After Hours: 6 Movies Whose Timelines Don't Add Up


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  • Keld Tundraking
    Keld Tundraking 15 hours ago

    Michael right. Seven is a stupid fuckin' movie.

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 18 hours ago

    FUCK YOU!!!! "Friday the 13th" are NOT trash movies!!!

  • Akai Usagi
    Akai Usagi 4 days ago

    Awe...Daniel thought he was right...but then Captain Marvel got announced haha

  • Ashleigh S
    Ashleigh S 5 days ago

    I wonder if Marvel decided to set Captain Marvel with Nick Fury in the 90's just to ruin this theory 🤣

  • Doctor Science
    Doctor Science 7 days ago


  • Zach cowley
    Zach cowley 8 days ago

    Its too bad cracked has gone to shit

  • gamers5258
    gamers5258 9 days ago

    This theory no longer works with the new Captain Marvel movie.

  • Rougarou
    Rougarou 10 days ago

    In regard to Nick Fury’s plan, he knew about Kree because of Captain Marvel and Project TAHITI.

  • 1982gravedigger
    1982gravedigger 12 days ago

    All I got to say is the fat Fucks views on the Friday the 13th series of movie is bullshit and I would really like to say fuck you to him

  • Andrew Fitzgerald
    Andrew Fitzgerald 13 days ago

    I haven't seen the movies in a while, but why do we assume Tina accidentally killed her Dad right after Tommy chained up Jason? She could have killed her Dad the same night young Tommy killed Jason. Then in the future, accidentally released Jason a few months after older Tommy weighed Jason down to be stuck in the lake.

  • Luke Isyourfasha
    Luke Isyourfasha 15 days ago

    I tried. I can’t stand anyone.

  • mikeythebox
    mikeythebox 15 days ago

    7:23 she gives the funniest god damn facial expression. Shit had me bustin up.

  • w 6655321
    w 6655321 16 days ago

    yeah but now with captain marvel and the thing they use to revive coulson in agents of shield it basically establishes that he knew of threats coming from outer space. Not only that, but it also establishes that he is aware of a world of crazy powerful people that is not only captain america and hydra. The world is insane, so basically it is a good idea having a team of super powered people in a world where you don't know what crazy thing may come up next. For example, imagine if the soviet union or the ten rings got the cube, or if any of them got the ant man technology or some kree related shit, it is in that kind of situation where you would want the kind of power on the good guys side.

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy 16 days ago +1

    i miss this show

  • Mapple Heart
    Mapple Heart 16 days ago +1

    The answer to the Nick Fury problem is Captain Marvel

  • Dangershoes
    Dangershoes 19 days ago

    Where are you guys? I miss you all.. 😭😭

  • Jeezzaz
    Jeezzaz 19 days ago

    I know I'm late to the party. But Captain America is technically the first in the MCU. There are crazy hydra weapons there. It's not hard to assume that Fury (even if he comes later in the timeline - he'd know) wants to combat something beyond humanity's control.
    Call me crazy but this is the first disagreement I've ever had with Dan and his writers.

  • Ugly Cactus
    Ugly Cactus 19 days ago +1

    I miss this show

  • Alex Furcinito
    Alex Furcinito 21 day ago

    Captain Marvel is putting a real hitch in Dan's answer
    RIP cracked video

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 23 days ago

    I really have to go back and study Se7en. 😶

  • DK Chandler
    DK Chandler 23 days ago +1

    If only cracked hadn't shit the bed. I miss all of you.

  • TJ Kroz
    TJ Kroz 25 days ago

    Your Avengers segment needs an update

    #EATTHEPIG! ! 26 days ago


  • Corey Newman
    Corey Newman 26 days ago

    I come from the future to let everyone know that we miss After Hours.

  • Keef Fontaine
    Keef Fontaine 26 days ago

    I miss these.

  • Jonathan Stern
    Jonathan Stern 26 days ago

    He also knows Captain Marvel.

  • Kevin Jordan
    Kevin Jordan 26 days ago

    The second Friday takes place 5 years after the first one

  • Greg Nelson
    Greg Nelson 27 days ago

    Whatever happened to this show?

  • D. M. Collins
    D. M. Collins 27 days ago

    I miss Cracked!

  • Kyle Shepherd
    Kyle Shepherd 29 days ago +1

    Coming back to this in light of Captain Marvel coming up, and Fury being involved deeply in a plot with aliens, it suddenly occurs to me that Captain Marvel is the company’s response to Daniels insightful criticism.

    • bwill123
      bwill123 28 days ago +1

      Lol I knew I would find this lovely comment!

  • Mr V
    Mr V Month ago

    God I miss these episodes. Why did you have to ruin such a good thing Cracked?

  • デレオンManny
    デレオンManny Month ago

    captain marvel saves the mcu? he knew anout cree scroll war for years

  • Popescu Mircea
    Popescu Mircea Month ago

    Now that captain marvel is set in the 90's i refute daniel's argument!

  • Zachary Sprunger
    Zachary Sprunger Month ago

    Miss you guys 😢

  • Zak Alderson
    Zak Alderson Month ago

    I'm sure I'm not the 1st person to think about this... but what if John Doe had an accomplice? & that accomplice posed as both the cab driver & the delivery man?

  • Nich Citarella
    Nich Citarella Month ago

    Captain Marvel fixed the Marvel universe

  • Lemonmeat1
    Lemonmeat1 Month ago +1

    At exactly 2:00 the waitress drops one flashcard

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman Month ago +1

    I miss this show.

  • Billy Kauker
    Billy Kauker Month ago

    In the horror movie Stitches which is about a clown that dies at a kid's birthday party the child grows up taking the dream suppressing drug Hypnocil.the drug from Jason VS Freddy so stitches also shares this universe.

  • me mi
    me mi Month ago

    bagels' was here'

  • Charles Sheard
    Charles Sheard Month ago


  • Emma Vaughan
    Emma Vaughan Month ago

    If we're looking at timelines that don't really add up, I think we need to talk about Halloween and Friday the 13th (again), because what the hell are Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees doing with the rest of the year? Do they have houses? Do they eat? Do they have office jobs? Is Jason the chief of police in this universe where so many mass murderers seem to live and are never caught?

  • Emma Vaughan
    Emma Vaughan Month ago

    [SPOILER ALERT]. Did the cast not realise that the death of Mills' wife was Envy and Mills killing John Doe was Wrath in Se7en? All the sins were done by the end so I don't know what other bodies out in the city Michael was talking about.

  • clearmenser
    clearmenser Month ago


  • DeShawn McDonald
    DeShawn McDonald Month ago +1

    This is so sad rewatching these

  • Luke Raad
    Luke Raad Month ago

    So close to 1 mil views. 200 more

  • David Vandervliet
    David Vandervliet Month ago +1

    Marvel - Daniel - you fail- Fury knows about Captain Marvel since the 90s

  • Brinstar Media
    Brinstar Media 2 months ago +1

    Ugh. Watching this in almost 2019 makes me realize how much I miss after hours

  • rasnac
    rasnac 2 months ago +4

    Oh the good old days, how I miss them... :(

  • Joe Ruth
    Joe Ruth 2 months ago

    RIP Cracked. Without shows like this coming out, there is no need to subscribe. Unsubscribed

    • DeShawn McDonald
      DeShawn McDonald Month ago

      It's so sad especially since they put that dumb ass cartoon on the channel just as an extra fuck you as well

  • Millwall 01
    Millwall 01 2 months ago

    In the marvel part nick would know about the people with powers because shield has loads of them locked up

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings 2 months ago

    ALIENS not Alien, Alien is the (Super awesome) sci fi thriller which, because its a 70s movie, has a hilarious lack of gore despite the Alien popping out of chest part. Lol, watch Alien, I've never seen Aliens but it has Sigourney Reaver so that must be good.

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings 2 months ago

    Openewd this video in 2x speed, thought it was messed up XD

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings 2 months ago

    Lol I went to a Kendama Championship or something years ago.

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings 2 months ago

    OMG theres a target KEndama ad. The NOSTALGIA! (Only in the 21st century can a 14 year old feel nostalgic)

  • Joseph Phillips
    Joseph Phillips 2 months ago

    I've been waiting for more wtf

  • david taylor
    david taylor 2 months ago

    I just realized that Captain Marvel fixes the MCU issue

  • Alexander H
    Alexander H 2 months ago

    "Jesus, file that shit under who gives a shit" DOB 2017

  • Jesse Schoedel
    Jesse Schoedel 2 months ago

    Captain Marvel fixes the MCU issue, since Fury is involved in it, which means he knew about the Skrulls in the 90s. That's as good a reason as any to start the Avengers Initiative.

  • Susie Rose
    Susie Rose 3 months ago

    I just assumed that John Doe's plan was always to kill the wife of whatever detective ended up on the case. It seemed like he planned to get caught or turn himself in regardless.

    • Marc Colten
      Marc Colten 26 days ago

      What if he didn't have a wife? Then what?

  • Prinses op de Pingpongbal

    Nick Fury of course knew about Captain Marvel :) she knew aliens

  • T2266
    T2266 3 months ago

    The finale of After Hours is so anti climatic

  • Tim de Visser
    Tim de Visser 3 months ago

    Watching the Marvel timeline in 2018 is a trip. We now know that Nick Fury knew Captain Marvel existed, and after the movie comes out it could explain that he knew about other stuff as well. It's still a shitty retcon but it's a nice attempt.

  • nix milt
    nix milt 3 months ago

    The new captain marvel movie invalidates there last argument about fury

  • StneCldKilla
    StneCldKilla 3 months ago

    Stupid ads make me wana not watch the video after then lol so I’m closing my yt now

  • baby brand
    baby brand 3 months ago

    Los Filez? Lol; oh-kay.

  • OJ H
    OJ H 3 months ago

    All the fans had such a good attitude about the new cast. Definitely better than mine. I always skipped the episodes with the new cast.

  • Snow Storm
    Snow Storm 3 months ago +2

    Wow, with Captain Marvel coming out it blows them saying Nick’s lucky timing out of the water with the Skrull

  • Person
    Person 3 months ago

    Wrong. Marty goes to 1955 on Friday, returns on Saturday. The entire second movie takes place on Saturday. Then finally he returns from the old west on Sunday morning, his parents and siblings thought he went to the lake with Jennifer like they were talking about in the first movie with the additional "You went to the lake dressed like that?!?". It's kind of poetic how the 3 films take place on 3 days.

  • Leo Munoz
    Leo Munoz 3 months ago

    In defense of Nick Fury planning/funding the Avengers prior to having any plausible reason to do so, I present to you the F-35, billion dollar jet that no one asked for!
    Other than that, so happy you guys and After hours is back! IDK if you really went anywhere or if I just stopped watching for a while but damn it if I was dying from cancer, my make-a-wish would be to sit with yall and chat about movies!! Love this show

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot 4 months ago

    Nick fury already new there were aliens because the kree came in 800bc and created the inhumans which he was aware of

  • Jesse Schoedel
    Jesse Schoedel 4 months ago

    Did Iron Man specify how long after the "I Am Iron Man" scene Nick Fury's appearance was?

  • Chris Cahill
    Chris Cahill 4 months ago

    I want the Gandalf is Voldemort ep
    Also Fury wasn't inviting iron man he wanted his input. He didn't trust him due to the whole not being able to keep his heroing a secret for more than 2 seconds

  • Korben Heagerty
    Korben Heagerty 4 months ago

    I love the continuity of the waitress with the cards in the background. She just spends their entire conversation carefully reading them to see what side is the right side up, and putting the cards onto a singular stack to give back to Dan. That's just considerate. The best part is that the card stack actually changes size as if she's actually adding cards throughout the conversation.

  • Nuclear Fallout
    Nuclear Fallout 4 months ago

    Captain Marvel fixes their marvel theory.

  • notnotabot
    notnotabot 4 months ago

    Nick Fury was not insane. Captain Marvel takes place well before the events of the first Iron Man, and she had super powers. The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division was founded to replace the Strategic Scientific Reserve, following World War II. They have known of ultra-powerful beings and objects since World War II, and NICK FURY is insane for putting together the Avengers? He's insane for not having started the Avengers Initiative sooner.

    • notnotabot
      notnotabot Month ago +1

      +Zing Zaber Thanks

    • Zing Zaber
      Zing Zaber Month ago

      LOL, No you're not. You just made a mistake. 👍

    • notnotabot
      notnotabot Month ago

      Zing Zaber You’re right, I’m an idiot. Sorry. I removed that last sentence

    • Zing Zaber
      Zing Zaber Month ago

      He was waiting to start the Avengers initiative for a project that had to come *after* the Avengers existed?
      That sense.

  • morphman86
    morphman86 4 months ago

    Isn't it STRANGE how Fury knew there would be alien attacks and to put together the Avenger Initiative before he even knew any avenger aside from Iron Man existed?

  • New Anomaly Productions

    Wellllll... I guess this is the last After Hours I'll be watching. Good luck to everyone.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 4 months ago

    I haven't watched these in a while. Did they take off some of her hair to put on his chin?

  • DowningJ82
    DowningJ82 4 months ago

    I miss this show

  • Alana Holder
    Alana Holder 4 months ago

    I actually love watching their reactions to each other it just makes these so much better.

  • Marc Colten
    Marc Colten 4 months ago

    Thanks for showing how awful Se7en is.

  • sirvenomik _
    sirvenomik _ 5 months ago

    so this is before they know that capt marvel is set in the 1990's which explains why fury would have information to make the avengers initiaive

  • rob black
    rob black 5 months ago

    Was this the last one?
    I miss these guys.

    • jb888888888
      jb888888888 3 months ago +1

      There were two more; the one about ghost movies [actually two of them, one from each cast] and the one about movie Hells. Ironic, considering.

  • Evan Carlson
    Evan Carlson 5 months ago

    Catculator. You guys need to get together and do a revival episode.

  • Christian Mandujano
    Christian Mandujano 5 months ago

    Can we get the cards? I would like to go over some of the cards with friends.

  • Michael Enoch
    Michael Enoch 5 months ago

    There are only 4 good scenes in any Jason movie. (no order) 1.He slams some useless meatbag against a tree while they are in a sleeping bag movie #7. 2. Knocks the head off some black dude who was ballsy enough to fight him on a roof movie #8 3. The crazy ass black dude that eats Jason's heart movie # Hell....? Wait i guess it's just those 3 good scenes. This franch does suck

  • Michael Enoch
    Michael Enoch 5 months ago

    "Thats absolute garbage." ~Michael

  • Michael Enoch
    Michael Enoch 5 months ago

    Michael is hilarious ... His genuine flustered mumble jumble over the Jason franch Cracked me up. Get it CRACKED....?

  • Michael Enoch
    Michael Enoch 5 months ago

    Jason was a dick... never noticed that scene when he just walks past those guys kicking shit. I mean, why do that. Not to kill em or scare em just to be a dick hoping they try some shit.. . dick move Jason

  • Joseph LaCerra
    Joseph LaCerra 5 months ago

    Can't watch these idiots jabber idioticly without end.

  • Hisako Reichmann
    Hisako Reichmann 5 months ago

    I like the lesbian chick without the glasses.

  • Kenneth Jones
    Kenneth Jones 5 months ago +3

    To be fair at 8:30, Captain Marvel proves this wrong, even if she didn't exist in the MCU at this point.

  • Cassandra Calder
    Cassandra Calder 6 months ago

    There is a real world nick fury out there.

  • Origami Gem
    Origami Gem 6 months ago

    Is this channel dead?

    • Javi
      Javi 5 months ago

      Origami Gem Yeah, they all got kicked to the curb for some stupid reason.

  • Rayaqin
    Rayaqin 6 months ago

    the one with Seven is a great thing I never noticed, thanks guys

  • Powwowarmy
    Powwowarmy 6 months ago

    Marvel one he knew ms.marvel

  • ben cook
    ben cook 6 months ago

    On gods day😂

  • subaveragejoe2
    subaveragejoe2 6 months ago

    Daniels theory is most likely killed by Captain Marvel.

  • Munchycrust
    Munchycrust 6 months ago

    Nick Fury had worked in the 1990's with a superhero fighting aliens. So he probably started working on the the Avengers Initiative then.