Some NFL players call for an end to Thursday night football after 8 players were injured last week

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  • ☠♆☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouTube ☠♆☠

    You guys don't have to play Thursday night football if you don't want to just quit I mean no one is forcing you to play in the NFL while making millions of dollars while you spoiled rotten thug shitheads take a knee during the National Anthem! No pity from me so you can cry me a river you "National Felon League" dickheads!

  • Snake1821
    Snake1821 3 days ago

    So they basically are now wanting to play one game a week instead of two? Isn't that one reason they get paid so much? They are aware of the terms when they sign their
    7-8 figure contracts, right?

    DR LECTER 4 days ago +2

    End all the games..SIMPLE!!!

  • David Phelan
    David Phelan 5 days ago +1

    The Steelers of the 70s, now those were men.

  • Rodney Goforth
    Rodney Goforth 6 days ago +1

    They wouldn't make it in MLB, and the NHL!

    • giovanni cazares
      giovanni cazares 2 days ago

      Rodney Goforth how not? Football is the most physical sport.

  • pie
    pie 6 days ago

    George your dum

  • pie
    pie 6 days ago

    Flag football is the best bowling is more exciting

  • pie
    pie 6 days ago

    Trump fault

  • Crosiss Kebbel
    Crosiss Kebbel 6 days ago

    Stop your bitching you get paid pretty good to play I work fucking 10 hour days 6 days a week I would love to have two days off in a row quit your bitchin you fucking cry babies get back out there and fucking entertain me

  • Barry Howell
    Barry Howell 6 days ago +1

    These injuries are karma for all the BS protests. Aaron Rodgers, Richard Sherman, etc, all getting justified karma for their belligerent incompetence.

  • shrek x phiona
    shrek x phiona 6 days ago

    Football boring now so who cares

  • LeftistsFearBigMouth Chief

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  • Missy Army Veteran Forever!

    What a bunch of crybabies!!! I see soldiers with real injuries who return to the frontlines without complaint b/c they're proud to serve. They don't whine about not getting enough down time to recover b/c they're real men & women who know how to take a punch & keep on going.
    Overindulgent NFL players make me sick.

    • seahawks 347
      seahawks 347 2 days ago

      Missy Army Veteran Forever! Fuck off

    • Eastside 313 Black Wall Street
      Eastside 313 Black Wall Street 2 days ago

      Stephen Kapowski
      I worked with a guy that cut his hand changing a light bulb in boot camp and he was discharged vet no problem ..lmbo

    • Stephen Kapowski
      Stephen Kapowski 2 days ago

      thats funny, I've seen more whinier soldiers with fake injuries over guys in the NFL who's career's are on the line

    • Eastside 313 Black Wall Street
      Eastside 313 Black Wall Street 6 days ago +2

      Stfu with that military bs talk

    • GCNLoyalty
      GCNLoyalty 6 days ago +3

      what does that have to do with anythingg........ i respect soldiers but this was irrelevant..

  • Mesohorny lovelongtime
    Mesohorny lovelongtime 6 days ago +3

    Cry, Cry, I broke a Nail! Go flip some burgers BITCHES!

    • seahawks 347
      seahawks 347 14 hours ago

      Mesohorny lovelongtime oh so you are a packers fan lol

    • 33tyouhk
      33tyouhk 19 hours ago

      With that hairy face would be good in the jungle with the other anymails

    • Mesohorny lovelongtime
      Mesohorny lovelongtime 2 days ago

      seahawks 347 Go away crybaby. NFL is dead. Nobody watching. Your Team sucks. All NFL teams suck. You're triggered because you're the one bitching

    • seahawks 347
      seahawks 347 2 days ago

      Mesohorny lovelongtime triggered packers fan aren't you

    • Mesohorny lovelongtime
      Mesohorny lovelongtime 2 days ago +1

      seahawks 347 Good I can't wait to see you guys in the Superbowl to fuck it up again!

  • Greenye Smith
    Greenye Smith 6 days ago +1

    Crying ass boy...i got hurt on Thursday cause I couldn't rest...well mf stop turning up go home bath eat and sleep for 72hrs if needed...sensitive ass 2017 playas

  • Johnny Gee
    Johnny Gee 6 days ago

    From Sunday's game to Monday, Monday to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Thursday's game, that is four days not three, folks.  Besides, there has been Thursday night games where no players were injured.  Richard Simmons is a con job.

  • no pain no gain
    no pain no gain 6 days ago

    Ya Thurs is too early to heal for Sunday

  • Matthew Jay Evans
    Matthew Jay Evans 6 days ago +5

    These fucking ass holes get paid trillions to play a fucking sport and they're being fucking pussies. Now wonder the NFL is a fucking joke. It's fucking going away within fucking 15 years. Fuck em.

  • Richard Wright
    Richard Wright 6 days ago +1


  • Brian Larson
    Brian Larson 6 days ago +2

    Well this proves it. Becoming an irrational leftist makes you both mentally and physically weak. Karma's a bitch. Who ever though NFL players would become such feeble cucks.

  • lamaistyle
    lamaistyle 6 days ago +3

    Wah, wah, wah!!! They complain about everything but want to get paid for not doing their job. STFU! Play and entertain. It’s not like you’re getting shot at by thugs or ISIS! Our soldiers pull up their boot straps and march on and our cops still chase the bad guys. So strap on your helmets and play while you still have a job.

  • M. Schultz II
    M. Schultz II 6 days ago +5

    You can keep saying "Nothing's wrong" and "ratings are where we want them" all you want, but the league is tanking, hard. #NFLboycottwontstop

  • leon singleton
    leon singleton 7 days ago +1

    Need to make NFL football flag football.

  • jose arguijo
    jose arguijo 7 days ago +2

    Punk asses. Soccer players play 3 games a week . And are slamed multiple times a game.

    • jose arguijo
      jose arguijo 5 days ago

      David Martinez They only play once a week

    • David Martinez
      David Martinez 5 days ago

      jose arguijo these guys get slammed every play.

  • kennyg64
    kennyg64 7 days ago +2


  • Captain !!!!
    Captain !!!! 7 days ago +6

    I never like Thursday night football it was only made for owners to get more money.

  • Rabinowitz Shekelstein
    Rabinowitz Shekelstein 7 days ago +4

    Hang all niggers.

    • Jimmy Browskii
      Jimmy Browskii 6 days ago

      +Trump The Fraud calm down jungle bunny...

    • Trump The Fraud
      Trump The Fraud 7 days ago +3

      Rabinowitz Shekelstein Deport all white illegals back to Europe aka Crackers

    • johnny GoodFellow
      johnny GoodFellow 7 days ago

      Rabinowitz Shekelstein thank you

  • G Joe
    G Joe 7 days ago +4

    Good Lord! That patchy beard and run away clipper haircut is distracting 😂

  • Miss Understood AngelaWalker

    You were going to complain about a day of the weekThe last time I checked they all end in Y..... why are you not complaining about the drugs they shoot you up with? Oops, my bad. Was I supposed to keep that a secret? Pardon MeMe,... but as far as I understand, this is a job. If you don’t like it, then quit!!!! Instead of taking a knee and still taking that money, take that door and slam in your own ass on the way out, while you’re telling them to kiss yours! Until then,.....

    • Marceline B
      Marceline B 3 days ago +1

      Girl, preach 🙌🏻 💯

    • Miss Understood AngelaWalker
      Miss Understood AngelaWalker 3 days ago

      Jeff Corsiglia thank you for telling on yourself. 🙏

    • Miss Understood AngelaWalker
      Miss Understood AngelaWalker 3 days ago

      Jeff Corsiglia that’s exactly what you did..... baby boy. Smooches! 💋

    • Jeff Corsiglia
      Jeff Corsiglia 3 days ago

      That is not an argument, practice isn't the same as playing a actual game and it may depend on the coach but most teams do not practice 5 days a week. Also, what do you consider practice?

    • James Watson
      James Watson 3 days ago

      You do know that if you play on Sunday then only have 1 day of rest and the rest is practice.

  • dwayneojeda1
    dwayneojeda1 7 days ago +12

    What a bunch of bitches, sad, football use to be good.

    • dwayneojeda1
      dwayneojeda1 2 days ago

      seahawks 347 so what crybaby

    • seahawks 347
      seahawks 347 2 days ago +1

      dwayneojeda1 you shut your fucking mouth we just lost are star corner back which might cost our whole fucking season bitch shut up

    • giovanni cazares
      giovanni cazares 2 days ago +1

      dwayneojeda1 how? Bet you're ass can even last 10 minutes on the cardio machine!

    • Nathan Silva
      Nathan Silva 6 days ago +1

      They complain too much man fuck the NFL

  • Kazuyo Leue
    Kazuyo Leue 7 days ago +2

    Making money is not as important as getting stressed out and get hurt.

  • Sabastian Moore
    Sabastian Moore 7 days ago +3

    Thursday Night Football should only be for High School and College NOT NFL

  • Tanja Petties
    Tanja Petties 7 days ago +5

    You wouldn't have to end Thursday night football.. You'd have to end three nights a row.. Alternate weekends.. Players need check ups after every game.. That should be mandatory... The NFL Physicians Association should concentrate on being apart of players uniforms..
    (IE) helmets shoulder pads mouth chin guards shin guards... The quicker the better.. The players should be responsible for his own equipment... Makes sense to me

    • Tanja Petties
      Tanja Petties 5 days ago

      steven the best
      Thank you..... I don't know much about football.. I've seen enough..
      Players getting sandwitch 😞
      Helmut coming off player getting kicked in head 😒 falling on knee hardly😳... And a man is suppose to walk off with a ice pack.. The physician and assistant ⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉
      Do what ?????

    • steven the best
      steven the best 5 days ago

      Tanja Petties yes

  • Alfred E. Neuman
    Alfred E. Neuman 7 days ago +15

    I boycotted the NFL on Veterans Day

    • Jimmy Browskii
      Jimmy Browskii 6 days ago

      +lamaistyle Jacksonville crowds have looked like northwestern crowds. 😂😂😂😂

    • xCaptxCrunchx
      xCaptxCrunchx 6 days ago

      Alfred E. Neuman If you feel so strongly for Veterans you should also boycott Commander Bone Spur.

    • lamaistyle
      lamaistyle 6 days ago +1

      I hope a lot of people did and it’ll go noticed.

    • Jeff Corsiglia
      Jeff Corsiglia 7 days ago +1

      Good for you, now boycott Doritos because they are making you fat.

    • Lost
      Lost 7 days ago +2

      Alfred E. Neuman good riddance