10 Musicians Who Hide Their Identities! (Revealed)


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  • Jacob Britton
    Jacob Britton Year ago +1700

    Fun Fact. Gorillaz lead so nger is also the lead singer of Blur

  • Steve C
    Steve C 7 days ago

    Buckethead is a god at guitar

  • emma chamberlain stan
    emma chamberlain stan 13 days ago

    There's this neighborhood in the town I live in and people spray painted and drew on a bunch of building and signs. They wrote ICP

  • J- Dog 05
    J- Dog 05 14 days ago

    Where was Hollywood undead?

  • Sebastian DeCecchis
    Sebastian DeCecchis 17 days ago


  • Drako811
    Drako811 21 day ago +1


  • Cassidy Mortensen
    Cassidy Mortensen 21 day ago

    Does anyone else notice that the guy from Daft punk looks like the real life Zero from borderlands 2??

  • Adeyo Taylor
    Adeyo Taylor 25 days ago

    What about mashmelo

  • Ursa Major Dollhouse
    Ursa Major Dollhouse 27 days ago

    I love Buckethead. 💜💜💜

  • D. H. Tarzan
    D. H. Tarzan Month ago

    You forgot the band, “Ghost B.C”

  • Cross Sans gameing
    Cross Sans gameing Month ago

    Cool video Matt keep up the good work

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason Month ago

    Slipknot only lost three members since their self titled, so to say that the band has changed members over the years isn’t exactly something you should do when talking about the band to a bunch of people who never heard of them.

  • asdfjkl
    asdfjkl Month ago

    they only replaced two members three if you count somewhere in the late 90s one of the members pual grey the bassist dies so they replaced him and joey jordison (drummer) was replaced by jay wienburg bc of an ilness

  • Kanibal 666
    Kanibal 666 Month ago


  • Daisy Paguay
    Daisy Paguay Month ago

    Daft punk ❤️

  • El Oto
    El Oto Month ago

    Gorillaz are the *BEST*

  • Bev Rahn
    Bev Rahn Month ago

    Where is marshmello

  • Aiden Reyes
    Aiden Reyes Month ago +1

    You forgot marshmello

  • Eve Ijah
    Eve Ijah Month ago

    I’m mad Y wasn’t marshmallow in this

  • everything to know
    everything to know Month ago

    Where is marshmello?

  • That420Gamer
    That420Gamer Month ago

    Who is murdoc? I’m sure the bassist is called Ace. 😜

  • Rob M
    Rob M Month ago

    another good disguised band, Here Come the Mummies, from what I remember of the reason is cause a lot of the members are contracted to separate record labels, so to get around it they all play dressed as mummies

  • Ryan McMullen
    Ryan McMullen Month ago

    You forgot MUSHROOMHEAD that is 100 times better then slipknot

  • New America Tow Guy

    Long live GWAR!!!

  • Nmethyltransferase
    Nmethyltransferase Month ago

    You farted in my pumpkin patch.

  • Yolymar Montanez Gonzalez

    You totally forgot Hollywood Undead

  • rayson young
    rayson young Month ago

    Ghost B C.?

  • UltimateDarkrai
    UltimateDarkrai Month ago

    I saw a part of a blue man group performance I was on a cruise ship and it was the first day so I ended up getting spectacularly seasick it was really cool though

  • Bgm Mo
    Bgm Mo 2 months ago

    Icp were rappers first then went into wrestling NOT wrestling then rap

  • Skippy Doodle
    Skippy Doodle 2 months ago

    What about marshmallow

  • Olivia and Kiana's World

    I am so scared of clowns and my step dad can do a clown laf so he does it when I’m not doing something that him or my mom told me to

  • Olivia and Kiana's World

    One of them huged me and waved to me

  • Olivia and Kiana's World

    I went to my first one this year

  • Salvador Ascencio
    Salvador Ascencio 2 months ago

    Hey guys! This video is supported by TraderJoes.

  • xXChin_ChinXx
    xXChin_ChinXx 2 months ago

    Uuuhhhhhhh *THREESOME*

  • Curlious Oakshield
    Curlious Oakshield 2 months ago

    I know I'm a year later, but what about Duke Silver??

  • Leidy Agudelo
    Leidy Agudelo 2 months ago

    You missed marshmallow

    DJ RAPTRAP 2 months ago

    I wish mattew santoro mentioned Hollywood Undead. They are my top favorite music group.

  • Joryn Felicetty
    Joryn Felicetty 2 months ago

    Anyone noticed slipknot is number 7 and that the bassist who died was number seven and even had it tatted on his forearms

  • Benjamin Beltran
    Benjamin Beltran 2 months ago

    You missed marshmallow

  • Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson 2 months ago

    Where's Ghost???

  • tacos vlogs
    tacos vlogs 2 months ago

    Kiss is wrong they did cuz they were Jewish -now ur facts

  • tacos vlogs
    tacos vlogs 2 months ago

    What about demented are fo

  • Thebilfster 21
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  • *Durpychu *
    *Durpychu * 2 months ago

    Icp is da best

  • Cameron Russell
    Cameron Russell 2 months ago

    Is it movie theatre or movie theater?

  • Joey Michael
    Joey Michael 2 months ago

    what about Ghost BC they don't even release their names

  • Xavier B.
    Xavier B. 2 months ago

    Where is Ghost? It would've been a good band to research. At the same time, no one of the band was revealed (except the lead singer).

  • Ty Moran
    Ty Moran 2 months ago

    Where marshmello?

  • PK_ _Reeljoy
    PK_ _Reeljoy 2 months ago


  • Nicole Aguilar
    Nicole Aguilar 2 months ago

    I see daft punk I click

  • SFM Gaming Bunzo 。
    SFM Gaming Bunzo 。 2 months ago

    What about Marshmello?

  • BraydenxWhelan
    BraydenxWhelan 2 months ago

    I never knew you seen Slipknot live.. good god I envy you!!
    I wonder if any of your fans are Maggots (slipknot fans) as well

  • Jaxx Velasquez
    Jaxx Velasquez 2 months ago


  • Potato_ Head
    Potato_ Head 2 months ago

    I heard the Gorillaz are getting their own Tv show this year! Can't wait

  • [Batman] [The Dark Knight]


  • Nico and Blake
    Nico and Blake 2 months ago

    I was waiting for hollywood undead _Nico

  • Teddy Furstman
    Teddy Furstman 2 months ago

    What about The Residents? Love Blue Man Group and Gorillaz.

  • Charles Mulvihill
    Charles Mulvihill 2 months ago

    I know the truth of the blue man group it's a long story but interesting

  • Trevor's Nana75
    Trevor's Nana75 2 months ago

    Corey Taylor, number 8 I think....
    Great day to all😀
    And have seen KISS twice in make up, original 4!!!! Woohoohoo

  • Juan Camacho
    Juan Camacho 2 months ago


  • Charles Halcomb
    Charles Halcomb 2 months ago

    Well... Matt just destroyed these poor people's disguises.

  • Vishakha Choudhary
    Vishakha Choudhary 2 months ago


  • Alpha Zoom
    Alpha Zoom 2 months ago

    Huh no Marshmello surprised

  • Dr. Venomxtx
    Dr. Venomxtx 2 months ago

    Let’s go deadmou5

  • Ashley Hartley
    Ashley Hartley 2 months ago

    Why didn't you put Hollywood undead. I came here for Hollywood undead

  • Gabriel Williams
    Gabriel Williams 2 months ago

    Is it me or does Slipknot look like the cenobits (i forgot how it was spelled) from Hellraiser if they were a band

  • Fizzled dreamer
    Fizzled dreamer 3 months ago

    Forgot MUSHROOM HEAD!!!

  • anuj choudhary
    anuj choudhary 3 months ago

    does buckethead eat chicken?

  • Goku Dbz
    Goku Dbz 3 months ago

    We need marshmellow unmasked

  • TheGoldenWarrior Vlogs & More!

    Where is Marshmello?

  • Some Human
    Some Human 3 months ago


  • Jayson Josama
    Jayson Josama 3 months ago

    My friend father is a blue man !!!

  • Vee xo
    Vee xo 3 months ago


  • Grimms Media Productions
    Grimms Media Productions 3 months ago +1

    You forgot the band Ghost

  • Grimms Media Productions

    Slipknot has only really replaced the bassist and the drummer. they still have just about every original member Corey is the only other that isnt original but he's been there since the first album dropped.
    And it's funny how many ppl r scared of clowns but fine with icp

  • Clive The Rock
    Clive The Rock 3 months ago


  • JoeyBlendsWell
    JoeyBlendsWell 3 months ago

    that moment you use to listen to kiss alot

  • JoeyBlendsWell
    JoeyBlendsWell 3 months ago


  • K 9 Poodle
    K 9 Poodle 3 months ago

    #1 Claris for me.

  • iHearGreen 31
    iHearGreen 31 3 months ago

    2D is my all time favorite

    AU_STALKR 3 months ago

    Whoop whoop is juggalos

  • Zero Flame
    Zero Flame 3 months ago

    wheres marshmallow?

  • APEX Gaming
    APEX Gaming 3 months ago

    Can't believe he didn't mention Marshmellow. So disapointed

  • Yuridia Garcia
    Yuridia Garcia 3 months ago

    Garillaz os my my favorite band

  • Nance323 323
    Nance323 323 3 months ago

    I'm only halfway through this vid but if Maynard isn't on here then he should be 🙆

  • David Himes
    David Himes 3 months ago

    WHOOP WHOOP love mathews vids and love how my fav band made it in

  • Trapaholic Dubstepper
    Trapaholic Dubstepper 3 months ago

    What about Marshmello? I think he deserves a spot in this video

  • allie roberts
    allie roberts 3 months ago

    How about Hollywood undead?

  • Leo Mitzel
    Leo Mitzel 3 months ago

    I was expecting (and hoping for) Hollywood Undead to be on the list...i guess this is what I get for watching this so late

  • daneg007
    daneg007 3 months ago +1

    how is GHOST not on this list?

  • The Gaming Raccoon
    The Gaming Raccoon 3 months ago

    What about marshmello

  • Caitlin Jordan
    Caitlin Jordan 3 months ago

    Wish I could see Slipknot live!!! They are so awesome!!!

  • adam cuthbertson
    adam cuthbertson 4 months ago

    Only 3 of the 9 slipknot members have changed

  • lulu morrow
    lulu morrow 4 months ago

    wheres Hollywood undead

  • Dallas Swaine Armendariz

    I love dead mouse

  • Gal Tiktinsky
    Gal Tiktinsky 4 months ago

    You forgot Lordi

  • Quentin Gamer
    Quentin Gamer 4 months ago

    Where is Marshmello at?

  • Smash_ Animations
    Smash_ Animations 4 months ago


  • D'Artagnan
    D'Artagnan 4 months ago

    where's MF DOOM?