9 New Characters We Need in Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch, Write This Down Nintendo


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  • Outside Xtra
    Outside Xtra  4 months ago +316

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Smash Bros is coming to the Switch!!!! But what new characters do we want to come with it, along with the Splatoon Inklings? Here are a few suggestions that we NEEEED. Plleeeaaaasseee, Nintendoooo?

    • Asia Warsaw
      Asia Warsaw 9 days ago

      Outside Xtra I would prefer tetra as a playable character over botw zelda

    • Double Aura
      Double Aura Month ago

      Honestly I think Pearl and Marina has a better chance than the Squid Sisters. Or they could do the Squid Sisters for the default and Pearl and Marina for the alternate.

    • Alexander Luna
      Alexander Luna Month ago

      We need Callie and Marie instead of Pearl and Marina

    • Double Aura
      Double Aura Month ago

      Pearl and Marina in my opinion wouldn't make sense (but hey Nintendo put in characters that didn't make sense like Wii Fit Trainer and Duck Hunt Duo and Villager) and if they came in that would be funny. As for Detective Pikachu it is probably most likely a costume.

    • Double Aura
      Double Aura Month ago

      I agree.

  • KittyBot3.0
    KittyBot3.0 7 hours ago


  • Ayyy lmao
    Ayyy lmao 8 hours ago

    Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, and Apollo Justice.
    That's straight up all I want from Smash lmao.

  • Mettaton EX
    Mettaton EX 23 hours ago

    RIP Shantae ;_;

  • Davion Jackson
    Davion Jackson Day ago

    What about tails, or knuckles, or shadow, if we can have a dark pit, we can have a shadow

  • TheYigafooWisperer
    TheYigafooWisperer 2 days ago

    I'm waiting for Rayman to join

  • Kerry Trombley
    Kerry Trombley 3 days ago


  • Marvin Calloway
    Marvin Calloway 3 days ago

    All I want is shadow the Hedgehog

  • Animation Creation
    Animation Creation 4 days ago

    Poor Waluigi...

  • - KookieKing725 -
    - KookieKing725 - 4 days ago

    I think detective pikachu would be more likely to be a skin for pikachu

  • Cocorobo
    Cocorobo 6 days ago

    Goku, sephiroth, king k rool and heihachi mishima. Plznthx

  • Dakota Zablow
    Dakota Zablow 9 days ago

    How about Banjo and Kazooie? 20th year anniversary brought back to Nintendo would be awesome. Plus the already have a huge existing moveset to choose from.

  • Dylan Looman
    Dylan Looman 9 days ago


  • nick vanvliet
    nick vanvliet 10 days ago +1

    I wish Phantom of the Neahpera was in a smash game, but he wasn't made by Nintendo. :(

  • Wolfiyee
    Wolfiyee 10 days ago

    Max. Well.

  • STV 003
    STV 003 11 days ago

    Marvel vs capcom is probably the exact reason reason we won't see Phoenix Wright

  • Mury
    Mury 11 days ago

    Dark souls? Completely doubt it but yes smash does need marth especially, hes the Fire Emblem mascot and Roy is cool so

  • ωιllσω
    ωιllσω 11 days ago

    I'm so glad Daisy made it in instead of pauline, like what would pauline do? Like ok? She came back but doesn't mean she'll have to be in smash bros.

  • DinoDynand
    DinoDynand 11 days ago

    we need Captian toad!

  • Bonnie Bunny Buddy
    Bonnie Bunny Buddy 13 days ago

    Ninten and Claus (Masked man version).

  • Bonnie Bunny Buddy
    Bonnie Bunny Buddy 13 days ago

    If they were in it, here are the people’s reactions:
    Pauline: NO WALUIGI!?
    #2/#3: I don’t really know. I don’t know who he is.
    Detective Pikachu: WE ALREADY HAVE PIKACHU!
    Zelda: Oh yay. Zelda also has a new look! (People were like that with the Link between worlds version).
    Pearl and Marina: oh. Didn’t expect that. (I wouldn’t expect another Splatoon character).
    Rabbit Peach: Wtf
    Phoenix Wright: Idk.
    C. Toad: Oh.
    (R.O.B. And Wii Fit Trainer for goodness sake! Lol). XD

  • Noelle Brackett
    Noelle Brackett 13 days ago

    I see Pauline. I click

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 13 days ago

    If I could pick any of these, I would definitely choose Phoenix Wright. Screw it, if I could
    Pick any single character from any game to be in Smash, it would be Phoenix Wright

  • Polaris Raven
    Polaris Raven 13 days ago

    New Skins/Color Schemes options I'm hoping to see:
    Megaman: Battle Network/Megaman X. Maybe Zero, unless that's implemented as a separate character or costs a lot.
    Sonic: Shadow & Silver. Same case as with Zero.
    Samus: Dark Samus?
    Pikachu: Detective Pikachu
    Pokemon Trainer: Ash Ketchum
    As for new characters I'm hoping to see:
    Ray 01 (Custom Robo)
    Raiden (Metal Gear, maybe Rising Revengeance?). Grey Fox would be a nice Skin/color scheme option too. Same case as Zero.
    Black Knight / Zelgius (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn / Heroes). Maybe as a color scheme/skin for Ike?
    Soren (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn / Heroes). Maybe as a color scheme/skin for Robin?
    Zero / Protoman (Megaman Series: X, NT Warrir/Battle Network, etc.)
    Master Chief? Been requested ever since people heard Brawl was coming out.

    Assist characters I'm hoping to see:
    Reinhardt (Fire Emblem Thracia 776 / Heroes).
    Metal Sonic (Sonic Adventures? Or was he just in SA 2 Battles as a multiplayer playable?)
    Cannon Tortoise or Gun Sniper (Zoids New Century Zero. Also Zoids Battle Legends)
    Blade Liger / Liger Zero (Zoids Chaotic Century & New Century Zero)
    Zeke/Shadow/Specular Ambient (either/or/and) (Zoids Chaotic Century)
    Stages I'm hoping to see again:
    Melee's Final Destination (Where you fight Crazy Hand)
    Melee's Hyrule Castle
    Melee's Mute City (destroying the cars until there were none left was always a fun challenge)
    Melee's Kirby Stage
    N 64's Yoshi Stage
    N 64's Donkey Kong Stage
    Brawl's Luigi's Mansion

  • Princess Daisy Fan1#
    Princess Daisy Fan1# 15 days ago

    Yes we need pauline

  • Julio A. Valenzuela H.

    Where's banjo koozie banjo can use koozie as a gun no lie🙄

  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond - Serena x Lillie


  • CaptainsEyePatch
    CaptainsEyePatch 17 days ago

    Game Theory: Paline is Carmen Sandiago.

  • SPRBRXO 4220
    SPRBRXO 4220 17 days ago


  • Farhan
    Farhan 18 days ago

    Waluigi is needed

  • JavierM
    JavierM 18 days ago


  • andrew aktov
    andrew aktov 18 days ago

    But what about dante from dmc? He would be a perfect candidate for smash bros.

  • Jay Hill
    Jay Hill 23 days ago

    Hey if this is a Nintendo quote on quote hall of fame why is there no Banjo? And if wario is in I want Waluigi same with Daisy she's way over do and I'm a a huge fire emblem fan but please less fire emblem oh and yeah we do need Roy and Martha and Ike since there great and make sure not to tell us every Character Nintendo and leave a few secret that way we can be way surprised when baby Mario joins the Frey shit spoiler alert

  • Camilo
    Camilo 24 days ago

    Another Pikachu...? What about Crash Bandicoot, Boo, Rayman, Tails...

  • Golden Dragon
    Golden Dragon 24 days ago

    If detective pikachu is going to be anything he's going to be a alternate outfit for Pikachu.

    • eventyraren
      eventyraren 21 day ago

      Golden Dragon or maby his echo fighter.

  • nekospaw
    nekospaw 24 days ago

    a belmont from castlevania, i'd even settle for dracula!

  • LoonieLunaPlays
    LoonieLunaPlays 25 days ago

    No Waboy, disliked.

  • AlexPlayz
    AlexPlayz 26 days ago

    Bandana Dee, Krystal, Crash Bandicoot, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Eevee and evolutions, Ribbon Girl and Spring Man, Toad

  • Justusdreaming
    Justusdreaming 26 days ago

    Why do people want or mostly think characters like Daisy or Pauline are essential? We need less clones, those two offer nothing Peach doesn't already, they're not even racially diverse giving them more legitimate reason to be included.
    The Daisy echo is fine for flavor, but "ultimately" inessential as it is a clone and a D-list character that has like one game that she is relevant in, most people don't even know her from that game and only know her from Mario Party, tennis, strikers and other spin-off series.
    There are many more unique and iconic characters to spend development time on.

  • Noah's World
    Noah's World 26 days ago

    How would Pauline work in Smash? She doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of character to quickly maneuver around a stage. Also, how would she fight? Pauline using Cappy would seem out of place.

  • Spencer Eaton
    Spencer Eaton 26 days ago

    I think they should include wolf link and midna, dixie kong, krystal from star fox and toad

  • Tia Pascarelli
    Tia Pascarelli 26 days ago

    if they need room in the roster they should make pit + dark pit one character lol also y u gotta hate on roy and marth like that

  • Cookies 1453
    Cookies 1453 26 days ago

    The only moment that i was sad at E3 was when link betwhen worlds zelda was aded insted of her botw version, i like her new disine but her botw will be beter at least in my opinion.

  • Subconsciouslockdown
    Subconsciouslockdown 26 days ago

    Captain toad cant jump tho

  • elliot blake
    elliot blake 27 days ago

    This is a joke... right?

  • JabbaDaJosh
    JabbaDaJosh 28 days ago

    0:45 what is the name of this theme?

  • Evan Krause
    Evan Krause 28 days ago


  • Lucas kincanyon
    Lucas kincanyon 29 days ago

    So, was this a legitimate video, or what?

  • EricStelzman
    EricStelzman Month ago

    How about Nate/Katie from Yo-Kai Watch and Tethu from Ever Oasis?

  • Caitlein
    Caitlein Month ago

    If we're talking BOTW, then Sidon please.

  • Pell Fanboy
    Pell Fanboy Month ago

    A character from Yokai Watch needs to be in the game. Idk whats taking so long. Its one of Nintendo’s best selling series.

  • Dr _ Nomz
    Dr _ Nomz Month ago

    Captain Toad for Smash! :D

  • Loli Paul
    Loli Paul Month ago

    Do we need Marth and Roy? Yes we do

  • KAJGaming
    KAJGaming Month ago +1


  • ssj zd
    ssj zd Month ago


  • BabyNuggetHead
    BabyNuggetHead Month ago

    Rabbid Peach needs to be a thing!

  • commal
    commal Month ago +1


    And i do to ;)

  • That One Oldtaku
    That One Oldtaku Month ago

    I think all the Rabbids could be added through costumes like the Koopalings.
    Honestly just make a ton of costumes. It'd make people shut up about clones and everyone would be able to play their favorites.
    I would prefer new characters to be villains.

  • Adam Schank
    Adam Schank Month ago

    I can name a couple that I hope make it into the roster. Ghirahim from LoZ Skyward Sword and Rayman.

  • prmatthew2
    prmatthew2 Month ago

    Hank Hill in Sma5h or I riot

  • O Zone
    O Zone Month ago

    I like the Captain Toad idea. Only one problem. He can't jump!!

  • Jake Bankowski
    Jake Bankowski Month ago


  • Bidoof
    Bidoof Month ago +1

    lets be honest, pauline isnt going to happen... but itd be so funny to watch her beat up dk

  • Fero Seikon Zetta Miller

    No more Mario Characters, seriously, no more, this will end as Mario Combat at some point.
    Also, take Greninja and put Decidueye, make Mewtwo part of the in-game rooster, and of fucks sake!!!, Nintendo, AMERICA DOESN'T LIKE FIRE EMBLEM ALL THAT MUCH!!!, less characters of that, we could keep Robin, Roy, Marth and Ike and there is no problem, but Corrin is excesive.
    Don't forget to include more indies in Smash, Shantae, Shovel Knight and Dark Souls would be an excellent balance, being Shantae and Shovel Knight cartoonish enough for the Nintendo Universe and Dark Souls would take the niche that Link, Zelda and Sheik of Twilight Princess leave when they are replaced by Breath of the Wild.

  • WhiteBlock CC
    WhiteBlock CC Month ago

    First, Isaac from golden sun is really wanted but not much know. And detective pikachu would end up like dr. mario to be honest

  • Chan Ming
    Chan Ming Month ago

    Snake or I’m not getting

    • Rizki S.
      Rizki S. 26 days ago

      Chan Ming grats you have to buy the game now.

  • Skelebro Sans
    Skelebro Sans Month ago

    We should have a guardian or lyonel as a boss, God I hate those things

  • GamePlush Hinerman
    GamePlush Hinerman Month ago

    Characters we need? What are the consequences for not having these characters in smash bros, you'll be dissapointed?

  • Ironslicer
    Ironslicer Month ago

    most of those could just be skins like zelda and pearl and marina could just be inkling skins

  • Ty Martinez
    Ty Martinez Month ago

    They should put Isaac from Dead Space

  • Nick the Dreamer
    Nick the Dreamer Month ago

    I think they should bring back Wolf (Star Fox) and then bring in King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country Trilogy) and Sylux (Metroid) for the sake of having more villains on the roster and then add Krystal (Star Fox), Shantae (Shantae: Half-Genie Hero), and Impa (Zelda/Hyrule Warriors) for the sake of more female fighters.

  • Ethan Golden
    Ethan Golden Month ago

    Hey, I love the channel, but instead of the feminist dream team maybe you could give us your actual opinions.

  • Afonso Amaro
    Afonso Amaro Month ago

    0:46 No we don't

  • ุ
     Month ago

    "We" need?
    You don't speak for me, peon.

  • Classical Conspirator

    Wait wait, Gehrman from Bloodborne! :D

  • Classical Conspirator

    Travis Touchdown: No More Heroes

  • Ibudon
    Ibudon Month ago

    i agree except for pheonix wright and edgeworth but yeah thats true

  • the panda nation of america

    Pauline will never get in

  • Gordato
    Gordato Month ago


  • Leonis Yggdrasil
    Leonis Yggdrasil Month ago

    Splatoon and Arms are two games that should have no representation at all in Super Smash Bros. Both games are terrible, and should have never been made

  • blacknight1234567
    blacknight1234567 Month ago

    I say professor layton! That game series is fantastic

  • SilverFoxR
    SilverFoxR Month ago

    Shantae (and any of her friends or Risky Boots)
    Shovel Knight (and Plague Knight and Specter Knight)
    Krystal (since people kept talking about "Fox w/ staff", might as well give it's original owner the job)
    Bandanna/Spear Waddle Dee, Knuckle Joe, Blade Knight or Biospark
    Protoman, Bass, X or Zero

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee Month ago

    Not to make anyone angry, just giving my opinions.
    1. I fell like pearl and marina in smash would be extremely unlikely I think the regular inklings would do just fine.
    2. Just saying, I would really like some gen 7 starters in smash. (In case you didn't know, gen 7 is Pokémon.)

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron Month ago

    Is it too late for Isaac or K Rool? More villains? C'mon, we already have enough new* characters...

  • Umbreon
    Umbreon Month ago +1

    if Pauline makes it in before Daisy I will cry, I give her a 2/10 in likeliness, unlikely
    Solaire? really? he just doesn't fit in Smash Bros, 2/10, unlikely
    Ribbon Girl won't make it in for a multitude of reasons, first of all the mascot Spring Man would make it in and not her, secondly ARMS is just such a new game that they likely never planned him to be in, and thirdly the creator basically said that he was "such a new IP", 1/10, deconfirmed
    I mean I can see Detective Pikachu as a costume but having him as his own character is just... no, 1/10
    yeah, I can see BOTW Zelda, it would be weird having Twilight Princess Zelda and BOTW Link, 9/10
    well this is the first time a Splatoon character will be in Smash so like I don't see them adding MULTIPLE Splatoon characters in this first game they're in, maybe later, 1/10
    I really hope she isn't in here, like she's cool and funny but RayMan deserves it more, also Rabbids Kingdom Battle is just so, so new, 2/10
    Pheonix Wright would be an interesting character, I could see him just cause of how iconic he is, but still not very likely, since no third party characters can really be called "likely", 3/10
    Captain Toad would be amazing, he has such good Moveset potential, he's way overdue for a spot on the roster, he's had his own game which would likely come out around when presumably this game started development, very likely in my opinion, 8/10

  • Eevee Latias Mew
    Eevee Latias Mew Month ago

    I would like incineroar from Pokémon

  • outlast ocult
    outlast ocult Month ago

    We need Simon Belmont or Alucard from castlevania

  • *a devil bee*
    *a devil bee* Month ago

    Yes marth and roy
    But not lucina

  • emotrainer4444
    emotrainer4444 Month ago +1

    I disagree, we need Pokemon Trainer's return with no switching, Sora from Kingdom Hearts and as a second Bandai Namco rep, Wargreymon from the Digimon games.

  • Ninja _Pants01
    Ninja _Pants01 Month ago

    Does anyone else want a smash bros 5 pack with 64 melee brawl sm4sh and smash 5 remastered?

  • Rusty.Jaguar
    Rusty.Jaguar Month ago

    I say we put Ditto. It would transform into one of the other players and completely copy them. If the stage has no other characters, Ditto transforms into a random character.

  • Jesse Nguyen
    Jesse Nguyen Month ago

    ALL OF TE PEOPLE straight up everyone

  • Silver Comet
    Silver Comet 2 months ago

    Ehem. Little Mac Got a character roster after being an assist trophy, what about Waluigi?

  • Talonis Wolf, Wolf Acolyte

    Midna. The first time I saw Bayonettas magic arm things, I immediately thought "Why didn't they do the same for Midna?! She has a magic arm on the top of her head! "

  • Roberto David Arrieta
    Roberto David Arrieta 2 months ago

    well i want mayo pauline to be in smash

  • Scott O
    Scott O 2 months ago

    This list would almost entirely end up as reskin characters or alternate looks even if they did get added

  • kracman99
    kracman99 2 months ago

    Bayonetta? Waluigi? Any Donkey Kong villain? Chrono? Jesse, James and Meowth as a trio playable character? And always have Mewtwo, never make him a DLC for god sakes.

  • Mika McNoodle
    Mika McNoodle 2 months ago

    We need crystal

  • TheRadiantDehd
    TheRadiantDehd 2 months ago +1

    *EARTHWORM JIM* Period.

  • Molly McDonald
    Molly McDonald 2 months ago

    I want the Squid Sisters! They've been waiting so long. Please I just need them!!!!!!!!!!!!