AALIYAH’S Mom Speaks Out On Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly Docuseries!!!

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • The Full Cult Story (BuzzFeed)
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  • Beautiful Soul Speaks
    Beautiful Soul Speaks  2 months ago +2

    The Full Cult Story (BuzzFeed)
    I Admit It
    Follow me on:
    Instagram: @beautiful_soul_speaks
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    • Donna Shaw
      Donna Shaw 2 months ago

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  • tammy harold
    tammy harold Day ago

    AALIYAH mom owns the rights if every song he made with her daughters cause Rkelly got Aaliyah regnant at 15...married at 15...smh

  • ladyyuckem
    ladyyuckem 2 days ago

    She need to be locked up her and her dad filthy bitches I could never I hope God curse them forever and ever

  • Jones Jone
    Jones Jone 3 days ago

    Whatever parents pimp the shit out of her. Where were they when she was supposedly pregnant

  • jekake matthew
    jekake matthew 3 days ago

    Which juicy details...? These media working so hard to take a spot!

  • Renata Smith
    Renata Smith 4 days ago +2

    They ddnt know but they got his money meaning when he sell records

  • Arieana  Kelley
    Arieana Kelley 5 days ago +1

    I Love Aaliyah but mom at this point you can't dispute anything when Aaliyah and R.Kelly was whole married.

  • HolyisHe
    HolyisHe 5 days ago +1

    I saw video yesterday which someone said, R.Kelly was doing the mother too!!! When Aaliyah went to bed, he went into living room and was with the mother??? And this is why nothing was done about his attempt to marry the daughter!!! Many were referencing the Nexflix movie "Abducted in plain sight!!!" Some sick, sick wickedness!!!

  • Safiyyah T.
    Safiyyah T. 5 days ago +1

    Her mother feels guilty because she knows the truth

  • Georgia Williams
    Georgia Williams 5 days ago

    Lock Kelly up like he should be. But those girl was not brainwashed. He's a celebrity mostly everyone fall for them. Dominique stated no one was lock up and no one was brainwashed.

  • Joyce Bennafield
    Joyce Bennafield 6 days ago +1

    Aaliyah's mom couldn't have been with her and Kelly where were you when they got married...ijs

  • Simply Love Tarot
    Simply Love Tarot 7 days ago

    Her mother’s not going to ROCK THE BOAT because she is the one who groomed her daughter for R Kelly and she’s using that statement she made to take heat off what she knows she done. SMOKING SCREENS IS WHAT THEY CALL IT. As a matter of fact, what’s happening here is everybody is ratting each other out. No one eats to take accountability for what they all and I mean ALL! It’s all a black cult child pedo ring. We all know that R Kelly could not read or write, so he relied on what he does best ( fuck women good) and made them handle the $$ side . If you further investigate, it’s a known fact that Alyas Mother was caught in a sexual relationship with Kelly. Now Kelly did not like older woman, but if he found them useful to him , he’d put that fuck spell on them and use them for whatever mostly to recruit other girls for him. Shit he ran that shit like a Army Captain! But Alyas mother was street smart and she played R Kelly like a fiddle. Again if you do some more digging, you will see why R Kelly has no money it’s because hustler mother of Alya made him sign over his catalog to her. Yes, shit is deep and it’s about to bust hell wide open before all’s said and done. I didn’t mean to shorten Alyas name but I just didn’t want to keep typing it over and over again just to long, so please forgive me.

  • Leona Shaw
    Leona Shaw 7 days ago

    The bottom line is this girl is not here to tell her side so u shouldn't even be speaking on her

  • Leona Shaw
    Leona Shaw 7 days ago

    First of all if her age was forged & she had her own room at the hotel u dont think that they couldn't sneak and do it duh

  • Ayoola Ogunnuga
    Ayoola Ogunnuga 9 days ago

    Did anyone see the pregnancy test? To prove she was pregnant?

  • Melissa Avila
    Melissa Avila 9 days ago

    Aaliyah...She was a human just like the rest of us. Mom needs to be honest and truthful because aaliyah was allowed to make mistakes, she was young (a baby). Shame on rkelly and the mom

  • Arnetta Bosby
    Arnetta Bosby 10 days ago

    No we are not looking at Aaliyah that way but she is afraid because she feels that way about herself for allowing it to happen. I think she was groomed as well by a predator but she can’t believe she let it happen.

  • George Herrera Jr
    George Herrera Jr 10 days ago

    Too much hate on Kelly

  • Dolly Dampman
    Dolly Dampman 11 days ago

    I'm so tired of all this it takes two to tango everybody just drop it go on let her rest in peace

  • Krystal Mattella
    Krystal Mattella 12 days ago

    I think that Aaliyah’s parents were getting paid to not say anything..I hope they put this monster underneath the prison

  • Ann Huff
    Ann Huff 15 days ago +1

    Because her mom knows that Aaliyah been with a few men in the industry at a young age . Not just Kelly

  • Nevin Reid
    Nevin Reid 19 days ago

    Maybe Aalyiah Mother was sucking R. Kelly as well in the same Time because she Watched her daughter to Get a deal. And I Think.Sobody is Lieing

  • Jay Ortiz
    Jay Ortiz 22 days ago

    AAlyahs spirit is on the rise and I think she has been rolling over in here grave God bless her 🙏her spirit got this ball rolling against this monster and very soon she can RIP...... God bless her and God love her

  • shellana russell
    shellana russell 22 days ago

    Sorry mom, but, you lost track of AAliyah somewhere along the way. If you were always there, then, how come they got married? Somewhere your parenting went out the door. Some things can't be overlooked. Yes she was the victim. Again, mom, dad where the hell were you? Did you parents think he wouldn't make a move on her? No one was protected.

  • danae hawkins
    danae hawkins 24 days ago

    the late , aalayah,, mom, was and enabler @That time & had sex with singer, r. Kelly, also,da.

  • danae hawkins
    danae hawkins 24 days ago

    the parents of Jocelyn savage pimip,,, their daughter Jocelyn out for a singing contract,, they not getting no more money from r.kelly.. The parents need to be in jail..they is lying..2018

  • Joanne Dieckmann
    Joanne Dieckmann Month ago

    She is not worried about her daughter but herself. The daighter was the victim. She is scared someone is going to ask where were the parents ? How did they allow this to happen

  • Latanya Bowens
    Latanya Bowens Month ago

    Coraline on this thing lady he is not holding on Warner's Hodges at them people want to try to get some money out this man is not holding a woman Hyderabad even make I get enough for me to not do that I'll tell you something the lady's trying to sync it ain't so you're working he's not Hodges in there with your not having sex with them you're making it out of big deal stop it cuz I know he will do

  • Latanya Bowens
    Latanya Bowens Month ago

    he's not a bad idea what he married her he might have been a little bit over there cuz that's what they do in the South Chicago everywhere down so you can get married at a certain times you can get married at the age now where is out there haters you need to grow up so if he married her office that was going to be married so y'all haters will be haters jail but I feel like this she was too young but if you got married that's on her business so may God bless her she's a haven't got to worry about none of y'all negative people in this world may God bless

  • Latanya Bowens
    Latanya Bowens Month ago

    Listen to listen to her song she have she had a secret she kept and it was a baby and everybody thinking is she kept a secret from our all mom her mama know about it your marriage to cuz Uncle ran into her business is a Bay City MLive she kept the secret she didn't want to know if I do know but I know I ran into a giant one day but I can't figure myself and what I saying it I notice eyes stay so she eating eating issues sleeping she's pregnant tell you what I need to come and tell the truth. Trying to tell him they are Kelly Dahl R Kelly in the business cuz everybody else in the business look at you look at that she was dating her whatever else was dating it's like that had Mouse game all these indices out here if he's insane refugees the best avoid all girls it's a happens if it's going to happen to you if you have to put your foot down she's letting your kids listen to I was going to see and then we getting big so fast on what you think will happen that was my daughter I want to go out on tour in business I will be with my daughter every day

  • Latanya Bowens
    Latanya Bowens Month ago

    note Rosemary and it was a baby involved but I know damn well she had abortion and everyone keeping it a secret that mother know what's the story don't get all cuz she's a female her mama her daughter married this man is all about getting an essay with what everybody bring somebody in my business it's a lot of stuff that happened to the lobby for an entertainment so you don't get on here and make it seem cuz it's you make an example of bet it's the women and a mother who got them in their business and stuff like that happens to a lot of people out there

  • Latanya Bowens
    Latanya Bowens Month ago

    because he's not a predator and I saw them still together she married him and her mother know her bows on the 8th she can get in trouble to may God bless and everyone stop hating play were married

  • S H
    S H Month ago +1

    When are you people going to stop believing everything you hear, YOU know people lie,and its none of your business, as long as these people like YOU are making money off these,,gossip channels, YOU always have to keep making,,,upl,lies to keep the people coming back to see what's going on, because a lot PEOPLE do not think For themselves,he did not use her like she was a tramp,,he married the girl that's love in my book but YOU PEOPLE want to say it was because she was pregnant without any proof of anything just rumors and gullible PEOPLE believe it

  • Barbara Walker
    Barbara Walker Month ago

    Was mom there when they got married? Was it ok with her?The bottom line these parent's gave these young girl's to this man for money.It started with money and ending with money.I don't care what he was it's up to the parents.He never kidnapped no one and if they wanted their daughters back they could have went and got them.All them that knew and said nonthing is just as guilty as kelly.But with all this mess going on I'm starting to look sideways at them ALL.I think mom just don't want her daughter's name tarnished. And that's her right we don't have any right digging into her family's personal life.That was 25yrs ago just leave them alone and move on.They all have some serious problems not just RKelly thst we can only make worse.That light should have been put out year's ago.You don't hear or see because he haven't been charged with anything.All these parent's waited year's before they clame he did all this to their daughters.

  • krishan gayle
    krishan gayle Month ago

    Your daughter is DEAD & your still covering for this Monster? The Money is good isn’t it? Disgusting Parents you should go Jail!!!!

  • krishan gayle
    krishan gayle Month ago

    Parents are a Disgrace - Charge them for allowing this abuse to continue! We love Aaliyah but you obviously loved the money and fame! Shame on you for still covering up!

  • krishan gayle
    krishan gayle Month ago

    You SOLD your daughter for Fame & Money! You should be charged and go to prison. Finally the Truth gets revealed you are all a disgrace! And if you didn’t cover this up it would have saved 100s of other teenagers being abused! Shame on you! But God gave you his Justice already!!!

  • krishan gayle
    krishan gayle Month ago

    Parents & R Kelly allowed this to continue. Both need to be prosecuted. This is the real dirty price for Fame. RIP Aaliyah JUSTICE WILL BE DONE😢

  • The1&OnlyKia F.O.H.

    No disrespect to Aaliyah’s mom but how would she know she wasn’t on the tour bus😒. Because members of Rkelly’s Public Announcement also witnessed Rkelly banging Aaliyah in the back of the tour bus. So I do believe it happened.

  • kinani billings
    kinani billings Month ago

    This is why the lifetime movie about Aaliyah are lies they were there

  • Kushyte-Earl Rutledge

    Its ashamed that you will believe every one in the documentary but you don't believe Aaliyah's mother. Every woman in this documentary wanted something, they did not get what they wanted, no one was lured any where they all went of their own free will with the hopes of money and or fame. When they didn't get what the wanted now he is a monster..... well we here in Chicago all know R Kelly likes young girls but I dont see anyone saying 'He raped me or He forced me to have sex or I was 16 and I had sex with Him and he knew it". People in media or trying to get into media need to stop pasing judemnt on people until they have the proof they need to say what they say. We are all entitled to our opinions but until we seek the truth thats all you have is just an opinion.

    • Beautiful Soul Speaks
      Beautiful Soul Speaks  Month ago

      Kushyte-Earl Rutledge I don’t believe Aaliyah’s mother because there’s proof that Aaliyah and rkelly did get married. In addition, rkelly’s own lawyer has come out to confirm that rkelly and Aaliyah did get married. PeriodT!!

  • Lillie Teel
    Lillie Teel Month ago


  • oma ripe
    oma ripe Month ago

    well she slept with him and also shared her daughter she is abused too.

  • Royal Power
    Royal Power Month ago

    Man all you homies know Aaliyah was one sexy bitch and if you’re R-Rape-O..jelly you’ll be in those drapes too..🤫

  • Jaea
    Jaea Month ago

    Aaliyah's mother, and father weren't always present but did leave Aaliyah in the company of the uncle or the brother Rashad! That is what Aaliyah's mother Diane meant people! The only time they weren't around was when Aaliyah went to the Caribbean and died. How Aaliyah supposedly flew to Chicago alone to get this abortion, I do not know. I do not believe they pimped out their child or knew alot of what was going on! When they did find out they kept their child away from R. Kelly and annulled the marriage! So stop it people. Diane loved her daughter and Aaliyah loved her mommy!

  • Jennifer Liza
    Jennifer Liza Month ago

    I think he was a demented pervert but Why would R Kelly think he is a pedophile??? The girl was 14 and here are the ages of consent to have sex:
    Age of consent
    Albania 14
    Austria 14
    Angola Africa 12
    Bangladesh 14
    Bolivia 14
    Bosnia 14
    Brazil 14
    Majority of Africa 14
    China 14
    Ecuador 14
    Germany 14
    Hungary 14
    Italy 14
    Japan 13
    Montenegro 14
    Macedonia 14
    Niger 13
    Nigeria 11
    Paraguay 14
    Peru 14
    Philippines 12
    Portugal 14
    Sahawri Arab Democratic Republic 13
    San Marino 14
    Serbia 14
    Asia - no age limit - must be married
    United Arab Emirates
    Saudi Arabia 10 years old minimum age
    In strict Muslim countries that follow Sharia Law, it is allowed to marry a girl at any age as long as she has her menstruation .. there is no age limit. 14 year old is not considered a child. Also, in Mexico,12 is a legal age.

    In North America, the legal age of consent relating to sexual activity varies by jurisdiction.
    The age of consent in Canada is 16.
    The age of consent in Mexico is complex. Typically, Mexican states have a "primary" age of consent which may be as low as 12.

  • martha black
    martha black 2 months ago

    R Kelly. And aaliya mother must have been devil!!! Or r Kelly threared their life. Is one or the other!!! She was so talented she did not even need r Kelly!!! Her parents made big mistake!!

  • Leland White
    Leland White 2 months ago

    I agree with you period.

  • Natasha Laury
    Natasha Laury 2 months ago

    Enough I don't give a dam how many parts it is the mom said them broke britches were lying black people need a. Life a real life and a job why the hell are u worrying about this man we need to be worrying about when we are getting our food stamps in March!!!!!!! It's sad Aliyah can speak on her life let her rest!!!!!!! Danmmmmmmmm😨 we don't wanna see proof enough let her rest in peace it's over!!!!!!

  • Ron Lee
    Ron Lee 2 months ago

    The mom said she was always on the tour bus not always there for everything, facts matter

  • Fiyah Goddess
    Fiyah Goddess 2 months ago


  • C. C
    C. C 2 months ago

    Thank you. Girl, you are right about that woman. She should help put him away in rememberance of Allliyiah....did it for Allliyiah he took advantage of all that she had at the tender age of 15. Mother stand up and fight for your daughter....

  • Jessie Holt
    Jessie Holt 2 months ago

    Because they got paid he should have been in jail after documents came forward that they were married

  • Lithario Wright
    Lithario Wright 2 months ago

    I honestly believe where the issue is with Robert Kelly, is that he has always sung sexual songs during the younger part of his career and I feel that has caused him to develop a very strong sexual spirit/desire, for possibly not just younger women, but even older women that may not know any better either. However as you've said his Fam & Fortune drew /draws younger girls and parents in. Bcuz they all get caught up with the thought of their lives finally changing and getting better. Comment left Jan 16th 2019

  • Candi Reign
    Candi Reign 2 months ago

    If anyone sees this message 1/16/19, please light a white candle for her and send her love and light. Her soul needs rest since this r kelly mess resurfaced. 💘

  • CherryTree
    CherryTree 2 months ago

    Aaliyah's mom is fighting not for Aaliyah but for herself. When her mom uses the comment we are gonna look at Aaliyah negatively, she really means we are going to look at Aaliyah's mom negatively. She knows she failed. She know she messed up. She probably (evidently) failed to protect Aaliyah. I'd imagine she was too busy living through her and the life of being a star to notice. What parent doesn't know something is off with their child. You may not know the details of what she went through but a good parent in tune with their kids behavior, will see thier child is different around them when they are being abused and molested. I think it was great that the documents series came out. Whether it's fully accurate or not, it has r Kelly and his parents shitting bricks and the fact that they are working so hard to get it off the air just shows an admission of guilt on their Part. I loved Aaliyah!!! Still to this day I listen to her music. I used to like r Kelly's music back in the day. But now I'm team #MuteRKelly

  • Jenny Rich
    Jenny Rich 2 months ago

    Being a mother and someone come and tell me that this is going on with mines I will have to do what I have to do to have his butt locked away star or no star. This is serious and if I was blind to the situation at hand than I will deal with that but after finding out the truth I will make sure that monster is locked away and get mental health. I can only imagine what Aaliyah was feeling emotionally inside. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🙏

  • Thomas Maven
    Thomas Maven 2 months ago

    See everyone thought there skid was go get paid and they was to and got fool

  • Thomas Maven
    Thomas Maven 2 months ago

    Why don't somebody that got money and go get them

  • Thomas Maven
    Thomas Maven 2 months ago

    Wow money is so powerful

  • Lady Bookworm
    Lady Bookworm 2 months ago

    Mom just feeling a lot of GUILT.

  • Lavette Young
    Lavette Young 2 months ago

    Aaliyah mother is totally In DENIAL. She loves R Kelly more than her dead daughter. I also heard on TVclip a disturbing tale was Her mother and her had a threesome with R Kelly twice once at aaliyah home. A family member walked in on them twice 2 different occasions. This lifetime series got my mind so fuck up. I can't sleep either child.

  • lorraine hernandez
    lorraine hernandez 2 months ago

    Thank u for the truth.

  • Renee W
    Renee W 2 months ago

    Aaliyahs mom is lying for whatever reason, but the truth sets u free! Her parents couldnt have always been around during her career going on all tours. Backup singer Javonta said that when they toured, the older girls would always sneak Aaliyah out & take her places. They had fun & played pranks on each other, so how can the mom say they werent even friends?...The parents surely werent on that plane that she & all the passengers were killed in! I dont only blame her parents, but parents are definitely the most responsible ones for whatever happens with their minor child. Stop with all the denials & own up to the part u played so u can get justice for ur daughter, forgive urself & find some measure of peace!!!

  • linda mckay
    linda mckay 2 months ago

    That's very sad

  • linda mckay
    linda mckay 2 months ago

    Yes that's the true that's so that's so sad

  • linda mckay
    linda mckay 2 months ago

    yes to young just for that

  • Jaxx ThaDonn
    Jaxx ThaDonn 2 months ago

    How ha momma and daddy still alive if they was always with her ? Or when she got married? Confused 👀 “ momma a lie “

    NIKKIWASH9 2 months ago

    Them woman should just speak about themselves only...!!!...

  • Lottery Player On Me
    Lottery Player On Me 2 months ago


  • Margaret Jackson
    Margaret Jackson 2 months ago

    So how did R Kelly court and marry R Kelly without mom's knowledge

  • Sherita Jones
    Sherita Jones 2 months ago

    Aaliyah's mom is in denial..She wasn't always around her daughter ...if Aaliyah's mom was always around and doing what a mom is suppose to do...R Kelly wouldnt have NEVER gotten his dirty claws into Aaliyah nor would he have even gotten the chance to MARRY Aaliyah.. Who is Aaliyah's mom trying to fool.. herself or the world??..🤔 Aaliyah's mom needs to just stop talking..period! 🙄

  • Victoria Hale
    Victoria Hale 2 months ago

    What I think is the MOTHER think she was at fault..... Well all can say is that a marriage took place that shouldn't every happened and you really think he didn't have he way with Aaliyah ( RIP).
    How could this happen with both parents and a brother there ALL the time?

  • Latasha Buckner
    Latasha Buckner 2 months ago

    I cant belive every you tube channel is discussion R Kelly but this shit been running rampant inthe so called black community for ever! But since its R kelly leta talk about...really!

  • Amanda Payne
    Amanda Payne 2 months ago

    So many has played a part in the Aaliyah and R.Kelly madness. Aaliyah was and still is being victimized by R. Kelly. Please let her rest peacefully. We will almost never know the truth do to the fact that R. Kelly is a master manipulator. The forged documents that have been released were done by his old and current associates

  • badcougar 05
    badcougar 05 2 months ago

    What ever happen in Aaliyah life, she was truly a beautful lady full of much class, and she was on her way to become a very talented actress. She truly appear to be a beautiful young women. RIP

  • Greg Spellman
    Greg Spellman 2 months ago

    Yasssssss look mom if you love your daughter Aaliyah it time to come clean no one is looking at Aaliyah in a negative light stop trying to rub your madness and anger on people who is trying to bring to light that that monster that was around your daughter and other victims he was a sick predator you say you was around your daughter Aaliyah then how you not no she got married and after it got out in the news they had it anawed please pleaseeeeeee stop you or the one with the negativity and you trying to get the public to believe what you saying is true when in fact you noit not true you was not every where with your daughter and if you was and you aloud your daughter to go with n married cause she could of been pregnant you is sick as him I don’t believe you did that I just saying from what I seen and heard after it got into the news about the marriage between that sick monster and Aaliyah and it was anawed she went on about her business never looking back at r Kelly so that’s evidence that he was a predator and you and your husband wasn’t ok with it so that monster paid you and your husband money and y’all had a agreement not to say anything about it so that’s what I see you trying to take up for a monster if you and the young girl family that was in that video spoke up about it and told authorities and not taken a dime from his dirty ass he would of been brought down a long time ago and then all the victims and all the families wouldn’t have to go threw this good example is the salvages I shouted 🗣it out the salvages did it no money or nothing could of stop them from spreading what was going on with there daughter by keeping it in the news and different tv shows that monster and that empire is gonna be taken down it sickens me to hear what’s going on with this family and other families and victims and you as a mother of two kids and your beautiful daughter Aaliyah it time to turn your anger and your cried out for justice for Aaliyah and those families and victims so that you can see your daughter predator get what he deserve and if no families at that time when it came too light especially you and your husband and the young girl family that was in that video didn’t take money and because of that the agreement was made that you must not say anything and if you n the other families was not taken the money and to be silence and had told authorities his dirty ass would of been were he belongs in jail and you and the families and victims could of sued him and y’all would of got paid big time also told your story threw book deals and they would of made a movie and y’all would got a cut so if it would of been stop then these families and other victims wouldn’t been going threw this so now is the time to for you to stop protecting that sick monster and let your faith that you got in god to get behind the salvages and families and victims and the #metoomovement and #muterkelly to bring him down and his dame empire and anyone that knew about his dirty nasty azz down so that way you know when you gone he was brought down I beg u pleaseeeeeeeee find it in your heart to no this man everyone love is a monster and for u as a mother can’t see n feel sickened that that monster did wat he did too your daughter Aaliyah so pleaseeeeeee I say please go back in correct what you say so justice can be reach so the salvages and her sister can hug there daughter and other families and victims do the same the only negativity is you as a mom protecting that sick monster knowing what you no I just wanted to finish wat I said about you and your husband find about the marriage and it got anawed and Aaliyah never every work with him again so there the evidence that something was not right so you owed it to your daughter and families and victims to make it right pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee #muterkelly 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Onaje Asheber
    Onaje Asheber 2 months ago

    Here Aaliyah says she refused to tell her true age. Interview, tvclip.biz/video/1fLUs4nrOqY/video.html There needs to be a law about lying about age male or female.

  • Monik P
    Monik P 2 months ago

    Girls mature faster then boys and I felt like some of these girls could’ve been lying about their age. I use to do it, Aaliyah really wanted stardom and in a interview with her and Rkelly back on BET I believe it was 94 or 95 they were married and she and him were both wearing their rings. I feel that as a parent sometimes we want are children to fulfill their dreams and that was a way to get her foot in the door. Although it wasn’t right but hey..

  • Christy Head
    Christy Head 2 months ago

    My question: Why was Aaliyah on a tour bus with R. Kelly?

  • Denise Wilkinson
    Denise Wilkinson 2 months ago

    I don't think mom ok'd the marriage but simply wasn't around

  • Cat Perez
    Cat Perez 2 months ago

    No I see only an innocent child who is and was one great artist. No one can deny. Sorry. For her parents, But if some people think he hurt her in anyway... they want justice. Cause she is so beloved.

  • Stephanie Eubanks
    Stephanie Eubanks 2 months ago

    And she had did this before she turned 18

  • Stephanie Eubanks
    Stephanie Eubanks 2 months ago

    That girl was already fucking before she meet R.Kelly believe that..... Not to say it's right but hello put Aaliyah was already fucking then she started fucking Jay-Z then Damien Dash

  • Theresa Davis
    Theresa Davis 2 months ago


  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 2 months ago

    We need to stop supporting all of them if not this will live on. It's a disease fooling everyone around it.

  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 2 months ago

    The thing is that there all sick people that set up there kids for freaks on Secret Society that belong to Jews who make them so call frames. Aaliyah mom doesn't want in because she did some shit to they say a 3 some with her own daughter. I believe she never died all fake hoax.she was pregnant and wanted out as they would say but R.kelly is 20's 27 and your just 15teen.so u see her mom doesn't want anything with it as they plan her death to cover it all up. Now about this under age girls with older men is for real. On my note on how I believe in this.I was 14 turning 15 teen & he was 21.it's was all my family idea to set me up.i guess they wanted me to grow up faster like they did. If your family doesn't have anyway out they do this shit to you believe me without ever doing them wrong and causing any trouble to them in many cases. Indians did wrong to there daughters with making them marry a European for goods.so what I mean is that everyone is hurting in one way or another it's how the government doesn't support the people when u ask for help because I did and got told I was crazy for not allowing it in a shelter can say I tryed getting my life back together but there was no way out with no family help.for me it was just a lesson i learn.God has it's plans for everyone some win on the other side of things and some lose by his side.no one else should teach this to there kids let them find there own way.we must encourage our kids to be well and strong human beings to respect one another.the reality of that is discipline doesn't get u no wear in this past.i hope this mess up world under Catholics and muslims rulings come to it end. I have lived with a learning disability since age 5 and learn I suffer with Ms at 21 and have disc disease at 14 but everyone see me ok or crazy because I keep fighting and doing what I can.judging a book by it cover is reality. I cover up my pain and move on because it was how it was.now I always help others see the light not ever lie to them like those super stars that cover up there truth and play dead.✌

  • Regina  Alexander
    Regina Alexander 2 months ago

    I'm Appalled at how a mother can deny the charges of this sick man. There is no way as my childs protector that whether she is alive or dead ( GOD REST HER SOUL) Aaliyah im gonna uphold what he has done. Aaliyah will live on forever in our lives. Just saying how could she as a mother. Let her soul rest finally speaking the truth.

  • Peace Queen
    Peace Queen 2 months ago

    Ok I'm just going to say it . What family member died with Aaliyah . Mama wasn't on that plane . This woman has got ton paid so she trying to distract us from the truth .. Point blank

  • Angelique Hill
    Angelique Hill 2 months ago

    Aaliyah's mom knew, she found out they married and had a part in the annulment. She's lying, she's getting paid to lie for him. She wasn't always there, there are plenty pictures of the two of them together.

  • UL R
    UL R 2 months ago

    He did have sex with Aaliyah they were married. So its possible that she was pregnant by him, and, they made her get an abortion.

  • vpvickiva7
    vpvickiva7 2 months ago


  • Cyntore Robinson
    Cyntore Robinson 2 months ago

    He probably was sleeping with da mother to and paying her off you just never know my mind is everywhere you can put anything pass anyone ...

  • Cyntore Robinson
    Cyntore Robinson 2 months ago

    I wonder did he have videos of her to?

  • J.C McCall
    J.C McCall 2 months ago

    The mom know her daughter and this woman claiming she saw her having sex with Kelly appear to be giving false information. These allegations have been out for well over 20 years so why are star starved parents and their teens seeking Kelly. The documentary was filthy while using the now deceased star to sell their storylines. This take away from victims whichs are truly victimized. Most realized that these girls and ladies were WILLINGLY participation in these alledged acts. If this actual took place the parents needs to go under the jail for neglect. A pedophile is people like priests which has sex with children before they reach puberty or slave owner's who raped little 7 and 8 years old slaves here on U.S. soil. There is no indication that Kelly is a pedophile. We need to worry about the slave rape culture that has been passed down to even Kelly 's family for generations and many other Africian American families. WHERE DO LIFETIME THINK THIS MADNESS COMES FROM? THEY KNOW BUT BLACK LIFE IS LIKE A BUNCH of SHEEP HEADING FOR THEIR Own DEMISE FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

  • Walter Roberts
    Walter Roberts 2 months ago

    If the mother said what happen why is the person on this youtube review trying to manipulate what she said. Leave things alone to me these people are miserable and just like controversy.

  • Gerald Cross
    Gerald Cross 2 months ago

    no how we know she was pregnant no dr reports who was the judge or preacher that married them I dont believe he was married to her for real

  • Samara Lallo
    Samara Lallo 2 months ago

    Well she seemed to be feeling like a big woman rolling with r. Kelly. Aaliyah was totally a victim if she didn't realise it.

  • Earnestine Reed
    Earnestine Reed 2 months ago

    Mom is the one lieing Kelly was paying her ass to

  • 2BrainsOneVisionT.v
    2BrainsOneVisionT.v 2 months ago

    U not even sure and u speaking smh