Painting our Nails on the NYC Subway ft. Safiya & Threadbanger (expert level)

  • Published on May 19, 2018
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Comments • 7 876

  • Charlotte L
    Charlotte L Minute ago

    it’s funny that she says she doesn’t want to get kicked off because it’s basically impossible to get kicked off the subway. i’ve seen some crazy shit down there

  • Dora Sarah
    Dora Sarah 11 hours ago

    Corrine is just left out

  • Mackenzie Morgan
    Mackenzie Morgan 23 hours ago

    Does anyone else ever see something at the store that Christine would love but you only have enough money to buy one of the thing and you feel bad but you keep it for yourself anyways ??

  • Sara Storrs
    Sara Storrs 2 days ago

    Christia (Chorrine, chirstine,Safia)

  • J L
    J L 2 days ago

    if i saw you doing that shit on the train i'd escort you the fuck out

  • Dania Miguel
    Dania Miguel 2 days ago

    I actually paint my nails on the subway all the time! The delays of the trains make it so that we stop a bunch anyway so we always have time, also some trains are shakier than others so its easier to manage.

  • We Share A Channel Because We Are Sisters

    Girl meets world vibes😂

  • Emily Cleghorn
    Emily Cleghorn 3 days ago


  • Roshni Alva
    Roshni Alva 3 days ago

    10:45 *the moment u realize and say “It’S nOt tAcKy AnYmOrE”*

  • Seren Dipdip
    Seren Dipdip 3 days ago

    Spells Sabotage incorrectly 😂😂😂 Canadian Public Education

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 3 days ago

    You should donate your hair

  • Lonely Af person
    Lonely Af person 4 days ago

    Everyone is going to get high on the fumes

  • SilverShoesProductions

    This is the most normal thing i've ever seen on a subway...

  • cactus_xx
    cactus_xx 5 days ago

    Dude: Im out here selling candy and snacks on the train today.
    Me: *drugs*

  • finders keepers
    finders keepers 5 days ago

    try it in japan

  • caitlin grace
    caitlin grace 5 days ago

    This was uploaded on my 12th birthday

  • gamer girl autumn
    gamer girl autumn 5 days ago

    I never been on a Subway before

  • Forever young. Kiara

    8:33, when I remember I have work today and it's Monday

  • MamaSheCrazy
    MamaSheCrazy 6 days ago

    If only this was the weirdest shit you saw on the subway...

    DANCE MOMS LIVES 6 days ago

    In grade 6 my best friend painted her nails in class. At least her nails looked good although she got in rouble since it stunk up the room! You guys did great tho💖

  • Sadie Jepson
    Sadie Jepson 7 days ago

    I feel like I just have to say. It’s so funny that all of their boyfriends/husband have become like expert cameramen in the past year(s) that they’ve had their TVclip channels

  • Kawaii Kittah
    Kawaii Kittah 7 days ago

    Does it count if I was on a TOY train??

  • Ameme
    Ameme 7 days ago

    Safiyas face when they all fell was priceless 😂😂😂

  • Ameme
    Ameme 7 days ago


  • Thegreatest 777
    Thegreatest 777 7 days ago

    Who needs sabotage when we have sabatoge

  • Morgan Eliza
    Morgan Eliza 7 days ago

    I’ve painted my nails in the car before

  • Ummi amirah afini
    Ummi amirah afini 7 days ago

    Safiyya absolutely looked like the baby girl in there😂

  • ThatOneEmoGirl
    ThatOneEmoGirl 7 days ago

    I tried to paint my nails on a subway once for a dare... I ended up accidentally throwing the bottle and it spilled all over a man xD... NEVER AGAIN

  • Lauren Crandell
    Lauren Crandell 8 days ago

    I NEW IT, Safiya's moistness messed with the nail thingy mubobber! So it sticked, which makes no sense at all

  • Akira Saito
    Akira Saito 8 days ago

    ??? You can open the windows on the NY subways!?

  • Lynette Yee
    Lynette Yee 8 days ago +1

    I seriously LOVE these three together. PLEASE MAKE MORE TOGETHER!! LIKE ASAP

  • TheSongwritingCat
    TheSongwritingCat 8 days ago

    I love you but as a New Yorker, this is the worst thing you've ever done.

  • Zehra May
    Zehra May 8 days ago


  • Eva E.
    Eva E. 8 days ago

    I do my nails on the bus on a regular. Also on the train. Cause I get up at 5.20 and get home at 18.40. So it's the only time I got to paint nails .

  • Hannah Joseph
    Hannah Joseph 9 days ago

    Safiya is the responsible adult, while Cristine and Corinne are like the insane teenagers

  • Sabrina Colon
    Sabrina Colon 10 days ago

    Lol I love how at the end of the video you just see mini lad in the background😂😂😂

  • oliviasandersjpeg
    oliviasandersjpeg 10 days ago

    god can you imagine the smell? 😂 that nail polish smell on a small crowded train oh lord 😭

  • Cat Fish
    Cat Fish 10 days ago

    Legit when I went to New York for the first time I srsly said where’s pizza rat

  • Regina Head
    Regina Head 11 days ago

    Thank you for spreading the "be yourself and don't give a crap about other people's opinions" message
    I reeeeally appreciate it and you do it in such a fun way Thank you, Cristine, I love you.

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 12 days ago

    Oh look at this, Cristine doing nails for once

  • PurpleMinion Pink
    PurpleMinion Pink 12 days ago

    Safiya usually never swears I think that is the first time I’ve heard her say that. Lol

  • Mesk Yahya
    Mesk Yahya 12 days ago

    If I were them I would not take HOLO with me at that time

  • des_ collazo
    des_ collazo 13 days ago

    Who else misses open the door close the door 😂

  • Kamila's collections
    Kamila's collections 13 days ago


  • Peyton Lytle
    Peyton Lytle 14 days ago

    Safiya:" I'm clenching the base coat bottle between my thighs."😂

  • Kai K
    Kai K 15 days ago

    I've done my pedi on a light rail train. Does that count?

  • Bezawit Wubshet
    Bezawit Wubshet 15 days ago

    I did my nails on the school bus

  • Stephany Cr
    Stephany Cr 15 days ago

    What the fuck

  • Lauren Mae Mesia
    Lauren Mae Mesia 16 days ago

    us New Yorkers are cringing

  • B.U.M. Monroe
    B.U.M. Monroe 17 days ago

    *"Im out here selling candy 🍬 and snacks on the 🚆 train today"*

  • Muffin B
    Muffin B 17 days ago

    Less than 2 minutes in, but as a new Yorker I can guarantee you you won't be kicked off the subway. In fact, you painting your nails won't be the weirdest thing most if the commuters have seen that week.

  • Bella Lps
    Bella Lps 19 days ago

    No but my mom did her nails on the plane

  • Olivia Curry
    Olivia Curry 19 days ago

    They should have called it drunk girls on a subway

  • Breanna Dockery
    Breanna Dockery 20 days ago

    3 nailogical sayings holo there. What do you think. And I forgot the other oh yeah I just having the time of my life

  • Kody Brown
    Kody Brown 20 days ago +1

    Corrine looks so good here

  • Taylor C
    Taylor C 20 days ago

    1:06 soooo... i thought that person was markipliar 😂


    "Plz don't make me do this for a week "

  • Nf8hoang
    Nf8hoang 21 day ago +2

    “I like balls too” im dyinn

  • Mona Navarro
    Mona Navarro 21 day ago

    I've done my nails in a bus hahahaha

  • Awesomecutedino 151
    Awesomecutedino 151 21 day ago

    I’m to poor to get to one 12:07

  • Mama Love
    Mama Love 21 day ago +1

    Dab dab dab make my nail fab

  • HazeyBear
    HazeyBear 21 day ago

    I thought they were saying glossy taco... im hungry.

  • leo davinci
    leo davinci 21 day ago

    The golden trio

  • 43lisamarie
    43lisamarie 21 day ago

    not the subway but on teh train 2 school :)

  • Enolp
    Enolp 22 days ago

    “Why are your nails so yellow?”

  • Blue Angle
    Blue Angle 22 days ago

    They did the impossible
    I salute you all

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 22 days ago

    Oml 3:55

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 22 days ago +2

    I feel like safiya didn't like Corrine

  • Ela Lyons
    Ela Lyons 23 days ago

    I live in nyc and honey, this isn’t half as weird as the stuff I see every day.

  • Ela Lyons
    Ela Lyons 23 days ago

    Holo little friend.

  • Agoos Beleen
    Agoos Beleen 23 days ago

    Las uñas amarillas deben ser por que no las deja respirar mucho. Al igual que la piel hay que desmaquillarlas y dejarlas respirar un tiempo.. y yo también me pinto las uñas en el colectivo por que no me da el tiempo con la facultad...aunque no tan así jaja. Good vídeo

  • Patra Thompson
    Patra Thompson 23 days ago

    Could you imagine her and amber in a video lol

  • Vincent Tran
    Vincent Tran 23 days ago

    How do you get your nails so long

  • Aileen Conroy
    Aileen Conroy 24 days ago

    I think it’s so funny they think they would have gotten kicked off, I’ve NEVER seen someone get kicked off a subway and I’ve seen some shit. Also don’t think I’ve ever seen a subway worker ever

  • lovelyreptiles
    lovelyreptiles 24 days ago

    We totally need a video with just the boyfriends.

  • Tara Collins
    Tara Collins 25 days ago

    I take the L to school everyday!

  • 666 subscribers with no content challenge

    *hi little friend*

    Gogirl EVERYTHING 27 days ago

    Rofl Lol Ok what is a sabatoge? I’m dead. I died. Cuz this iz funny.

  • Thali Douglass
    Thali Douglass 27 days ago

    Top Three favorite TVclips thank you for the colab

  • Maynke
    Maynke 27 days ago

    I was originally thinking, "OMFG, people on the subway must've HATED the reek of your nail polish" but then I remembered we're talking about a NYC subway.

  • Jaylin Guerrero
    Jaylin Guerrero 27 days ago


  • Michi Chan And Kawai Chan

    R.I.P Nail you were killed by a stencil

  • It’s.Em’s Channel
    It’s.Em’s Channel 28 days ago

    I am so confused...there are New Yorkers in the comments saying people pee on the subway! I’ve never been to NY so idk. Don’t take offense to this but, that actually happens?! I am grossed out, but curious at the same time lol

  • Namjoon Wifue stay bacm

    I am the only one that though safia's voice at 7:18 was like google translate voice fuck!

  • Magda P
    Magda P 28 days ago

    29198518 1820311 4931118

  • Eva Anderson
    Eva Anderson 28 days ago

    Oml this was on my 1 week bucket list!! It’s a challenge me and my family do every year, we have to complete it all or we don’t pass, but I passed, so I did my nails on the subway

  • Ava Isaacson
    Ava Isaacson 29 days ago

    pin this if your HOLO fans are everything

  • Natalia O'Brien
    Natalia O'Brien 29 days ago

    I didn't paint my nails in subway, but I tried many times in car when I drive to school xD So I know what feeling is it.

  • CheesyMoose1
    CheesyMoose1 29 days ago

    PLEASE GO TO THE POLISH PIT IN NYC!!!!! I just saw a video on Facebook and you MAKE YOUR OWN NAIL POLISH

  • Ameera Abmed
    Ameera Abmed Month ago

    Safiya killed me😂😂💔

  • Venisa Vazquez
    Venisa Vazquez Month ago

    Lol I got a nail add
    Like if you got it too lol

  • ThePotatoKing
    ThePotatoKing Month ago

    Honestly when you said house of cards I had to think of a bts song....but let’s keep it PGfamilyFriendly y’all

  • LyssbethV
    LyssbethV Month ago

    supportive boyfriends!

  • twenty-øne chemical discøs

    I painted my nails while i was in the hospital bc i got bored but never on a subway

  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean Month ago

    Corifyne. Core - If -Feen (pronunciation)

  • Violet Nicole
    Violet Nicole Month ago

    2:36 BTS BTS BTS
    sorry... don't mind me, just causally fangirling alone in my room

  • mthrofzion1
    mthrofzion1 Month ago

    Why am I watching this shit !

  • hot wing girl
    hot wing girl Month ago

    Simply can you make holo?

  • Emma Darr
    Emma Darr Month ago

    Honestly With Christine I bet if she would chose her life over her nail polish she would choose nail polish and Make a big speech about it and that Holo will , Will come to use 😂

  • Pankakes 4417
    Pankakes 4417 Month ago

    I would LOVE to see Suzie from NailCareerEducation and Christine do a collab together. Like if you agree