Post Malone - Take What You Want (Audio) ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • Official audio by Post Malone performing “Take What You Want” featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott - off his new album 'Hollywood's Bleeding’ available now:
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    Official “Take What You Want” Lyrics
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    I never needed anything from you
    And all I ever asked was for the truth (All I ever asked was for)
    You showed your tongue and it was forked in two
    Your venom was lethal, I almost believed you (Almost believed you)
    Yeah, you preyed on my every mistake
    Waited on me to break, held me under hopin' I would drown
    Like a plague, I was wasting away
    Tryna find my way out, find my way out (Find my way out)
    And it finally came the day
    I start giving my heart away
    For Heaven's sake, my bones will break
    But you never own my soul, no
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    I took them stones you threw, made chains for the crew (Ice)
    I brought up 10 hoes, this coupe only made for two (Yessir)
    They all ran through it, it ain't nothing left to do
    I need some more reasons to live out this evening (Straight up)
    I've been sippin' forever and just taking whatever
    Hoping, thinking whenever you'll be back around
    Let's go our ways, whichever
    You say how is however long
    'Cause you know I'll never be alone
    Love (Love, yeah)
    Shorty gon' back (Shorty gon' back)
    Need it on sight (Need it on sight)
    Crack it all back (Crack it all back)
    Give her that pipe (Give her that pipe)
    All of my gang (All of my gang)
    Shawty went bad (Shawty went bad)
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Take it all away
    Why don't you (Take what you want, take what you need)
    Take what you need from me, yeah
    (Take what you want) Why don't you (Take what you need)
    (What you need, yeah)
    #PostMalone #TakeWhatYouWant #HollywoodsBleeding
    Music video by Post Malone performing Take What You Want (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Comments • 16 774

  • Taco bandit
    Taco bandit 2 hours ago

    this is amazing i know people are only here because of ozzy and honestly you guys are way too stuck in your ways and should really broaden your music lists but god damn did these 3 do a fucking amazing job

  • noavaro
    noavaro 2 hours ago +1

    god I wish this had a little less autotune and pitch correction...
    great song though

  • Ibbs SpamsL2
    Ibbs SpamsL2 2 hours ago +1

    If you are here for Ozzy subscribe to my channel

  • Tiago Ramos
    Tiago Ramos 2 hours ago

    Bro travis scott.’ Verse Was so lit he gave a special tune to this music

  • Jerrison Alexis
    Jerrison Alexis 2 hours ago

    Holy fuel

  • Gavin Duvall
    Gavin Duvall 2 hours ago

    "I be getting collabs in my songs for example Ozzy the rockstaaar"

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez 2 hours ago

    This is such trashhhhh

  • Moh Kb
    Moh Kb 2 hours ago +1

    Believe me!!!!
    The song will become No. 1 this year👌....
    and will receive many awards and Grammy too

  • ManoSound Studios
    ManoSound Studios 2 hours ago

    Thumbs up if you think this is the best Ozzy material since I don't know, Down to Earth ?

  • captain shenanigans
    captain shenanigans 2 hours ago

    I didn't think there would be another metal and hip-hop crossover since anthrax and public enemy did their song but I actually like this song.

  • Aaron Krom
    Aaron Krom 2 hours ago

    Post Malone is cool But Ozzy Oz man Cometh is a fucking GOLDEN GOD!

  • Christopher Courter
    Christopher Courter 2 hours ago

    Ozzy can Still talk?

  • Amy Lee Allen
    Amy Lee Allen 2 hours ago

    No matter what genre of music is your favorite - this is a must listen too song. 2 Thumbs up to Post, Ozzy and Travis!!

  • Evelyn Monroe
    Evelyn Monroe 2 hours ago

    ok but can I just

  • John Bennett
    John Bennett 3 hours ago

    What song is Ozzys part from cus he doesn’t sound like that at all rn

  • Bobby shmurda
    Bobby shmurda 3 hours ago

    Post is the goat for this

  • TinyBubbleExtreme
    TinyBubbleExtreme 3 hours ago +3

    Billy Ray Cyrus: I got the best crossover
    Ozzy: Hold my bat

  • Breanna Ellinger
    Breanna Ellinger 3 hours ago

    God I can't get efuckingnuff of this song 🖤😩

  • G&G Reptiles
    G&G Reptiles 3 hours ago

    The Ozzman cometh back 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Don'tworryboutit Jennings

  • Romulan47
    Romulan47 3 hours ago

    and ozzy still got it 🤦‍♂️💰💰💰💰

  • Romulan47
    Romulan47 3 hours ago

    AND Travis Scott??? Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Romulan47
    Romulan47 3 hours ago

    Post Malone just changed the game with this song

  • Romulan47
    Romulan47 3 hours ago

    Holy shit

  • Reverend Bonz
    Reverend Bonz 3 hours ago

    I don't know how to feel about this.. What do I do?

  • Cameron Sykes
    Cameron Sykes 3 hours ago

    Ozzy Osbourne showing Billy Ray Cyrus how it's done.

  • Alexander Secoy6
    Alexander Secoy6 3 hours ago

    So many goosebumps omg🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 I love ozzy this trio was so soul crushingly good

  • Alain Fitzgerald Louissaint

    That guitar solo HOLY SHT!!! 😳😍🔥

  • Revolutionaire Rebel
    Revolutionaire Rebel 3 hours ago


  • B3ASTL Y
    B3ASTL Y 3 hours ago

    Tbh, I’m not here for just one artist. I like all three. Travis a little less, but ozzy and posty should definitely do more together.

  • Oláh György
    Oláh György 3 hours ago

    Fucking Ozzy, you are the Best.

  • Avishka Mathew
    Avishka Mathew 3 hours ago

    this is fire!

  • David Starzinger
    David Starzinger 3 hours ago

    i usually listen to metal but this is really good! Not because Ozzy is in it

  • Metal AF!!
    Metal AF!! 3 hours ago +2

    Horns up for the legendary Ozzy Osbourne ... 🤘🤘

  • Mothman
    Mothman 3 hours ago


  • The Skull
    The Skull 3 hours ago

    No joke i pressed for ozzy only i dont know who post malone is but not as bad as i thought itd be

  • happy angels
    happy angels 3 hours ago

    why ozzy Osbourne sounds like tom delonge in 2029?)

  • Go get the money
    Go get the money 3 hours ago +1

    Now your an official rockstar.

  • Agustin Borghetti
    Agustin Borghetti 3 hours ago +1

    99% comments: Sad cause nobody know Ozzy Osbourne
    1% comments: people who really dont know Ozzy Osbourne

  • DK-717
    DK-717 3 hours ago

    Not enough Travis comments

  • Jenna Spencer
    Jenna Spencer 4 hours ago

    Who else turned it off after ozzy ? ❤️

  • King Sharp
    King Sharp 4 hours ago +1


  • SleepyAF
    SleepyAF 4 hours ago

    lol i hate this guy im here for ozzy

  • Vishya Knewdat
    Vishya Knewdat 4 hours ago

    Just came to say fuck post maloser. When are you gunna fuckin overdose like all mumble rap douche faggots need to? Kys. Kys. Kys.

  • MudSlanger
    MudSlanger 4 hours ago

    This all goes back to Post's love for metal. Him and Ozzy should do more together. Travis sucks. Lol

  • AndreaComa 7575
    AndreaComa 7575 4 hours ago

    I like post Malone, though I don’t listen to his music. However when I heard Ozzy was going to be featured? I FUCKEN RAN 🤣❣️

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan 4 hours ago

    Sounds good, should get rid of that ozzy guy singing at the start tho. Replace him with JB or someone cool

    • Tom Ryan
      Tom Ryan 2 hours ago

      DGooing 22 I’m joking dudes, I love ozzy. Sabbath is my favourite band, fuck these mumble rapper hipsters tho, no talent at all

    • DGooing 22
      DGooing 22 2 hours ago

      Ozzy osbourne is more famous than malone. Ozzy still spending money from when malone was born

    • Tom Ryan
      Tom Ryan 3 hours ago

      Panda King I know, I’ve been following malone since he first started

    • Panda King
      Panda King 3 hours ago

      He is a legend a

  • Rahman Jamall
    Rahman Jamall 4 hours ago


  • good vibes
    good vibes 4 hours ago +1

    Well, Post is officially cool. Always liked him, really. He's the last spark of rockstar in this pop world.

  • Rahman Jamall
    Rahman Jamall 4 hours ago


  • Rahman Jamall
    Rahman Jamall 4 hours ago

    IS THIS NIGGA GETTING RAPED OR ROBBED just take what you want just don't kill me or hurt me seriously PLEASEEEEEEE

  • Clarissa G
    Clarissa G 4 hours ago


  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 4 hours ago +1

    How much drugs do you think Ozzy was on before saying yes for this crossover?

  • Chris Miles
    Chris Miles 4 hours ago +1

    Not what I expected but damn ok. Get it ozzy get it lmao.

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 4 hours ago

      Trap rock rocks!!

  • Street Cat
    Street Cat 4 hours ago

    RIP Randy Rhoads forever

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 4 hours ago

      This is crazy, and i love it 🔥

  • UNO Mcnasty
    UNO Mcnasty 4 hours ago +1

    Ozzy!! Awesome song.
    Click LIKE if you came for Ozzy!

  • Austin walker
    Austin walker 4 hours ago


  • Percussion Maniac
    Percussion Maniac 4 hours ago +1

    Ozzy is 70 years old and has a better voice than post and Travis

  • Nicole Upton
    Nicole Upton 4 hours ago +1


  • Murillo Prado
    Murillo Prado 5 hours ago +1

    Nobody : A

    Ozzy on 0:26 : Tears you never Yoooow