What Jennifer Aniston Typically Eats In A Day

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
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    Since 1994, Jennifer Aniston has been stealing our hearts. Through her role on Friends, she popularized the layered bob called "The Rachel," and before long, just about every woman wanted to be her. We lived vicariously through her high-profile marriage to Brad Pitt, and when they broke up, we collectively mourned for America's sweetheart. But throughout the years, Aniston has proven she doesn't need a man to find success in life - and look great doing it. In her September 2018 InStyle cover story, Aniston detailed how she stays fit with yoga and boxing. But diet plays a role too, right? Here's just what Aniston typically eats each day...
    No to the joe | 0:40
    Power breakfast | 1:35
    Our favorite Friend's fridge | 2:20
    Simple game-changers | 2:47
    "Skinny style" alternatives | 3:27
    Yes, she drinks Smartwater | 3:55
    Late-night snacks | 4:26
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Comments • 191

  • The List
    The List  Year ago +15

    What other celeb diets should we feature next?

    • Debra Stacy
      Debra Stacy 15 days ago

      If you believe she still looks this way naturally..
      Then you must LOVE Marie Osmonds... they are getting the best plastic surgery...cuz they have money... don't fret cuz they make us feel inferior...they are Liars

    • Linda Mon
      Linda Mon 21 day ago

      Amy poehler, amy sedaris, amy schumer. HEllo anybody down for some funny amy's & wtf does she eat to make her that hilarious? Ok, maybe not schumer...that may encourage a cucumber challenge noone is ready for! Lol.

    • Kira Nolan
      Kira Nolan Month ago +1

      Kendall Jenner because she's so gorgeous with the glowing, flawless skin.

    • ana carol
      ana carol Month ago +4

      Courtney Cox

    • Apoorva pandey
      Apoorva pandey Month ago +3

      Angelina Jolie plzzz

  • C Mickie
    C Mickie 12 days ago +1

    I. Don’t. Give. A. F.

  • JD Taxpayer
    JD Taxpayer 16 days ago

    who cares what she eats or who she fucks!

  • Sandy Frank
    Sandy Frank 16 days ago +4

    Smart water is great but aren’t these celebs conscientious about saving the planet? Too much plastic Jennifer.

  • Ell Doe
    Ell Doe 16 days ago

    She does intermittent fasting and doesn't have her first meal till 2 pm

    • Serena Will
      Serena Will 13 days ago

      Ell Doe oh okay thanks

    • Ell Doe
      Ell Doe 13 days ago

      @Serena Will because she said so in an interview

    • Serena Will
      Serena Will 13 days ago

      Ell Doe how do ya know?

  • Praveen Sriram
    Praveen Sriram 17 days ago +3

    She will be 51 this year but looks 35.

  • Shay 25
    Shay 25 19 days ago +1

    I drink warm lemon water every morning too and I can tell you I don't look like jen or Giselle 😂😂

  • DodgedABullet
    DodgedABullet 19 days ago

    Who really gives a flying fxxk what she or anyone else eats in a day!
    Worry more about what passes your own lips.
    Oh, and this ridiculous vid came up in my recommended, and I can’t really say why!

  • Dianna A
    Dianna A 19 days ago +1

    She eats healthy and smokes cigarettes???

  • S Sanne
    S Sanne 20 days ago

    Jennifer Aniston she looks a lot like Dustin Hoffman! 😆

  • Harshita Nath
    Harshita Nath 22 days ago +5

    Jen doesn't look good. She has good skin and wears nice clothes but she's not that great.. She has average looks.

    • Danielle Charney
      Danielle Charney 20 days ago +1

      She is an interesting case - he photographs beautifully-the camera loves her- she is sometimes very pretty - sometimes plain- make-up and hair do wonders for everyone. and she is in great shape.. smart and sexy - inside and out- for me- that is better than traditional good looks of many models whose looks don't hold up after a while - Jen is interesting - by the way - she is the last person who thinks she is pretty ... she also loves life- and is a fine person inside - class act- incredible dresser and never takes the bait of the ugliness of the industry- not easy sometimes-

    • Melissa Lynn
      Melissa Lynn 21 day ago +1

      Very plain Jane

    • Melissa Lynn
      Melissa Lynn 21 day ago +1

      Totally agree

  • Veronica Dowd
    Veronica Dowd 23 days ago +1

    She eats the souls of viewers.

  • Debra Stacy
    Debra Stacy 23 days ago +1

    Plastic surgery is the secret.... such a phony...seen her Saint Jude commercial where she's looking at the camera and fake kisses the child...and this is the best day in her YEAR!!! oh so phony.. just makes commercials now to support her plastic surgery

  • Naeemah Muhammad
    Naeemah Muhammad 24 days ago +11

    I would love to hear it come from Jennifer herself

  • Bill Hawkins
    Bill Hawkins 24 days ago +6

    I really dont see anything amazing about this woman.
    I cant imagine her washing dishes or doing laundry.
    She lives in a guilded cage of media adoration.

    • Debra Stacy
      Debra Stacy 23 days ago

      She's a great advocate for plastic surgery

  • Kidges 3
    Kidges 3 24 days ago

    I heard she followed Atkins so I’m not so sure this information is accurate 😐

  • Flordelina Barrett
    Flordelina Barrett 25 days ago +2

    With all these professional help, she is still has ordinary look.

  • Maddy Angelina
    Maddy Angelina 25 days ago +1

    no coffee I cant 😩

  • Matcam 1
    Matcam 1 26 days ago +2

    I guess she doesn't care about environment promoting plastic water bottles...nice Jen.

    • J. H.
      J. H. 19 days ago

      Matcam 1 Yeah, not very enlightened for a celebrity...Disappointed to hear that as I always liked her.

  • Frank Dalla
    Frank Dalla 26 days ago

    Really? People actually give a shit about what Jennifer eats in a day? I'd be more intrested in what she sucks on at night... Who? Lol

  • A Zoomer
    A Zoomer 26 days ago +19

    *drinks a gallon of hot lemon water*
    "aM i HoT nOw?!"

    • Debra Stacy
      Debra Stacy 23 days ago +1

      She must pee a lot between plastic surgery appointments

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim 29 days ago +37

    What the video forgot to mention is Jennifer Aniston has a lot of yoga and pilates and cardio to keep her perfectly in shape. But her true secret is she always eats a trifle made with a homemade custard and layers of jam with beef sauteed with peas and onions, which by the way, haters need to note does NOT taste like feet!

  • Lar
    Lar 29 days ago +2

    I have nothing against her, but she really hasn't done anything since "Friends" yet she continues to find herself in entertainment news. She must have a good agent.

    • R.I.P BOXING
      R.I.P BOXING 27 days ago +1

      Shes been in many movies and tbh once you been in a successful sitcom. That last 9 seasons your set for life

    • Mia Kelly
      Mia Kelly 27 days ago +6

      She has been in ALOT of movies

  • Kaitlyn Armour
    Kaitlyn Armour Month ago

    Please do Blake Lively!!

  • Cassy McCormack
    Cassy McCormack Month ago


  • My 5 Cats 2019
    My 5 Cats 2019 Month ago

    Here’s a good weight loss low cal diet
    Breakfast: 1 smoothie and if you have a larger appetite add a fruit salad!
    Snack 1: try a protein to keep you going and help you be full, perhaps a handful of nuts
    Lunch: a small simple salad with a meat for protein
    Snack 2: a dozen frozen grapes
    Dinner: meat, rice, and veggies. Substitute rice for quinoa if you like. If you have a smaller appetite you could just do a salad.
    Desert: half a frozen banana! So good! Skip this healthy desert for even less carbs!

  • D B
    D B Month ago

    Who t f cares ..

  • I
    I Month ago +84

    No children, that’s what’s keeping her young

    • Praveen Sriram
      Praveen Sriram 17 days ago

      Bingo!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself ☺️

    • Danielle Charney
      Danielle Charney 20 days ago +3

      Yes no kids and good for her for standing her ground while being battered by the breeding like farm animals people- right on Jen

    • Mr Pleasant
      Mr Pleasant 22 days ago +2

      Stress free.

    • Magda M.
      Magda M. 25 days ago +1

      Probably it's men after transition

  • J. H.
    J. H. Month ago +10

    Love Jennifer Anniston, but WTF do we need to buy bottled water? So wasteful and plain unnecessary.

    • J. H.
      J. H. 20 days ago

      Danielle Charney No it doesn’t. Get a filter. Plastic water bottles are so polluting.

    • Danielle Charney
      Danielle Charney 20 days ago

      tap water tastes terrible

    • Joyful cookie S
      Joyful cookie S Month ago

      J. H. Cuz shes rich

  • Danish D'Abreau
    Danish D'Abreau Month ago

    And cigarettes

  • Tonya Whitehead
    Tonya Whitehead Month ago +11

    Who really cares what she eats??? Let's just worry about what and how much we are eating. She is no more important than everyone else!

  • shinnfa dieter
    shinnfa dieter Month ago

    have you seen the gnbots one?

  • Bamboo11
    Bamboo11 Month ago

    who hgives a ratses ass what she eats? she has plastic surgery every week u dumbos! she is 55 years old! u must be a jackazz to thin k it's what she eats> plastic surgery is the key!

  • Lauren Galan
    Lauren Galan Month ago

    Smart water is garbage and full of heavy metals

  • Hasmin Nedd
    Hasmin Nedd Month ago

    Jennifer Aniston always fabulous and adorable

  • Doll Face
    Doll Face Month ago +5

    Be careful when drinking lemon water because lemon can corrode your teeth. If you do drink it, use a straw.

  • 1000fantomas
    1000fantomas 2 months ago

    D U D E

  • Jimmy FTW
    Jimmy FTW 2 months ago +17

    Im really want to see 73 questions in her house.

  • Green Eyes
    Green Eyes 2 months ago +1

    Wonder why she can’t keep a man?

    • Green Eyes
      Green Eyes 28 days ago +1

      Genie Meadows Ha Ha! Merry Christmas! 🎅🏼

    • Green Eyes
      Green Eyes 29 days ago

      Genie Meadows Wow that’s Great! My mom is 78 and I tell everybody she is younger than me cause I have a lot more aches and pain! 😂

    • Genie Meadows
      Genie Meadows 29 days ago +1

      @Green Eyes ...yeah I thought when I saw this and it's the same for all in the public eye that it would be a trial to constantly have to look great. It's easier of course in a flash house and pots of money but I just don't get it really. One can look decent but plastic surgery and treatments and special diets ....to heck with that unless someone is obese and it's affecting health. She must have good genes though. I am one of 5 girls and we all looked way younger (I am an oldie now but no wrinkles and have had a few people say you have great skin). It's got some bumps but no wrinkles (it's a darn wonder with my life ha).

    • Green Eyes
      Green Eyes 29 days ago

      Genie Meadows Yes that has to be it. So much pressure to look good.

    • Genie Meadows
      Genie Meadows 29 days ago

      @Green Eyes...there might be a bit of anorexia maybe or mood swings. Hard to say though maybe not.She is probably downright hungry!

  • Eileen Phillips
    Eileen Phillips 2 months ago +1

    She also smokes ciggies. Yep. lotsa ciggies

  • Brenda Drew
    Brenda Drew 2 months ago +5

    Believe me, I'm 71 and don't live vicariously through Jennifer Aniston and I eat and drink like she does, start every day with warm lemon water, eat mostly organic etc. but I don't look like her! I look like myself and am my own person! lol Keep drinking that H2O every day. Hardly have a wrinkle because of that as well as good genetics! Thanks for sharing, "knowledge is power"!

    • Debra Stacy
      Debra Stacy 23 days ago

      She is getting the most expensive plastic surgery and injections

  • Alison Pascoe
    Alison Pascoe 2 months ago

    Really? Who cares?

  • Brian
    Brian 2 months ago +1

    Jen is like the girl I always wished I would’ve met.❤️😘

    • Danielle Charney
      Danielle Charney 20 days ago

      @A Zoomer she is all over the thread so filled with hate and envy- sad

    • A Zoomer
      A Zoomer 23 days ago +1

      @Debra Stacy Why are you so jealous lol. Even if she got surgery so what? She's still beautiful. It's not her fault society pressures girls to look good or else they're seen as worthless

    • Brian
      Brian 23 days ago

      Debra Stacy
      If plastic surgery can yield results like that why not?

    • Debra Stacy
      Debra Stacy 23 days ago

      What a fake plastic surgery woman??

  • peekaboots01
    peekaboots01 2 months ago

    I just had 🍌 banana cake and chips

  • peekaboots01
    peekaboots01 2 months ago

    She drinks coffee after her juice.

  • Mihaela
    Mihaela 2 months ago +1

    All the foods she eats are tasteless except eggs but having too many eggs can clog up your liver. Obviously she has money for personal trainers too which many average working people do not. And actually having very muscle arms and no big boobs is not considered feminine so excuse me she is not that beautiful.

    • J. H.
      J. H. 18 days ago

      Twinkle Star Only an insecure and jealous person would put someone else down in an effort to feel better about themselves. Is it working?

    • Twinkle Star
      Twinkle Star 19 days ago

      J. H. No not really. Just stating our opinion. Perhaps you are the sour one who can’t handle someone’s opinion.

    • J. H.
      J. H. 19 days ago

      Two jealous souls right here. Sour grapes.

    • Twinkle Star
      Twinkle Star 2 months ago

      @Mihaela agreed. I think she is overrated for some reason. And what she eats is boring.

  • AA Stephan
    AA Stephan 2 months ago +3

    She lost part of her charm after she did a nose job, something’s gone. Not the same Jen. 😢

    • kn vibes
      kn vibes 4 days ago

      The Map Of You yep for medical purpose

    • The Map Of You
      The Map Of You 26 days ago

      AA Stephan what nose job?

  • Melinda Domingo
    Melinda Domingo 2 months ago +5


  • Cherry 10030
    Cherry 10030 2 months ago +3

    Wanna know my diet?
    One word: McDonalds

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell 2 months ago

    I hope it's not diet yoghurt.

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell 2 months ago

    Zeus was 10,000 years ago. Blue eyes. You were a hybrid way back them.

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell 2 months ago +1

    Eats for breakfast. ?

  • Tam McPhail
    Tam McPhail 2 months ago +5

    Anyone who drinks bottled water is not smart

    • J. H.
      J. H. 19 days ago

      Pamela C. If you’re really that concerned about tap water buy a filter. 💅🏻

    • J. H.
      J. H. Month ago

      To combat the blatant truth of it they sneakily call it “Smartwater.”

    • Tam McPhail
      Tam McPhail 2 months ago +1

      @Pamela C. Nestle bottled water is the same, they just use tap water out of local reservoirs. But when I have a drink I don't have a plastic bottle whicheventually is floating in the ocean. Think on that

    • Pamela C.
      Pamela C. 2 months ago

      Give a thought to how safe you think your city water is?!?

    • Luca Sereni
      Luca Sereni 2 months ago

      Bro you nailed it

  • Malzahar Kassadin
    Malzahar Kassadin 2 months ago +4

    What Jennifer Aniston Typically Eats In A Day : People alive

  • Suq Madiq
    Suq Madiq 2 months ago

    She's on the 30 day nothing but Sperm diet.

  • Nawaj Khan
    Nawaj Khan 3 months ago +1

    Nice figure

  • Elizabeth Kurian
    Elizabeth Kurian 4 months ago +3

    She looks the way she looked ten years ago is probably due to plastic surgery and not her diet.🤨

  • Kaleb Chavez
    Kaleb Chavez 4 months ago +3

    Haha... I've wanted to be Jennifer Aniston when I was 8 years old.. still do kinda! 😉

  • sincere seeker
    sincere seeker 5 months ago +9

    Can somebody make a list of all this and post please

  • Lilla Gottlieb
    Lilla Gottlieb 5 months ago +1

    My favourite is Carbonara to