • Julia Drew
    Julia Drew 7 days ago

    Garrett is so precious and pure, i want to fucking cry. im so in love with this man

  • Terra Blanchard
    Terra Blanchard 7 days ago

    Awe I love Garret, glad they are friends

  • *•. Phlanets .•*
    *•. Phlanets .•* 7 days ago +1

    G A R R E T. I S. P R E C I O U S. ❤️

  • Isabella
    Isabella 8 days ago

    Jeffree should get Garret a new car

    just an idea

  • christie Wengert
    christie Wengert 8 days ago

    My freinds son has that same Dinasorrrrr. Ha h HAHAHAHAHS

  • Maryam Amirah
    Maryam Amirah 8 days ago +7

    2:45 Garrett talk about Jeffery Dahmer the serial killer yet Jeffree Star thought he talked about him 😂

  • Amanda Mirai
    Amanda Mirai 8 days ago

    18:04 ~> 18:10 ,("fuck him")

  • jasminejo2424
    jasminejo2424 8 days ago +1

    i feel like Garrett giving Nate his dinosaur was so sweet after hearing Jeffree talk about his friends and family members that started acting like his money was their money and expecting him to pay for everything and how sad it made him. its not the quality or the price of a gift that really matters its the reason and though behind it, I'm sure Nate and Jeffree were just as happy to be given a toy plastic dinosaur as Shane was to receive Gucci trainers from Jeffree. i know if i made a friend like Jeffree who from what i have seen is very generous and would likely offer to buy me something i wanted or needed but couldn't afford i would be taking notes any time they said they loved something and seeing if i could afford it and get it for them, for instance after this ride i would so be going out and buying Jeffree a missy Elliot Cd. can he afford his own? yes of course but that's not the point, he was so in love with the idea of driving around listening to missy Elliot that i would have loved to buy it for him to show him i listen to what he says and i care and i want to make him happy.

  • Jacob Cornejo
    Jacob Cornejo 8 days ago

    Dude you’re so funny 😁 I don’t know makeup and yet I watch your vids 💕

  • Adalyn's Life
    Adalyn's Life 9 days ago

    Umm that's wired my step dad name is garret watts

  • Kallen Frisinger
    Kallen Frisinger 9 days ago +1

    Garrett treats that doll like life treats me.

  • Genny Cantu
    Genny Cantu 9 days ago

    Lol this is the day jeffree is gonna relate 😂😂

  • Xxx Tentacion
    Xxx Tentacion 9 days ago

    Don’t worry about the haters I think your awesome

  • Yesenia Walz
    Yesenia Walz 9 days ago

    Who else thinks that they all had a threesome

  • Amber Love
    Amber Love 10 days ago

    Looks like y'all had a blast

  • Nattylee Downs
    Nattylee Downs 10 days ago

    Jeffree please get Garrett's AC fixed so he doesn't die.

  • vantille x
    vantille x 10 days ago

    I love how he has Shanes mannerisms because they hang out all the time

  • Irene Souza
    Irene Souza 11 days ago

    That's so funny.

  • Silixia
    Silixia 12 days ago

    jeffree not knowing how to work a cheap car is everything

  • emrysky
    emrysky 12 days ago

    spiders are arscnids

  • Abbey Ruby
    Abbey Ruby 12 days ago +1

    The fact that nate is from michigan makes me really happy but he cannot even begin to comprehend the struggles we deal with in a small town up north

  • DontTake ThisLifeForGranted

    That fucking baby in the backseat

  • Brittleann
    Brittleann 12 days ago

    Garrett explaining to Jeffree how to drive his car is like a parent teaching their teenager how to drive. & I love it.

  • Jessica Ellen
    Jessica Ellen 12 days ago +3

    If he rejected you at your Prius, he doesn’t deserve you at your Lambo!
    Best thing ever!!! Jeffree is literally the nicest person ever ❤️❤️

  • Qtippchik
    Qtippchik 13 days ago

    i had a 1970 Nova for my first car with a working 8 track player lol

  • Loohnatik Simmer
    Loohnatik Simmer 13 days ago

    So sweet!!

    AMVDM 13 days ago +3

    Jeffree, Nate & Garrett: THE ULTIMATE TRIO! 👏

  • Rose Clementine
    Rose Clementine 13 days ago

    What car is the red one?????
    I recognise everything from his last videos, but not the red one?
    Is that a new one?