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  • XRyiSenpai
    XRyiSenpai 9 hours ago

    I swear Keith makes a good woman XD

  • Wot you Lookin at?
    Wot you Lookin at? 11 hours ago

    Hey what’s your name?
    ....non of your business

  • Speedy Lunsford
    Speedy Lunsford 12 hours ago

    Ok Noah and Keith are fuckin pretty

  • Isaac King
    Isaac King 12 hours ago

    Do the purge

  • casper matzen
    casper matzen Day ago

    CAN I BUY A 4K Camera

  • BlazingHusky Plays

    Grande means big or large

  • Renārs Aberfelds

    Look my dab b**** dab

  • Caleb Seyfried
    Caleb Seyfried Day ago

    Lol Keith is my favorite

  • Luke Ghazal
    Luke Ghazal Day ago +2

    Here we have a tall...
    *points at the small cup*

  • Flo Donaldson
    Flo Donaldson 2 days ago


  • Lily’s Life
    Lily’s Life 2 days ago

    Et han

  • Doggie Pickles
    Doggie Pickles 2 days ago

    -request-every Michael Jackson imporsonator ever

  • Hyper beast
    Hyper beast 2 days ago


  • Coolbee15 's
    Coolbee15 's 2 days ago

    "Clitoris"!? 😂😂

  • Coolbee15 's
    Coolbee15 's 2 days ago

    DID KIETH JUST SAY "Semen" ?!
    IT MEANS C*M 😂😂

  • Joveen Jayia
    Joveen Jayia 3 days ago


  • My Fqather Is G0d
    My Fqather Is G0d 3 days ago

    Every barista ever

  • Lekker Random
    Lekker Random 3 days ago

    3:03 the white cut isn’t a grande

  • Toy fun Patricia Ursachi


  • TheShushiMan 1801
    TheShushiMan 1801 4 days ago


  • Wally Bush
    Wally Bush 4 days ago


  • That’s Me
    That’s Me 5 days ago

    Mahalo means thank you in Hawaiin

  • Brooklyn Bullard
    Brooklyn Bullard 5 days ago


  • Angel Villegas
    Angel Villegas 5 days ago

    Hahah dic

  • RK AK
    RK AK 5 days ago

    You forgot the mom that brings her 5 small children, and they don’t know what the fuck to get, and they take up so much god damn space

  • Andysu Hower88553853

    G-r-a-n-d-e! I lost it

  • Maltehulken Håkansson

    Every white peoples problems


    ET Han/😜👍🏻

  • Gabrielflor
    Gabrielflor 7 days ago

    0:59 to 1:12 I hate when this happens

  • Jaylin Wou
    Jaylin Wou 7 days ago

    Actually, it’s Ariana Grande, but u pronounce it like Ariana Grandy.

  • BNS_Games
    BNS_Games 7 days ago


  • Pedro Lacen
    Pedro Lacen 7 days ago +1

    Keith looks like a girl

  • iiToxic_
    iiToxic_ 7 days ago +1

    Mah fav Starbucks menu item is hot chocolate

  • Blob
    Blob 8 days ago

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  • Bao Le
    Bao Le 8 days ago

    Every every blank ever

  • Me Yasss
    Me Yasss 8 days ago

    every wendy's ever

  • Joel Cruz
    Joel Cruz 8 days ago

    Show Anthony more often

  • taygaren
    taygaren 8 days ago

    no it's not

  • daniminimo
    daniminimo 8 days ago

    I want the midiem 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • MC moo hyun worldwide


  • Ultimate Stacking Gamer

    Hi 👋

  • The Gueta Sisters
    The Gueta Sisters 8 days ago

    Arianna medium

  • The Gueta Sisters
    The Gueta Sisters 8 days ago

    Lol arin

  • Nicholas Jackson
    Nicholas Jackson 9 days ago

    Grande means big in Spanish so why isn’t it the largest cup? Lol

  • ethan Vazquez
    ethan Vazquez 9 days ago

    My name

  • Anakin Skybloxxer
    Anakin Skybloxxer 9 days ago

    Why am I getting Spanish ads tf

  • Universal Zain Jackson

    This makes me think of the subsitute teacher when he gets all the names wrong and they correct him

  • Paul Weber
    Paul Weber 9 days ago

    When i was at starbucks i knew about the cliche with the names, so i spoke my name very clearly ...that guy literally wrote Maul instead of paul ...

  • Oscar Montiel
    Oscar Montiel 10 days ago +1

    Wath f**k

  • Tommy Ho
    Tommy Ho 10 days ago

    Shayne: Yeah I'll have a large americano.
    Noah: OKAY, SERIOUSLY...

  • Kieron Clemens
    Kieron Clemens 10 days ago

    Antony where have you gone i only see Ian's ugly face

  • fuck this shit im out
    fuck this shit im out 10 days ago

    is it weird that noah looks hot like a girl?

  • Jase Stanton
    Jase Stanton 11 days ago

    My dad one said I would like a grande CRAPPACHINNOOO

  • Zageri
    Zageri 11 days ago +1

    one time i went to Starbucks and they called out "ice water no ice" and i never went to another one again...

  • Altemimi123
    Altemimi123 11 days ago

    Transgenders finally getting jobs.

  • James Owens
    James Owens 11 days ago

    Keith is low-key hot it that wig.

  • Clutch_Lj2711
    Clutch_Lj2711 11 days ago

    I love Ariana medium

  • Cinnamon fox
    Cinnamon fox 12 days ago

    Now that’s old Braille

  • Meemes RIP xxxtentacion

    Literally got a starbucks ad...

  • Shooketh Lad
    Shooketh Lad 12 days ago

    Y is Noah such a good girl 😂😂😂

  • NabilRider555
    NabilRider555 12 days ago

    Damn Kimber lol

  • NabilRider555
    NabilRider555 12 days ago

    Everyone likes Ariana Grande but Ariana Venti is is my cup of coffee

  • Owen Baldwin
    Owen Baldwin 12 days ago

    1:50 every hipster ever?

  • Divya Ranganathan
    Divya Ranganathan 13 days ago


  • Andy Toledo
    Andy Toledo 13 days ago

    0:43 noah looks like Miranda sings😂😂

  • Ali Ceylan
    Ali Ceylan 13 days ago

    It’s this one 😁

  • Ali Ceylan
    Ali Ceylan 13 days ago

    Which one is it
    I’m such a pro

  • Bomerboy 350z
    Bomerboy 350z 13 days ago

    Every white girl ever

  • Olivia1624
    Olivia1624 13 days ago

    Where I live u can get 4 sizes of cups....a small a tall a grande and a venti

  • Lala Subliminals
    Lala Subliminals 13 days ago

    UH- GRAN- *_DUH_*- _AYE_

  • BenGamimgGo Aaron
    BenGamimgGo Aaron 13 days ago +1

    I like my own comment because nobody wants to like m comment...😢😢

  • The2emogamers12 .-.
    The2emogamers12 .-. 14 days ago

    the coplicated order is basically the same as every subway ever xD

  • Morgan Drotar
    Morgan Drotar 14 days ago

    Omg I love kimber 😂

  • LM keeler
    LM keeler 15 days ago


  • D I Y
    D I Y 15 days ago


  • Anh Phương
    Anh Phương 16 days ago

    Can you guys do a every chocolate ever

  • Anya Bouchard
    Anya Bouchard 16 days ago

    take a moment
    and pause

  • Super98
    Super98 16 days ago

    You forgot the millennials typing their books or screenplays

  • Eric Ancuta
    Eric Ancuta 18 days ago

    Espresso is worth to be called coffee.
    The other "coffees" are only dirty water.

  • Ri Chan
    Ri Chan 18 days ago

    I can relate to the E T Han one. So, I ordered something, and I said my name. Apparently to them my name is Ali

  • Hola Girl
    Hola Girl 18 days ago

    I just go to Dutch brothers

  • Time Collapser
    Time Collapser 18 days ago

    Sorry sweety not your name not your coffee 😂😂😂

  • Gacha Verse Arts
    Gacha Verse Arts 18 days ago

    What are you trying to make a potion"two exhales of human breath."

  • Hulk Reports Choice
    Hulk Reports Choice 19 days ago

    I Dont Like Cinnamon

  • bermudaguy03
    bermudaguy03 19 days ago

    kinda funny but the looks where distracting. why half of em lookin like trannies ? asking for a fren

  • MLGEthan21
    MLGEthan21 19 days ago

    Not to be rude but u guys forgot a Trenta

  • Podas 10
    Podas 10 19 days ago

    i hate when they say my name the just say it so bad not even like 20% i just dont like it

  • Video Gamer Boy
    Video Gamer Boy 19 days ago

    I'm always confused as f**k! at Starbucks

  • Milton Ze Monkay
    Milton Ze Monkay 19 days ago

    Mahalo, can i get an uno organic Ristretto?

  • Milton Ze Monkay
    Milton Ze Monkay 19 days ago

    Semen? Semins
    Yeah Semins...

  • Milton Ze Monkay
    Milton Ze Monkay 19 days ago

    E-T Han

  • Sweetener Ari World
    Sweetener Ari World 19 days ago

    I would love to have an Ariana Medium! 😂

  • Milton Ze Monkay
    Milton Ze Monkay 19 days ago

    “No you wouldn’t be sitting here calling Ariana Grande Ariana Medium no would you?! No that’s stupid!” (Female Noah)

  • Jake Robbins
    Jake Robbins 20 days ago

    No offense but Starbucks sucks ballz.

  • Morgan Carder
    Morgan Carder 21 day ago +1

    “ *20% CONDENSATION* “

  • Eyelash
    Eyelash 21 day ago

    I luv Starbucks

  • Bledsoe Gaming
    Bledsoe Gaming 21 day ago

    The funny thing is my name is Ethan LOL

  • Oliver Alexander
    Oliver Alexander 22 days ago

    Once I got a free drink at Starbucks

  • Austrindian
    Austrindian 22 days ago

    “Yall got a large americano” thats it im done 😂

  • dope aiman
    dope aiman 23 days ago

    Seeeeemenn... no simon..
    Still proceed to seeeeemeeeen