Post Malone - Take What You Want (Audio) ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • Official audio by Post Malone performing “Take What You Want” featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott - off his new album 'Hollywood's Bleeding’ available now:
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    Official “Take What You Want” Lyrics
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    I never needed anything from you
    And all I ever asked was for the truth (All I ever asked was for)
    You showed your tongue and it was forked in two
    Your venom was lethal, I almost believed you (Almost believed you)
    Yeah, you preyed on my every mistake
    Waited on me to break, held me under hopin' I would drown
    Like a plague, I was wasting away
    Tryna find my way out, find my way out (Find my way out)
    And it finally came the day
    I start giving my heart away
    For Heaven's sake, my bones will break
    But you never own my soul, no
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    I took them stones you threw, made chains for the crew (Ice)
    I brought up 10 hoes, this coupe only made for two (Yessir)
    They all ran through it, it ain't nothing left to do
    I need some more reasons to live out this evening (Straight up)
    I've been sippin' forever and just taking whatever
    Hoping, thinking whenever you'll be back around
    Let's go our ways, whichever
    You say how is however long
    'Cause you know I'll never be alone
    Love (Love, yeah)
    Shorty gon' back (Shorty gon' back)
    Need it on sight (Need it on sight)
    Crack it all back (Crack it all back)
    Give her that pipe (Give her that pipe)
    All of my gang (All of my gang)
    Shawty went bad (Shawty went bad)
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Take it all away
    Why don't you (Take what you want, take what you need)
    Take what you need from me, yeah
    (Take what you want) Why don't you (Take what you need)
    (What you need, yeah)
    #PostMalone #TakeWhatYouWant #HollywoodsBleeding
    Music video by Post Malone performing Take What You Want (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Comments • 26 466

  • Marilyn Ramsey
    Marilyn Ramsey 9 hours ago

    Love Ozzy and YES.. I am 55~ I love Post Malone and Travis Scott.. It's great to hear them all together! Old & New !

  • Get Real
    Get Real 9 hours ago +1

    Who is Ozzy Malone?

    • Get Real
      Get Real 9 hours ago

      Maybe he's Post Ozzy?

  • Kareen Burgos
    Kareen Burgos 9 hours ago

    This song is just.. wow!!!

  • Blake Roeder
    Blake Roeder 9 hours ago

    Ozzy Osbourne making a song that's actually in my life time, if only i was this age when Sabbath started.

  • Delima Jannah
    Delima Jannah 9 hours ago

    postmalone:take what u want from me
    me: i want nothing from u

  • Fortnite Clips PS4
    Fortnite Clips PS4 10 hours ago +1

    Comment section
    Post malone: 25%
    Ozzy Osborne: 75%
    Travis Scott: Doesn’t exist

  • hazeroid
    hazeroid 10 hours ago


  • Sardou Romulus
    Sardou Romulus 10 hours ago

    Ozzy Osbourne: It’s time for me to take a break from my career
    Post Malone: Do you want to make music together?
    Ozzy Osbourne: Why not!!!!

  • Tommy Maher
    Tommy Maher 10 hours ago

    thought he was gonna be one hit wonder, he drops a tune with ozzie. deserves everything he gets

  • Newbie666
    Newbie666 11 hours ago

    Post Malone fans: Who is Ozzy Osbourne?
    Ozzy Osburne fans: Who is Post Malone?
    Ozzy Osbourne: who is ozzy osbourne?

  • leo santa maria
    leo santa maria 11 hours ago

    post Malone is awesome

  • VIBeZ Tarelo
    VIBeZ Tarelo 11 hours ago +1

    Sup gang stay gucci

  • PgcWarrior 5
    PgcWarrior 5 11 hours ago +1

    When you know who all three of the artist are💪😆, this is one of the best songs I’ve heard on the radio in a long time. Can’t wait to here it more often

  • Ghost
    Ghost 11 hours ago

    This song could have been much more better but it’s still good

  • MastaKay051
    MastaKay051 11 hours ago

    What a colab with ozzy ozbourne and post malone never expected but what a song

  • Hello Lol
    Hello Lol 12 hours ago

    I haven’t payed taxes since 2003

  • William Tucker
    William Tucker 12 hours ago +1


  • alex reck
    alex reck 12 hours ago

    The best part of the song its ozzy for sure

  • Sub 2 ViperPlays Ft
    Sub 2 ViperPlays Ft 12 hours ago

    He’s only 24…☹️

  • Yabdiel Acevedo
    Yabdiel Acevedo 12 hours ago

    This song is so high
    Too good to my ears🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Angela Lee
    Angela Lee 12 hours ago

    Ozzy sounds really good as well as Post and Travis Scott. Very intelligent people all 3. Good song! Ozzy has been through a lot still got that killer voice!!! Much love to you Ozzy especially where you've been and where you're at now. Relate, rough road been there.

  • Glenn Huber
    Glenn Huber 12 hours ago

    Who the frick is post Malone?

  • Sarah Holiday
    Sarah Holiday 12 hours ago

    It's no ones fault they dont know ozzy. If you're still in high school or lower right now and your parents dont or didnt listen to his genre of music chances are you wont come across it easily! And hes not really in the public eye as much anymore. Leave kids alone? Most likely their parents are younger than all you 45yo divorced dads yelling at them for not knowing a man who peeked 30 years before they were born.

  • Madman Raider
    Madman Raider 13 hours ago

    Ozzy is the God father of Metal.

  • EKP_ KingPlayz
    EKP_ KingPlayz 13 hours ago

    I like the guitar solo

  • Amina Shah
    Amina Shah 13 hours ago

    I dont know about Ozzy Osbourne I will admit but I love the sound of his voice and his color has raw emotion. Wish i had discovered him earlier

  • Katie Bloom
    Katie Bloom 14 hours ago

    Yes big facts

  • Zombiecrush75
    Zombiecrush75 14 hours ago

    God, this auto-tuned bullshit is so terrible. Just leave Ozzy's track and fuck the rest.

  • Crazyking official
    Crazyking official 14 hours ago

    This joint crank 🔮😈

  • Owen Shipley
    Owen Shipley 14 hours ago

    How come you can't understand shit when he talks, but when he sings you can understand perfectly.

  • Logab 13
    Logab 13 14 hours ago

    Stupéfiant 😳 je tombe part hasard merci... me rappelle peter Gabriel au début 🤔 bref à ma femme Aurélie mon amour ma vie

  • Jerome Barrio
    Jerome Barrio 14 hours ago

    Who is post malone?

  • nick osbourn
    nick osbourn 15 hours ago

    wow i'm impressed malone, never really seen any one do a track from hip hop/rap with a legend like ozzy and this is for sure gonn a be something i play for my buddies. i really enjoyed this

  • Danny883
    Danny883 15 hours ago

    Ozzy is and will forever be a legend 🔥

  • Anghel Mihaicodrut
    Anghel Mihaicodrut 15 hours ago

    Ozzy rocksssssss.....he is the bosssss!!!!

  • geemi magar
    geemi magar 16 hours ago

    I'm here only for ozzy Prince of darkness 💗💗

  • Mascarilhas !!!!
    Mascarilhas !!!! 17 hours ago +1

    Can you just explain me what is a Legend like Ozzy doing with Post?

  • Purple Ranger
    Purple Ranger 17 hours ago

    ozzy osbourne wyd ?

  • Tyler Pham Metal
    Tyler Pham Metal 18 hours ago

    whyd you do it ozzy

  • 8BitSeel
    8BitSeel 18 hours ago

    Autotune ozzy sound hella creepy.

  • Mach1club
    Mach1club 18 hours ago

    Ozzy sounds great!! Make a new album!!

  • Johnson GD
    Johnson GD 18 hours ago

    Amazing guitar solo

  • Maksu Maksu
    Maksu Maksu 19 hours ago

    ok now i can die in peace o.o

  • kenza lazrak
    kenza lazrak 19 hours ago

    When that Guitar hits !!! Bring Rock'n'Roll back pleaaase !

  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan 20 hours ago

    We love you Ozzy.

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 20 hours ago

    Simply 😍

  • jack greenway
    jack greenway 20 hours ago


  • J Kink
    J Kink 20 hours ago +1

    Travis scott ruined the whole vibe

  • Charles Bush
    Charles Bush 20 hours ago

    People dont understand what this song is about, but I think I do. Confirmed. *wink*

  • Mandrake
    Mandrake 21 hour ago

    so os foda qualidade monstra

  • Carina L
    Carina L 21 hour ago


  • Adrian Cardenas
    Adrian Cardenas 21 hour ago

    Last song I heard from Ozzy was "Mama I'm coming home" and for him teaming up with rappers today is incredible.

  • Cameron Gage
    Cameron Gage 21 hour ago

    the beginning sounds like under the graveyard by ozzy 🤷‍♂️

  • Zachary Burger
    Zachary Burger 21 hour ago +1

    Ozzy is a legend, Post is a legend, Travis Scott- well, he’s okay.

  • keturah Williams27
    keturah Williams27 21 hour ago

    This song is everything right now!!! Izzy is still killing it, Travis is shape shifting his voice to sound like post Malone.... omg!!! This is awesome

  • Natanael Wagner
    Natanael Wagner 21 hour ago

    Ozzy the legend

  • Văn Nhật
    Văn Nhật 21 hour ago

    Travis scott is the best

  • Dave SPROED
    Dave SPROED 22 hours ago

    ozzy 1

  • Tolis Christopoulos
    Tolis Christopoulos 22 hours ago

    I don't get it why Ozzy Osbourne did this . Post Malone is nothing compared with Ozzy

  • Benicio brasa
    Benicio brasa 22 hours ago