Oliver Tree - H3 Podcast #125

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • Oliver Tree
    Oliver Tree Month ago +19521

    That was the easiest vape off I ever won!

    • AkaAdrian
      AkaAdrian 17 hours ago

      @Carlito X ...

    • Cole Perrou
      Cole Perrou 2 days ago

      Oliver tree u should turn that vape into a skooter

    • Rachel Colameco
      Rachel Colameco 3 days ago


    • Jacob Mullins
      Jacob Mullins 4 days ago

      the crown juul

    • esme dunder
      esme dunder 8 days ago

      oli stop caring about the views. you're being SEEN. keep on keepin' on. i adore your shit

  • i have anxiety anyways heres a cucumber duck

    are we not going to talk about the back of olivers head at 1:51

  • Stuussy. J
    Stuussy. J Day ago

    The only guest ive ever actually hated on h3

  • vrxlf
    vrxlf Day ago

    guys! i think he has wig on his head! his head is too wirnkly

  • Brooke Scott
    Brooke Scott 2 days ago

    Ethan: wh-
    Oliver: I don't want to get into my personal life...

  • Llamarino
    Llamarino 2 days ago +1

    but like...... michelangelo paint the sistine chapel

  • Brody Paschall
    Brody Paschall 2 days ago

    that T-34 at 40:08 is pretty cool.

  • Team2Litty
    Team2Litty 2 days ago +1

    Who else thinks Ethan and Hila are King and Queen of you tube?

  • Team2Litty
    Team2Litty 2 days ago

    The first vid from Ethan and Hila i ever watched was them vaping with those huge vape and was like 20 min long sense then i have had the privilege to binge watch every minute of content and the last video was this one so i came full circle..

  • spasm oligarch
    spasm oligarch 3 days ago

    Sociopathic vibes from this Oliver Tree guy.

  • Lamilton Taeshawn
    Lamilton Taeshawn 3 days ago

    This dude is unique as fuck and his music is actually incredible

  • Shifttube
    Shifttube 3 days ago

    yo the h3h3 studeo is hunted dude vape got pushed over by a ghost

  • Anomalocaria
    Anomalocaria 3 days ago

    this dude is an absolute douche lol. his music is dope tho.

  • Evan Giovonti
    Evan Giovonti 3 days ago

    William Osman needs to make Oliver a hat.

  • thicc human being
    thicc human being 5 days ago

    1:15:32 is that a frickjerry shirt

  • Tommy McCall
    Tommy McCall 5 days ago

    How can someone dislike this

  • James LeGacy
    James LeGacy 5 days ago

    The Godfather should be Idubbbz

  • gatordontplay417
    gatordontplay417 5 days ago

    @Oliver Tree thanks for all the awesome music.

  • Intron Intron
    Intron Intron 6 days ago

    Not knowing who he was, I clicked on this video because I thought he was Ethan as another character... so even though I'm shocked, It's still hard to believe it's not Ethan

  • Joseph Wilson
    Joseph Wilson 6 days ago

    what kinda tit milk is leaking out of his ear I DO NOT UNDERSTAND...

  • Conor Bullerman
    Conor Bullerman 6 days ago +2

    They actually start talking about his life at 22:58

  • Pituzer
    Pituzer 7 days ago

    I like this guy’s music, but honestly I thought he was a bit unbearable during this podcast and I’m surprised not more people are talking about it. I know a lot of his “disrespect” comments were jokes, but honestly he seemed a bit disrespectful himself (like too full of himself, playing the boss)

  • soyishboy
    soyishboy 7 days ago

    post malone should be theodore's godfather tho :'(

  • Abstracted
    Abstracted 7 days ago

    his neck is extremely wrinkly i’d just like to say that

  • Carlo Nicolis di robilant

    Sugar water sure hahaha

  • Carlo Nicolis di robilant

    Did the vaping intern really say sorry sir to ethan?

    SPAZOID21 9 days ago

    william osmen beanie rip

  • Hayden Coulson
    Hayden Coulson 9 days ago

    Oliver is the type of dude to break your shit and get mad at you for it

  • Glummy Bear
    Glummy Bear 10 days ago


  • Jen Mac
    Jen Mac 10 days ago

    I’m starting to think that Oliver tree isn’t a character..... it’s a kid with A LOT of brain damage

  • K D
    K D 11 days ago

    I don't know who this guy is but he is wicked tied in to pop culture in like a super smart 4th wall breaking way.

  • ratttrash
    ratttrash 11 days ago


  • Patrick Coronado
    Patrick Coronado 11 days ago

    Does any one see the comments as a community ?\/?,'-,;:#

  • Loretta 253
    Loretta 253 11 days ago

    I dont know if he is joking or not about this being his last tour cause he is gonna be in my city next week and Im flat broke

  • No Filter A Nintendo Podcast

    The back of his neck freaks me out. But man this guy is talented

  • XūEūNūTūOūX
    XūEūNūTūOūX 12 days ago

    lol so what's his real hair?

  • XūEūNūTūOūX
    XūEūNūTūOūX 12 days ago

    damn oliver tree had a gf, WHO SHE?

  • XūEūNūTūOūX
    XūEūNūTūOūX 12 days ago

    oliver tree needs 1b views on a music video. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN BOYS

  • XūEūNūTūOūX
    XūEūNūTūOūX 12 days ago

    the vape shit was disappointing , not gonna lie

  • jimmy Rivers
    jimmy Rivers 13 days ago

    Those clouds are WEAK

  • dipset22554
    dipset22554 13 days ago

    So is he wearing a cap? Or does he have a wrinkly burnt ass head?

  • J.C. Taylor
    J.C. Taylor 13 days ago +2

    I love this chaos

  • obesekid69
    obesekid69 13 days ago

    idk why i just despise oliver, hes just trying way too hard to be quirky

  • Dynamic Gamer
    Dynamic Gamer 13 days ago

    8:53 kinda looks like a bald cap

  • Eduardo H
    Eduardo H 13 days ago

    Oliver tree looks like Gru and Vector from despicable me

  • Drugedoutsmurph
    Drugedoutsmurph 13 days ago +1

    I wanna see a
    Cole Bennet directed video video lyrical lemonade 🍋

  • Drugedoutsmurph
    Drugedoutsmurph 13 days ago +1

    Demonetized? Kuz that’s BullShit
    Or just claimed by umg 😂😂

  • Jojo Joester
    Jojo Joester 14 days ago

    Video gets demonetized because they play the song of the person in the video... lmao.

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones 14 days ago

    i love how not one single person notice he haves foreskin in the back of his head to neck

    • Matthew Duncan
      Matthew Duncan 6 days ago

      People notice, they’re just smart enough to also notice it’s a bald cap

  • Holtzapple Dalton
    Holtzapple Dalton 14 days ago

    What kind of hair does Oliver have underneath that wig, that's the real question

  • Holtzapple Dalton
    Holtzapple Dalton 14 days ago

    I have a feeling Oliver is a really good guy in real life

  • CJS Graphics
    CJS Graphics 14 days ago +7

    51:22 Ethan: "Dude you really are breaking our shit, that was a gift from somebody that means a lot to me"
    56:32 Ethan: "Yeah, it's already broken, I'm gonna throw it out after you leave anyway"


  • Josh Jimenez
    Josh Jimenez 14 days ago

    The back of Oliver tree’s head looks like a plastic bag

  • Cauliy
    Cauliy 14 days ago

    I want that photo that's so bad ass

  • Dennis Peppard
    Dennis Peppard 14 days ago

    1:09 what’s with the back of his head?

  • _________________
    _________________ 14 days ago

    What is that Jewish foreskin on the back of Oliver trees head

  • Gavin W
    Gavin W 15 days ago

    1:13:05 proves that they are related

  • a no body
    a no body 16 days ago

    Imagine what he would look like without a bowl cut

  • Carmen Sandiego
    Carmen Sandiego 16 days ago

    I felt so uncomfortable watching this

  • WBS
    WBS 16 days ago

    He seems slightly adhd

  • TYBO
    TYBO 16 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how Oliver said Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Sistine Chapel when it was Michelangelo lol

  • jarred triesler
    jarred triesler 16 days ago

    TVclip! Get your head out of your butts and take off the age restriction on the Vape God Oliver Tree.

  • 10500042
    10500042 17 days ago

    This is what happens when you get two vape gods in the same room. Vapes busting errywhere

  • David Esfandiary
    David Esfandiary 17 days ago +1

    To be *frank*

  • Lam
    Lam 17 days ago


  • Ma Mai
    Ma Mai 17 days ago


  • jay miller
    jay miller 17 days ago +1

    This is pathetic..

  • Jon Mance
    Jon Mance 18 days ago

    I know im late to this but, this video made me look up Oliver Tree. I thought Oliver was a meme and a joke but after watching this i checked him out and love the music. Oliver you have a new fan keep it up man.

  • L L
    L L 18 days ago +12

    All the people who don't know oliver tree and his intensely confusing sarcasm are shaking rn

  • OhighO Skater
    OhighO Skater 18 days ago +4

    I love it. I had to come watch this episode again

  • hmm ok
    hmm ok 19 days ago

    Lil Dicky x Oliver Tree

  • maN_Boog
    maN_Boog 19 days ago +1

    Lmao, “Whats The Name Of Your Sister??”

  • maN_Boog
    maN_Boog 19 days ago

    Oliver Before The Nose Job

  • Karlene Sumner
    Karlene Sumner 19 days ago

    River Cafe, breakfast burrito. YA GONNA LOVE IT

  • o k
    o k 19 days ago +49

    Am I the only one who teally enjoys Oliver's voice, idk it's like the perfect cartoon network voice if y'all know what I mean

    • HI GAMES
      HI GAMES 12 days ago

      o k straight up!!!!