How Do I Know If I am a Target. Gang Stalking


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  • EGIT Consulting
    EGIT Consulting Day ago

    Ever thought it is witchcraft related?

  • Raymond L
    Raymond L 4 days ago +1

    Every TI in the world should reach out and share information and support. Gangstalking, and other forms of organized harassment is a spreading evil that is infecting every society and country. Check out my shared perp collection on my TVclip, Facebook, others.

  • Sam  Peek
    Sam Peek 9 days ago

    This is me

  • Kent-Jorgen Tripalo-Blomqvist

    This it's what it's all about ya all!
    WARNING TRUE STORY"its 2018 and nazis are on the rise after 100 years again, just think watch study and you see it clearly!!!! AFTER I WAS KILLED IN LA AND WOKE UP FROM COMA I staggered out of a ucla hospital somewhere towards malibu beach coming from long beach and I was hunted down like an animal in the streets of Los Angeles by a Nazi group founded by Hitler in Sweden called "Säpo" "rikskrim" & "näpo" first one controlles them all and basically built Sweden on Jewish blood money whilst they tricked America it was a movie production and had fake police, was killed plenty of times but saved by the every day people, the homeless, the famous, veterans working as police, bikers not riding as they was undercover protectors, LAFD & Last but not least Sam Kury who took care of me and fed me and tried to refresh my memory(homeless man) who also gave me a sleeping bag and some cushions where I ended up in a park in Torrence next to pizza hut and McDonald's when my feet gave up due to my back as I'm disabled and have a f:Ed up back to the point I lost feelings in my feet as I am a victim of police abuse in Sweden as a kid before I had to move to London as I got Russian genes I'm as hated as the blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Muslims. The NAZI elite that fled to Sweden and spread out over the world with fake passports and blended in the police all over first and foremost to climb towards more political jobs,
    WARNING ALL THEY ARE ON THE RISE AGAIN, and plan to return to Sweden once they have got the world fighting each other and that neutral country will then if succeed take out the remaining few not wanted, but there are higher powers already fighting them and spread false propaganda and false conspiracy theory's like illuminates are evil, freemason are evil, the Jews are evil cause they accumulate money to fight this fraction of nazis when needed and the so called bad bikers and G's who are only looking after each others back like brothers n sisters(family) against these people but hard when they get stitched up by the Corrupt police that's part of the NAZI elite. Sure we want to look scary and we are when we meet massmurderers rapists and Pedo's as that was the signature move by the SS soldiers & gestapo who now control Sweden and are killing investors from Russia and other non accepted country's and print out fake but legal papers that these men and women switched to Swedish passports and left the country and closing their bank accounts taking their money and print another passport in their name and a payed individual travel to America on that passport so it looks like they went there then burn the passport and travel back to Sweden on their own or simply get a new by a Swedish corrupt consulate and that's what's started the so called cold War between Russia and USA if there's even been a big deal most of it is just stired up by the NAZI elite and still ongoing, they shattered soviet Union cause they where a threat then continued to cause instability in that region, after that they shattered former Jugoslavia, during one night all Jugoslavia countries started killing each other and no one knew why, bet the Corrupt Un troops did.... If it was them or just a master plan to get rid of all murdered Muslim passports from allover the world as my army friend said he found, another lucky ex army who was the only survivor of 200 in an ambush, he Aswell now disabled, wonder why? Same injury as me, but I'm worse off, my future will be a wheelchair when my spinal cord is more damaged and the same people came to London and killed me twice and again a homeless person I helped resussitated me by luck he kept me getting oxygen to my brain for 40 minutes before ambulance came yet I was bleeding out of my mouth, another hero on the streets I used to help with shower and clean clothes and shelter when minus degrees outside that we have a few days a year in London United Kingdom, he has been homeless 16 years now and no one cares yet he's even born here, he probably pissed off the NAZI fraction that usually works as "gangstalkers" but take it to far murdering people for fun, the murdered a lot of my friends and family, some poisoned, some burned all I've husband and wife, some beaten to death, stabbed, shot you name it, my best friend who got killed "Eddie nälgård" who was stabbed so much looking like Freddie cruger on his body was forced in dangerous pills when drinking alkohol walking home from pub people saw it done by these men they know initials R. S and friends and he staggered home tyred to throw up and fell asleep and died, a family father.
    Month before same people stabbed him in his gut but by luck an operation saved him, Aswell as I escaped death by leaving Sweden after trying to get half custody of my half Serbian son, but had to leave him cause I was shot at beaten, chased and almost killed more then I know and again I was saved by the common people let's say but in their eyes escape goats they point their fingers at like bikers and immigrants and one police woman and man funny enough, probably of Russian heritage that's why cause if I went to Sweden again I would be dead by dawn, people calls me crazy, let them but I have probably saved the world from the NAZI phedo group who also have invested a lot in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam as they make white heroin along the borders and smuggle it around the world, they have people in customs and in Sweden the police can print passports when they want, probably why I'm under investigation everywhere I go cause I am followed and me writing this I will be killed soon and that will set off a war Aswell, but it will not be cold. Sweden even pretended to be Americans and turned up in Kosovo after the war the nazis started between America and Serbia & monte negro and sectioned off a mountain with caves and dumped radioactive waste making it very hard for Kosovo & Serbia and Montenegro to get pregnant as they seem as a threat being close to Russia and now China and the have amongst the best army in the world, trust me I know special anti terrorist paratroopers in Monte Negro.....
    Now this is not to be taken lightly, forget all other conspiracy it's to throw you off track that propaganda, the NAZI elite is the biggest most dangerous secret society in the world UNLESS YOU THE PEOPLE UNITE AND JOIN THE "LEGION" a peace organisation for the common people, together we are strong, we also support Greenpeace and Mother Russia's peace army that don't ask for money, don't rape or phedo stuff, strictly for honour, respect and to protect mother earth, get it out of your head Russia is a bad country! They have the best Leader in the world for now, he is my biggest hero, he even scared Trump I PERSONALLY THINK TO MEET UP ASWELL AS A GOOD LEADER HE IS A GOOD BUISNISS MAN LIKE TRUMP WHO DOES NOT EVEN ASK FOR MONEY TO BE PRESIDENT BUT WAS NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO PAY FOR HIS CAMPAIGN HIM SELF, THINK OF THAT, AND HE IS DOING GOOD
    That's why he needs to be more careful then JFK
    Swedish newspapers and their allies trying to break their friendship by saying trump is Mr Putins pudel and all sorts, people are soon getting to know the truth, I have been busy that's why I thank good for every day I wake up as I most probably is the world's most wanted man with my speech, there's a lot more, a hell of a lot more, they have got their hands on Hitlers crazy invention of reading brainwaves and developed it, no more listening devices needed it's been proven they can hear, see and listen and even get to see what a person thinks, I was on a chat site and I was writing about that and an ex Nazi old man thought I was German due to my name Jörgen and said we could even do this since the 1940's now think carefully, the hiroshima a bomb was strong enough to start moving the moon closer to earth and now days they have a bombs thousands of times stronger, the moon keeps mother earth from not spiraling away in to the sun or away in space and it was said by scientists that 3 of the Hiroshima bombs landing at the same time would end the world, who wants that? That's why we can not allow this massmurdering Nazi elite to get control of any nuclear weapons but in Sweden its already happened, they can end us all and majority of government in Sweden is part of and Gestapo founded Swedish security police and they control army who is all generals police and the people is the army and their allies that's why they started EU, to brainwash and get more soldiers but no one seems to realise the extreme worldwide security problem, and the ones that does gets killed, they have electro magnetic weapons now days that can even bring down aircrafts or drive people to insanity, starting riots especially. That helicopter that gone down in England with a football team owner was done with that, my guess they want in the English football business to make more money as Sweden has been sanctioned not to sell more weapons illegally, that's why they also in the drug business. Enough said I will be killed SOON.THE MAN WHO'S BEEN AFTER ME MANY YEARS PROBABLY RELATED TO HITLER, HIS NAME IS RONNIE STENSSON FROM KARLSKOGA SWEDEN A FED PRETENDING TO BE SWEDISH THERE HE'S 185CM TALL STOCKY BLUE EYES BLOND AND THE DEVIL WAS CALLED SOLDIER BOY BY THE PEOPLE IN LA!! (TORRENCE, DOWNTOWN, LOT C PARKING LAX, EAST, COMPTON, INGLEWOOD AND ALL AREAS I TRUSTED NAZIS WAS SCARED OFF AS I WAS ALLONE N HUNTED LIKE PROBABLY ALOT OF OTHER VICTIMS LIKE MENTIONED, My name is Kent Jörgen-tripalo/Blomqvist this is probably my last words
    Remember ME, AND TRUST Me, it's God's honest truth and if the evil devil is tracked all he's been in contact with might be Corrupt,and his men killed all rappers spreading corruption messages so be careful, thanx for listening and let's save the world again, Russia done it last time

  • sun shine
    sun shine 10 days ago

    these are all mental illness symptoms people

  • dmguk gtown
    dmguk gtown 15 days ago

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa priceless thats called 21st century living...either that or bipolar affective disordered psychosis..these things happen to everyone...

  • MyBffis Food
    MyBffis Food 16 days ago

    Been there, I even mastubated because they bothered me too much, probably did it in front of them and not know it

  • Jordan Garland
    Jordan Garland 20 days ago

    These are cigarettes symptoms.

  • Gabriel Hill
    Gabriel Hill 22 days ago

    Hunt them down and make them suffer is probably the way to do it because it's happening to me and I know who I'm looking for in the future.

  • Carol Vani
    Carol Vani 23 days ago

    Do police know if you’re on this list for experimentation?

  • Carol Vani
    Carol Vani 23 days ago

    Watch Nowhere to Hide on Amazon Prime. Came out this year. Perfect example of this “Experiment”.

  • ORustle
    ORustle 24 days ago

    Systems is broken

  • ruboyhsv
    ruboyhsv 26 days ago

    this is just life and problems you face throughout it... comeon man

  • susan haydon
    susan haydon Month ago

    His obsessed with me absolutely obsessed, stupid cock sucker

  • susan haydon
    susan haydon Month ago

    I'm a target but mines by a mob boss

  • Inger Johanne Øydegard

    Yes,many of this..Experient that..

  • InMyOwnLane YouStayInYours

    If y'all fools don't go get guns and shoot at these mf's, y'all letting people stalk y'all with all these gun shops they have now a days. Stalking a nigga like me gone lead yo bitch ass to a early grave fucking around with me. 650 finder bender on me at all times. Look, move to a "Stand Your Ground" state and watch they leave you alone, and if they don't you have the right to shoot they dog ass. I'm willing to kill if I comes down to it.

  • Daniel Clark 1984
    Daniel Clark 1984 Month ago

    Awe brother. South African? Thanks for the vid.

  • Blue Brick Wall
    Blue Brick Wall Month ago

    Dude're an idiot. I believe Gang Stalking exists. But your list of symptoms is getting into medical issues such as panic attacks. This is the kind of crap that makes victims of gang stalking look crazy. You're a buffoon.

  • jerryjamify
    jerryjamify Month ago

    Devil worshippers

  • Citizen X
    Citizen X Month ago

    This is self-incriminating because everything he talks about is identical to having schizophrenia and not being on any anti-psychotic medication.

  • Jack Keller
    Jack Keller Month ago

    and also sabotaging my mailbox lock or sabotaging my gas in my vehicle with contaminants. yeah, that really did happen to me.

  • Terri Wilkins
    Terri Wilkins Month ago

    Most of all you talking about is happening to me. This I know I am Gang stalk. But Jehovah will stop it.

  • WhyMe Lord
    WhyMe Lord Month ago

  • Chazzi 05
    Chazzi 05 Month ago

    I'd hate to be married to one of these dew torturing turds out here abusing other females electronically. I'd divorce that creature in a hot second!!!!!!! I'd disown a sociopathic parent like that once I turned 16.

  • Immortal Burdens Official Site

    when I find out who are doing this they will pay a heavy f****** price by the way

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G Month ago

    Then I became in his eyes as one who finds peace
    The prophets of Baal laid waste
    when their fakery is exposed
    and the hacked passwords no longer work
    because something has awoken and is fighting
    we can only hope
    those of us who believe in the God of Israel
    for that fire and our redemption
    if they would only leave us alone, we could find peace

  • bruce pate
    bruce pate Month ago

    The gang stalkers are Luciferians. They are using witchcraft to torment innocent people.

  • Cosmic Conduit
    Cosmic Conduit Month ago

    "Think of a friend and then they call you" This would be called synchronicity not something for just TI's.

  • Mystery kid
    Mystery kid Month ago

    Its demonic using people

  • dinamiko79 klisk
    dinamiko79 klisk 2 months ago

    Last night I receive atack again without can't do anything like always.

  • Mary Schade
    Mary Schade 2 months ago


  • MGTOW Psyche
    MGTOW Psyche 2 months ago

    Satan and his hordes use anyone they have access to to attack you and speak to you.

  • Shawntanice Stanley
    Shawntanice Stanley 2 months ago

    I've always felt like I've been being watched my whole life now I know I'm not crazy

  • Ziggy wolf
    Ziggy wolf 2 months ago

    Everything you said has literally been going on in my life for the last 10 years since I turned 18. Thoughts that I would never think. Constantly waking up all through out the night. Pain constantly in my side like I was stabbed. Constant head aches. Voices telling me to kill myself. Not a life for anyone to live

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday 2 months ago

    Losing people, jobs loss or blocking or phones locked and lose 200 here and there over the years. Everything’s fkn stalked. Loss benefits blocking. House yep. In line at the dog pound. Tv flies off ya roof. Who’s here 2018 Peddo. Crazy. Dead relatives. Shops. Nature. Calling lifelines. Yep. U tube helps. Can be deep sleep and they strike and u are awake pumping. Nah. Never. Nope. No. Sleep paralysis. Sex lol. Heavy. Nah . People in this job should die a terrible death 💀 really u should rot.

    • Happy Birthday
      Happy Birthday 2 months ago

      I can justify it tho so carry on ya weak cunts

  • W Ghost
    W Ghost 2 months ago

    Agreed , all is accurate but i still stand strong and they shall never break me .

  • BrekLee333
    BrekLee333 2 months ago

    Have any targeted individuals thought about getting a lie detector test to get the gullible off your backs? I plan to get one, but they’re expensive. I saw an ad that said 4 questions for $500. Crazy.

  • Mistah FTM 739
    Mistah FTM 739 2 months ago

    As targeted individual, gangstalking is real. Moreover, don't succumb to it MI don't. MI Independent.

  • Buffy
    Buffy 2 months ago

    Gang stalking is real however, may be due to insurance companies following you.

  • feri hashem
    feri hashem 2 months ago

    No doubt, it's real.
    look at :

  • Alan Richardson
    Alan Richardson 2 months ago

    It's been a 1 1/2 yrs I have no words I'm kinda scared of how I want to handle it

  • Dikaya22
    Dikaya22 2 months ago

    I have that feeling since 1999.
    Every intelligent people around me just vanished or simple died. This is a fact. My life was stolen that year.
    Now I have to live surrounded by half_retarded and dumb people that try to fuck me up.....but without success of course. 😏

  • DMA
    DMA 2 months ago

    I know the secret to make it all go away. Its actually pretty straight forward. Pretend you've been sent to your room and your being punished. Think long and hard about your ways and your wrong doings. Turn that shit around immediately! Change your ways and it all goes away. It's good for you. Concider it an intervention. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. It got me back on the right path, I was way off course before I got thrown into the frying pan. How much heat can you take before you finally surrender? You can't win by fighting, you win by becoming a better you. Just change your ways, if this is happening to you then your life is way off course. This is a punishment, not a death sentence. How bad it gets is up to you. They were cooking me hard. It took a few years to turn me around but like I said, it's the best thing that ever happened to me. They'll just keep turning the heat up on you until you change. I haven't been harrased in years. It all went away when I decided to do the right thing and change my ways. I'm 100% left alone. My advice to you... change your ways immediately and do right. Cheers. I have faith in you.

  • daniel s
    daniel s 2 months ago

    its called delusional disorder and all these videos promoting something that's mental illness is sick these people are I'll gang stalking is not real nor is electronic harrasment its the persons own illness and the fact that people promoting this making them ill gaslighting is ppl who know dam well and still promote this notion and the fact that people with delusional disorder cut there friends partners and people who love them or care out there life shows how I'll they are

  • MrFranksplace
    MrFranksplace 2 months ago

    Its real also watch for a car in a hurry and once they pass they slam on the brakes in frt of u a couple of times then speed off just to mess with u ..also watch for head lights to flash behind u at nite time .remember its them not u that has the problem safe a keep a record of the weird happenings and report back for others to be aware of it

  • hEy GuYs ScArcE HeRe
    hEy GuYs ScArcE HeRe 2 months ago +1
    This guy literally described paranoid schizophrenia.

    • hEy GuYs ScArcE HeRe
      hEy GuYs ScArcE HeRe 2 months ago

      sarahspeaks144 You’re retarded.

    • sarahspeaks144
      sarahspeaks144 2 months ago

      +hEy GuYs ScArcE HeRe - Targeting protocols are designed to mimic and to induce reactions that could be interpreted as paranoid schizophrenia, but, in fact, "paranoid schizophrenia" is a "deep state" PSY-OPS term and you are a troll.

  • Kirvaz Zavir
    Kirvaz Zavir 2 months ago

    How they got control mind .. is there a hidden surgery the doing t; example in the night at late hours the made the hole house into coma in sleep and get you to hospital made their surgery and they send you back at some night ,in the morning every wok up and every think normal just like nothing happen in last night .. and after few day u become a new persone that never be again the same ..|
    i don't know how exactly it happen but i think it's that no more in one night in my life when i 'am in hibernate mode they jump me into a coma and they do their sofisticated surgery , and after afew day not weeks every think is gone my hole life,personality,constrator,embition,goal,futur-past:GONE as ablink in the eye

  • Tayyab Alam
    Tayyab Alam 2 months ago


  • Rondell Allen
    Rondell Allen 2 months ago +1

    Friends are haters,their sick out for ppl. Hitting pots and walls..alota of bad evil perps..they have no soul..use the mind of Christ the LORD..Jesus

  • Frisco Chick
    Frisco Chick 2 months ago

    Most if these signs definitely apply to me. It's been going on for years. I thought i was the only one.

  • Shuga The Stargazer
    Shuga The Stargazer 2 months ago

    Ok can some privately message me cause I think it's happening to me and I need another opinion

  • Mary Carroll
    Mary Carroll 2 months ago

    My son and myself are TI's. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I have been able to deal with it, but my son is struggling alot. His life seems to be spiraling downhill with all that is coming against him. But, I know the power in Jesus name and he is going to defeat this demonic attack.

  • Patriot 1 RWB
    Patriot 1 RWB 2 months ago +1

    I just want to say to all the people who mighat think they are being targeted, you will know!!! It's clear as night and day! So don't worry! Even if you are, you will be strong and be OK:)

  • Ava Rey
    Ava Rey 2 months ago +1

    So what your saying is that the position of classical Christianity that there is no such thing as mental illness. Instead, Christian's held that these type of occurrences stem from Satanic works of darkness such as demonic attack, demonic oppression or possession.

  • Shawn Farley
    Shawn Farley 3 months ago


  • Ali Soud
    Ali Soud 3 months ago

    I am a targeted individual

  • Debra Lawson
    Debra Lawson 3 months ago

    This really pertains to me! Especially the part where you speak of life being pure hell. I've been dealing with this shit for as long as I can remember, and you're so right about them planting negativity in your mind, and you can only overcome it through the grace of Jesus Christ! I try to pray and am interrupted by thoughts that come out of nowhere! I have been dragged down by these bastards for so long, my faith is running very, very thin. How can God rescue you if you have lost your faith in Him? I know He's there, but my mind has been so beaten down and battered for so long it seems impossible. I decided that I was going to work on a more positive attitude, well that didn't last long at all. And at work I hurt in my back so freaking bad I'm almost in tears the last 2 hours every night. I feel like everyone is plotting against me, and my entire "famdamily" has deserted me while I've been homeless! I have no one to help me. I can't keep a relationship because it always ends in abuse, and violence! I have heard my name being called out lots of times, but found no one who was calling for me. This is very real, and very hard to escape! Someone in the comments said that reading the bible helps, and I agree. I used to read mine every day and it got worse when I stopped. That goes back to putting on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD! You cannot fight these people without Him! Stay in the Word, always in the Word! The Way, the Truth and the Life!

  • Shennan Breedon
    Shennan Breedon 3 months ago

    All of those things happened to me except for being overcharged and i was in a relationship with a really violent man at that time

  • Danica Cvarak
    Danica Cvarak 3 months ago

    You will know.

  • kerpele
    kerpele 3 months ago

    american idiot

  • Pat Hoontrakul
    Pat Hoontrakul 3 months ago

    Everything you said is true. Dealing with it for almost 1 1/2 yrs.

  • lydia latona
    lydia latona 3 months ago +1

    Next time street theater is brought to you embrace it and laugh at it or play back at them put on a little show for them ..they wouldn't expect it they want you to be annoyed so make the best if it or at least appear to and if you can turn it back around on them outtightly record them laugh at them try to make them appear crazy shut call the cops on them even make a false report whatever you gotta do to win

      PAUL MIKOL 2 months ago

      Well said sister you're hitting the nail right on the head. They hate exposure. For as much as they dish out, they sure can't take very much back at them - because they are spineless, soulless pathetic pieces of shit akin to the ones who killed Jesus. They are Legion. They "live" in darkness; they are the ones who "live" in the absence of Him. All Praise and Glory be to God The Father, The All, The Almighty and may Peace and Love Be upon Peace and be upon His Son, Jesus of Nazareth,

  • Thirt33n Tw3nty Thr33
    Thirt33n Tw3nty Thr33 3 months ago

    All of these apply. I know why its happening. Generational even tho i do not partake in the b.s. of my ancestors

  • Joseph Delgado
    Joseph Delgado 3 months ago

    our Creator has been and will remain the one and only king of kings and the most pure the great light...and those that get payed and are innocent people who need money I don't think following ppl around is the best idea some ppl are deeply involved in criminal behavior and might detour the his controlled area where u aren't welcomed or know and then what you're organization gets reorganized but Im just saying.....

  • Noemi •
    Noemi • 3 months ago

    Prayers are interrupted? One night I was praying around 2am, and as i was praying i heard a high pitch scream outside my window, i was so scared i couldn’t move, my parents think it was an animal but idk. And another time me and my friend skipped class and went to a park, it was just me and her talking and then a white car comes by and we didn’t think much of it until it actually stoped and stayed in the same place for about a minute and then it would leave and repeat. It was really weird, it did it for about 15 minuets and we decided to leave.

  • eva Kelch
    eva Kelch 3 months ago

    My ex believes hes a ti , ive tried to stay because i loved him, my love couldnt help. I had to cut contact with him, he was very violent . he would always say people next to us ary saying things to him but im next to him as well i NEVER heard the things he heard . is it possible there is something that is making him hear people in his head , and he thinks its from the actual people in front of him? It was so heartbreaking to watch and no way to comfort him. He says" they " have a recording device in his eyes that they can c his surroundings even tho hes alone. At times days at times he had no peace. Anger would come over him that i couldnt hear wat he did and tried to force me to beat up ,hit the females around us. Ive encouraged him to go to visit other states to test it out c if its happening to him hear in wa. Only. No it was in other states. Before he went to prison i was his girlfriend , he had no problems. I hurt my self over and over to prove to him i didnt know wat was happening to him. I had never heard of such things before. Gang stalking. His mom wont listen, i believe that these things are happening. He and i tried tried getting a lawyer, no one would help. going to the fbi office him self, calling the police. He ended up going to jail. How the things he was going threw were hurting him, driving him crazy , me being with him , he turned into the one hurting me driving me crazy, i told him u cannot find the people responsible 4 wats going on with u , but 4 me i can . its you. I asked how would u feel knowing it was one person making ur life hell, and it was someone you loved to death. I dont know if anyones ever got threw this without dying, survived to tell how they got outta this. But id love to know that its possible. I miss him, and want to have that happy man back that he was. 8 years i tried to wait 4 this to be over. Its been 1 year apart. Id do anything to help him, until this is over hes to dangerous to b around. Is that normal, massive violence? I was the 1 and only person who dared stay , his own family wouldn't even let him in there home. It hurts so bad that i , me of all people was accused of knowing what was going on , helping "them" whoever they them are. His great paranoid behavior was labeled mental illness, tho when he did go in the mental hospital he says they didnt mess with him in there, and he was fine there. Before it only came on in the fall and summer, then year round. Is there anyway to stop this? How?

  • Abused Bruce
    Abused Bruce 3 months ago

    Whos gonna really care about a crack head convict
    It works for them

  • Missi
    Missi 3 months ago

    oh yea shits fuckin real. real goddamn annoying👿 marking souls for hell

  • justice start
    justice start 3 months ago +1

    This exact type of spiritual warfare is very different from a Christian's perspective. Now that you mention it, it sorta does feel like a shield, armor and a sword. And God has been swatting the flies in my life since the day I was born. Thanks, Jesus! You da man!

  • Jenny Wren
    Jenny Wren 3 months ago

    Gang stalking is demonic attack.

  • Judann Pec
    Judann Pec 3 months ago

    Interesting that much of this starts from learning about government corruption. The varius heads of departments, Mayors, Police, Head of Planning and Building, etc., have annual national meetings. Someone told me that at one of the annual national Mayors meetings, that they have a presentation on how to handle whistle blowers. It was not on the agenda nor minutes, but slipped in between the planned sessions. Since this is increasing it seems likely that they share all their dirty tricks and measure when they assemble from around the country. The formula I know is that they want to discredit the messenger and make them appear to be foolish or mentally deranged, so no one will listen to them or take them seriously. They try to break them financially by accusing them of crimes devised by their own stories, which require costs in legal representation for those who have not learned how to get these petty crimes dropped. They try to incarcerate them or get them committed to a mental institution where they are drugged and silenced.
    They tried both with me. Spent 34 days in jail of a civil fiction that did not occur and had attorney who was rewarded with $70K for representing me for four months for a misdemeanor and not presenting evidence that would have exonerated me. In fact, it was in a Municipal Court where the judge is rewarded with a nice bonus for doing the city's bidding to silence the trouble maker. Was released after a habeas corpus was filed on my behalf by two informed patriots. (Learned of racketeering of a rather large amount of money being shared by a state senator and heads of departments and some favored builders. Money paid for vacation of easements people already owned not going into the treasury.) Learned the city had no ordinance against which they prosecuted me (something that never happened) and that the person I was said to harass had a history of shoplifting and likely had been caught again and her witness's son was arrested and charges dropped after he made up his story. You become an opportunity for people and do not know who to trust, and with an attorney are held mute.
    Including own family. Always need a black sheep, in some families if you are have developed outside the family circle as many do after enlightenment from experiences or college.
    Police called son in another state to ask how long I have known "Constitutionalists", since they could not contain me. He a college graduate asked me why I was "hanging out with people like that"!!. They eventually get your family to question you and knowing have some assets kids grown and they have financial problems will make you an opportunity as well. Cannot trust them to take care of your financial affairs, and will use your "history" against you to protect themselves from prosecution.
    Well, then there is the loss of evidence that they somehow were able to manipulate, and evidence tape recordings of court hearing cut and pasted at that time, disappear from "trusted" friends. Court records are manipulated and withheld unless the Ombudsman approves. Always keep a set under a secure vault, but $2K 600# safes not secure when the serial number on the front where visible. "Just have a locksmith call us with the number and we will give you an override code".
    They try to get you under their control and generally out of line with the law. Continued stalking since then and includes the latest theft of gold and silver coins I could manage to covert from retirement savings, and victim became accused again. The same ritual. It is still ongoing. More than 20 years, much damage and years of stress and unhappiness, and would not do anything different. Was told to shut up about the 100 yr old obscure law they did not want known so they could continue to sell people eastments under street vacation requests although they knew they already owned it. (Kirkland , WA)
    Still have home invasions and new property stolen, and then later replaced in my car slightly damaged, and so there is no security. Professional thief and there are people in psych units being drugged in area I live who pushed for investigations into theft by police.
    Actually had my $750 mattress purchased from QVC stolen and replaced with one that had holes and stains like a discard from a cheap motel remodel. Depersonalization is the hardest part. Since I had a difficult childhood it has helped me to stand in place, but not much gained in exposing these shits. Just know it is likely your local government is likely dishonest, and has psychopaths, or least sociopaths in charge. We all need to believe people or give them the benefit of the doubt when they try to tell you what is going wrong in their life, and do not brush them off.
    I do not wear foil hats or line my walls with foil and have to voice to skull events. But I do talk out loud when thinking often since my pups need to hear a human voice. And it vents. But they can tape it and dub it on a video and claim you are whatever they want to say, like say you accused your neighbor of stealing. And they will say you are "talking about sex with animals" after calling the Animal Control Officer who blew up after asking him to support new laws being drafted by a Senator making beastiality a felony, but later get "it" when you read he resigned abruptly after a dog that was under his care had been found loose and had been raped. After that conversation I had to surrender my 60 lb beautiful border collie and lab mix as she showed signed she had been sexually exploited. But they did not prosecute him. She got another home arranged by my vet, hopefully safe and healthy and living a long life.
    They need to psych evals. Wish they had moral evals but we know they would not answer those questions honestly.

  • Veronica Farias
    Veronica Farias 3 months ago

    Wow! Just saw your video and I'm flipping out! I can attest to 99.9% of your list I need to know why, when, who, motive, how and cause of being "chosen / targeted". What methods being used and individual I can consult with regarding my personal issue

  • Visual ReVol
    Visual ReVol 3 months ago

    DISINFORMATION - REPETITION OF THE BIG LIE: As in a self-help guide, the title promises to solve personal problems.
    As if it was a video on mental health information, the narrator's voice-over lists and describes real psychological and behavioral effects and conditions of the torture program as if they were the warning signs and symptoms of an implied mental illness for the absence of the exogenous causes. In TRUTH:

  • Alan Stordal
    Alan Stordal 3 months ago +2

    They eventually will tell you. Letting you know is all part of the torment . "They" tell you so you know that they know that we know. All part of the "game". If react aggresivally ,of to jail we go. It's all about control and intimidation. Straight up EVIL. our own "government" .

  • Eddie
    Eddie 3 months ago

    hey the same symptoms as LSD the good old days

  • Squishybootz
    Squishybootz 3 months ago

    These are the symptoms of a meth head that has been on a sick one for a week

  • Sanjay W
    Sanjay W 3 months ago

    extremely vague symptoms that everyone has experienced at a point in their life.. lol.. not saying it ain't real but not saying it is either

  • Inger Johanne Krogstad
    Inger Johanne Krogstad 3 months ago

    Yes,a lot of strange coidicences in last years,and its NO oaranoia..
    All of this is correct..,and I cannont find a logic explenation ..

  • LaTasha Williams
    LaTasha Williams 3 months ago

    This is crazy this is new to me...I will continue to pray and think positive and keep
    My mind strong if this was happening to me”No weapon formed against me shall prosper...this is the first time I heard of this

  • some body
    some body 3 months ago

    This us the dumbest stuff so far

  • degrekta God
    degrekta God 3 months ago

    It's six year now and I finally realise. People star to whistle or cat Calling when they see me, at work it's everybody. I can't sleep at knight because of awkward noise. I change city six times now and it's always the same thing.
    One thing I can't tell , there is something who playing with us like an animal in a zoo.

  • degrekta God
    degrekta God 3 months ago

    God and Satan is the same team. Stop thinking there is a god on your side.

  • mamawa proverbs30:20,26,30

    I swear you describe my life to the t.... Even thinking of a friend and they call.... Please help.... Imposed fears, perverted dreams every thing..... Omg do you have support group.... Redirecting prayer.... Please help am isolated from everything and everyone

  • hong lee
    hong lee 4 months ago

    i have everyone of these but no proof that something external is happening this has been the worst 2 years of my life even when i try to hide in a motel hotel they make me voilenty ill and i end up staying in a room and not doing anything or ispend hours hiding in the bathroom water seems to soothe what ever it is . what should i do ?

  • licksoremasks
    licksoremasks 4 months ago

    You just described every day of my life.

  • hong lee
    hong lee 4 months ago

    i have all these symptons what should i do? i always feel isloted crazy runs of one bad thing after another even when i anticpiate and try to avoid a sit i comes through and fucks my shit up . every time i got my shit going bam tear my acl start over get a job i like with a shot of leading people on that day i break my leg . while my leg is broken i have to get money to move my house is being torn down and i can only lay in bed . oh ya thats not all when i do get help to move my crap and go to a new place they rob me for my tools and every thing. thats all within a few years i know why people walk into building and go postal just fuck it why even try hers my elf weapon motha fucka just kill them one by one fick with me for the last time biachs

  • Mac man
    Mac man 4 months ago

    In this video:
    The Antichrist Irrefutably Identified!
    • The “Beast” …666

  • amber politowicz
    amber politowicz 4 months ago

    narcissistic personality disorder is on the rise globally, odds are that some of these people who claim to be targeted are probably just being tortured by a few rotten nasty narcissists here or there in life and letting it get to them. Maybe some seriously important folks do get gang stalked lol but most of us just aren't that special.

  • Timberwolf Powler
    Timberwolf Powler 4 months ago

    Manifest folks! Learn to manifest!

  • Scott Townsend
    Scott Townsend 4 months ago

    It's the NSA recruitment process via mind reading. They actually pay you for it

  • Charisma King
    Charisma King 4 months ago

    I thought I was just having bad luck all these years. Hmmm

  • Steve Dave
    Steve Dave 4 months ago

    Bad luck. If you're having way too much "bad luck" it's probably not "luck"

  • Sherri Vonch
    Sherri Vonch 4 months ago

    No strong urges except for simple love

  • Sherri Vonch
    Sherri Vonch 4 months ago

    I'm good in the memory arena...

  • Sherri Vonch
    Sherri Vonch 4 months ago

    I understand it is just a small group not everyone is mean like hubsters friends

  • Sherri Vonch
    Sherri Vonch 4 months ago

    I stay public

  • Sherri Vonch
    Sherri Vonch 4 months ago

    We lose money quickly because hubby refuses to mature financially

  • Sherri Vonch
    Sherri Vonch 4 months ago

    Don't hear voices...and I am not running just turning down the heat till the bs is over...

  • icanonlybeme 2
    icanonlybeme 2 4 months ago

    These sound like spiritual attacks with demonic assistance.