How Do I Know If I am a Target. Gang Stalking

  • Published on Feb 28, 2016
  • CONCERNED about Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment?
    Some of the signs to tell that you could be a targeted individual of gang stalking and electronic harassment. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY, you are not imagining things...
    There are millions of other sane people whose lives have destroyed by this "clever" system.
    Please Note: It has to be more than one sign for an extended period of time.
    Other terms to search for are
    Gang Stalking
    Remote neural monitoring
    Voice To Skull
    Another video to watch: What is Gang Stalking

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  • Drain the BackYard Swamp

    All TI's who have ever seen a UFO give this comment a thumbs up. Let's see if there's a correlation.

  • Faith and Grace
    Faith and Grace 3 days ago

    Sometimes it's hard not to react to being microwaved. They also have the ability to influence your emotional reactions using electromagnetics.
    If a targeted individual does not give a reaction for a certain period of time, they will cook the target while they're sleeping and set them up for an emotional freak out or blow up the next day.
    It's possible that targeted individual's are used for emotional energy harvesting, also known as loosh farming. The vampires that target you and torture you feed on the emotional loosh energy.
    If a targeted is too happy, faithful, confident, or positive, the perpetrators will set up bad events, use words or phrases to harass you, or hurt you with electronic weapons to feed off your emotional energy.
    The Bible says that when the wicked are cut off, the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their father. When a targeted individual shines, the wicked hate it. That's the basic premise of the targeted individual program, the wicked want to ensure that the righteous do not shine.
    It was all pre-planned though, as it says in the Bible

  • Burp Reynolds
    Burp Reynolds 4 days ago

    Why are you encouraging these people? They're delusional in their psychosis. Shame on you.

  • jennifer williams
    jennifer williams 4 days ago

    They gangstalk but for a long timespan over the course of many years of rape and abuse and then sabatoge at workplace and then mind control to have husband fight this Jennifer and treat mean after years and years of torment you bitch ass gangstalking altered clones attack need bombs dropped like hiroshima on you fuckers or aliens to burn you fuckers to the crisp with witches and dna stealers and those who maliciously attacked this say something bitch United States of America .....hmm..

  • _PhillyChimp_
    _PhillyChimp_ 6 days ago

    How do you initially get the chip?

    • Faith and Grace
      Faith and Grace 3 days ago

      Some targeted individual's do get implanted with a microchip. Those specific T.I.'s are used for human experimentation. Tracking chips are also used in human trafficking cases.

  • Life, The Universe and other Crap with MOOCH

    Only in the us of a

  • Matt_ B
    Matt_ B 10 days ago

    all the events sound random and every day things that you might of not noticed but now ur looking for strange things youll start seeing strange things

  • Jason Garofalo
    Jason Garofalo 12 days ago

    Stalking is done for vengeance. There are only private for hire groups. It is a business. Not governmental. For sometime before you're onto whats going on around you, they're doing an analysis on everything about you. To do this they'll move in around you as close as possible, break into where you live and plant wifi hidden pinhole cams, hack into your computer and plant a backdoor, they'll reroute your landline phone to go through them first, they'll hack into your mobile phone and backdoor that as well. They'll setup IMSI catchers around your address for your mobile data. They're recording all of what you're doing. They'll go through your garbage, tap into your bank acount, create false records about you, slander you. When they think they finally have something to use against you, they'll move onto stage 2. Stage 2 is the mind fuck stage.
    They're useing Soundlazer directed to your windows to make sure that you hear them They're streaming you live and want you to know that. They use the attic planted cams in coordination with the soundlazer speakers. In my case it's international (Denmark) and local (Fort Lauderdale/South Florida). They do scripted theatre and figure out from what you react to what they'll script for you to hear. They will try to say things with hopes of placeing you in fear. They want you to believe you are schizophrenic/sick. They'll soundlazer this at you all day everyday. They'll script things that might be personel to you. They'll also comment on what you're doing and make sure you hear them to let you know they're watching. They say to other perps and bystanders that you're sick and crazy and want you to hear it inorder to get a reaction from you. They also use hidden cams to watch you. In my case the cams are connected to an accesspoint farm and server connected to the internet streaming 24/7/365. Also thermal cams, FLIR. They try to get to know your thinking, and with the cams try to figure out what your thinking. They focus in on your face and track what your looking at. They can see your eyes reading line by line. "They can even see the shit in your eyes". They work in groups spread around you. In my case it's all new residents in my 2 story building. Also surrounding homes and apartments across the street. They are there just for you. They do get paid. They do follow you and plant their devices in known places where you are to stay which includes hotels. They have your computer and phone backdoored and screen casting them. They setup IMSI catchers near you setup for LTE, CDMA, UMTS to catch your data, and PCS. They do record your awckward moments and use that against you to grab onto other perps and for character asassination. They stream you live 24/7/365. They bug and track your car aswell. In my case they've included family. They want you to know they're on your case. Their goal is as he says. All along there is the electronic harassment, slow killing.
    I've been going to court with my exgirlfriends sugardaddy's friend who admitted to the stalking. He's one of the main perps, friends with the exgirlfriends sugardaddy. Everything they're doing is step by step by the book. These scumbags are making money off of ruining your life. They're scared of exposure. Their goal is your death. These losers are Crazy!

  • Purple Dragon Prosperity

    Hey lovelies check out this little book. … OM

  • Gabriel Fernandez
    Gabriel Fernandez 15 days ago

    I consider my self extremely enlightened but this stuff just sounds absolutely crazy if someone is going to go threw the struggle of “gang stalking” someone might aswell be someone with a following or some sort of power that can cause a threat to the governments agenda not ur average joe pulling up to tge grocery store

  • Patience Is A Virtue
    Patience Is A Virtue 16 days ago

    Sometimes witchcraft and black magick can be behind these symptoms.

    • Patience Is A Virtue
      Patience Is A Virtue 2 days ago

      +Faith and Grace hmm.. Good to know thank you.

    • Faith and Grace
      Faith and Grace 3 days ago

      The perpetrators of the targeted individual's program are most likely involved with witchcraft and black magic as they know how to harvest emotional energy, otherwise known as loosh farming.
      The Bible says that there are people who say they are Jews, but are not, and are the "Synagogue of Satan", which does seem to give evidence that Satanism is involved with persecution.

  • Candy Grandpre
    Candy Grandpre 24 days ago

    This fit me to a T!

  • Candy Grandpre
    Candy Grandpre 24 days ago

    I think I've been blackballed since foster care. The foster mom abused us & put us in a New Age cult. I have a college degree & can't get a job anywhere.
    I'm planning to write a book about my story. My life is strange. I'm nit sure if I'm a targeted individual or not. Both foster & biological family hate me. Gretna, LA near New Orleans is a Masonic city. & New Orleans is full of Voodoo.
    Both foster & biological family have the ability to tell me exactly what I ate for breakfast, without actually being in the same city & state as me. This is crazy! I wonder if they have secret cameras recording everything I do & say. They act like they know what's in my head.
    The world hates my guts everywhere I go. If I do get a friend, it doesn't last long. I have NOBODY! Even strangers' tactic is to IGNORE me. Both online & in person.
    I have hypersensitive ears, Tourette's, people suspect I'm Aspergers. I had 2 strokes @ age 5.
    I'm still trying to figure things out & am getting NO answers! No help.

  • Candy Grandpre
    Candy Grandpre 24 days ago

    People always know my business without me having to tell it.

  • Chazzic 7
    Chazzic 7 26 days ago

    Where the heck are the masculine men? Sick of these little weak ass punks attacking females with dew. They need a good beating by a real man!

    • Faith and Grace
      Faith and Grace 3 days ago +1

      I took directed energy weapon assaults like a tank and it didn't do me any good.

  • NekroticNeurotik
    NekroticNeurotik 27 days ago

    Funny stuff, I must be targeted too. What a waste of time. I want out of the simulation! Thanks.
    Also scrolling through comments goes half way down and then on its own starts scrolling up. Oh well. Enjoy whatever the joke is because I don't get it obviously.

  • romine acosta
    romine acosta Month ago


  • Marissa Anonymous
    Marissa Anonymous Month ago

    I've witness it on the outside and I've seen the victims. If it's happening to you it's done by the Freemasons. Either you psst off a freemason member, seeking forbidden knowledge or saw it heard something that you weren't supposed to witness. I hope Jesus is on your side. ex of forbidden knowledge is esoteric energy. Having knowledge of it.

  • Zach Lemar
    Zach Lemar Month ago

    Some gangstalkers are hired to pose as TI's to act out irrational fears and discredit the very real concern of gangstalking.

    • Zach Lemar
      Zach Lemar Month ago

      The poser TI's will act as if they are genuinely concerned by being gangstalked but then at the same time will knowingly act out fallacies in their reasoning to make them seem like they are of questionable sanity. This discredits the people who are actually being gang-stalked.

  • armagedon026
    armagedon026 Month ago +1

    I use to put in ear plugs and it helps alot

  • Tom Clarke
    Tom Clarke Month ago

    How do you know that you are being gang stalked? When you realise that every man, woman & child on the planet is out to make your life hell & you are the only sane person left......THEN you know that you're being gang stalked.

    • Faith and Grace
      Faith and Grace 3 days ago

      The worst part is, if you try to go a different direction, or try to escape the gang stalking, all the pieces are already set up to fall because they watch your plans on your phone.
      Let's say for example that I research an apartment in a different city, and email the landlord and get ready to move to try and start over. The gang stalker perps already know what you looked at on your phone and who you contacted.
      They're going to have the apartment pre-set up with harassers. It's like this because it's the Biblical End Times. The sheep / wheat / Seth people are persecuted by the goats / tares / Cain people.
      To give you a further example, if you go to your perpetrators feet and say please stop, have mercy, let's have peace, or if you contact higher authorities for help, neither will work because as the Bible says, the children of the flesh persecute the children of the spirit. As it was since the beginning of time.

  • Sasha Pierre
    Sasha Pierre Month ago

    Pray and express yourself in healthy ways. Dont do anything that you think will make you act in a sinful way. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, weed. If you drink dont get drunk. Excercise to let your stress out or play a video game. Just see this as a obstacle that you will overcome. Empathize with your gang stalkers remember their prespective are quite extreme compared to yours, they probably felt a strong urge to defend themselves, the entities make it out to seem like you are the problem, they are reacting to the entities, not you. WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCING THIS PHENOMENA I WILL TELL YOU THIS, YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. THERE IS NO ONE "IN ON IT" THERE IS NO AGENCY FOLLOWING YOU ANYWHERE. I have thought about and comtemplated every conspiracy out there, I've been to hospitals, gotten treatment got diagnosed then realized I am not schizoaffective. I am off my meds now. I feel great!! I still hear voices here and there, who doesn't? I've been been on the other side of the gang stalking too...picking up others thoughts and remembering someone wanted to get me and that I had to respond to what I was picking up, I realize humans are not doing this. Remeber your life before gangstalking was not easy to begin with you had your problems. MY ADVICE: For every person who doesnt harrass you, thank God. For every day that you have not given in and thrown in the towel, Thank God. Look outside, the world God created is beautiful. Open your windows. Put on your headphones. Drink a cup of tea. Peace and love. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Also remember the devil is real, very active look at pop culture, do you see or hear God in it? No. Feed your soul with healthy things, stay away from violent movies, horror films. Keep your soul from being tainted by the WORLD. Not saying there is evil in everything just try your best to keep your self from thinking negative thoughts.

  • Sasha Pierre
    Sasha Pierre Month ago

    I just came here to vent, couple minutes ago gang stalking stuff happened... I just see people that pick up our thoughts, and their responses are too extreme... like 'Im not sending my thoughts to you' ... this is spiritual warfare, people are not in on it trust me, they just happen to be a passerby who gets information through dimensional beings... a lot of people are extremely suggesstive the entities know this, they want it to make it look like youre the prepertrator... God will help you but its something that will take time, study the bible. There is a case on here where they stopped their gang stalking stopped through Jesus. SO Lately I ignore what happens... just observe... I have made up my mind that there is no room for hate in my heart. I think this is important- people need love, even for people that are not gang stalked if you focus and have hope when things go bad always just think about your health, people dont know your thoughts all the time, its impossible. I feel like prayer does work but you have to do it all the time have unrelenting faith that things will turn out allright. There are cases where gang stalking victims are driven to extremes I wont mention what they have done....its really sad. I hope anyone reading this bears with what happens and lives their life regardless of their pain, be strong but be human and understand that you control you. If youre feeling bad about people knowing your thoughts DONT because everyone has impulsive and intrusive thoughts. I always beat myself up about this part, love yourself and just like people that have ocd, do nothing when people say your impulsive thoughts or feelings out loud. Gang stalkers got it all wrong I wish people knew this, if you saw things from their prespective you would think how ridiculous it is... dont try to convince anyone becuase they will always defend their side, be the bigger person if you get mad its okay but remember its just being human dont be too hard on your soul, body, mind. God Bless. Look up dont look down, have a light in your eyes and be thankful for another day of your life. Try to change your prespective, I mean really try because its easy to see and give into the thought that people want to harm you, no one wants to hurt you for your thoughts people take what dimensional beings are doing personal. Be happy, its a ongoing struggle but you can do it!!

  • Glenn Taylor
    Glenn Taylor Month ago

    Great Video, you have one of the most pleasant Voices on the internet, in this area, thank you.

  • iunary
    iunary Month ago

    You are not a target. nobody cares about you, nobody gives a single second of their daily time to think about you....
    I know this is hard to accept but it is the truth, you are a tiny utterly insignificant part of the world and there is no conspiracy about stalking you... stop herrassing random people in the street they are just random people who do random things they are NOT stalking you or following you ........

  • source angel
    source angel Month ago

    Help what to do ???!

  • source angel
    source angel Month ago

    Im about to die this is evil i can't hold on

  • JasonVSJason2017
    JasonVSJason2017 Month ago

    This is such fucking bullshit if he is trolling it’s good.

  • Agro Oo7
    Agro Oo7 Month ago

    Yes lost money possessions and house burnt down,

  • Agro Oo7
    Agro Oo7 Month ago

    Do not beat fuck out of a gang stalker, I went to jail, now I carry a large syringe full of brake fluid to spray cars

  • Jasper Marks
    Jasper Marks 2 months ago

    I just found out that I am involved in this program I don't know why I was targeted I know that this week coming I might die along with my dog because my birthday is Friday and just the signs I know for a fact now that I have been targeted and I don't know what to do very alone and I believe that this has been going on for a while and I think I know who but don't know why.

  • Val Kajinov
    Val Kajinov 2 months ago

    Better that you don't know!

  • Robert Whitford
    Robert Whitford 2 months ago

    What can you do about it? LOL.

  • Haley Rose
    Haley Rose 2 months ago

    I’ve been experiencing some of these symptoms. Ever since my mother died I coped with it by doing a bunch of conspiracy research online and I pretty much dove heavily into pizzagate. I met a victim mom of two children who’s ex husband sold both the kids to child sex slavery and that lady (just based on her eyes) convinced me that the reality of pizzagate was a lot worse than anyone could ever realize. I dove deep into the web and that when shit really started to go down in my life.

  • Blue Night Grinner
    Blue Night Grinner 2 months ago

    I believe in Gang Stalking but....sometimes I think it's to do with consumption of certain substances. Amphetamines for instance. Sleep deprivation, delusional thought patterns, surrounded by similar people. Some who take pleasure in "planting the seed" of doubt and watching your reaction. Some people just like watching others squirm for no reason, it seems but some form of "macabre entertainment". Ego seems to be a factor also.
    Excluding drug use/abuse, there are people about with evil intent. Bottom line. It's unfortunately the way of this world.
    Stay true. Speak the truth, but stay humble and surround yourself with like-minded people (without drug issues). You'll find that your relationship with these people are ok until....there not!
    I keep making the mistake of giving "everyone a go", regardless of their circumstances.
    I was reminded tonight not to break my own rules.

  • Ash [adubya713]
    Ash [adubya713] 2 months ago


  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 2 months ago

    They doing this to me something like this i call them evil spyrat cowards they doing magic witchcraft voodoo against me and spying on me every where i go my pravacy they see everything i do they hacking me they read my mind its more than 20 people i read all there minds im trying to keep my faith strong , its my fake family i need help ....

  • cindykrista
    cindykrista 2 months ago

    You didn't mention hair falling out or teeth rotting and cracking.

  • Johnny Ramage
    Johnny Ramage 2 months ago

    Or we may have become paranoid, either sucks.

  • June Rosa
    June Rosa 2 months ago

    You know because scumbags are everywhere.

  • Becky Warren
    Becky Warren 2 months ago

    If you are, you won't need to ask. You will know

  • Bev Icke
    Bev Icke 2 months ago

    I have lost every material thing in the space of 3 years and live in a tent outside of the city now. This all started many years previous to that but has culminated to my kids not believing in me they think awful things of me and don't talk much to me. I live very simply now, I've cleansed my body of parasites, stopped eating meat, stopped watching tv, have acquaintances but no friends. Turpentine cleanse has cleared my mind I can pray again and my spiritual being is soaring. I'm not afraid, I'm ready to fight back I've had enough! Demons. be dammed!! 🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞💞💪💪💪💪

  • Matthew Goodale
    Matthew Goodale 2 months ago

    It is spiritual warfare. Find Christ and I promise it will all end. I almost went crazy for 2 yrs fighting this. Christ is the only answer to rid this out of your life. Maybe they are still there but it doesn't matter I don't see them anymore. In the blood of Jesus no enemy shall prosper. I will be praying for you all please pray for me

  • Mistah FTM 7394
    Mistah FTM 7394 2 months ago

    Look how stupid US govnt is, Im a able body, mentally astute individual. Yet govt rather I not generate taxes, rather spend money on perps/ gangstalkers to annoy myself. trump is a dead bitch. blk community already dead.

  • Chazzic 7
    Chazzic 7 2 months ago

    I'm past all the psychological bullshit. That mess is juvenile and comical to me. I'm just trying to cope with these emf attacks.

  • Marie-eve St-louis
    Marie-eve St-louis 2 months ago

    Years here


    Hey guys I'm a TI and have been probably since 2013. I have been a victim of vandalism, threads pulled from the seams of my clothes to make it appear like wear and tear, false rumors and defamatory statements, I''ve been bullied, harassed/sexually harassed, antagonized and provoked relentlessly so I could have a public outburst or act out in public, followed by co-workers, sherrifs, police, construction/workers, city workers, mailmen, UPS courriers, dog walkers, and joggers, and neighborhood watch people, citizens on patrol (foot patrol) the transportation systems, bus drivers, landlords, once I've passed them they walk away or drive away or skateboard away or bike away. Sometimes they will get loud for attention such as loud talking, yelling, whistling, catcalling, banging things around, blowing kisses etc.... they are thirsty for attention all to keep you rattled. They may compliment you or ask what time it is or ask for directions. These people are so transparent and they always give themselves away..... or maybe they're suppose to. People will start off being very nice and EXTREMELY GENEROUS that's the dead giveaway was people who don't know you being being extremely generous. Everywhere I go I see a a police officer speed right on by every single time or a sherrif. Whenever I go to an area and settle they already are waiting for me. You can call me crazy but these people are very smart but I'm already on to them so I'm use to it. And some of these people are so called christians. I don't trust ANYONE. EVERYONE IS A BAD PERSON

  • Kreme Miiluv
    Kreme Miiluv 2 months ago

    Man i seem like this all the time and when i pray i be redirected to this same prayer all the time.. But thank you for breaking it down

  • Rhonda Nelson
    Rhonda Nelson 2 months ago

    Sick fuckers

  • Alex Devlin
    Alex Devlin 2 months ago

    i suffer it and have done for years horns beeping everywhere even just now i went out beep 5 times always useless workmen loudly telepathic words saying over and over (pedophile/brutally tortured/you dont know whats gonna happeeeeen) the most common ones i know what it is they are trying to scare me away cos im a danger to them its also the frequency towers and the secrets in the mountains.well fuck you im going to fight back swords shurikens and bobs yep im serious think i care about jail? screw your mk2 and your gangstalkers RAAASSSPPPP!!!!!!

  • bullied resident
    bullied resident 2 months ago

    I know that this is an old comment however I was thinking about starting a website called enemies of democracy on the dark web. The idea is to expose perpetrators by name address and any other personal information in order to be able to properly identify these people. Here is my most recent video

  • TJ
    TJ 2 months ago

    So after i posted my first thread I went off my laptop, I was only 2 mins in but when typing I was thinking about a situation with a friend and ironically she called me... Just come back after about 4 hours or so and one of the points you make is thinking about an event with a friend and then they call! I'm starting to think I'm a TI now... I've been thinking for the longest time every shitty thing happens when I'm around and things always seem to be stacked against me and people instantly have a problem with me for no reason.... I feel deffo i am being targetted now

  • TJ
    TJ 2 months ago

    There was a time i would hear this and scream "THIS IS SCHIZOPHRENIA WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO DAMAGE PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS?!" but I've noticed when I leave the house I am being followed and always, ALWAYS something happens in my direction to get me to freak out or something... I've also spotted the same weird guy watching me from the upstairs window of several different houses. Emails aren't coming through to me anymore, i've randomly been suspended on Twitter and none of the emails from support come in and any new account I make is instantly suspended. I've had a report on my Facebook(which i don't use) and it's now gone as far to a permanent ban on my Xbox live, 6 random bans on my new account for that and a suspension on my PS4(despite never using it)

    • TJ
      TJ 2 months ago

      almost forgot... I also lose time... Last Wednesday didn't happen to me... I got irritated last Friday because I thought it was Thursday. wtf happened to Wednesday? and this isn't the first time... many times It'll be night time and I'll be here like "WTF happened to the day?" I legit have no memory... My memory seems to get wiped when i reached out to mental health teams... Like i get extreme anxiety to the point i can't breath and depression, I've self harmed among other things but when i speak to a professional im like "Erm... I don't really know how i feel? I think I've been fine" literally forget that I've been a wreck and had massive anxiety but the second I get out of the building and I'm on my way to whatever it all comes back... I'm scared to even say anything like this to the new MH Team because talking to them they asked about hospitalisation(literally asked me if I should be booked in) so now I'm on edge... since this i've notice allot more events happen to try and make me react and I feel like its so I would be all outraged or freaked out

    • TJ
      TJ 2 months ago

      Now i know this is all staged because I've ranted to my friend in the states about it and he even said it's bullshit because of the racial hate he receives online and not a person he reports gets banned... For many my situation might now sound like TI but I DON'T LEAVE MY HOUSE. this is one of the only ways they get to me... last time i did leave my house a guy literally rammed into the back of me for no reason and I wasn't in the way. things like that and people snickering in my direction always seems to be the case... I met with a friend before christmas and we went for food, i instantly noticed EVERYONE in the pub looked at me the second we walked in, we got a quiet seat in a quiet area and no lie a large group of people moved to sit closer and i could hear them mocking everything i said to my friend... I don't know if this is TI but i bought this up to my friend and she said i either sounded Schizo or possessed and now looking into TI's allot of what they get I find happens. I have this loud Hissing in my brain that gives me headaches, dizzy spells. when I try to sleep i get bright flashes in my eyes or a surge of electric pulse through my body jolting me up and I can't sleep, when I do sleep it's only ever for 2 hours.

  • Danny Mathis
    Danny Mathis 3 months ago

    No. Its not mind reading. Em or Govt crap. Its mean people

  • Danny Mathis
    Danny Mathis 3 months ago

    been this 4 me 6 mo. now...and gossipers you know and social media is no help either! Because Im gay..and it isn't liked, by my family, Im assuming, its them.....the latest is that Im telling every stranger i Meet that im was raped.??? Huh? unless it is someone else I suspect....anywayz, NO! I was NOT. Never said I was! Ive been drunk a few times in my 20's or on Xanax and a sober guy has "taken advantage". But I would not consider that done to me, to be such. Even though the law says otherwise. If anything, as proven 6 and more years ago....And in SF.....I would cover for the dude. Im not some Gold digging, opportunist, lying peace of crap! I know I don't want what I don't need. I cannot stand materialism. Its not cause im poor now.. that shit is just ruining everything. "I want what I want, when I want it." I cannot stand that. If that makes me un-amercian. Well, great!!!! That might be why this started anyways

  • Ali Boo
    Ali Boo 3 months ago

    i have listened to a lot of gang stalking videos and seen the content supposedly outlining gang stalking. I can see what they are trying to put across...but none of them are real. none of these people with exception of very few - know what they are talking about. they have not experienced this its easy to tell. seems like people just want to jump onto something. if you were a real gangstalking victim yu wouldn't expect anything but further grief for making these videos. they are not helpful.It really makes me laugh to see this power point proposal of gang i think people mean well. but if you are not a TI don't bother to pretend you think you know about it.

  • alfonso lopez-Ramos
    alfonso lopez-Ramos 3 months ago

    Tyga wtf Soulja boy had the greatest comeback in 2018 tyga

  • LSFAZ19 89
    LSFAZ19 89 3 months ago

    All tho I do remember my sister saying she could kill me and get away with it this was a while ago but I still remember it till this day I have so many stories to tell

  • LSFAZ19 89
    LSFAZ19 89 3 months ago

    I feel as if I’m gang stalked there’s no traffic on late Sunday night hardly ever and now this past Sunday boom a shit ton of traffic I see only 1 sheriff and 1 cop van there’s usually no cops on sundays either none around my part of town anyway

  • LSFAZ19 89
    LSFAZ19 89 3 months ago

    I feel as if it’s my fuckin family doing this to me

  • Val Kajinov
    Val Kajinov 3 months ago

    1011! Look to God!

  • Dirk Nienhouse
    Dirk Nienhouse 3 months ago

    Just take them deeper in the darkness, go were they fear to go. Darkness is not evil, it is nothing, it is all. Your liable to find friends, even if they only exist in yr mind. Y'all bat shit

  • alyssa istargeted
    alyssa istargeted 3 months ago

    ummm I don know if its my computer being hacked but I heard weird breathing through my headphones

  • The Not It Factor
    The Not It Factor 3 months ago

    Demons , so overcome it with the blood of the lamb and you’ll be free

  • Raymond L
    Raymond L 3 months ago +1

    Your videos are very clear and concise. Gangstalking is just the tip of the iceberg of the corrupt government black ops. My own TVclip, Facebook, others, channel is just focused on recording and sharing perps to make them Internet famous.

  • L/Crochet love child
    L/Crochet love child 3 months ago

    Far as the who kill me thing the bible says do unto others as you'd have them do to you and there is a eye for a eye if you come to harm me I will harm you first to protect my self IM NOT AFRAID

  • L/Crochet love child
    L/Crochet love child 3 months ago

    I dont care bout this stuff if you believe in God and his stuff you have peace do not be afriad he said I am with you

  • April June
    April June 3 months ago

    this is very common is america. most people don't realize how there is subliminal messages imbedded in the music that is played in the stores, while they are shopping, messages that say "go ahead, you can buy what you want.. buy more food, buy something for your kids... etc. ""

  • rejin palliathu
    rejin palliathu 3 months ago

    It is the fist step towards stimulated Reality ,and we are experiencing
    beta version of it...and we are being controlled and even our thoughts
    are being manipulated....

  • T Nobody
    T Nobody 4 months ago

    For all the hater's that told me I was paranoid...... .

  • Hans Kaller
    Hans Kaller 4 months ago

    Huh, I also faced there strange symptoms. First I had a big pain in my forehead, then started to see people stopping at me for some time with phone in hands or a bag on their back, then I started hearing buzz noise on my head and finally, couldn't stay in place I always loved to be in. It's one room in my house. Anyone can help me, or whether there is a chance I could detect what's wrong in that room ? Any medium willing to help for a cash maybe ?

  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 months ago

    only some of that is electronic it mostly Spiritual attack as well . Covert and Witch Craft .

  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 months ago

    when i try to go to the police they was siding with the anonymous gang stalkers . been trying so hard to get help for month. anytime i go for help it just gets worst and worst . i think its based on that i am alone. i believe in the "Most High God" listen a lot to "the Book of Enoch "and listen to the Bible a lot on TVclip . also left lots of comments on FB commented a lot about Christianity .Mandela Effect , NCP ,RFID, Chem-trails and morgellons , list go on. i think i may had over did it made my self a target for telling the truth . :/

  • airlife2u
    airlife2u 4 months ago



    targeted individuals Australia and worldwide facebook support group



  • Vincent Gutierrez
    Vincent Gutierrez 4 months ago

    Do you know what kind of cell phone jammer stops v2k???

  • kat i am
    kat i am 4 months ago

    Losing not loosing

  • Dierdre Bron
    Dierdre Bron 4 months ago

    And work is "better" now, but I have been put in a back office of a very "casual" department, and even though I am treated well, I sometimes feel like I have had a softer, gentler version of what the character in "1984" went through, as after his punishments, he was retired. I wonder if being "targeted" is just a spiritual crisis that people have when they realize that everyone in the developed world just gets screwed with in terms of religion (and no, it doesn't' matter the religion), with whether one is neurologically, culturally and educationally conformed and whether or not the state has use for a person. I think maybe its not a conspiracy but just the noticing of what happens to women, minorities, people with mental illness, people who need to be controlled in some way--the crap that people are put through because the state or departments within the state--want to exert control-I think maybe that is all that it is. And too, corporations just want to make money--like what happened with Bank of America when it decided to give poor people home loans that they couldn't handle and then roll the loan over and/or make money off of foreclosures.

  • Dierdre Bron
    Dierdre Bron 4 months ago

    This sounds like psychosis, and it probably is, but I went through some very bad experiences between 2007-2013. Between 2007 and 2009, I saw stuff, had people stalking me in the park, did get involved in 2009 with a toxic individual and then in 2013, had a series of panic attacks. We also lost our house. In 2014, things began to stabilize. We moved. Now, we are "okay" but sometimes we barely make rent. We JUST have enough to live on. Sometimes, I do feel "regulated." My son, also, has been picked on and rejected. I was treated by a eugenic type of OBGYN who wanted me to get my tubes tied and I didn't, but then I wasn't going to have any more kids. I wonder now if it is because I am part of the "unsuitable" population. On a less conspiratorial, but still paranoid note, my husband's family seems like they have always been picked on and rejected by the society around them. They are Libertarian and Unitarian. My family is similar, but we are more soft Old School Liberal and somehow, my family of origin conformed enough to get the system off their back. My siblings are talented, so they are "useful." Also, many years ago, Homeland Security DID observe a friend of mine who had a Muslim husband overseas, so I DO often wonder how much the government does watch us. So, I'm still trying to parce out, or to identify and take apart, parts of this shared history that are just part of the system, what is not conspiratorial and what might be labeled as past psychosis.

  • Stars Are Angels
    Stars Are Angels 4 months ago +1

    It's satanic. It's not really happening. It's difficult to explain but that's the truth. They opening portals that have allowed entities to come to our world and fuck with our reality. This is a fact. They want you to think people are after you so you attack them. It's a deep deception. Don't fall for it. Ignore them and enjoy your life.

  • Ameenah Love
    Ameenah Love 4 months ago

    I’ve been gang stalked for years i think since birth because ever since i can remember i felt as thou i didn’t belong in this damn world and i used to see ghost and at the age of 6 i was “diagnosed with bi polar and skits” but I’m neither one i swear all these symptoms i have since i was younger I’m 21 now and still have most of these symptoms 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Michael Mann
    Michael Mann 5 months ago +1

    I know for sure national news local news

  • S K G
    S K G 5 months ago +1

    Its called schizophrenia

  • Jeffrey Schnoldt
    Jeffrey Schnoldt 5 months ago

    How do you stop it..

  • Nichu 7
    Nichu 7 5 months ago

    These signs are basically signs of a demonic oppression. Repent and surrender to Jesus before it´s too late.

  • EGIT Consulting
    EGIT Consulting 5 months ago

    Ever thought it is witchcraft related?

  • Raymond L
    Raymond L 5 months ago +1

    Every TI in the world should reach out and share information and support. Gangstalking, and other forms of organized harassment is a spreading evil that is infecting every society and country. Check out my shared perp collection on my TVclip, Facebook, others.

  • Sam Bo
    Sam Bo 5 months ago

    This is me

  • Kent-Jorgen Tripalo-Blomqvist

    This it's what it's all about ya all!
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    Remember ME, AND TRUST Me, it's God's honest truth and if the evil devil is tracked all he's been in contact with might be Corrupt,and his men killed all rappers spreading corruption messages so be careful, thanx for listening and let's save the world again, Russia done it last time

  • sun shine
    sun shine 5 months ago

    these are all mental illness symptoms people

  • dmguk gtown
    dmguk gtown 5 months ago

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa priceless thats called 21st century living...either that or bipolar affective disordered psychosis..these things happen to everyone...

  • MyBffis Food
    MyBffis Food 5 months ago

    Been there, I even mastubated because they bothered me too much, probably did it in front of them and not know it

  • Carol Vani
    Carol Vani 5 months ago

    Do police know if you’re on this list for experimentation?

  • Carol Vani
    Carol Vani 5 months ago

    Watch Nowhere to Hide on Amazon Prime. Came out this year. Perfect example of this “Experiment”.

  • ORustle
    ORustle 5 months ago

    Systems is broken

  • ruboyhsv
    ruboyhsv 5 months ago

    this is just life and problems you face throughout it... comeon man

  • susan haydon
    susan haydon 6 months ago

    His obsessed with me absolutely obsessed, stupid cock sucker

  • susan haydon
    susan haydon 6 months ago

    I'm a target but mines by a mob boss