10 EMBARRASSING Ways People Have Died

  • Published on Mar 29, 2017
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Comments • 9 447

  • ben trimble
    ben trimble 9 hours ago

    This has A Thousand Ways to Die written all over it. 😀

  • Ole Holm
    Ole Holm 13 hours ago

    And the Darwin award goes to...

  • Morrighanangel84
    Morrighanangel84 21 hour ago

    Drogheda is pronounced drAh-heda

  • David Donaghy
    David Donaghy Day ago

    We could use a few less lawyers.

  • Bringmea Bucket
    Bringmea Bucket Day ago

    Dude. Your eyes....are psyco.
    Are you ok?

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees Day ago

    1:32 69 years old


  • 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor Day ago

    I just feel bad for the chicken

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley Day ago

    LOL. By constantly pushing and pulling on a doorbell somewhere deep underground and right up the way because of something they recorded and their viewpoints on flying cumwads...

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris 2 days ago

    Da da bannnnng

  • gwen
    gwen 2 days ago

    i had a substitute teacher who was a veteran. he told us a story of how his friends joked about shooting each other, but always made sure their guns weren't loaded when doing so. one day, they were out on patrol when one of his friends lifted up his gun (which was still loaded) and said “if i were to kill myself, i would do it like this”, or something along the lines of that, and shot himself in the side of the head. he wasn't suicidal in any way and had accidentally killed himself. he had loaded his gun previously without checking to make sure he unloaded it. idk, i thought that was a pretty embarrassing way to die.

  • Annabell Mendez
    Annabell Mendez 5 days ago

    I agree that the chicken connection story is pretty damn
    embarrassing. And there's no chance of hiding that.

  • Razzors Edge
    Razzors Edge 5 days ago

    i new a guy that fell off a roof he almost died, he was carrying a sheet of plywood when the wind came up instead of letting go he hung on because he didnt want to damage plywood and it was like a sail and picked him up and he flew into the yard 3 stories below

  • mrslayerman shit
    mrslayerman shit 6 days ago

    His creation hated it's creator

  • weirdwizzard 72
    weirdwizzard 72 6 days ago +1

    There once was an English king who was killed by an assassin who shoved a longsword up his bum whilst sitting on the latrine.

  • Cheyenne Garcia
    Cheyenne Garcia 6 days ago +1

    Aint that a bitch😂😂😂😂

  • Mary Rust
    Mary Rust 7 days ago

    You are so funny and cute! Will you marry me? 😎

  • Kim and Jay
    Kim and Jay 7 days ago

    Hey thanks for your awesome videos I was recently diagnosed with cancer and after two surgeries they're saying that it's probably deadly and I'm still functioning but sometimes I get really tired unfortunately with anaplastic thyroid cancer that's kind of how it goes I'm going through therapies like radiation to help with it but I wanted to tell you thanks for making things a lot more funny I literally watched these throughout the day and it makes me laugh and takes my mind off of everything so thanks for the awesome videos

  • Mike
    Mike 7 days ago

    Chicken Lover was probably just working to put an end to illiteracy.

  • Ganesh Achariya
    Ganesh Achariya 8 days ago

    You always bring interesting videos... I adore your work,,, you gave me an inspiration to be a youtuber📹

  • Aurelius Lennon-Rios

    russian waterfall?

  • Carlos Monroy
    Carlos Monroy 9 days ago

    i think some of them were done intentionally for personal gain. premeditated.

  • Jacquelyn King
    Jacquelyn King 10 days ago

    I'm sorry, but I'm trying not to laugh.

  • PinkieDash the Brony
    PinkieDash the Brony 10 days ago

    Why do these videos make me want to leave my house less?

  • OC Jones
    OC Jones 15 days ago

    Kevin Gilbert died in a embarrassing way

  • Dave Parrott
    Dave Parrott 16 days ago

    Anybody that knows the history of Cromwell knows that he was an arrogant, lying piece of crap bastard.

  • Isla Dickinson
    Isla Dickinson 17 days ago +1

    This isn't embarrassing,but once a 10 year old boy was crushed by a machine in a mill,but the part of his body that was crushed,was his skull.👦🏻👼🏻☠

  • Fifth Horseman
    Fifth Horseman 17 days ago

    6:28 oh the irony

  • Tico Punker
    Tico Punker 17 days ago

    Ritalin might do you some good.

    CNN NEWS 18 days ago

    Harry ass Santoro. I bet your a sex monster. Likes dildos in the Butt. Guys that look like him love it

  • BJ Douglass
    BJ Douglass 19 days ago

    ABATE does not protest the "wearing" of motorcycle helmets. They are protesting the choice that is taken from them by making laws that say you must wear a helmet. The guy who died because he choose not to wear a helmet, did just that, He choose NOT to wear a motorcycle helmet, therefore he choose to take his chances and he died, his choice. Sad but still his choice.

  • Izy Cananua
    Izy Cananua 20 days ago

    Birth causes your death.
    Everything else is just good fun

  • Gabby Iverson
    Gabby Iverson 21 day ago


  • Gabrielle Collier
    Gabrielle Collier 21 day ago

    One of king Henry's wives died eating a orange

  • The end is near
    The end is near 22 days ago

    How much meth do you smoke before making a video?

  • Jess Andujo
    Jess Andujo 23 days ago

    They always sneak that 17th Century piece.

  • Decoma Arts
    Decoma Arts 24 days ago

    Funny how it’s all men

  • Bruce D
    Bruce D 26 days ago

    The chicken story is just disgustingly bad 🤣

  • Creepy Mysteries
    Creepy Mysteries 28 days ago

    me 5 seconds later: oh he said rushing... rushing waterfall

  • VD Das
    VD Das 29 days ago

    You could say the chicken...
    (Puts on glasses)
    Got porked to death

  • C'est Taylor
    C'est Taylor Month ago

    I don't think they care, man

  • Mopp Empire v0rt3x14

    #8 has to ve the saddest way anyone could die lol

  • PC Principle
    PC Principle Month ago

    someone in the town I grew up in apparently dropped a lawnmower on their head this year, kind of like home alone except messier

  • Michael Key
    Michael Key Month ago

    Fun fact, marriage is the leading cause of divorce! Matt you crazy funny!

  • David
    David Month ago

    Succame? The word is succumbed.

  • Muhammed Patel
    Muhammed Patel Month ago

    Number 4 wasn't too embarrassing, it was more a clumsy accident

  • Nora Galvan
    Nora Galvan Month ago

    I’m gonna go to hell for laughing at some of these 😂

  • Erin Melton
    Erin Melton Month ago

    The third one the guy died of electrified orgasm lololooo

  • NewWorldJacobite
    NewWorldJacobite Month ago

    About half of these can be summed up as death by derp.

  • TheRedNeck Stoner
    TheRedNeck Stoner Month ago

    I wanna watch something something nuns

  • Nikki Wesker
    Nikki Wesker Month ago

    That chicken didn’t deserve it.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh Month ago

    True story, a man went to jail and was charged with assalt after throwing a banana at his girlfriend.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh Month ago

    Lol i can't spell lol.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh Month ago

    AKA the Darwin Award winners lok.

  • the gamurz
    the gamurz Month ago

    69 years old


  • Kiano
    Kiano Month ago

    it’s pronounced dro hed a not dro day grah

  • The Father Of The Bassline

    1:31 *Mission Successful*

  • Dismaying Mist
    Dismaying Mist Month ago

    Some of those were just sad

  • Chuck Smith
    Chuck Smith Month ago

    Nice, Illuminati symbolism in the thumbnail preview. Nooooooooo,!!!!!!! Not you to............

  • Jucatorul 2
    Jucatorul 2 Month ago

    1:33 nice

  • Adrianna Hibbard
    Adrianna Hibbard Month ago

    Niagara is not a Russian waterfall and it's 167 feet, not 187......