Gossip Girl is kinda dumb...


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  • J. Fife
    J. Fife 7 hours ago

    stoP- STOPIT

  • Vitani B Mamba
    Vitani B Mamba 13 hours ago

    I've never seen the show. I tried watching the first 2 episodes. But, I think its just because I'm watching at 18, rather than 9 years old. Times have changed. Also, I'm a poor, lower classes citizen of color, sorry if it offends anyone, but I don't want to rich white people do whatever they do😂

  • Valentine Young
    Valentine Young 19 hours ago

    The “devil’s tango” is now my favorite euphemism, thank you good sir

  • WSG Man
    WSG Man 2 days ago

    gg rocks

  • Rochelle
    Rochelle 2 days ago

    I found Serena so infuriating. She could NEVER admit she was wrong. If she ever did she would beg for forgiveness and get it! That's not how life works!!

  • Secombe Ryan
    Secombe Ryan 3 days ago

    Wtf im on season 2 and i only just realized blairs mum isnt the same actor as the first season.

  • nell nell
    nell nell 4 days ago

    In Season 1 Chuck tried to Rape Jenny … and later one he actually is her first time ……… DA FUKKK

  • Abigaël Sévère
    Abigaël Sévère 4 days ago

    Gossip Girl was the shit soo bombbb

  • Abigaël Sévère
    Abigaël Sévère 4 days ago

    How are these 16 year olds openly getting drinks at a bar like the bartender did not check the ID and the fact that they’re totally UNDER AGE

  • Abigaël Sévère
    Abigaël Sévère 4 days ago

    Omg Jenny was so pure I hated her so much in the next seasons

  • sir1thomas1
    sir1thomas1 5 days ago

    2:00 Hey it's Captain Speirs!

  • Randall Johnston
    Randall Johnston 6 days ago

    I hate shows like this ..sex and drama ..no thanks

  • Yaoi LovER
    Yaoi LovER 7 days ago

    All I see is a penis I wont lie
    I was gonna mock to martini thing being like the memosa thing and didn't..goddamit lmao

  • Tosin Akin
    Tosin Akin 7 days ago +1

    Funny thing is food is exactly the way to get to a girl's heart. It's the way to get to most people's hearts honestly.

  • flxwercxrpse
    flxwercxrpse 8 days ago

    I watched the first season and was constantly bored. It was always blah blah look at me and my rich kid problems lmao i only watched it because my friend BEGGED ME TO now i see why she liked it. She was a privileged rich kid too lol

  • Glowfish
    Glowfish 9 days ago

    "This show was actually pretty tame"
    *After a scene was a girl is assaulted*
    "Yes.... Tame is EXACTLY how I'd describe it...."

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie 10 days ago


    but he’s totally right

  • Sunny's Side
    Sunny's Side 10 days ago

    I helped run the snack table at my school dance it was a strange experience

  • Tal Ben Yakir
    Tal Ben Yakir 14 days ago

    I really hope you see this but I just want to let you know you seriously makenme laugh in your video’s and I actually watched the first episodes of some shows just to be able to watch some of your video’s because they’re honestly hilarious and aware and yeah just thanks I guess

  • Kittenlovesday Playz
    Kittenlovesday Playz 16 days ago

    Wait so you're saying he was about to rape her oh my Irene he's dead 8:27

  • Nisa M
    Nisa M 17 days ago

    “Ha LIER” 😂😂

  • Edgar Obare
    Edgar Obare 17 days ago

    I love the throwback, it was quite another time

  • Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash

    *Me (Beginning of GG):* Awww, Dan's such a dorky little cinnamon roll! 😍😍
    *(Dad took "cinnamon roll" **_way_** too literally when I said this... 😩😂😂💀)*
    *Me (End of GG):* **Wants to kick Dan in the face** That. LITTLE. *C&@T* ! 😡😡😂😂💀

  • KViivi
    KViivi 20 days ago

    I never watched gossip girl until the end so can someone spoil me, who was the gossip girl??? Is she ever shown in the show or not?

    • KViivi
      KViivi 13 days ago

      +Hart Denton how was it dan? Was he a closet queen and spoke like a female during his free time? O_o Who was the "story teller" at the beginning of every episode then? I thought that was the gossip girl.

    • Hart Denton
      Hart Denton 13 days ago

      KViivi Dan

  • h6l2n 2
    h6l2n 2 20 days ago

    Gossip Girl is boring

  • reylodramione
    reylodramione 22 days ago

    I watch gossip girl for only Chuck and Blair.

  • Blair Waldorf
    Blair Waldorf 23 days ago +1

    That‘s my favorite show!!!

  • ally86
    ally86 23 days ago

    I realized this when I went back and tried to binge watch it was horrible

  • Kelly Marie
    Kelly Marie 24 days ago +6

    The hate I have for jenny.. wow.

  • Phil S
    Phil S 25 days ago

    Density Alex! :)

  • Phil S
    Phil S 25 days ago

    What's with taking so long to respond hearing every thought play out lol

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L 25 days ago

    Never heard of it and I was well and alive when this came out. Like practically a teenager

  • AG
    AG 25 days ago +1

    Are you sure you watched it? Cuz this show was everything but chill, lol. BTW, Nate and Chuck took the bus to school that day because something happened with the limo. I can't remember if it was car trouble or bad traffic

  • Anna Christine
    Anna Christine 25 days ago

    You're from Iowa! That's awesome. Me too!

  • Thøss Løst
    Thøss Løst 25 days ago +1

    3:08 Presented by Charlie

  • pokésam
    pokésam 26 days ago

    I live in Connecticut and it does blow but there are rich places, people come from New York all the time to "get away from it all"

  • c dubba u
    c dubba u 28 days ago

    Okay, so I was only a casual observer of Gossip Girl, but that's not the same Blair's mom as it was towards the end of the show was it?

  • Shoe Lace
    Shoe Lace Month ago

    Lol he is super right about Connecticut XD Its a waste land of ice cream places, chinese food, and pizza. I wish I was kidding there are like 3 pizza places on the same street in my town.

  • Cc L
    Cc L Month ago

    I literally just pressed on the video and before I watch it I’m commenting that : it is but I love it so ❤️

  • Juliette Veronica
    Juliette Veronica Month ago

    I haven’t watched Gossip Girl in ages, but I’m a big fan of the tv show You (ESPECIALLY the novel), and Penn Badgley (who plays Dan is Gossip Girl) plays the main character, Joe, and that’s who I see him as now.

  • LittleBlondeNightmare 악의 꽃

    I love the fact you have your dog beside you in chibi so cute.

  • L.D Extra credit
    L.D Extra credit Month ago

    I looked up how much an apparent in Brooklyn would be. 1million dollars! 5,000! a month!!!!!

  • ARandomAccountForMe

    Didn’t realise how Chuck was really rape-y and chauvinistic in the first season... So wouldn’t fly if it was a Netflix show now.

  • Liberty Carvalho
    Liberty Carvalho Month ago

    I love how he always says "devil's tango" 😅😅.

  • unicorn sprinkles
    unicorn sprinkles Month ago

    Can someone tell me why Eric (Serina’a brother) tried to kill himself?

  • Kelsey Jones
    Kelsey Jones Month ago

    These teens look so old

  • valeria carrillo
    valeria carrillo Month ago


  • Grace Mosley
    Grace Mosley Month ago

    The only characters I liked were Chuck and Blair and that’s cause they kept it interesting. Serena annoyed the fudge out of me.

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips Month ago

    If they are in High school why are they in a bar having drinks> were they held back a few years?

  • Simcha Clincy
    Simcha Clincy Month ago

    He isn’t even poor. He lives in a big loft. He’s just not super rich.

  • Thulakshi Gamage
    Thulakshi Gamage Month ago

    Devil's Tango? Satan's Mambo? YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!

  • Marija 4
    Marija 4 Month ago

    You are getting unsubscribed for this.

  • K M
    K M Month ago

    The ending was shit, I’ll agree but the beginning was awesome!

    INGIE K Month ago

    This show makes me nostalgic. We all know that we live in an alternate reality now because the world got destroyed in 2012. This was just that last little bit of entertainment before the end.

  • Michelle Oh!
    Michelle Oh! Month ago

    Please review elite!!!

  • vaani thapa
    vaani thapa Month ago +2

    I just realised they changed the actress for Blair’s mom for the pilot.

  • Another Account
    Another Account Month ago

    I relate to her so much because that it pretty much my life but instead of a dress it’s a shirt or anything else

  • Remy Mafia
    Remy Mafia Month ago

    8:33 Lmao. Remember the days when almost EVERYTHING with an interesting title, was a Rick Roll? XD

  • Nik Bear
    Nik Bear Month ago

    I absolutely hate how you call sex “the devil’s tango” it makes me cringe every frickin time 😂😂😂

  • Metal Gear LOL
    Metal Gear LOL Month ago

    Okay I’ve never watched this show but Dan’s dad is making me rethink that...

  • lanee_squad Smith
    lanee_squad Smith Month ago

    its true if you like a girl get her food

  • usernamesare irrelevant

    ITS *_iCONIC_*

  • schleep
    schleep Month ago

    I mean, this is a lot better than freaking pll or anything else that's directed at teens. (yes Riverdale, yes 13 reasons why, I'm looking at you)

  • Cheyenne Tyler
    Cheyenne Tyler Month ago

    Idk how we didn’t figure out dan was gossip girl

  • Liam Tonga'uiha
    Liam Tonga'uiha Month ago

    *Can you tell me why tf u hate every show, what they do to u*

  • Zermeen Khan
    Zermeen Khan Month ago

    Do Gilmore Girls next

  • Maddie  Rath
    Maddie Rath Month ago

    Hey a fellow Iowan, represent!

  • Kerri Marie
    Kerri Marie Month ago

    Iowa! Me too.

  • Shafiyah Ar Rajwa
    Shafiyah Ar Rajwa Month ago

    30 ????????? I tought you like 27 ir something

  • Alexan B.
    Alexan B. Month ago

    My grandmother gave my mom the whole it's all down hill from here speach

  • Caitlin Birchall
    Caitlin Birchall Month ago

    If someone gave me a grilled cheese and you could have they heart😂

  • Breeanycia Manuel
    Breeanycia Manuel Month ago

    It's really crazy after watching the whole thing and rewatching it, all of the things I did not pick up on. I like each character for different reasons but there is so many flaws with each of them. The horrible things that each of them did. The last two seasons I felt were just there to fit the needs of the fans. I will never understand why Dan and Serena STILL ended up together when they did not have any connection anymore. I felt like they shouldn't have ended up together but that's just me. Same goes for Blair and Chuck. They lost a connection with each other and I felt that. Also did anyone notice how they just seemed to forget about Scott?? Like they used that story line once and never visited it again.

  • Anny Monas
    Anny Monas Month ago

    Do reaction on anime like naruto and any other classic. Plzzzz

  • N O
    N O Month ago

    As a new yorker who is NOT a part of and has NEVER been a part of "high" society - i just couldnt relate to the "average, relatable" character or really any of the characters 💜

  • Ava
    Ava Month ago

    Nope idc it's iconic and always will be. And chuck and blair made the show

  • Dragon Queen
    Dragon Queen Month ago

    so thats why that blake lively is famous. I never knew who the fuck she was until now. I find shes not good looking at all

  • Zara Darko
    Zara Darko Month ago

    It’s annoys me that EVERY EPISODE ENDS WITH A PARTY

  • ava
    ava Month ago

    6:35 this may be a joke but its so true

  • MuseVicious
    MuseVicious Month ago

    I fucking love the first season of Gossip Girl

  • Debland1989
    Debland1989 Month ago

    Please review Degrassi!

  • Allie Martin
    Allie Martin Month ago

    Did you do a video on teen wolf? I can’t find it, and I’d like to watch it

  • Shyanne Thompson
    Shyanne Thompson Month ago

    You should do one on anime we used to love and don’t know why! Inuyasha, 1, 2, 3, GO!

  • TheDeadCobra
    TheDeadCobra Month ago

    Are they suppose to be Teens who gives them alcohol?

  • TheDeadCobra
    TheDeadCobra Month ago

    Why is it called The Devils Tango there is no sin in Sex?

    Lara SCHROEDER Month ago

    Ok im barely a quarter through when im writing this. I feel really bad for Dan. I really hope that he and the main girl are together

  • The Pronoun I
    The Pronoun I Month ago

    This guy thinks everything is dumb... Does he have a partner I can feel sorry for?

  • Abby Tuangco
    Abby Tuangco Month ago

    Please watch Dynasty if you want a show about the rich! Do a video on it pleeeaaaase!

  • Nayara Coca
    Nayara Coca Month ago

    Chuck kinda looks like Kevin, from we need to talk about Kevin

  • Dodge the Jungle Kid

    Devils tango

  • Kiki A
    Kiki A Month ago

    The only thing I liked about this show was that Taylor Momsen from the pretty reckless was in it, and even she couldn't make me watch that mess lol

  • Ly M
    Ly M Month ago

    Your editting cracks me the absolute fuck up dude I love your videos

  • SetsunaAtemu
    SetsunaAtemu Month ago

    As a resident of Connecticut I must say that your assumptions about the state are indeed correct

  • Schaaf
    Schaaf Month ago

    this show is just a recycle of relationships...

  • Eve M
    Eve M Month ago +2

    Please do the show Skins!!!! Your videos are hilarious.

  • Ed. Dena
    Ed. Dena Month ago

    Goosh Blake really needed that nose job

  • Salma Alsuhail
    Salma Alsuhail Month ago

    Okay.....This guy is ruining all the series’s that I worshiped for years

  • Tamika ED
    Tamika ED Month ago

    I went to a fashion design high school in NYC, so we were ALL over this show! Someone even started a "Gossip Girl" page on Myspace, which was taken down 2 week later due to bullying.

  • Ånêkø Øñyx
    Ånêkø Øñyx 2 months ago

    *_well then...now i know im living in the state that Alex used to live in_*
    _the magical state of Iowa_

  • Valeria A
    Valeria A 2 months ago

    "Pretty sure no one goes there on purpose"