Ellarie X Colourpop It Ain't Safe It Ain't Safe! | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Mar 12, 2018
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    Hi guys! The latest Ellarie x Colourpop collab has me SHOOKETH! Watch me try on the entire collection and share my thoughts and swatches!
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  • Laydee Leshay
    Laydee Leshay Hour ago

    Browns look better on you than you think. Just saying lol

  • •Sleepy Sol•
    •Sleepy Sol• 26 days ago

    i had a friend named aina :)

  • Blessed Deshawna
    Blessed Deshawna Month ago

    Ellarie, where are you?

  • Blessed Deshawna
    Blessed Deshawna Month ago

    0:01-0:05 😳😂👌

  • Deandra Brown
    Deandra Brown Month ago

    I just... I’m buying everything 😭

  • Bri Norm
    Bri Norm Month ago

    The piece of hair that was in your eyelash made want to dig in the screen to move it....anyway I love your videos ❤️

  • a n t o i n e t t e

    u don't like bananas?!

  • hld 5127
    hld 5127 Month ago

    Jackie do you have your degree in cosmetology and are also an aesthetician you are so knowledgeable with the colors hues and contrasts I hope I’m saying this correctly if I were entering the makeup world like what would you suggest as to getting the best training

  • pinklover4672
    pinklover4672 Month ago

    Damn I just placed my colourpop order now I have to go back for netta. 😭

  • Carissa S
    Carissa S Month ago

    Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie!!! I sing this intro everytime i see you anywhere online LMAO....Just love your personality you`re so hilarious

  • Lola Quintero
    Lola Quintero 2 months ago

    Where did you get your gorgeous sweater 😍 is what I wanna know

  • D3SIR33 smith
    D3SIR33 smith 2 months ago

    That intro though 🙌🏽 was HILARIOUS!! I love it Jackie, Jackiey, Jackaaayyyyy 🤗

  • lea diaz
    lea diaz 2 months ago

    Jackieeee the brown one looks so good on you auntie!!You rock anything boo😘Love you💕

  • thefriqueisin
    thefriqueisin 2 months ago

    "Ooh I get to kiss chocolate daddy as much as I want!"

  • Brittany Magee
    Brittany Magee 3 months ago

    I love this collection 💕

  • andrelia mcfadden
    andrelia mcfadden 3 months ago

    Big up to sisters supporting eachother🙌🏾says a whole lot about you Jackie❤️

  • Johnnie Fiori
    Johnnie Fiori 3 months ago

    Girl that hair!
    On point!...Jackie please....Where is your gorgeous party hat from?

  • Alyssa Martin
    Alyssa Martin 3 months ago

    you know, you really talk a lot... and im really here for it :)

  • Christa Young
    Christa Young 3 months ago


  • Arnesha E.
    Arnesha E. 4 months ago

    I just ran to order everything but the pink & renman. Sold! 🙌🏾

  • Nerissa Farrell
    Nerissa Farrell 4 months ago

    Gorgeous! Loving this whole look especially the hair girlll

  • Hailey Bloch
    Hailey Bloch 4 months ago +1

    Take a shot every time she says Ellarie

  • brandi S.
    brandi S. 4 months ago

    There was a very popular lipglass by Mac back in the day that was just like “steelo” and i was in love with it. I can’t remember the name of that lipglass go save my life lol. So pretty.

    TRIEDBYKAY 5 months ago

    damn Jackie, all the colors look so good on you!! I want them now, but I would look horrible lmao every color goes with your look in this video!

  • Saretta Brooks
    Saretta Brooks 6 months ago

    Is that lead in story true? Lol.

  • Soozeeqz222
    Soozeeqz222 6 months ago

    Jackie reviewing Ellarie's ColourPop lippie collection is Errthang!! My two fave YTubers! These two would be hilarious together in a video!

  • diamndz1021
    diamndz1021 6 months ago

    Deep reds look glamorous on you ❤️

  • Jija Omar
    Jija Omar 6 months ago

    Auntie Jackie I don’t wear make up but watch your videos and I like your video before even watching . Just sending you positive vibes

  • Zevah Johnson
    Zevah Johnson 6 months ago

    This is pure comedy, entertainment with the tips..... I love it!! Oan I’m part of the 40 percentile 😂

  • Nichole Marie
    Nichole Marie 6 months ago

    😆😂🤣Cracked up at this intro!

  • Glamesa Artistry
    Glamesa Artistry 6 months ago

    I cracked up when she said “ dont u do the same thing” lmao yaassss 🙈😍

  • Alexis Patterson
    Alexis Patterson 7 months ago +1

    “Sisters in Hennessy” still gets to me😂🙌🏾

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 7 months ago

    Your black sequence jersey looks incredible

  • lilia ruiz
    lilia ruiz 7 months ago

    Lmao "chocolate daddy" I love you hahaha always making me laugh

  • Morgan Bane
    Morgan Bane 7 months ago

    Getting K Michelle vibes in this video, I think it’s the bob

  • K’MyaDanae
    K’MyaDanae 7 months ago

    Dark colors on jackiee😍

  • - Ryder
    - Ryder 8 months ago +1

    I’ve been watching all of your videos recently and every time you call out the 60% who isn’t subscribed, I feel so attacked. 😩 so I’m subscribed now! Stop coming for me, okay?!

  • Max Ammo
    Max Ammo 9 months ago

    STOOP KIDS ARE FREE TO LEAVE THEIR STOOP! God bless you queen omg I'm cacklin

  • Maria Madeleine
    Maria Madeleine 9 months ago +1

    You are not well... 😂🤣😂 Love from Denmark, Scandinavia ❤️

  • Rebekah Anne 420
    Rebekah Anne 420 9 months ago +3

    My new favorite cryptic: lipless DMV lady

  • kat fam
    kat fam 9 months ago

    I need someone to compare colorpop with Kylie cosmetics

  • Kateri [Kat] Levasseur
    Kateri [Kat] Levasseur 9 months ago

    Never heard of ELLARIE💖💚💙

  • PinkGold
    PinkGold 9 months ago

    so pretty love it

  • iiGnosis
    iiGnosis 9 months ago

    Auntie Monroe :D

  • Audriana Harper
    Audriana Harper 9 months ago

    I NEED those lashes!

  • Daisy G
    Daisy G 9 months ago +1

    This is probably the 1263824th video of yours that I've watched today 😂 I swear, your videos are always so entertaining! Your videos aren't the only thing that I love, it's also your character, Jackie! ❤️

  • Vegans On Thrones
    Vegans On Thrones 9 months ago

    the pink was my favorite color on you. soooo pretty!

  • DeOndrea Walker
    DeOndrea Walker 9 months ago


  • Raemu Huggins
    Raemu Huggins 9 months ago +2

    Girl! I kept staring at your eyes the whole time tho....that shade is everythang on you boo! I live for hot pinks but kinda mad colourpop sold out of it 😪 *correction: yoshi is in da bldg & available 🤓

  • Annie Haddock
    Annie Haddock 9 months ago

    I’m literally going though all of Jackie’s videos to make me feel better today because I have magically gotten a cold. In the summer time.

  • Orincy Whyte
    Orincy Whyte 9 months ago

    HENNYWAYS is my favorite makeup product I own, I really should get another because... L I F E

  • latina newsome-taylor
    latina newsome-taylor 9 months ago

    Can I just say the hair is FIRE

  • Mars Aerglo
    Mars Aerglo 10 months ago

    that strand of hair so close to ur eye is stressful

  • Whimsical Forest
    Whimsical Forest 10 months ago +2

    Jackie: I like a blue-red
    Me: I like a purple

  • daddy tabasco
    daddy tabasco 10 months ago

    This hair on you is everything!

    RETTAVISION 10 months ago

    I rolled when Jackie said at 19:55 who are me to judge....#mr #delivert

  • Deja Davis
    Deja Davis 10 months ago

    Review color pop foundation girl we gotta know

  • SugarPlum Faerie
    SugarPlum Faerie 10 months ago


  • Kandice Mackall
    Kandice Mackall 10 months ago

    that's cute, she name one of her colors after her daughter.

  • Lily White
    Lily White 10 months ago

    I lovvvve this hair on you

  • peachcat
    peachcat 10 months ago

    jackie you're looking GORGEOUS in this video wtf I can't figure out what it is it's just all perfect 😍

  • Amber Wright
    Amber Wright 10 months ago

    Auntaaaayyyy 😛💞

  • N -
    N - 10 months ago

    Girl I paused the vid to say that reds are sooo gorgeous on u tho and ur teeth appear more white

  • Samira I
    Samira I 10 months ago

    im LIVING for that chocolate brown color

  • ItsJustKK
    ItsJustKK 10 months ago

    the intro 💀

  • Amelia Jameson
    Amelia Jameson 10 months ago

    I think we for Jackie's girl crush😂🤣

  • leah Ohms
    leah Ohms 10 months ago

    you can use a dab of olive oil to easily remove smudge-proof makeup!

  • Taehyung Oppa!
    Taehyung Oppa! 10 months ago


  • Nicolette Prince
    Nicolette Prince 10 months ago

    Those nails

  • Designed For Life
    Designed For Life 11 months ago

    I love this😍

  • Melissa Bazaldua
    Melissa Bazaldua 11 months ago +1

    You know u love Jackie when u aint even watching youtube and ur walking to the kitchen " jackie jackie jackie jackie, jackie jackie " lmao 😘 love watching u and just love ur personality and just u as well !!!!

  • Courtney Herron
    Courtney Herron 11 months ago

    Coconut oil helps take off the matte lipsticks without the tugging

    JAZ AND MOLLIE X 11 months ago

    Wait my mum said Jamie is a boy is that true I am soo confused 😐

  • Sister Succ
    Sister Succ 11 months ago

    She looks amazing with Sessy on. She was serving a very little red riding hood with the hair. She's always serving looks. Love ya girl ❤❤

  • Zimrian Zimrian
    Zimrian Zimrian 11 months ago

    ** 💩

  • Jonathon Sengupta
    Jonathon Sengupta 11 months ago


  • Str8sw33t Me
    Str8sw33t Me 11 months ago

    All of these shades matched your eyeshadow!! Amazing!!

  • NiqueSoChic
    NiqueSoChic 11 months ago

    OMG I need to know more about this hair PLEASE do a video on this hair and your eyes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • FreedomWriter3
    FreedomWriter3 11 months ago

    Them lippies girl!😍​😍​

  • Marina Avant
    Marina Avant 11 months ago

    Wen in Rome lol wen you hear a phrase n its stuck in your head lol

  • tranquil harmony
    tranquil harmony 11 months ago

    Loving that hair darling

  • IshaMoy Williams
    IshaMoy Williams 11 months ago +2

    Drooling 😍

  • Islamiyyah Bisola Na'Allah

    Girrll, the brown looks good on you

  • Elida Leon
    Elida Leon 11 months ago

    Love your videos girls! Would you said it’s a dupe for Rooch...they discontinued and THAT was my ride or die red-wine liquid lipstick 😩

  • I Anna Campbell
    I Anna Campbell Year ago

    What colors will be good for the summer. I enjoy watching all your videos

  • PureAmbition33
    PureAmbition33 Year ago

    OMG you said "stoop kid that won't leave the stoop" 90's kids shout out for sure!

  • cynthia miller
    cynthia miller Year ago

    okay pause....the vit tee oh....the eyelashes tho.....i need them.... looking like a fairy godmother...just beautiful

  • Regina Best
    Regina Best Year ago

    Yoshi looks like a Barbie pink

  • Aya Naya
    Aya Naya Year ago


  • Liliana Jane
    Liliana Jane Year ago

    how is jackie so perfect.

  • Paul Rhyan Carino


  • Sara Friedel
    Sara Friedel Year ago

    I bought the Ellarie lipliner and lippie stix after watching this video a couple weeks ago. Got them in the mail yesterday, and I DIED. THEY. ARE. STUUUNNNNIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! Wearing the lippie stix today, it's gorgeous, super comfortable to wear, doesn't wear off or move too much, and I've gotten a bunch of compliments on it. New favorite lipstick! I'm in love!!!!!!


    The violet is nice on you.

  • Hana Omer
    Hana Omer Year ago

    "Don't you do the same thing?"
    Girl I go to target in my pajamas 😂

  • Zaryah Lovett
    Zaryah Lovett Year ago

    I need a tutorial on this look 💙 it’s giving me everyday aunty Jackie vibes 👌🏾

  • Richá Campbell
    Richá Campbell Year ago

    Jackie can you do a video on all your hair looks pleaseeeee!!!

  • Chelsea’s Corner

    I need hair details !!

  • Tyla Jackson
    Tyla Jackson Year ago

    your teeth are so white, give me life queen

  • Tyla Jackson
    Tyla Jackson Year ago

    sis...its sold out. im about to cry

  • krystle dawn
    krystle dawn Year ago +1

    Your intros and just your sporadic peaks of enthusiasm are my jam. I’m gonna get the confidence to have my own theme song. Had to gon' head and get me that ellarie lippie stix...three of the new lip sticks, a couple liquid shadows, and her gloss which I think I’m most excited about because that looks gloisyyy but you know they were oos on the lip pencil you sold me on. You look stunning as always, love the hair too✌🏼❤️✨💄