Gossip Girl is kinda dumb...

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • Gossip Girl Animation
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    I used to LOVE Gossip Girl when I was younger, but watching it back now... idk, I wonder just what I was thinking haha.
    But, to its credit, compared to a lot of other shows we have now, Gossip Girl is a breath of fresh air, I guess you could say.
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Comments • 3 531

  • Sydney Stubbs
    Sydney Stubbs 2 days ago

    What's up with Blair's mum in that episode?

  • WWEdiva246
    WWEdiva246 2 days ago

    Why are all high school students able to drink at bars or in front of adults all the time without any consequences in the shows lolololol. I didn’t even think it was cool, I just thought uhhhh how old are you cause I’m pretty sure that’s illegal

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin 3 days ago

    A show called "Gossip Girl". Who'd ever expect that to be dumb?

  • Radha Hande
    Radha Hande 3 days ago

    "It's like Narnia, but if Narnia was full of garbage." LOL.. the reason why I watch alex's vids r bc of the humour.

  • Catherine Chester
    Catherine Chester 7 days ago

    As someone who lives in Connecticut.... I can say that Alex is righf

  • Amora Gang
    Amora Gang 9 days ago

    they got rid of Blair original mom lmao

  • Lauren
    Lauren 10 days ago +2

    We all watched for Carter Baizen, let’s be honest here

  • Valerie Ivanova
    Valerie Ivanova 10 days ago

    I need this vids to be at least half an hour long t_t
    Keep up the good work, Alex!

  • bianca testino
    bianca testino 13 days ago +1


  • Brooklynn Madison
    Brooklynn Madison 14 days ago

    I came to this video just to dislike it

  • Nobody
    Nobody 16 days ago

    My high school dance doesn’t have snacks...it has waters you have to buy for $1

  • Nightcore Bloodcore
    Nightcore Bloodcore 17 days ago +1

    Waaaait I knew this guy looked familiar in "You"
    Its dans actor from gossip girl 0.0

  • Larry stylinson
    Larry stylinson 18 days ago

    Everyone always had a crush on Nate and I was ALWAYS OBSESSED with chuck like that man is my whole kink I am so in love with him wow am I drooling?

  • Larry stylinson
    Larry stylinson 18 days ago +1

    What I had no idea people hated jenny lol she was my favorite character she made it so interesting

  • Jocimar
    Jocimar 18 days ago

    A whole groupie

  • vanessa benoit
    vanessa benoit 18 days ago

    it's tame? I also tried to rewatch it for nostalgia...gave up 3 episodes in...but I was like wow was Chuck always this much of a legitimate rapist? and everyone was ok with it?....

  • LaLa Beauty
    LaLa Beauty 19 days ago

    OK you keep me laughing when I watch you . Love editing and the dog sitting on your head , awesomeness

  • Harpreet Bains
    Harpreet Bains 21 day ago


  • Savannah Jones
    Savannah Jones 22 days ago

    Right before you said he looked like JTT that was my thought. 😃😮

  • Aylin Avila
    Aylin Avila 23 days ago

    *I'm just kidding, but really why are u insulting the state I was born and raised in.

  • Kathy Valdés
    Kathy Valdés 23 days ago

    This is dead ass one of the best shows ever

  • Ziyanda Zwane
    Ziyanda Zwane 24 days ago

    I swear... I sighed every time Nate and Chuck came on screen... I'm not ashamed!!! #T^T#

  • Rage House
    Rage House 24 days ago

    Wow I watched over the show and I have to say this but before i do don't hate me just my opinion Serena is a brat annoying as fudge don't see what Dan sees Lily Is a bitch never liked her Chuck never liked him never will don't understand why people like him blair was a bitch but grew to love her. But every person in this show are terrible people I could write a book about it like what Dan did and they hated him it was true though every thing he said

  • veera
    veera 24 days ago +5

    WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD GOSSIP GIRL WRITE ABOUT DAN AT GRAND CENTRAL STATION, HE WAS A LITERAL NOBODY (except that dan is gg which is obvious in the literal first scene)

    • Michael M.
      Michael M. 10 days ago +2

      even before that. while he has a converstation with his sister and his dad in their appartment, he reveres to GG as HIM. you can overhear it pretty easily.

  • GreenWinds 24
    GreenWinds 24 26 days ago

    Jeez man, don’t attack Connecticut so much. We Connecticut folk aren’t *that* bad.


  • Nathalie Caisapanta
    Nathalie Caisapanta 27 days ago

    So at the end, who was Chuck's mum at the end?
    Also I hated a lot Ivy, she was a bitch and I couldnt stand her, also Lily's sister.
    But what bugs me is how Lily chose William after what he did, he faked Lily's cancer and yet she stayed with him? Ugh.
    And Nate's hairstyle in the first episodes was horrible, he looked like a kid, he looked better when he didnt comb his hair.

  • Christy L. Riley
    Christy L. Riley 27 days ago

    That is so true. How is it that the poor people on tv live like millionaires? I wish I was that poor...

  • Ryan Ray
    Ryan Ray Month ago

    Why iv never realized that dan is the main lead actor of YOU wtf and i was wondering where i have seen him before 🤦‍♀

  • Danielle Aguiar
    Danielle Aguiar Month ago


  • Filip Neminarz
    Filip Neminarz Month ago +1

    Serena is the fucking worst.. even if she is supposed to be the main character, I totally hate her. Everything is somebody else fault. She's always right. She could breakup with boyfriend, just because she saw him to hold a door to another girl, and right away call another boy for a drink. She's trying to make some cool voice, but she just sounds and looks like someone, who's already dead inside. And most important, she is completely useless. Like, Jenny is also kind of stupid bitch, but at least, she's into fashion, making dresses etc. Serena dropped school for parties, boys and no work and when Lily told her, that she should go to school, Serena get pissed... like wtf she is fucking annoying useless egoistic piece of shit.

  • iris the snake
    iris the snake Month ago


  • Nancy Skjong
    Nancy Skjong Month ago

    Can you pleas do a vid on the show «the 100»????

  • Yurai Ypsilon
    Yurai Ypsilon Month ago

    i am at the 3rd season rn and it just gets so boring? it's just the same shit OVER AND OVER and it gets so fucking tired
    also no one handles realistically?
    for example chuck has no respect for women AT ALL and basically tries to rape people and nobody cares at all and it annoyes me that nobody of them is honest with anyone
    like don't they realize at one point that all of this shit won't ever end if they won't be honest with eachother and don't lie to eachother AND THEMSELVES anymore

  • christina -
    christina - Month ago


  • Ella de Saint Albin

    when Jenny wasn't a total bitch...

  • Buhle Luthuli
    Buhle Luthuli Month ago +1

    Did you guys notice Blair's Mom is different

  • Terry H
    Terry H Month ago +1

    Also early in season 1 Chuck mentions both his parents being alive.

  • Katy DeVine
    Katy DeVine Month ago

    You should watch Atypical for a more chill realistic show

  • Alicia Jordan
    Alicia Jordan Month ago +1

    Why was the teen wolf video removed

  • Rinrin Erez
    Rinrin Erez Month ago

    What I love about good American series is how they manage to change your views about ones character. Nothing is final until the last episode of the series. From worst to best from best to worst. Change is the only permanent thing in the world right?

  • Mikaela Williams
    Mikaela Williams Month ago

    As someone who lives in Iowa, yeah I understand moving to a different after living here. I'm in constant want of just leaving.

  • Leah Hussain
    Leah Hussain Month ago +2

    I didn't realise they changed Blair's mom

  • Candice Cart
    Candice Cart Month ago

    They based this off of a book series (that’s obvi older than when it came out)... I read the books before the series even existed.. the show was a bit of a let down- especially the characters- Blair should’ve been a bit chubby (not thin, although I think Leighton is great), in the books I imagined Serena as even more beautiful, they really screwed up Vanessa who was supposed to be a complete BA with a shaved head and combat boots as well as Jenny who was supposed to be overweight and more awkward/desperate ... but it was still a decent show

  • Ningnomaningnong
    Ningnomaningnong Month ago +1

    I love how I get a low down on the show, without having to watch it. Sweeet

  • Rihna M
    Rihna M Month ago

    I’m from Iowa too. 😂😂😂

  • Dany
    Dany Month ago

    That´s what I called a brain killer show, after watching that, you´ll become a zombie

  • Danazia Crawley
    Danazia Crawley Month ago


  • Ash 1749
    Ash 1749 Month ago

    Someone explain how high schoolers are drinking at a bar?

  • Kathryn Barrett
    Kathryn Barrett Month ago

    Has always been my number 1 favorite show

  • Olive Mballa
    Olive Mballa Month ago

    Lol Gossip Girl was liiiit! Still is. I don't care. All that elitist drama gave me life as a teen

  • Lauren Russo
    Lauren Russo 2 months ago


  • Shutup Bitch
    Shutup Bitch 2 months ago

    I hate Vanessa

  • Hedvig Møller
    Hedvig Møller 2 months ago

    But can we all just agree that Eric was the only character that was actually good

  • Hedvig Møller
    Hedvig Møller 2 months ago

    Was I the only one who actually really liked Jenny?? And I also loved dan throughout The WHOLE series not one time did I dislike him but I gotta say Serena annoyed the shit out of me and I think Dan should have ended up with someone better

  • Lucy Langdon
    Lucy Langdon 2 months ago

    your kinda dumb

  • Tankk Dog
    Tankk Dog 2 months ago

    The part about Connecticut is 100% true. It’s just really expensive trash

  • Monica
    Monica 2 months ago

    I like how ur dog does a cameo in every video! 😆

  • Kwazy Salad
    Kwazy Salad 2 months ago

    *R I C K R O L L’ D*

  • Pickled Peppers
    Pickled Peppers 2 months ago +5

    Alex: I moved to Japan to get away from my hometown

  • riri u
    riri u 2 months ago

    This show is dumb but it's one of the few shows I have watched till the end and I loved the drama and the stupidity and just everything.

  • Malte Kling
    Malte Kling 2 months ago

    Whats the song in the back at1:22

  • Cherrice Brown
    Cherrice Brown 2 months ago

    I’m tryna figure out how they’re able to drink and their in high school . The hell

  • GEE perz
    GEE perz 2 months ago +4

    My mom won't stop watching it on Netflix. Help

  • Nyaa C.
    Nyaa C. 2 months ago

    Alex: ha liar Me: 😭😂😂😂😂

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 2 months ago

    no shit

  • Vegan Man Of Steel
    Vegan Man Of Steel 2 months ago

    Chuck is the ultimate privileged asshole.

  • Dorra Dakhli
    Dorra Dakhli 2 months ago

    also the fact that they used to drink at bars all the timeeee as 16 year olds

  • Joachim Lothrik
    Joachim Lothrik 2 months ago

    I miss analog times...(i say from the comments of youtube...)

  • Kiks Kiks
    Kiks Kiks 2 months ago

    I agree more shows like this no shape shifters just back to basics please!

  • Lucas Strong
    Lucas Strong 2 months ago

    Watch one tree hill fool

  • Special Agent Washing Tub

    *sees thumbnail* Why are a bunch of college kids dressed up like Highschool prom goers?

  • blue smurff
    blue smurff 2 months ago

    Damn, can't tell who's a parent and who's a teenager ! After 5 seconds i was shipping a guy with another guy, then oh, they're father and son, woops

  • Elizabeth Locke
    Elizabeth Locke 2 months ago

    u stop that right now!

  • Aisha G
    Aisha G 2 months ago +3

    Jenny looks so weird to me now without her makeup and bangs

  • KitoRG
    KitoRG 2 months ago

    5:30, I'm from Iowa too! I did not expect that. (There really is nothing too brag about)

  • laila
    laila 2 months ago

    i just realized that blair’s mom in the first episode is different than in the rest of the series

  • Gbomi Kayode
    Gbomi Kayode 2 months ago

    I'm from Iowa too!

  • that person
    that person 2 months ago

    Call out to CT I'm from there

  • Sofia Trejo
    Sofia Trejo 2 months ago +42

    "devil's tango" "satan's mambo" "lucifer's salsa" "demon's bachata" "the beast's cha cha"

  • MagmaProductions
    MagmaProductions 2 months ago +3

    This video is good and all... but am I the only one who was thinking about how Dan is also Joe on YOU?

  • Madeline Kunz
    Madeline Kunz 2 months ago

    Ok new respect for you because youre from iowa too

  • Pidge the cat
    Pidge the cat 2 months ago +11

    honestly the only reason i watched gossip girl was sebastian stan 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • nobledonkey17
    nobledonkey17 2 months ago

    My 40 year old male best friend loved this show and holy hell idk why

  • minutemuse
    minutemuse 2 months ago

    5:06 - 5:15 .....Isn't Connecticut like an hour or two from Manhattan?

  • Shadow Robot Punch!
    Shadow Robot Punch! 2 months ago

    Homie wtf lol you never should own up to that lol

  • Nikki :D
    Nikki :D 2 months ago

    Yes it was toxic yes chuck should not have done all those things that he did but it was realistic. Every show is not about being a model example of how a relationship should be but some shows are about being realistic and showing different shades. maybe the people who are saying that their relationship wasn't romantic or something like that have always had normal relationships per say but there are people out there who have had abusive relationships even though they did love each other and they got out of it and then they learn how to be have a normal relationship. Chuck did bad things but the point is how much he grew. I really think it's a lot more interesting to see someone go from 0 to 10 instead of seeing them maintain a 5 all throughout the show. All the people out there who haven't had normal childhoods who haven't had normal lives and therefore not normal relationships later on, they tried to change. So understand that this kind of love can be real to some people too. It's not always about showing the right things that should happen on television everything has grey side black sides. And never ever is the writer trying to tell us that this is ok. They're showing it and it's on your interpretation whether or not you want to go forward with it People are romanticising it because they can relate to it. Period.

  • Miriam Lopez
    Miriam Lopez 2 months ago

    Satan's mambo ..? LOL

  • Kam
    Kam 2 months ago

    Are you kidding me? Those guys can't be at high school? They look like 30!

  • Abigail Waud
    Abigail Waud 2 months ago

    the only excuse anyone has for watching this now is sebastian stan

  • Katie Ricci
    Katie Ricci 2 months ago

    HA! liar....

  • Nicole Campbell
    Nicole Campbell 2 months ago

    I read the books when I was a teenager so when the show started i wasn't sure as I only got up to book I believe 5 so I never even finished the books. May need to go watch the show all the way through now.

  • Gabriela Barrett
    Gabriela Barrett 2 months ago


  • RajunCajun34
    RajunCajun34 2 months ago

    Blair is a whore lol

  • chlo chlo
    chlo chlo 2 months ago

    Do greys anatomy 😭

  • Louise🌩
    Louise🌩 2 months ago

    They changed Blair’s mom WHAT

  • Sarah Mudeebe
    Sarah Mudeebe 2 months ago


  • khanak detwal
    khanak detwal 2 months ago

    Can you do one with avengers? I'd love to see it 😂

  • FangirlForShips
    FangirlForShips 2 months ago

    Best hater ever

  • Fred Junker
    Fred Junker 2 months ago

    Am i the only one who saw Dave Mustaine?

  • Chloé Berel
    Chloé Berel 2 months ago

    Gossip girl is the dymbest show ever. BUT I STILL LOVE IT and watch it when I'm bored.