9 New Characters We Need in Smash Bros Switch, Write This Down Nintendo


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  • Outside Xtra
    Outside Xtra  Month ago +303

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Smash Bros is coming to the Switch!!!! But what new characters do we want to come with it, along with the Splatoon Inklings? Here are a few suggestions that we NEEEED. Plleeeaaaasseee, Nintendoooo?

    • Miles Prower
      Miles Prower 2 days ago

      I just want Camilla

    • Badass Vegito
      Badass Vegito 5 days ago

      Outside Xtra WALUIGI

    • Aaron Yandell
      Aaron Yandell 9 days ago

      Captain Toad vs Detective Pikachu, anyone?
      Also, Isaac needs a spot on the roster. Come on, now.

    • Eli the Artist
      Eli the Artist 9 days ago

      TheWretchedOwl, good idea, I never thought of that! Including the farmer from Harvest Moon! I have Harvest Moon, but I nearly forgot about it...

    • Josh DuPree
      Josh DuPree 12 days ago

      Outside Xtra we need cuphead and mugman. Also Sonic is owned by Sega. And Sega is owned by Nintendo.

  • Jeanette9a
    Jeanette9a 13 hours ago

    if Pauline gets in, you have no idea how many Daisy rage comics will come. XD
    though they are hilarious to see.

  • Save The Bees!
    Save The Bees! 13 hours ago

    This list upsets me

  • Andrew Shuboy
    Andrew Shuboy 19 hours ago

    I've always wanted to see someone from House of the Dead in Smash. I think the most likely candidates would be G and the Magician.

  • DarthEnderX
    DarthEnderX Day ago

    This list is awful. It's basically just "any new Nintendo thing from the last two years.

  • STORI-01
    STORI-01 2 days ago

    I'd like to see Pauline in smash. Her music and stage are easily my favorite in the game.

  • Daniel Woo
    Daniel Woo 2 days ago

    Personally, only new character I actually want is Shovel Knight.

  • RarisRovers
    RarisRovers 2 days ago

    No one said Sora?

  • Candaru Driemor
    Candaru Driemor 2 days ago


  • j p
    j p 3 days ago

    M'aiq the fighter.

  • ErrOr! SAns
    ErrOr! SAns 3 days ago

    Sans anyone?

  • Ben Grinter
    Ben Grinter 3 days ago

    Does this guy know what assist trophies are?
    Because most of these will be assist trophies.

  • Hunter Yeider
    Hunter Yeider 3 days ago

    Dictivtic Pickchu

  • Hunter Yeider
    Hunter Yeider 3 days ago

    spyro and Ditvictie pickchu

  • Double Aura
    Double Aura 3 days ago

    If we get Ribbon Girl we need Spring Man first. And Pauline probably doesn't make sense as a fighter, but at the same time funny. And I'm pretty sure the Detective Pikachu would have been a costume for Pikachu.

  • Bitch I Might
    Bitch I Might 3 days ago

    I... I actually find the idea of Edgeworth and Wright being smasher amusing, please let us have this nintendo at least make it dlc! (let the stage be the god darn podium too! the judge in the background like 'oh normal day in court I see')

  • Neku Kool
    Neku Kool 4 days ago

    Can we please just get Daisy already?

  • adj789
    adj789 4 days ago

    Mega Man X and Zero need to be in the game!

  • Branon M
    Branon M 4 days ago

    1. this wont happen, but there will 100% be a New Donk City stage
    2. this is extremely unlikely
    3. if theres an ARMS rep, it’ll most likely be spring man
    4. very unlikely, but i would like to see a detective alt for pikachu
    5. no
    6. are you kidding me
    7. i hate you
    8. wont happen
    9. nope
    overall, i think this guy played half of Mario Oddysey and Breath of the Wild and thought “i know everything about Nintendo!!”

  • Luigifan123 aka The NEW Luigifan

    i would love to see sash lilac from freedom planet she would be stronger than sonic how 'bout that

  • Luigifan123 aka The NEW Luigifan

    also that's tetra not zelda 5:20 you moron

  • Brandon Ribeira
    Brandon Ribeira 5 days ago

    Try being more realistic

  • Anime God
    Anime God 5 days ago

    I don’t know why but I want earthworm Jim I know it sounds stupid but I want it

  • Teamfuntime27
    Teamfuntime27 5 days ago

    I've watched so many 'characters I want in the new smash game' videos and I don't know why I haven't seen ANYTHING from yo-kai watch yet! Jibanyan would be PERFECT!!!

  • David Brown
    David Brown 6 days ago +1

    Cappy? Hello? Xtra are you there?

  • Hpool 777
    Hpool 777 6 days ago

    i want a chicken nugget in smash 5

  • TheGame Boy
    TheGame Boy 6 days ago

    These aren't in any particular order and I know they have no chance at all:
    9. King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)
    8. Sir Kibble (Kirby)
    7. Caineghis (Fire Emblem)
    6. Alucard (Castlevania)
    5. Bomberman (Bomberman)
    4. Chunky Kong (Donkey Kong)
    3. Carrie Fernandez (Castlevania)
    2. Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda)
    1. The President (Pikmin)

  • April Mccoll
    April Mccoll 6 days ago

    you forgot tails,decidueye,amy rose,spring man, ninjara,and ridley

  • Fire Fly 956
    Fire Fly 956 6 days ago

    I got a condom commercial before this

  • Alooshi Z
    Alooshi Z 6 days ago


  • Jimmy Dapizza
    Jimmy Dapizza 6 days ago

    How bout detective pikachu as a costume for og pikachu

  • OGNerd
    OGNerd 6 days ago

    I thought Twintail was more the face of ARMS.

  • nightmare 724
    nightmare 724 7 days ago

    Shy guy...please God...just put in shy guy....please

  • Stinger The Hero
    Stinger The Hero 7 days ago

    I want Sans.
    The reasons I want him to be in Smash is because Undertale is going to be on the switch, so there is a small chance that he could be in and because he has a lot of attacks in Undertale.
    Come on, Nintendo

  • David Franco
    David Franco 7 days ago

    Why Captain Toad? He can't even jump...

  • Brandon Nguyen
    Brandon Nguyen 7 days ago

    Add the Broodals in smash bros

  • Jeevan Bains
    Jeevan Bains 7 days ago

    You forgot waluigi iforgot.apple.com/password/reset?sstt=PXEopqXkutM9UN545D%2FU%2FxtQA6FiAHEsiBcmdHPmKeqM3a5Bj1T21ZkSDsA4AFv8%2BC6ulzI%2BfsaOrh5tWMUuRunHrDHid3JJK11PcAKjPp7wfW7xOXh3svP9Oy3M9Kdrf9jteYdKOi8ErI6wV2FhSsz%2FpTl13xg2r%2BfVCKgMhIGHJrxRFDEY7Aq6JGhoK2O%2BTbyxMO7BA%2FJ8tFFC1vMrSZ1AdaSHU1ewNkswmX0y0k%2Bs%2BmjBVRlEzjsHErvRSTMiixZ3e6pIiaVZ7P7fbqDQYzxIjQJYNeWrIu%2BnUjrDAatW1Wy2dRk%2BjgkD1oTg%2FIVo3%2BbNjg0r%2B6a%2BogxnVhyUa87X7eQODzeEe4bSBOG9peZZYbr%2BPEvf1Xr3de7S8xlzMgLQHviXDpHovsL%2FOqwn1uWJa9SEGkFbSz8vjEHBOIQm9yahJ6meIY772kic6%2F6d8HBf5Cdb8yiGlFbhoVppkVRvAucJiZCzs4A8QjZHqVy6N%2BU4JVo%3D

  • Shoegames657
    Shoegames657 7 days ago

    ribbon girl is basic and annoying. twintelle is iconic

  • Mad Italian
    Mad Italian 7 days ago

    Who gives a shit about daisy, shes just a pallet swap of peach

  • Mad Italian
    Mad Italian 7 days ago

    The Dragonborn from Fallout Tactics

  • Mevans
    Mevans 7 days ago

    I hate the fact that people are putting BotW spoilers in these videos >:(

  • Linoose Drawing
    Linoose Drawing 7 days ago


  • Sketchwin
    Sketchwin 8 days ago

    I wish I could be just like the sun....

  • Puppybot
    Puppybot 8 days ago

    Plz add Rex and pyra if they do add them I think the gameplay would be like a mix of Shulk and ice climbers

  • Bobflannery103
    Bobflannery103 8 days ago

    WE. NEED. CONKER. IN. TRIPLE. S. (switch super smash)

  • Zryxeon
    Zryxeon 8 days ago

    Vote for Wolf
    Vote for Wolf

  • Terrill Parker
    Terrill Parker 8 days ago

    what about Princess Daisy for Smash Brothers for switch

  • Zellder
    Zellder 8 days ago

    All I want is Shovel Knight! (also keep Lucina shes my main. (also Captain Falcon but we all know hes staying))

  • Garurugirl1
    Garurugirl1 8 days ago

    What about sidon? his awesome !

  • Corny Owl
    Corny Owl 8 days ago

    Personally I would like to see Bandana Dee as a playable character. Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight have all been made playable already, but Bandana who is also a playable character in two kirby games has not been given that chance. He's come so far since Kirby Super Star, I need my Waddle Baby up there with the best of em.

  • Rob D'Alessandro
    Rob D'Alessandro 9 days ago

    What happened to koopa troopa

  • dat black hole
    dat black hole 9 days ago

    but... but... why not a guardian?

  • Doomsday
    Doomsday 9 days ago

    My nine in no particular order:
    1. Black Knight (Fire Emblem)
    2. Volke (Fire Emblem)
    3. Isaac (Golden Sun)
    4. Raiden (Metal Gear Rising)
    5. Bomberman (self-explanatory)
    6. Dante and/or Vergil (Devil May Cry)
    7. The Kusagari (Red Steel 2)
    8. Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel)
    9. Ridley and/or Dark Samus (Metroid)

  • I like Pizza
    I like Pizza 9 days ago

    I need waluigi in this game

  • Jonathan Sandahl
    Jonathan Sandahl 9 days ago

    Make Toad the Toad Warrior, a badass biker on a chopper trike from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

  • Benjamin Schmidt
    Benjamin Schmidt 9 days ago

    Professor Layton.

  • Luna Chan
    Luna Chan 9 days ago

    But I want Callie and Marie......

  • Kornii
    Kornii 10 days ago


  • Red Toon Link
    Red Toon Link 10 days ago

    Can we finally have more Zelda characters (not just the main ones) and only the same amount of Mario characters?

  • De Mil
    De Mil 10 days ago

    Sans from Undertale?

  • Rachel & Chloe Amberprice

    i need Aioli! Not ths ugly Pearl

  • Super 5avage2.1
    Super 5avage2.1 10 days ago


  • LaFrance LaFrance
    LaFrance LaFrance 10 days ago

    I like WOOMY

  • John Dunkelburg
    John Dunkelburg 10 days ago

    I'd like to see the RWBY characters added to SSB.

  • Zehra Şen
    Zehra Şen 10 days ago

    I want to see birdo, ninten and marx

  • Thesportsman
    Thesportsman 10 days ago

    Pearl and marina should replace ice climbers if they don’t wanna bring ice climbers back

  • Thesportsman
    Thesportsman 10 days ago

    The Zelda one is cool it’s like toon link basically

  • Thesportsman
    Thesportsman 10 days ago

    #2 should be an assist trophy

  • Instinct Titan
    Instinct Titan 10 days ago

    I just want a smash bros story mode... better than brawl

  • Leo McEdgeLord
    Leo McEdgeLord 10 days ago

    I don't think these guys play smash

  • Leo McEdgeLord
    Leo McEdgeLord 10 days ago

    Don't take OG link

  • Joseph Ercanbrack
    Joseph Ercanbrack 11 days ago

    How could you forget Waluigi?!

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 11 days ago

    fact: Breath of the wild made zelda not a princess... in medieval era a princess is forbidden from leaving the castle if she is the only one left. which meaning if a princess had no one else to earn leadership of so fortress, as she left and died, that power that they couldve had will be removed. in the zelda franchise from nes to skyward sword they still hosted her as the only gaurdian of "(domain of power)" she is royalty. now because breath of the wild has a major faultline, zelda therefore is not a princess... which is you know, out of any of the zelda franchise not more than one is zelda not considered a princess. If you think this is incorrect i suggest u actually learn what the medieval era was.

  • Robert Giordano
    Robert Giordano 11 days ago

    If we don’t get Waluigi, we riot

  • RuffleRaven INC
    RuffleRaven INC 11 days ago

    wHaT aBoUt SaNs UnDeRtAlE? (I’m being facetious, please don’t kill me)

  • the fancy pigeon person


  • Ryan
    Ryan 11 days ago

    Man of love to see some old school RAREWARE characters from the 64. Banjo Kazooie in particular. Conker too that would be sick 🤙🤙

  • Kaernunnos
    Kaernunnos 11 days ago

    I have just one issue with most of your propositions. The move set. Let's take solaire . While it would be great to have solaire un the roster , we never really saw him fight and use greatly recognisable moves. Now Artorias in the other hand.....

  • Maggie McGonnell
    Maggie McGonnell 11 days ago

    Dark Samus and Waluigi

    SUPER GOD 11 days ago

    and not a single god damn castlevania character. you suggest some chick from some game series I've never even heard of called ARMS, but not SIMON FUCKING BELMONT?

  • Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb 11 days ago

    If they can bring ryu in smash,I wanna see chun li😍😍😍

  • Rune Limbron
    Rune Limbron 11 days ago

    Literally anyone of the main characters from the Rune Factory series. Come on man, you can have a monster to help you in battle, use any weapon you want, possibly have Ymir or Whale Island as a stage (because who doesn't want a giant earth golem, or floating island shaped like a whale to fight on), and because they probably wont continue the series... I'm going to go back to crying in my hole now.

  • Winter Morrigan Black-Dreemurr

    I believe the Dragonborn should be in Smash, due to the fact that the Switch has Skyrim on it. Think about it. The final smash could be to literally summon the Heroes of Sovngard to wail on an opponent and send them to Oblivion. Alternative costumes could be: Miraak, the Ebony Warrior, General Tullius, and Ulfric Stormcloak.

  • Jordan N
    Jordan N 11 days ago


  • Daevion Gray
    Daevion Gray 12 days ago


  • M3ga Man1080
    M3ga Man1080 12 days ago

    Agh... Normally I greatly enjoy your lists, but this time around, i don’t agree with any of the choices. Not going to thumbs down though, cuz I’m not a dick. The quality is the same as any of your other videos and very well put together. My personal list for the next smash for characters I’d like to see would be:
    1. the Battletoads but not as separate characters just different skins like bowser jr is in the Wii U smash bros
    2. Banjo Kazooie, but the original not the crap from nuts n bolts.
    3. Maybe Mumbo from Banjo Kazooie, but I would also just be satisfied with banjo having him come out for his smash and using his magic to turn him into something from the games to lay a beat down on the other characters
    4. This one isn’t actually a character rather than it is a request that all characters that are essentially clones of another character just be another skin for a character so as to not take up a spot. i.e. fox, falco, and wolf all be listed as the same character just skinned in the way that baby bowser/bowser jr. is skinned. Clone characters are such a lame excuse for another fighter. The same goes for Marth and Roy. I’m fine with them being in the game, but they don’t need to be separate fighters.
    5. I kinda liked the Pokémon trainer, i think it’d be cool to bring him back and add more Pokémon to his roster. Perhaps have it listed as an item select format. You select Pokémon trainer, and then get to select 3 Pokémon for your team. That might be a little to hard to put in though, that’s just kind of imaginative, so if they don’t put that in, I’d totally get it. Also I’m fully aware Nintendo isn’t digging through TVclip comments, although i do think it would help them please their fans a little more regularly.
    I had other things for the list from the last time they made a smash game, but they’ve since added mega man, who was only minorly disappointing to play as, but at least they put him in. And before y’all give me crap for listing rareware characters, Rareware told Nintendo that they could use their IPs for the last smash game, and they didn’t take advantage of that offer. Heck the battle toads were in Ready Player One recently, and Banjo Kazooie isn’t that old. It also wouldn’t be the first time that Nintendo put obscure characters into a smash game. At one point marth and Roy were considered obscure until they were put into melee.

  • The Amazing X
    The Amazing X 12 days ago +2

    I'm sorry fam but most of these character are unreasonable if inklings are in the game we don't need Pearl and marina also if anything spring man would be better than ribbon girl also detective Pikachu would be a skin

  • #1gamer
    #1gamer 12 days ago

    Detective pika just should be a costume swap

  • Lucie Pearson
    Lucie Pearson 12 days ago

    Goku !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Artst
    Artst 12 days ago +1

    Pauline she debut as a playable character in mario kart... Daisy deserves a spot i. the roster od ssb though. Let pauline grow more.

  • Duc Lin
    Duc Lin 12 days ago


  • Chad Cuervo
    Chad Cuervo 12 days ago

    All right alrightalrightALRIGHT. I see you outside Xbox. I see you. I don’t quite agree but who am I to say who’s right or wrong I’m just some guy here.
    However, obviously we got to have Waluigi I mean come on. WAH. I also say we don’t need any more fire emblem or Pokémon only for the fact that there’s too many at the moment. They’d have to take someone out or just leave out new ones. Phoenix right doesn’t seem like a good idea because... well what’s he supposed to do Sue everybody?
    “OBJECTION!” You say.
    Saltair is a cute idea as well but if we’re going to go with a third-party guy I’m thinking we should bring back SNAAAAKE, Cloud, and Bayonetta of course.
    Also, if you’re still reading this, thank you. However, if anyone here wants Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot to come in, you can go fuck yourself. Go fuck yourself right now. I mean it! You can go to your room and then go fuck yourself. That’s not gonna fucking happen.

  • SmashMas Yoshisarus
    SmashMas Yoshisarus 12 days ago

    I want cappy by himself

  • the fricken mailman
    the fricken mailman 12 days ago

    Shovel knight would be cool

  • Ghost Toaster
    Ghost Toaster 12 days ago


  • Nintendo Paradox
    Nintendo Paradox 12 days ago +1

    None of these, just Daisy. (And sans of course)

  • Jose Ferrer Jr
    Jose Ferrer Jr 12 days ago

    I would like to see Rex and Pyra as one playable character. The battlefield would be the Leftherian Archipelago

  • Jarrett Ervin
    Jarrett Ervin 12 days ago

    All of these are to modern this guy really didn’t dig too deep.

  • Jackson W.
    Jackson W. 13 days ago

    “Do we really need Marth and Roy?” Uh fuck yeah but do we really need Marth and Lucina is the real question 😭