AALIYAH’S Mom Speaks Out On Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly Docuseries!!!


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    The Full Cult Story (BuzzFeed)
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      Beautiful Soul Speaks *

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      Beautiful Soul Speaks I can't do I Admit It... I Couldn't do Trapped In The Closet either 🤔

    • A.D. Mitchell
      A.D. Mitchell 12 days ago

      Tell a girl tell it she said she was there each and every minute of the day and hour with Aaliyah look what she looked like she her Shadow with who was with Aaliyah on the airplane I'm not trying to be mean or rude or disrespectful I just asking a question allegedly I was not there so allegedly

  • Natasha Laury
    Natasha Laury Day ago

    Enough I don't give a dam how many parts it is the mom said them broke britches were lying black people need a. Life a real life and a job why the hell are u worrying about this man we need to be worrying about when we are getting our food stamps in March!!!!!!! It's sad Aliyah can speak on her life let her rest!!!!!!! Danmmmmmmmm😨 we don't wanna see proof enough let her rest in peace it's over!!!!!!

  • Ron Lee
    Ron Lee Day ago

    The mom said she was always on the tour bus not always there for everything, facts matter

  • Fiyah Goddess
    Fiyah Goddess 2 days ago


  • GrandLyrical Lyrics
    GrandLyrical Lyrics 2 days ago

    Thank you. Girl, you are right about that woman. She should help put him away in rememberance of Allliyiah....did it for Allliyiah he took advantage of all that she had at the tender age of 15. Mother stand up and fight for your daughter....

  • Jessie Holt
    Jessie Holt 2 days ago

    Because they got paid he should have been in jail after documents came forward that they were married

  • Lithario Wright
    Lithario Wright 2 days ago

    I honestly believe where the issue is with Robert Kelly, is that he has always sung sexual songs during the younger part of his career and I feel that has caused him to develop a very strong sexual spirit/desire, for possibly not just younger women, but even older women that may not know any better either. However as you've said his Fam & Fortune drew /draws younger girls and parents in. Bcuz they all get caught up with the thought of their lives finally changing and getting better. Comment left Jan 16th 2019

  • CherryTree
    CherryTree 2 days ago

    Aaliyah's mom is fighting not for Aaliyah but for herself. When her mom uses the comment we are gonna look at Aaliyah negatively, she really means we are going to look at Aaliyah's mom negatively. She knows she failed. She know she messed up. She probably (evidently) failed to protect Aaliyah. I'd imagine she was too busy living through her and the life of being a star to notice. What parent doesn't know something is off with their child. You may not know the details of what she went through but a good parent in tune with their kids behavior, will see thier child is different around them when they are being abused and molested. I think it was great that the documents series came out. Whether it's fully accurate or not, it has r Kelly and his parents shitting bricks and the fact that they are working so hard to get it off the air just shows an admission of guilt on their Part. I loved Aaliyah!!! Still to this day I listen to her music. I used to like r Kelly's music back in the day. But now I'm team #MuteRKelly

  • Jenny Rich
    Jenny Rich 2 days ago

    Being a mother and someone come and tell me that this is going on with mines I will have to do what I have to do to have his butt locked away star or no star. This is serious and if I was blind to the situation at hand than I will deal with that but after finding out the truth I will make sure that monster is locked away and get mental health. I can only imagine what Aaliyah was feeling emotionally inside. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🙏

  • Thomas Maven
    Thomas Maven 3 days ago

    See everyone thought there skid was go get paid and they was to and got fool

  • Thomas Maven
    Thomas Maven 3 days ago

    Why don't somebody that got money and go get them

  • Thomas Maven
    Thomas Maven 3 days ago

    Wow money is so powerful

  • Lady Bookworm
    Lady Bookworm 3 days ago

    Mom just feeling a lot of GUILT.

  • Lavette Young
    Lavette Young 3 days ago

    Aaliyah mother is totally In DENIAL. She loves R Kelly more than her dead daughter. I also heard on TVclip a disturbing tale was Her mother and her had a threesome with R Kelly twice once at aaliyah home. A family member walked in on them twice 2 different occasions. This lifetime series got my mind so fuck up. I can't sleep either child.

  • lorraine hernandez
    lorraine hernandez 4 days ago

    Thank u for the truth.

  • Renee W
    Renee W 5 days ago

    Aaliyahs mom is lying for whatever reason, but the truth sets u free! Her parents couldnt have always been around during her career going on all tours. Backup singer Javonta said that when they toured, the older girls would always sneak Aaliyah out & take her places. They had fun & played pranks on each other, so how can the mom say they werent even friends?...The parents surely werent on that plane that she & all the passengers were killed in! I dont only blame her parents, but parents are definitely the most responsible ones for whatever happens with their minor child. Stop with all the denials & own up to the part u played so u can get justice for ur daughter, forgive urself & find some measure of peace!!!

  • linda mckay
    linda mckay 5 days ago

    That's very sad

  • linda mckay
    linda mckay 5 days ago

    Yes that's the true that's so that's so sad

  • linda mckay
    linda mckay 5 days ago

    yes to young just for that

  • Jaxx ThaDonn
    Jaxx ThaDonn 5 days ago

    How ha momma and daddy still alive if they was always with her ? Or when she got married? Confused 👀 “ momma a lie “

    NIKKIWASH9 5 days ago

    Them woman should just speak about themselves only...!!!...

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  • Margaret Jackson
    Margaret Jackson 5 days ago

    So how did R Kelly court and marry R Kelly without mom's knowledge

  • Sherita Jones
    Sherita Jones 6 days ago

    Aaliyah's mom is in denial..She wasn't always around her daughter ...if Aaliyah's mom was always around and doing what a mom is suppose to do...R Kelly wouldnt have NEVER gotten his dirty claws into Aaliyah nor would he have even gotten the chance to MARRY Aaliyah.. Who is Aaliyah's mom trying to fool.. herself or the world??..🤔 Aaliyah's mom needs to just stop talking..period! 🙄

  • Victoria Hale
    Victoria Hale 6 days ago

    What I think is the MOTHER think she was at fault..... Well all can say is that a marriage took place that shouldn't every happened and you really think he didn't have he way with Aaliyah ( RIP).
    How could this happen with both parents and a brother there ALL the time?

  • Latasha Buckner
    Latasha Buckner 6 days ago

    I cant belive every you tube channel is discussion R Kelly but this shit been running rampant inthe so called black community for ever! But since its R kelly leta talk about...really!

  • Amanda Payne
    Amanda Payne 6 days ago

    So many has played a part in the Aaliyah and R.Kelly madness. Aaliyah was and still is being victimized by R. Kelly. Please let her rest peacefully. We will almost never know the truth do to the fact that R. Kelly is a master manipulator. The forged documents that have been released were done by his old and current associates

  • badcougar 05
    badcougar 05 6 days ago

    What ever happen in Aaliyah life, she was truly a beautful lady full of much class, and she was on her way to become a very talented actress. She truly appear to be a beautiful young women. RIP

  • Greg Spellman
    Greg Spellman 6 days ago

    Yasssssss look mom if you love your daughter Aaliyah it time to come clean no one is looking at Aaliyah in a negative light stop trying to rub your madness and anger on people who is trying to bring to light that that monster that was around your daughter and other victims he was a sick predator you say you was around your daughter Aaliyah then how you not no she got married and after it got out in the news they had it anawed please pleaseeeeeee stop you or the one with the negativity and you trying to get the public to believe what you saying is true when in fact you noit not true you was not every where with your daughter and if you was and you aloud your daughter to go with n married cause she could of been pregnant you is sick as him I don’t believe you did that I just saying from what I seen and heard after it got into the news about the marriage between that sick monster and Aaliyah and it was anawed she went on about her business never looking back at r Kelly so that’s evidence that he was a predator and you and your husband wasn’t ok with it so that monster paid you and your husband money and y’all had a agreement not to say anything about it so that’s what I see you trying to take up for a monster if you and the young girl family that was in that video spoke up about it and told authorities and not taken a dime from his dirty ass he would of been brought down a long time ago and then all the victims and all the families wouldn’t have to go threw this good example is the salvages I shouted 🗣it out the salvages did it no money or nothing could of stop them from spreading what was going on with there daughter by keeping it in the news and different tv shows that monster and that empire is gonna be taken down it sickens me to hear what’s going on with this family and other families and victims and you as a mother of two kids and your beautiful daughter Aaliyah it time to turn your anger and your cried out for justice for Aaliyah and those families and victims so that you can see your daughter predator get what he deserve and if no families at that time when it came too light especially you and your husband and the young girl family that was in that video didn’t take money and because of that the agreement was made that you must not say anything and if you n the other families was not taken the money and to be silence and had told authorities his dirty ass would of been were he belongs in jail and you and the families and victims could of sued him and y’all would of got paid big time also told your story threw book deals and they would of made a movie and y’all would got a cut so if it would of been stop then these families and other victims wouldn’t been going threw this so now is the time to for you to stop protecting that sick monster and let your faith that you got in god to get behind the salvages and families and victims and the #metoomovement and #muterkelly to bring him down and his dame empire and anyone that knew about his dirty nasty azz down so that way you know when you gone he was brought down I beg u pleaseeeeeeeee find it in your heart to no this man everyone love is a monster and for u as a mother can’t see n feel sickened that that monster did wat he did too your daughter Aaliyah so pleaseeeeeee I say please go back in correct what you say so justice can be reach so the salvages and her sister can hug there daughter and other families and victims do the same the only negativity is you as a mom protecting that sick monster knowing what you no I just wanted to finish wat I said about you and your husband find about the marriage and it got anawed and Aaliyah never every work with him again so there the evidence that something was not right so you owed it to your daughter and families and victims to make it right pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee #muterkelly 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Onaje Asheber
    Onaje Asheber 6 days ago

    Here Aaliyah says she refused to tell her true age. Interview, tvclip.biz/video/1fLUs4nrOqY/video.html There needs to be a law about lying about age male or female.

  • Monik P
    Monik P 6 days ago

    Girls mature faster then boys and I felt like some of these girls could’ve been lying about their age. I use to do it, Aaliyah really wanted stardom and in a interview with her and Rkelly back on BET I believe it was 94 or 95 they were married and she and him were both wearing their rings. I feel that as a parent sometimes we want are children to fulfill their dreams and that was a way to get her foot in the door. Although it wasn’t right but hey..

  • Christy Head
    Christy Head 6 days ago

    My question: Why was Aaliyah on a tour bus with R. Kelly?

  • Denise Wilkinson
    Denise Wilkinson 6 days ago

    I don't think mom ok'd the marriage but simply wasn't around

  • Cat Perez
    Cat Perez 6 days ago

    No I see only an innocent child who is and was one great artist. No one can deny. Sorry. For her parents, But if some people think he hurt her in anyway... they want justice. Cause she is so beloved.

  • Stephanie Eubanks
    Stephanie Eubanks 7 days ago

    And she had did this before she turned 18

  • Stephanie Eubanks
    Stephanie Eubanks 7 days ago

    That girl was already fucking before she meet R.Kelly believe that..... Not to say it's right but hello put Aaliyah was already fucking then she started fucking Jay-Z then Damien Dash

  • Theresa Davis
    Theresa Davis 7 days ago


  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 7 days ago

    We need to stop supporting all of them if not this will live on. It's a disease fooling everyone around it.

  • Regina  Alexander
    Regina Alexander 7 days ago

    I'm Appalled at how a mother can deny the charges of this sick man. There is no way as my childs protector that whether she is alive or dead ( GOD REST HER SOUL) Aaliyah im gonna uphold what he has done. Aaliyah will live on forever in our lives. Just saying how could she as a mother. Let her soul rest finally speaking the truth.

  • jenine patten
    jenine patten 8 days ago

    Ok I'm just going to say it . What family member died with Aaliyah . Mama wasn't on that plane . This woman has got ton paid so she trying to distract us from the truth .. Point blank

  • Angelique Hill
    Angelique Hill 8 days ago

    Aaliyah's mom knew, she found out they married and had a part in the annulment. She's lying, she's getting paid to lie for him. She wasn't always there, there are plenty pictures of the two of them together.

  • UL R
    UL R 8 days ago

    He did have sex with Aaliyah they were married. So its possible that she was pregnant by him, and, they made her get an abortion.

  • vpvickiva7
    vpvickiva7 8 days ago


  • Cyntore Robinson
    Cyntore Robinson 8 days ago

    He probably was sleeping with da mother to and paying her off you just never know my mind is everywhere you can put anything pass anyone ...

  • Cyntore Robinson
    Cyntore Robinson 8 days ago

    I wonder did he have videos of her to?

  • J.C McCall
    J.C McCall 9 days ago

    The mom know her daughter and this woman claiming she saw her having sex with Kelly appear to be giving false information. These allegations have been out for well over 20 years so why are star starved parents and their teens seeking Kelly. The documentary was filthy while using the now deceased star to sell their storylines. This take away from victims whichs are truly victimized. Most realized that these girls and ladies were WILLINGLY participation in these alledged acts. If this actual took place the parents needs to go under the jail for neglect. A pedophile is people like priests which has sex with children before they reach puberty or slave owner's who raped little 7 and 8 years old slaves here on U.S. soil. There is no indication that Kelly is a pedophile. We need to worry about the slave rape culture that has been passed down to even Kelly 's family for generations and many other Africian American families. WHERE DO LIFETIME THINK THIS MADNESS COMES FROM? THEY KNOW BUT BLACK LIFE IS LIKE A BUNCH of SHEEP HEADING FOR THEIR Own DEMISE FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

  • Walter Roberts
    Walter Roberts 9 days ago

    If the mother said what happen why is the person on this youtube review trying to manipulate what she said. Leave things alone to me these people are miserable and just like controversy.

  • Gerald Cross
    Gerald Cross 9 days ago

    no how we know she was pregnant no dr reports who was the judge or preacher that married them I dont believe he was married to her for real

  • Samara Lallo
    Samara Lallo 9 days ago

    Well she seemed to be feeling like a big woman rolling with r. Kelly. Aaliyah was totally a victim if she didn't realise it.

  • Earnestine Reed
    Earnestine Reed 9 days ago

    Mom is the one lieing Kelly was paying her ass to

    2BRAINSONEVISION 9 days ago

    U not even sure and u speaking smh

  • Michelle Greer
    Michelle Greer 9 days ago +1

    Thank you for being so considerate regarding Aaliyah's victimization. We are just asking mommy what happen. We forgive you for not knowing or understanding. Let's not fight against each other but get the criminal, R Kelly.

  • bessie taylor
    bessie taylor 9 days ago

    The mom needs to shut up she's making herself look like a fool just my opinion. My thing is if she knew Aaliyah was married at 15 why didn't she file charges on R Kelly for statutory rape because I don't think any state allows a minor to have sex with a grown man. She must have been paid by R Kelly to keep everything hush-hush.

  • Karla Douglas
    Karla Douglas 9 days ago

    I cannot believe that they are dragging Aaliyah name through the mug ....when does it stop!? 😠😠😠 let this beautiful angel rest in peace damn!? Who cares about R. Kelly and his freak ass ways.

  • Ms Gee
    Ms Gee 9 days ago

    I agree with you one hundred percent. Aaliyah was a victim. Mom is really only thinking about herself. She now feel shame and stupid for not doing all she could to protect her daughter. I don't care who the man is nor how long his bank roll is, I still wouldn't leave my daughter alone with an adult man. I didn't leave her along with her father for long period of time and that's not because I don't trust him but only because I'm a momma bear. Rest in Peace Aaliyah.

  • Cecilia Castile
    Cecilia Castile 9 days ago +1

    Aaliyah was a VICTIM.

  • Cecilia Castile
    Cecilia Castile 9 days ago

    Ok, Ms. Houghton was either understanding of their relationship, which means that she pimped out her daughter, or she simply just didn't know what R Kelly was all about. I Pray for R Kelly and ask that he would repent and go down in water in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. REPENTANCE is R Kelly's greatest weapon.

  • Baby Dee
    Baby Dee 9 days ago +1

    The Mother Is In Denial Or She Is Just Still Trying To Protect Her Babygirls Image & its Hurting Her but telling the truth is the best thing she could ever do 😑💯

  • Brooklyn Chayse
    Brooklyn Chayse 10 days ago +1

    In my Opinion Aaliyah was the real victim in this case "May She 4ever Rest In Peace her Legacy will always be respected as well as Live On in my heart & soul as a true fan and supporter " Now As for R Kelly he was the Adult in the situation who should have known way better and should have been stopped a long time ago shame on him as well as all the other People who were all Complicit and Hush Hush concerning the abuse of these young girls and they all need to be in Prison for the rest of their lives if you ask me period side note aaliyah's mother is in denial and delusional along with being a freaking Lier! and need her butt kicked then locked up in prison as well because she is a disgrace SMH when it comes to Aaliyah's Father who has passed away years ago in ("2012") so therefore I will not speak any further on a man whom is no longer on this earth to respond on his own behalf concerning his daughter I will kindly leave it at that RIP Mr.Houghton...

  • Anne Jones
    Anne Jones 10 days ago +1


  • Lakeshia George
    Lakeshia George 10 days ago +1

    Her mom is against this because that would look bad on her not her daughter. Because the mom trusted that man n his team so that reflects her and her not knowing what was going on. Keep it real mom now is the time to speak out and defend your daughter don’t let her down again.

  • Deborah Blocker
    Deborah Blocker 10 days ago +1

    I'm feel for her grief but she is in denial her daughter was a victim too. Don't empower him by denying the truth.Call a monster a monster an help save these young women.

  • Char Vincent
    Char Vincent 10 days ago

    Shoot, i believe Gladys Knight was her Aunt. She could have helped.

  • Tennille Williams
    Tennille Williams 10 days ago

    Exactly! I honestly don’t believe that AAliyah was the first! Just listen to the lyrics in the music he wrote for her! R Kelly is the major problem! F##k him!

  • Shelle Batch
    Shelle Batch 10 days ago

    you are right. I think the mom is trying to cover herself as well and what she allowed.

  • Your Realtor
    Your Realtor 10 days ago

    I’ve watched, I’ve listened, I’m torn because Ive always loved his music, HOWEVER I can’t listen to it with the same ears anymore bc I’m wondering everytime he says girl if he’s speaking of a young girl or referring to a woman....”his mind is telling him no but his body is telling him yes, he don’t wanna hurt nobody, but there’s something that he must CONFESSSSSSSSSSSS....”
    Does he have a musical gift, YES, has he created numerous hits, YES, do I believe he’s the King if RnB, YES....HOWEVER, he was a VICTIM...his innocence was taken from him early on (I believe by his older brother) and he never dealt with that. I believe it’s a demon deep inside his soul that needs releasing bc he in turn went around allegedly abusing young teens/adult women on a whole other level. I am in no way defending his alleged actions bc I was very disturbed after watching the documentary, HOWEVER I find Azriels story very disturbing bc I’m trying to figure out for the life of me what parent takes their 16 year old to an R. Kelly concert to celebrate dads birthday.....his music catalog is 97% sexual and explicit and that’s inappropriate to listen to with children in my opinion. Parents can enjoy for your spouses birthday together but not parents and teens. I honestly feel like there’s a percentage of parents who knew full on well what was going on & possibly had their own agendas & those who didn’t. My heart breaks for his children, the victims & him as a young boy. We know he married Aaliyah, we know she kept her age a secret & we know she recorded Age ain’t nothing but a number, that talks about going all the way (sexually).....I don’t know what parent is alright with their teenager recording a song like that. I just pray he gets psychological help, these women come home & everyone including his ex receives some healing....not too sure what I think on her either bc her interviews brought tears to my eyes & there’s other videos of her post interview and while she was taping the reality show praising him that has me puzzled like, was she defending him back then bc checks were rolling in & she was taken care of but now that he’s being muted with cancelled shows/no radio play, and trying to make a dollar that she’s going to capitalize off her hurt? Idk....I’m not saying she didn’t go through what she went through and who’s to say she wasn’t threatened....I just don’t know what to believe here. I can’t judge but I can pray & that’s what I’ll do! 🙏🏾

    • Your Realtor
      Your Realtor 10 days ago

      Also, I don’t look at Aaliyah negatively at all...she was young and impressionable & her uncle introduced her, smh. Who knows what his plan was for her, however I hope it was nothing but good intentions!

  • Jag Girl
    Jag Girl 10 days ago

    Aaliyahs mum is lying..

  • Military Science
    Military Science 10 days ago

    For the love of money is truly the root of all evil, some people will turn a blind eye and will pimp out their own children for their own selfish desires in order to live more lavishly and for material gain. Many famous children have been victimized by sexual predators whom happen to hold powerful positions in the entertainment industry and oftentimes they will use their power and status to lure desperate victims who hunger for fame and wealth. Many famous people whom have spoken of taken blood oaths and selling their soul to the devil in exchange for fame and wealth. I am not surprised that Aaliyah was sexually abused by someone in the entertainment industry and it probably didn’t stop with R. Kelly either. There are tons of stories of sexually abused children in the entertainment industry. I don’t look at Aaliyah negatively at all she was a child and it was the sacred duty of her parents to protect their daughter and to keep watch over her and protect her innocence until Aaliyah became an adult. Aaliyah’s mother is probably suffering from a lot of guilt. That’s why we should never ever envy anyone’s success because we never know what anyone had to do, give up or sacrifice for their success.

  • Gees Momma
    Gees Momma 10 days ago +2

    I agree with you!!! From the moms side tho when it was all happening people were calling aaliyah fastt and blaming her. Maybe the mom just knows how rkelly is and knows that he was capable of covering it all up and creating this world of it seeming like everyone knows and in the lyrics being so taunting and encrypted with the truths of what he was doing, and NO ONE DID ANYTHING TO STOP HIM. && INSTEAD she seen people calling her daughter names.... She doesn't wanna go through that again. Even tho there has been a lot of support for her && people realizing rkelly.. There is still another side maybe were jerks are still some how blaming the victim.. It happens and I can see why maybe she would try to just keep things about aaliyah quiet. Whether we agree with it or not..
    R kelly needs to go down for what he's been doing. Period.

  • SAUNDRA Leonard
    SAUNDRA Leonard 11 days ago

    Good morning I was not going to make a comment about this whatever is going on in lifetime I will never watch it I will not give my Credence to this film you know what I'm thinking as an OG Queen Millennials don't have the wear of all of considering other people's feelings when you make statement and this man and these young women are being played by the film industry the music industry and everyone needs to back up take a deep breath cuz this guy is making more money than he ever has off of this mess and everybody's testifying on camera and it's awful I will never watch it it's like Amazon and think that they can take over the world because people 1 things immediately you all need to think before you speak I'm writing a book and it'll be out I don't know when but the thing is as young women young girls older women what is done to us is awful and I hope that you are take heed to what I'm saying please God Bless America

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 11 days ago

    Aaliyah's mom is defending R Kelly to cover up the 3some she had had with her daughter and R Kelly

  • alverna benjamin
    alverna benjamin 11 days ago

    It's sad that it took this long for this to come out ..and why are they not talking about the rest of the child predators in Hollywierd

  • sistersherry
    sistersherry 11 days ago

    I'm viewing Aaliyah as a victim and also has a Survivor cuz she got the f*** away from R. Kelly. This docu-series does not taint or toss Aaliyah's reputation under the bus. Maybe Aaliyah's mom is lashing out from parent guilt because she wasn't there to protect her daughter, just saying...

  • Darletha Crews
    Darletha Crews 11 days ago

    She don't want the Truth to come to light bcuz it'll make her N her husband look as horrible as they really are.

  • Jamal Davis
    Jamal Davis 11 days ago

    Young women do not have the maturity against older men. Understand that her mother trying to protect the brand Aaliyah is known for, but if you look at the whole thing Aaliyah qas taken advantage of.

  • Karen Wright
    Karen Wright 11 days ago +1

    I really feel bad for Aaliyah's mother. She Trusted her Brother with her child. The guilt and denial she has to endured has to be overwhelming and understandably so.

  • Senior Instructor
    Senior Instructor 11 days ago

    I understand a mother's grief, but you and your husband allowed your daughter to reach fame status at all costs. We all know that you want to call foul, but Aaliyah's mother know that the cult that your daughter was involved with was deadly---you know the truth and the truth is that your daughter was sacrificed to pay a debt. With that being said R. Kelly was having sex with Aaliyah look at the other girls he molested and abused. Tell the damn truth and God will forgive you. Stop making Aaliyah out to be a saint..but you people sold your daughter.

  • Tanika Lucas
    Tanika Lucas 11 days ago

    Look all of y’all need to look his wife stay and had three children by him and than say God told her to stay God didn’t tell you to stay no where.was he at the room with her she could have left but all of them was looking for money so please be careful what you say.and the parents who say they haven’t saw they children for year well where are they because he don’t have no money.i pray they sue because y’all our really trying to destroy him.30th years later.her mom can say what she want to.leave that man alone.what about everybody else who did this Elvis Presley what about when they said Michael Jackson was messing with little boys and Elvis did younger girls from 12-15 what about that come on y’all just saying this because we black.what about when Aaliyah stop messing with R.kelly and start messing with Jay z than Damen so please get it right that’s why I’m running with kelly because till y’all do something to all these people than leave him alone

  • sandra Bradford
    sandra Bradford 11 days ago

    Stop lying u weren’t there she was married where was the moms she was not there

  • Arline Adams
    Arline Adams 11 days ago

    Aaliyah's Mother is not just trying to protect Aaliyah, she's trying to protect herself and her husband for the part they played in Aaliyah's demise !

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B 11 days ago +1

    She saying that to be a protective parent and she doesnt want the world to remember her that way however as a parent let’s me real no matter how much you are around your kids you don’t know everything they do all the time

  • sandy girl
    sandy girl 11 days ago

    Bitch shut up, how she married him then

  • Michelle Gray
    Michelle Gray 11 days ago

    It's confusing, when you see that, a lot of these girls came from two parent homes. Being a single parent, yes it's hard to keep up with the mischievous of a child. But, I'm standing on the outside listening and clearly not seeing everything!

  • Monica Fox
    Monica Fox 11 days ago +1

    Sorry, but I DO look at Aliyah in a different light. First if all, although, she was 15yrs old, she acted like an adult. His backup singers said that she would never be with friends her age. In the docu-series, she was already drinking alcohol at an early age. Where were mom and dad, then? Her mom should have just kept quiet because she sounds crazy. Everyone already knows that R. Kelly and Aliyah were married, so she needs to stop with the "they lying Mess." A family member of Aliyah's said that she walked in on R. Kelly having sex with Aliyah and her mom at the same time. I believe it. Aliyah was a victim to her parents who allowed their daughter to be captured by a pedophile. Just like all of the other girls' parents. The only victim of R. Kelly's was Sparkle's niece who was only 12yrs old when he met her and peed on her. The rest of those girls were willing participants whose parents knew that they were with a known pedophile. This is what can happen when you want fame, badly. #TrappedInTheClost

  • Barbara Hill
    Barbara Hill 11 days ago

    Aaliyah mother is getting paid by Rkelly.

  • pierre bass
    pierre bass 11 days ago +1

    R kelly is still innocent in the eyes of the LAW innocent til proven guilty

  • Pamela Mcelroy
    Pamela Mcelroy 11 days ago +2

    This is what I think Aaliyah's mother's concern should be. Aaliyah went on to eventually have relationships with several men in the industry who were substantially older than her, and correct me if I'm wrong, while still underage. Where was Mom when these other relationships developed? Was she there as well or turned a blind-eye? Her entire world said it was ok and, in the name of music, informed her it best to keep her private life private. Aailyah was a victim in so many ways. This series did not taint how I feel or think about Aaliyah but how I look at the music industry. Don't even get me started on Robert the man...

  • J Cole
    J Cole 11 days ago +1

    Alilya MOM loved MONEY ahead of her daughters NEED too be protected from predators SUCH as THIS walking DEMON WITH MONEY SCARY REVEAL. Her MOTHER is not INNOCENT THE MONEY WAS MORE attractive than HER daughter's WELL BEING.

    • E
      E 11 days ago


  • Denise Jones
    Denise Jones 11 days ago

    It’s all about a $. I don’t look at Aaliyah negatively. Her mom needs to be quiet. She couldn’t have been with her all the time.

  • Marilyn Klaiber
    Marilyn Klaiber 11 days ago

    He is what you said

  • Jeanniya B
    Jeanniya B 12 days ago +2

    They weren't there all the time. Remember in the movie when her uncle took her (I believe it was over the summer) and thats how her and Rkelly became even closer because the parents allowed her to go and the uncle was barely at all he left her with r kelly too much for too long. The uncle sucks too because he should've kept her under his soul supervision! That was your niece.

    • Jeanniya B
      Jeanniya B 12 days ago +1

      I also don't think it's too much of Aaliyah being tarnished but it's going to shine the light on them her family, the mom, dad and uncle. Like I said they should've been looking out for her. Tough love is what it would've been on my part cause uncle or not my daughter wouldn't go with his ***** if I couldn't be there period. Sometimes you can't trust your family sorry to say. And I'm quite sure the uncle seen some things as well with Kelly before he brought he brought his niece Aaliyah around. So shame on him and her parents who should've never let her go w/o them. I hated that part in the movie cause that's what led her to get caught up in the web.

  • Janice Green
    Janice Green 12 days ago +1

    Just Sad 😞 🤮

  • Around Midnight
    Around Midnight 12 days ago

    🙈🙉🙊Mom in denial🙊🙉🙈

  • hollidayevery
    hollidayevery 12 days ago +1

    He could very well STILL BE PAYING AND SUPPORTING AALIYAH'S parents. Maybe that's why she doesn't want him found out... It might stop her HUSH MONEY CHECKS.

  • Gabby Sariya
    Gabby Sariya 12 days ago

    How Aaliyah go from Jay Z Damon dash to R. Kelley suspect self😌 anyway ijs....

  • Coca B
    Coca B 12 days ago

    He mother need to stop the BS & let the truth out. That girl was not LYING, he had sex with a girl in the studio & he got married in a hotel to his wife

  • Rita SUBER
    Rita SUBER 12 days ago

    I Personally like R. Kelly,s music, but now i have a different opinion about the man, he's turning out to be.

  • Ann Thomas
    Ann Thomas 12 days ago +1

    The mother received something from R.Kelly that is why she did not sue his ass😥😥

  • Ann Thomas
    Ann Thomas 12 days ago

    Good information..😃!!

  • Tubaya Th
    Tubaya Th 12 days ago

    Thank God MC Hammer wasn't that type of guy. There were alot of parents that allowed their kids to pack up and run off to join the Hammer show. Hammer never had anthing bad said about him nor did he molest anyone.