9 New Characters We Need in Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch, Write This Down Nintendo


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  • Outside Xtra
    Outside Xtra  9 months ago +334

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Smash Bros is coming to the Switch!!!! But what new characters do we want to come with it, along with the Splatoon Inklings? Here are a few suggestions that we NEEEED. Plleeeaaaasseee, Nintendoooo?

  • the thot hunter
    the thot hunter 7 days ago

    I want walu-fucking-igi

  • DusTV
    DusTV 9 days ago

    Why wont Masahiro Sakurai make a Mii of hisself and then add in Smash Bros.

  • Captain Cipher
    Captain Cipher 11 days ago


  • Oxdavik
    Oxdavik 12 days ago

    Cody from Final fight if ken is in the game why Cody cannot ?

  • antiscreenpeek mobile
    antiscreenpeek mobile 12 days ago

    You have no idea what your talking about.

  • Eggverse Offficial
    Eggverse Offficial 12 days ago

    Toadette, Peachette, regular rabbids, eevee, Giovanni, Jesse and James, Grumpig, Primape, Hitmonchan, Mimikyu, regular toad, zoroark, the fish people from Zelda, Dr. Robotnik, Amy the hedgehog, Shadow the hedgehog, Tails the fox, Knuckles the echidna, Crono, glados, Crash Bandicoot, Yugi, Waluigi, Chun Li, Vega, and Cranky Kong

  • Slothers Slothers
    Slothers Slothers 12 days ago

    How the hell would they include pauline

  • tramuzz dream
    tramuzz dream 13 days ago

    You forgot the Lord of tennis and kart racing


  • Nathan Williamson
    Nathan Williamson 14 days ago

    I wish Rabbid Peach made it into Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sadly I don't think that will happen. ;w; Even as a DLC.

  • ED Reaser
    ED Reaser 15 days ago

    # let Luke smash

  • Celia Manygoats
    Celia Manygoats 15 days ago

    What about bayonett's sister

  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond - Movies, Gaming, and More!

    Here is my list updated
    1: Princess Daisy
    2: Serena (from Pokémon X and Y)
    3: Cuphead
    4: Mugman
    5: Tsareena
    6: Knuckles
    7: Amy
    8: Silver
    9: Shadow
    10: Tails
    Also, what if it had Pokémon had Z-moves as some of their Pokémon's Final Smashes?

  • Cultelo A
    Cultelo A 18 days ago

    Lol no one of them is in

  • ThomasEyeThink
    ThomasEyeThink 20 days ago

    3:47 Why do people want Deadpool Playable?
    First it was Goku, now This!

  • Michelle Hollamon
    Michelle Hollamon 22 days ago

    coming back to this and watching it 0/9! DAYUM! I've seen ones that were like.... 1.5 (meaning they said Ken and had a gen 7 starter but not Incineroar), but DAMN! 0/9!

  • dk bash
    dk bash 24 days ago

    OBJECTION pheonix wright is not in smash ultamite

  • Beckett Coleman
    Beckett Coleman 27 days ago

    characters i want to see

    sans (im sorry)
    minecraft steve
    deez nuts (not really)

  • Beckett Coleman
    Beckett Coleman 27 days ago

    my friend thinks spring man sucks and ribbon girl is op. now i dont play arms but arent they pretty much carbon copies?

  • Seth Desu
    Seth Desu 28 days ago

    Mega ManX or Zero

  • Kaden Mccreanor-horne


  • Mark Clifford
    Mark Clifford Month ago

    I don't think it will ever happen but Luffy from one piece is my vote

  • saksağan
    saksağan Month ago +1

    only captain toad makes sense lol

  • Sacred Shiroi
    Sacred Shiroi Month ago

    Phoenix Wright will just go saying "Objection" "Take That" and "Hold It"

  • Lenny Onbass
    Lenny Onbass Month ago


  • Alex Finch
    Alex Finch Month ago

    Birdo as a Yoshi clone, but with an up b move that can save her life

  • The 16 bit guys
    The 16 bit guys Month ago

    Well at least it was unique. That’s al I can say

  • Jsigma16
    Jsigma16 Month ago +1

    I want Phoenix for Smash at least as assist trophie so bad; AA is a franchise that was years exclusivily in Nintendo potable consoles; it feels bad that he even have been invited to a game that never came to any Nintendo consoles, and now AA is being officialy separated from the Nintendo Exclusive Game "Badge"
    Maybe in a hipotetic Fighter Ballot we will be able to show Sakurai that a lot of people want Phoenix for Smash

  • Matt k
    Matt k Month ago


  • Taylor Altmiller
    Taylor Altmiller Month ago

    I know some of these were sarcastic, but Majora's Mask link no question

  • jimmy fubu
    jimmy fubu Month ago +1

    Yes pauline 😍😍😍

  • Liv And Colm Are Random

    Where would shadow be? Also to the people that thinks it shadow makes it in and the final smash is chaos blast that's to OP it's like 2 nukes hitting on the battlefield

  • robotwars666
    robotwars666 Month ago

    i prefer banjo kazooie,shantae,krystal and zeal from the last story way more then the ones on those list while zeal is never gonna make it in unfortantly

  • Raccoon 64
    Raccoon 64 Month ago


  • Oscar Hooker
    Oscar Hooker Month ago

    My list
    10 deku my hero academia
    9 Reyn xenoblade
    8 pyrus helix drago bakugan
    7 rayman
    6 morag xenoblade 2
    5 ravioli botw
    4 mythra
    3 all might
    2 sans
    1 rex

  • Armand Rudolph
    Armand Rudolph Month ago

    Solaire! Solaire! Solaire!
    Puh-raise the Suuuuuun?

  • Alec Wilson
    Alec Wilson 2 months ago

    9 New Characters We *WANT* in Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch, Write This Down Nintendo

    Fixed your title

  • MMMgaming
    MMMgaming 2 months ago

    We need Phoenix Wright!!

  • Anisa VonRuin
    Anisa VonRuin 2 months ago

    The fact that Sora from Kingdom Hearts wasn't mentioned is SHAMEFUL. Also the idea of Monokuma from Danganronpa being in SSB would be hilarious tbh

  • Proto Man Has Returned
    Proto Man Has Returned 2 months ago

    Apart For Mario's Nipples

  • K 9 Poodle
    K 9 Poodle 2 months ago

    Cigarettes in a KIDS gaMe. Think of the children with black sponges for lungs.

  • Time Dragon
    Time Dragon 2 months ago +4

    1) S-seriously? What would her move set even be?
    2) While kind of a stretch with rights and Nintendo, at least it makes more sense as a fighter.
    3) See now THAT makes sense!
    4) Okay, neither do those attacks make any sense and Detective Pikachu never did ANY of that. A rather big part of the game was that he was a thinker not a fighter.
    5) I can see your point but I'm actually glad they went with ALBW design. BOTW's forehead and eyebrow combination just freaks me out.
    6) Squidlings were confirmed in the first trailer, stop being greedy.
    7) So out of ALL the rabbits out there, you'll only take the Peach one? And above all it's freaking RABBITS.
    8) Now THAT I support, and it would make sense with MVC3
    9) Captain Toad? Sure, now let's add TETRIS to the roster! Captain Toad can't even JUMP much less throw a punch! I'm starting to think you just made this list as a joke.

  • Slender Bone
    Slender Bone 2 months ago

    a lot of these are silly picks, but some are absolute gems. fun list.

  • Devin Dyquisto
    Devin Dyquisto 2 months ago


  • Clover Goldngreen
    Clover Goldngreen 2 months ago

    I wanna see the Jack Bros. of the SMT franchise as a Smash character. They could play similarly to how Rick, Kain, and Coo play in Kirby: Allstar Allies. Then, they can fuse to become Black Frost as their ult move. Also, Pixie and Cerberus could be assist trophies.

  • Maucking J
    Maucking J 2 months ago

    Call me crazy, but I think Slave Knight Gael would be more suitable for Smash than Solaire, probably because Gael is more mobile and there’s more opportunity for a suitable moveset. If I had to add any other characters to Smash, they would be:
    Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)
    The Knight (Hollow Knight)
    Robin (Iconoclasts)
    Buddy Armstrong (LISA: The Joyful)
    Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, Spectre Knight, & King Knight (Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove)

    • Mark Clifford
      Mark Clifford Month ago

      they could all be skins...with same moveset

  • De eenden Gang
    De eenden Gang 2 months ago

    Rip waluigi

  • R van bergen
    R van bergen 2 months ago +1

    Okay, let's see...1.
    Pauline: While the New Donk City stage they talked about DID in fact come about, it also featured Pauline as a part of that stage, which disqualifies her as a fighter.
    2. Solaire of Astora: This might just be me, but I think Dark Souls is just a little too grim to include in Smash Brothers. Although I did think something similar about Bayonetta at some point, so who knows.
    3. Ribbon Girl: Nothing against her, although she would have to be rebalanced because the scenario they present here, with Ribbon Girl stretching her arms out all the way across the stage, is grossly unbalanced. Sadly, though, I think Arms is too recent a game to have any character enter.
    4. Detective Pikachu: ...Seriously? They make a big point in the game about how he can't fight. Besides, it would be way to confusing having both Pikachu AND Detective Pikachu on the screen at both times, with only the hat to tell them apart. Though, it IS possible Pikachu will get an alternate skin based on Detective Pikachu, I guess.
    5. Zelda (Breath of the Wild): While I would have loved this to be true, sadly they pointed out how Breath of the Wild Zelda is more about studying than fighting, so this one is out.
    6. Pearl & Marina: They aren't IN the stage, but they are an assist trophy. So I guess they got that right?
    7. Rabbid Peach: While I don't think there's anything wrong with rabbit... erm, Rabbid Peach joining, there would be a case to be made that it wouldn't really be fair on the other Rabbid characters. I know that Rabbid Peach is considered the most popular, but is she really?
    But I have to give credit where it's due, and say that this character is at least possible... Even if I personally really don't want it to happen.
    8. Phoenix Wright: While this would be awesome, there's one fairly huge problem with it, and it's one they ironically brought up in their video as a point in his favor: he's already in Marvel VS Capcom 3. Just like Konami had to use Raiden in "Sony Smash Brothers" because they licensed Snake out to Nintendo, so too does Phoenix Wright now stand no chance of making it into Smash Brothers Ultimate, ironically because he's already in a fighting game.
    9. Captain Toad: Of all the ones they mentioned, this one is the one I most want to happen. But the main problem, as far as I can see, is a fairly huge one as far as Smash Brothers is concerned: Captain Toad can't jump. his backpack is too heavy. This comes straight from his own game. Which is a pretty big problem when it comes to a series where the main goal is jumping back onto the stage to avoid getting knocked off into the void below.
    They made a pretty good suggestion for getting around this in "Making the Case for Captain Toad in Super Smash Bros. Switch" (highly recommend you watch this), about how his main move could be emptying out his bag, thus making him lighter, but I still don't think it's all that logical to include a ground-bound character in a game where one of the main methods of transportation is jumping around like a flee.
    Oh, and the captain part of his name? Yeah, I'm fairly sure that doesn't refer to a military rank. It's probably because he's the captain of the mushroom ship he and his fellows rode around in in Super Mario Galaxy, which is where he was introduced.
    I think that's everything? let me know what you think.

  • A Random Cupcake
    A Random Cupcake 2 months ago

    Pauline: Deconfirmed
    Solaire: unconfirmed
    Ribbon Girl:Decomfirmed
    Detective Pikachu: unconfirmed
    Zelda (breath of the wild): Deconfirmed
    Pearl & Marina: unconfirmed
    Rabbid Peach: unconfirmed
    Phoenix Wright: unconfirmed
    Captain Toad: unconfirmed

  • Night Cap
    Night Cap 2 months ago

    I'm honestly a little surprised this list didn't include Sans and Papyrus. I mean, isn't Undertale available on Switch now? I want my boney brothers!
    Also, I second the idea of Phoenix Wright. Ace Attorney FTW!

  • Francesco Carra
    Francesco Carra 2 months ago +3

    I need... I mean... WE need Phoenix Wright in Smash!

  • Silvertooth321
    Silvertooth321 2 months ago +1

    So are you saying Edgeworth is an echo or not, also captain toad would be a bad choice because he can't stay true to his game, sure I'd be interesting, maybe pulling things out of his backpack but he can't jump so I'd be the opportunity to add him sure but it's just gonna be a bad character choice because he can't jump, unless Nintendo wants to break the formula?

  • Ryan Lucio
    Ryan Lucio 2 months ago

    Sora. Sora from Kingdom Hearts getting the pass every time is a crime against gamers that has gone on too long. Beyond that I'd also love to see Neku from The World Ends With You. More topically and with more a recent surge in popularity, Bowsette, the fan made creation based off the super crown coming into contact with Bowser. I'd love to see it in game even if it's just an additional skin unlocked for Boswer and not a fully fleshed out character with different moves at stats.

  • Luke McCormack
    Luke McCormack 2 months ago

    This list is absolute trash.

  • Blazeplaysgames
    Blazeplaysgames 2 months ago +1

    We need dante from dmc

  • Mugamugs
    Mugamugs 2 months ago +1

    4:36 FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT YOU WANTED A GARDEN IN SMASH ( sorry if I spelled it wrong)

  • galbert
    galbert 2 months ago

    Lol shadow

  • Ultimate Bowser
    Ultimate Bowser 2 months ago

    Pauline is in Smash Ultimate, but not playable

  • GeekachuIChooseYou
    GeekachuIChooseYou 2 months ago

    "Beat-em-up"? Guys. Wrong genre.

  • Rui Ribeiro
    Rui Ribeiro 2 months ago +2

    Anything from Monster Hunter

  • Ragnar LeRouge
    Ragnar LeRouge 2 months ago +1

    \o/ praise sakurai \o/

  • Shadowking58
    Shadowking58 2 months ago +1

    Why would you want a Rabbid for Ubisoft representation over RAYMAN!?

  • Greninja God
    Greninja God 2 months ago

    No one really wants these characters. Even I could make a better list. These characters are not even that interesting. You could at least add skull kid or Rex and pyra. Some of these characters no one wants.

  • The Channel Of Preston
    The Channel Of Preston 2 months ago

    Cooking Mama

    CAPTINARWHAL45 3 months ago +1

    Hey, you forgot to mention Mr. Ressetti and Waluigi.

  • Fused2Gaming
    Fused2Gaming 3 months ago

    I subbed when I saw Phoenix Wright in the Intro.

  • Just Lex
    Just Lex 3 months ago

    if they dont change link's moves so it has rivali's gale, mipha's grace, daruk's protection and urbosa's fury i'd be very surprised;rivali could make an amazing recovery move and use of the paraglider, they could use mipha's grace as a small healing move that works similarly to little mac's punches, daruk could just be an aesthetic change for the sheild or even work similarly to zelda's farore wind, and urbosa's fury would make a great grab attack cap off or even final smash.

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming 3 months ago

    why not say the broodals like:topper,rango,spewart&hariet

  • Gamefox 2
    Gamefox 2 3 months ago


  • Anton Anderson
    Anton Anderson 3 months ago

    What about Majora from Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask? Or Hyness from Kirby Star Allies? Or Crash Bandicoot? Or Busby (Just Kidding, unless his only purpose is being used as a club to beat someone else with). Or Earthworm Jim?

  • filledinthespirit
    filledinthespirit 3 months ago

    super paper mario characters, more wario ware smooth moves chaaracters, and sans and papyrus, maybe frisk, or chara as an echo fighter, and super paper mario luigi but having mr. l as an echo fighter.

  • TheRightJelly
    TheRightJelly 3 months ago


  • Puppet Gameplays
    Puppet Gameplays 3 months ago

    Well, bad news for ya folks. Turns out Pauline is a backround character. What I mean is that, in the special Super Mario Odyssey stage, you can assemble Pauline and the other band members to play the iconic "Jump Up Superstar" while you kick some serious ass...

    BYERE 3 months ago

    I feel like some of these could just be alternate costume/movesets for characters.
    Like, why would we have both Pikachu AND Detective Pikachu, or Zelda from both Twilight Princess AND Breath of the Wild?

  • Emilia Paton
    Emilia Paton 3 months ago +1


  • Fala Arthur!
    Fala Arthur! 3 months ago

    We only need the Wah

  • Silver Tongue
    Silver Tongue 3 months ago

    What about Pyra or Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles? Or heck both since they’re technically the same person, Mythra can be an echo skin

  • Johny-Not- so-Bravo
    Johny-Not- so-Bravo 3 months ago

    Ok, New Donk City is a arena, There's a diferant version of Zelda, the Ice Climbers, and none of the rest of these are here but who we have instead is way better. Although you've probably seen the new character anouncments by now so why did I even bother?

  • Ethan Michels
    Ethan Michels 3 months ago

    1. Waddle dee
    2. Waddle dee
    3. Waddle dee
    4. Waddle dee
    5. Waddle dee
    6. Waddle dee
    7. Marx

  • Victor Delarosa
    Victor Delarosa 3 months ago


  • P.Johnsin 2
    P.Johnsin 2 3 months ago

    Rayman for Smash bros

  • P.Johnsin 2
    P.Johnsin 2 3 months ago

    Zack Fair echo fighter

  • hdiver
    hdiver 3 months ago

    solaire? so a dead meme with a sword and... literally nothing else going on for him. at least the chosen undead can be given all sorts of weapons and magic. or better yet the bearer of the curse, an actually interesting character with an even better arsenal

  • unbuilseekeer 53
    unbuilseekeer 53 3 months ago

    We need walugi

  • Brandon Ramirez
    Brandon Ramirez 3 months ago

    I really wanna see Some representation for the Soul Calibur series, like Ivy. Ignoring the whole dominatrix... vibes, imagine the chaos she'd put everyone in smash through with her sentient whip sword slashing through everything in sight.

  • ThatGuyInTheCorner
    ThatGuyInTheCorner 3 months ago

    These are all bad! What the hell is wrong with you? Why fucking rabbid peach?

  • Skeletris
    Skeletris 3 months ago +1

    "Do we really need Marth AND Roy?" (yes)

  • RandomYoutube Commenter/Fan


  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario 3 months ago

    Well the new smash bros is announced and zelda is changed but it’s link between worlds zelda and I think that is a great idea because BOTW Zelda is an explorer
    And arms characters?
    Well if you watch lockstin and gnoggins video you would understand why they aren’t there but if you don’t wanna watch that basically their spring arms that would be so annoying in a smash game they could stretch out across a stadium or they get rid of the spring arms and they are just little mac at that point
    And solitar?(i know its not that)
    He doesn’t even have a full moveset
    Maybe an assist trophy where he just does his pose and disappear the goldeens of assist trophies
    And detective pikachu?
    Well he’s not a fighter he literally says that also raichu would be way better because pichu and pikachu is in it also detective pikachu CAN just be a costume
    Mayor pauline?
    She doesn’t even do one fight in any game how do we get her moveset
    I’ve seen the trailer she is going to be a stage
    The squid sister
    They’re assist trophies
    Rabbid peach?
    Rabbid peach is a healer not a fighter
    Maybe another rabbid
    Pheonix wright
    I’ve never played any of his games but
    He just doesn’t look like a good fighting character he looks like a joke character
    In marvel vs capcom
    Captain toad?
    Eh maybe they don’t look that bad
    So maybe
    That’s all of them
    I love all of your videos
    This list is your opinion
    But i disagree
    Some of these guys would be cool to see
    But that marth and roy thing? Yes marth and roy lucina could’ve taken the boot but sakurai delivered
    Also to represent ubisoft maybe ray man?
    So I hope you enjoy the new smash game and good day :3

  • NiGHTS108
    NiGHTS108 4 months ago +1


  • JustScrollingInTheComments


  • Skylurker
    Skylurker 4 months ago +1

    My dream roster:
    Earthworm Jim
    Boss Baby
    Jimmy Neutron

  • Julian
    Julian 4 months ago


  • Patric Herrera
    Patric Herrera 4 months ago +1

    There are more syllables in BOTW than there are in the actual phrase Breath Of The Wild, it's shorter just to say the name, man. That's like, why do we say www. outloud when it's actually quicker to say World Wide Web?

  • Mathwiz Gaming
    Mathwiz Gaming 4 months ago +1

    I kinda of hoped characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would make the cut

  • Evil's innocent Queen
    Evil's innocent Queen 4 months ago +1

    WE NEED SHELDON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh yeah and Judd

  • Squinchenzo YT
    Squinchenzo YT 4 months ago

    They Need Waluigi

  • Teleporting TNT27
    Teleporting TNT27 4 months ago

    Pauline: background in New Donk City stage
    Solaire: ???
    Ribbon Girl: ??? (Probably a alt for Springman)
    Detective Pikachu: ??? (Defiantly a alt for Pichu or Pikachu)
    Zelda: got Link Between Worlds Zelda
    Pearl Marina: not likely since there are already Inklings and the squid sisters are assist trophies, and there is already a Splatoon stage
    Rabid Peach: why?
    Pheniox Wright: very unlikely
    Captain Toad: even though he was in the background in New Donk, they can still do a toon link and make so when you play as him he won't be in the background

  • coffee biscotti
    coffee biscotti 4 months ago +1


  • StormingAmourShipper
    StormingAmourShipper 4 months ago

    Yea Solaire Dark Souls yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring him