Gossip Girl is kinda dumb...

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • Gossip Girl Animation
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    I used to LOVE Gossip Girl when I was younger, but watching it back now... idk, I wonder just what I was thinking haha.
    But, to its credit, compared to a lot of other shows we have now, Gossip Girl is a breath of fresh air, I guess you could say.
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Comments • 3 535

  • Kayla McCarthy
    Kayla McCarthy 5 hours ago


  • Victoria Mathieu
    Victoria Mathieu 22 hours ago

    The Nate and Blair season 1 storyline could not be done in today’s times because they did the slept with the best friend thing to each other but Nate cheated on Blair with Serena and Blair didn’t cheat on Nate when she slept with Chuck yet she got slut shamed for it and literally no one cared when he did it to Blair.
    Also everyone conveniently forgot that Chuck was a date rapist which now wouldn’t slide at all and Jenny ever so much as going near Chuck let alone having sex with him after he tried to rape her when she was 14 is completely unbelievable. I don’t get why no one was upset. If this show ever got a reboot or a show was made with a similar premise they'd need to seriously rework the characters.

  • Elena Salvatore
    Elena Salvatore Day ago

    I miss season 1 jenny.. so innocent

  • Coxwah
    Coxwah Day ago

    Omg is there one video you actually like!?!?!?!? Geez

  • Shaye Anstey
    Shaye Anstey Day ago

    when “gossip girl” talks all I hear is fucking Kristen bells voice

  • Gabrielle Jones
    Gabrielle Jones 2 days ago

    What's worse, Connecticut or Louisiana?

  • Queen Rayna
    Queen Rayna 2 days ago

    Honestly the thing about grilled cheese is completely correct. Give most girls food, their heart is yours

  • manya sachdev
    manya sachdev 3 days ago

    Omg I didn't realise Blair's mom was a different actress in season 1

  • Hedrih Mihaela
    Hedrih Mihaela 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes Jenny but *HATES* Serena. Like she slept with her best friends boyfriend, messes with Dans hart, sleeps with a merryed man, then makes a guy fall in love with her he gives his life up to show her he loves her and than she lives him,brake up 2 relationships because she wanted to be with bought guyes, acts mean to her mother,...the list goes on and on
    PS:Stoped watching the show after the 4th season because I got hella anoyed after every episode

  • sarahlawless
    sarahlawless 3 days ago +1

    I never never understood the hype.

  • Spectra Light
    Spectra Light 7 days ago

    I never watched this show, but I decided to never waste my time watching it when I saw the characters drinking. Aren't they like 16? And they drink and deal with issues like they're 30! They never acted like "kids."

  • E
    E 8 days ago

    Alex is from Iowa too?? HOLY SHIT. Also accurate representation.

  • Clifford Devoe
    Clifford Devoe 8 days ago

    Sooo did i just actually noticed that blair's mom was recasted !! I waas living in a lie this whole years !!

  • Rainbow Gamer
    Rainbow Gamer 10 days ago

    I live in CT lol

  • Anti-Tumblrたんたん

    But compared to Riverdale, Gossip Girl is superior.

  • bergamotblonde
    bergamotblonde 10 days ago

    I could never stand this show. All the people were just horrible to each other and Chuck Bass is a predator. He tries to rape a young girl, and later on pimps out the supposed love of his life and people still paint him as a romantic icon. I admittedly saw very little of the show, but those were the parts that stood out to me. If a passerby can pick up on that flicking through channels, I've never understood what the appeal was beyond a few pretty people.

  • Adaija Packnet
    Adaija Packnet 10 days ago

    I loved this show growing up! it was my favorite and now I wanna rewatch the show again! I am really worried about this remake, but you do have a point where like if the show took place today it would be like a million times different, like everyone on the show would be snapchatting and vlogging and everything. I wonder in the remake if they are going to do that or not, we will see :)

  • Whinypersonwhowontshutup

    Yeah... but i watched it just because of BLAIR... sooo...

  • OOF
    OOF 12 days ago

    is it worth it to watch this show ?

  • Your Local Nobody
    Your Local Nobody 13 days ago

    YOU TURNED 30? jeez u sound 19

  • Tatyana
    Tatyana 13 days ago

    All the "LIAR"s when it's mentioned that Blair loves Nate I have to laugh

  • shady
    shady 14 days ago

    Kinda want to watch the show after watching You since Penn is also in this show

  • Ms Hepburn
    Ms Hepburn 14 days ago

    I love your last point: this show is analog and no one talks about instagram followers etc. in that show - I KNOW RIGHT?!? and honestly, it feels like this show is like super ancient! but that's why I love it so much. It's so pure in terms of technology bc they didn't spend that much time on their apps.

  • Melody Spark
    Melody Spark 15 days ago

    *Satans Mambo?* I thought it was *Devils Tango?*

  • VkookQT
    VkookQT 15 days ago +2

    Why does everyone hate Serena 😔

  • Lulu Love
    Lulu Love 15 days ago +1

    They need to remake this show it would be so different with social media now & iPhones!

  • Lulu Love
    Lulu Love 15 days ago +7

    Watching Gossip Girl in your twenties makes you see how Dan was right about all of them. Serena and Nate bounced from relationship to relationship including with married men/women and minors. They dropped out of college. The only pairing that had character growth was Blair and Chuck, and even Dan who saw right through them but still ended up marrying Serena at the end which was a total fail on the shows part. Nate and Serena should of ended up together since they are so much alike, and Dan with Vanessa.

  • The Galaxy Guys
    The Galaxy Guys 16 days ago

    Lol i live in iowa

  • Stephanie Carvalho
    Stephanie Carvalho 16 days ago

    Ya kno u could do friends

  • that øne persøn
    that øne persøn 17 days ago

    "Satan's Mambo" Top Ten Plot Twists No One Saw Coming

  • Dree Washington
    Dree Washington 17 days ago

    Jenny pissed me off over the seasons

  • neegas
    neegas 17 days ago +3

    What's Joe from You doing on Gossip Girl

    • Zina Ikeme
      Zina Ikeme 13 days ago

      neegas thats exactly what I said!!!

  • Jess Ess
    Jess Ess 18 days ago

    HA! LIAR!!!! 😂😂😂😂
    If they are “teenagers” how are they drinking at bars?! Getting into bars?! 😂

  • Rixie
    Rixie 18 days ago

    i didn’t think old people are this funny LMAO

  • cleopxtra builds
    cleopxtra builds 19 days ago

    wait that's blair's mum?! i swear she looks different

  • L B
    L B 20 days ago

    So are you 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • CC Cool
    CC Cool 20 days ago

    Girl friendship does’nt goes like that they are just weird

  • Indigo Rodent
    Indigo Rodent 21 day ago +1

    That weird feel when not paying attention to TV shows since 90s and learning that nowadays it isn't possible to have Beverly Hills, 90210, Fresh Prince From Bell Air and Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Sabrina the Teenage witch airing at the same period of time.

  • TriniCrew
    TriniCrew 21 day ago +2

    I really enjoyed this review, it was funny. I was also a massive fan back then, I found Dan relateable.

  • TriniCrew
    TriniCrew 21 day ago

    Dan was poor compared to those elites, but his family was certainly not poor!

  • Hannah Harmonoah
    Hannah Harmonoah 21 day ago

    That Veronica reference tho.... lmao 😂

  • shannon osullivan
    shannon osullivan 21 day ago

    Cast Kristen Bell as gossip girl was pretty ingenious. Her voice is perfect for the roll, “you know you love me, XOXO. Gossip girl” forever etched in our minds.

  • Saanvi Sai
    Saanvi Sai 21 day ago


  • Shreya Sarojkar
    Shreya Sarojkar 21 day ago +1


    • Zina Ikeme
      Zina Ikeme 13 days ago

      Shreya Sarojkar lol saame

    • neegas
      neegas 17 days ago

      😷 oh joe this must be pre-beck

  • Mila Nedanoska
    Mila Nedanoska 21 day ago

    8:40 that is the best thing about the show

  • varun dewan
    varun dewan 21 day ago

    1:23 I can't believe it was Dan all along...

  • Lily Costa
    Lily Costa 21 day ago +1

    Why is Dans dad more attractive than Dan😂😂😂

  • Reilly Elizabeth
    Reilly Elizabeth 21 day ago

    My school dances don't even have snacks. They sell bottled water for a buck a bottle. No punch, no chips, no candy, nothing. Water.

  • Leah selkie
    Leah selkie 21 day ago

    Lets face it...Dan was the real psychopath on this show...just ew.
    I always liked Eric. He seemed the most genuine person

  • Anna Morey
    Anna Morey 22 days ago

    Wait Blaires mom changed. I didn't realize that 😂

  • Jana
    Jana 22 days ago

    You’re from Iowa? Me too! Omg, the only TVclipr from Iowa ever.

  • Alyssa Wilson
    Alyssa Wilson 22 days ago

    Honestly, this show was super popular when I was in middle school but I didn't watch it until college and it frustrated me because I kept thinking "all these problems would be solved if you were just freaking honest with each other!!"

  • IncredibleBailey922
    IncredibleBailey922 22 days ago

    Lol yes, if you give girls food, they will love you! That goes for all the girls I know. Food is the way into a girl’s heart

  • __bleeding. heart__
    __bleeding. heart__ 22 days ago

    Alex talk about Gilmore girls plssssss

  • Fia xoxo
    Fia xoxo 23 days ago

    Jenny and Vanessa are the characters I hate most on this show

  • Fia xoxo
    Fia xoxo 23 days ago

    I hate Jenny by the way gossip girl is an amazing show so don’t dis it

  • Irina Girleanu
    Irina Girleanu 23 days ago

    Honestly, I couldn't care less about who ended up with who; I watched this show for exactly 3 reasons: Serena and Blair's style, New York, and the cutie that is Nate Archibald.

  • Hi Hopes
    Hi Hopes 23 days ago

    I love Blair And Chuck ❤️ #chair

  • horror movies rock
    horror movies rock 23 days ago

    What your from Iowa ,same there's a 20 inches of snow outside

  • Drummer Schmittle
    Drummer Schmittle 23 days ago +6

    Switching it up from DEVIL'S TANGO to SATAN'S MAMBO. Loving it!!

  • Destiny Alvarez
    Destiny Alvarez 24 days ago

    Dan is gossip girl

  • Destiny Alvarez
    Destiny Alvarez 24 days ago

    Still my favorite

  • Aukey 13
    Aukey 13 25 days ago

    I hate Serena.
    She is so stupid and dumb.
    She run away everytime when something is complicated.
    She slept with her Best Friends Boyfriend twice. Come on girl wtf is wrong with you?
    She hurt so much people, bit didn't care about it.

  • RockinRobin
    RockinRobin 25 days ago


  • Tyler Byrd
    Tyler Byrd 26 days ago

    If Gossip Girl existed today, they could crossover with YOU. Stalker to stalker yknow!

  • Hannah Zero
    Hannah Zero 26 days ago

    the show is still good. stfu. the ending is whack tho.

  • Meg Erick
    Meg Erick 28 days ago

    I always said they should make a new version in this day and age and it would be so much more interesting

  • hxlxnska
    hxlxnska 28 days ago

    Riverdale tries to be gossip girl soooo bad

  • Maliyah The prune
    Maliyah The prune 29 days ago


  • Maliyah The prune
    Maliyah The prune 29 days ago

    Blair is my favorite don’t even care even tho she pisses me off but I like her and dan is a loser I only like Jenny tea she did some crazy shit but I liked her chuck is still my baby but I really hate dan and not because he’s gossip girl but he’s a bitch and so is Nate

  • Zoë Fischer
    Zoë Fischer 29 days ago

    Okay but Chuck and Blair will always be my favourite couple ever

  • Anita Anderson
    Anita Anderson 29 days ago

    i just realized they told us who was gossip girl in the first episode... Oh my god

  • cherry_ ice_fangirl
    cherry_ ice_fangirl Month ago +2

    2:05 Dan's dad looks the same age as him, if not younger.

  • Montana Bohall
    Montana Bohall Month ago

    Dude I'm from Iowa too

  • Figuring It Out
    Figuring It Out Month ago

    If that's "barely scraping by " then I wish I was barly scraping by!!!! I'm like in box under bridge level if that's the case man

  • RadiantDragonBorn
    RadiantDragonBorn Month ago

    What was he going to tell her?!

  • ashlesha paliwal
    ashlesha paliwal Month ago

    This is sorta so irrelevant

  • stuffy time
    stuffy time Month ago +1

    Oh my GOODDNEESS ..........(sigh) bruh why cant u just say u hate every single thing in the world even ur fans and ur parents and ur self u hate EVERYTHING , oh and u think "to all the boys i loved before " is stupid u know wat u r stupid ur the one who is stupid just shut up u talk like a parrot u dont stop talkin just shut up for a second and i know that i have spelled some words wrong because im writing so fast and im not delete a sing letter..............and if u love this guy then ya im a hater so what!

  • Zelda Chick
    Zelda Chick Month ago

    Josh Schwartz reused so much from The OC (his far superior show), it was a little ridiculous. The characters even look similar. Tell me Dan's dad wasn't supposed to be a Sandy Cohen ripoff.

  • Gabby Adams
    Gabby Adams Month ago

    please do a commentary about YOU

  • DIYmaster
    DIYmaster Month ago

    Is it just me or does Blair’s mom look totally different?

  • Adrianna_ Ray
    Adrianna_ Ray Month ago

    It seems like Blare have sex with different men the whole movie

  • Mary Ann Vargas
    Mary Ann Vargas Month ago

    I don’t even know why ppl shipped Chuck with anyone considered he tried to rape two women!!! Like what the fucking fuck

  • liE
    liE Month ago

    lol I live in Connecticut and u r right

  • Leslie Perez
    Leslie Perez Month ago +1

    First time I watched Gossip Girl I was 10. I have never watched the whole show. A few episodes of the first season, then the third, and the 4th (?). I used to watch it after lunch and I enjoyed it, but I was a kid back then, and since I didn't watch the whole thing, I couldn't notice the horrendous amount of inconsistencies.
    Now I am 21 and I decided to watch at least the whole 1st season, then I stopped at the 3rd episode of the second season.
    Man, that show is horrible.
    Remember when people say that 13 Reasons why sucks? Well, Gossip girl is worse.
    It had so many plot holes, inconsistencies, unreasonable, illogical, boring and repetitive story lines, awfully written characters.
    Even worse, the show addressed so many issues: bullying, eating disorder, cyberbullying, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, homophobia, stalking...
    I remember one line from the Constance principle: "no one complained about it [gossip girl] so we just let them". DUH, nowadays that website would have been shut down, as often people's privacy was violated. That's illegal.
    I can't believe that I actually liked it.

  • Fairy Tail
    Fairy Tail Month ago

    Narrated by Kristen Bell.

  • Willemijn B
    Willemijn B Month ago

    Anyone else creeped out by the fact that jenny's actress was 14 and chuck's 20 (or something ) when that near rape scene was filmed?

  • FLU
    FLU Month ago

    The "poor" kid is gossip girl isn't he?

  • Ashley Mutasa
    Ashley Mutasa Month ago

    Please do You the Netflix show

  • Tina Monälle
    Tina Monälle Month ago

    I love gossip girl yet i can't help but agree with everything on this video. The show has million of plot holes... And Dan being gossip girl makes no sense

  • Jade Obsession
    Jade Obsession Month ago

    i only watched this show for Sebastian Stan's Carter Baizan

  • alienprotein
    alienprotein Month ago

    um DO THE CARRIE DIARIES. it’s a really bubbly and lighthearted show. teen show, but not the sex-scandalous kind

  • Burn them all!!!! !!

    The think with this show is that ppl get together break up 2-3 episode later annoying as fuck

  • Samadrita Pathak
    Samadrita Pathak Month ago

    Well.. tbh, grilled-cheese sandwiches ARE the way to a girl's heart.. atleast, this gen. I guess.
    I think.. 🤷😅

  • stfu. •
    stfu. • Month ago

    Is the girl w blonde hair (Serena??) the one who played “The Age of Adeline”?

  • Melissa Sensor
    Melissa Sensor Month ago

    First person who is from Iowa

  • Christos Kassiotis
    Christos Kassiotis Month ago


  • Maureen Kitty
    Maureen Kitty Month ago

    Come on, GG is on another level. The crap that we are getting nowadays )e.g Riverdale) cannot compete with GG

  • marisol altamirano
    marisol altamirano Month ago

    chuck can still like get it