These Owners Are Scared Of Their Cat's Sudden Violent Attacks | My Cat From Hell

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • These owners say that their cat May lashes out with sudden unexpected and unprovoked attacks, so Jackson comes over to try and help them out. After taking a beating from May, he tries to find a way to resolve their issues.
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Comments • 9 136

  • Diane Benzler
    Diane Benzler 3 hours ago

    That's insane about that cat. I have never had such a cat. I've only had sweet natured cats.

  • issa joke
    issa joke 5 hours ago +1

    She licked herself bald :0

  • Envyy.x .jayyy
    Envyy.x .jayyy 5 hours ago

    she hungry or pregnant

  • Hanzzy_ 33
    Hanzzy_ 33 7 hours ago

    Bald man: trying to pet the cat
    Cat: “bites”
    Bald man:

    F**king p**sy

  • Alex Kerley
    Alex Kerley 7 hours ago

    the hell is that facial hair...

  • Sweet Ju
    Sweet Ju 8 hours ago

    I was even scared watching this because I thought the cat would get me 😂😂

  • Zhi Chen
    Zhi Chen 8 hours ago

    Dude, his beard though...

  • sabahat shah
    sabahat shah 9 hours ago

    The way she looked at his hand then to his face then moved her paw away aww

  • Eva Castano
    Eva Castano 11 hours ago +1

    There’s gonna be that one comment that says “this is why i hate cats” 🤦‍♀️

    TOSCANO PLASTER 12 hours ago

    Meds ? Only one med needed .....a gun

  • Mini Potato H
    Mini Potato H 13 hours ago

    It’s actually really cute😟

  • GrabYourDickAndDoubleKick TM

    Yo fuck that I'm kickin this cat outta the house if it does that to me

  • sp0ng007
    sp0ng007 17 hours ago

    I cant live in this planet anymore i cant tolerate the amount if stupidity here

  • Baloch saab
    Baloch saab 18 hours ago

    Toothless cat 😳😳

  • Aleksandrs Masharo
    Aleksandrs Masharo 20 hours ago

    Does this TV show is gay marriage advertisement, clearly it is. Flagged, and hope this video will be removed.

  • Subhra Mondal
    Subhra Mondal 22 hours ago

    You should have sprinkled Holy Water on that bad kitty in the first place. Exorcise it on top priority

  • Emo to the Extremo
    Emo to the Extremo 22 hours ago

    I'm sorry all I can see is his fucking beard

  • Wout Vl
    Wout Vl 23 hours ago

    Myeah, two minutes in and I'm already too stressed to watch.

  • Krazy_ Kat
    Krazy_ Kat Day ago +1

    Man that’s just a normal cat

  • errorproxy
    errorproxy Day ago

    so drug her

  • Bethebelle
    Bethebelle Day ago

    This is probably my absolute favorite segment. May really needed help and her humans really tried. ❤️😭🙏🏻

  • yung kitty
    yung kitty Day ago

    ur cat is suffering p e r i o d

  • Omnia  Hawari
    Omnia Hawari Day ago

    Welcome to Hell I died😂🤣😅

  • zhyar Jasim
    zhyar Jasim Day ago

    That is why I was scared of cats

  • Javier Roman
    Javier Roman Day ago +1

    It’s was so cute when she put her hand on him

  • alexander logvinenko

    Conclusion.. drugs are the answer

  • AboMyDyingBride
    AboMyDyingBride Day ago

    Where can i watch the full fucking episode?

  • BeastMaster
    BeastMaster Day ago

    Why does that one girl look like skrillex

  • Amire El hossini
    Amire El hossini Day ago +1

    4:33 was a epic moment

  • Zachary Koretsky
    Zachary Koretsky Day ago +1

    They should’ve cast this guy as professor eggman in the new sonic movie

  • TackleTheDog
    TackleTheDog Day ago


  • Jb 318
    Jb 318 Day ago

    Valium is a wonderful drug

  • Organisation XIV

    What the hell is this? This guy did nothing; the cat got better because of the medication and the medication alone. I mean for goodness sakes, all he did was approach a sick cat in dire need of medication. There is nothing supernatural about this.

  • Organisation XIV

    Well, in fairness to the cats, the owners do look like the worst kinds of liberals. >.

  • BlitztheDragon
    BlitztheDragon Day ago

    Insert Night in the Woods reference here.

  • Loader Coder
    Loader Coder Day ago

    Why don't you wear gloves?

  • Toyota Camry 2006

    uhhhhh... meow?

  • Aisha Yusuf
    Aisha Yusuf Day ago +1

    Yo i would leave the damn country if that cat would even make eye contact with me. It might be bc i’m scared of animals ...but whoe cares

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller Day ago +1

    Reminds me of my ex.

  • Fatal Bert
    Fatal Bert Day ago

    This is why dogs are the superior pet

  • - Noob MarcY
    - Noob MarcY Day ago

    I am not scared by the cat im scared bc of the guy sry

  • oRxspectedGod-
    oRxspectedGod- Day ago

    He just got them a new cat and shaved it so it looks alike😂

  • TooReal
    TooReal Day ago

    Is this for real? How the fk does a human let an animal 1/8 of their size scare them?

    • Jb 318
      Jb 318 Day ago

      TooReal because they are libtards lol

  • Kiki's Kurls
    Kiki's Kurls Day ago +3

    You got to be out of your everlasting mind if I'm going to allow a CAT to run me or my home. Then I have to pay all kinds of money to get her to act right? LMAOOOOO!!!!

    • Watney
      Watney 12 hours ago

      Empathy for animals, especially domesticated species, is a positive quality.

  • Richard Grey
    Richard Grey Day ago +4

    I’m more concerned about that guys facial hair situation.

  • ZeeRoX
    ZeeRoX Day ago

    Once my friend had a cat that was very aggressive and was destroying everything, like cables, computer mouse, keyboard, networkcables and so on, one day he had enough, he drove her out in the middle of nowhere in a forest, gave her a new life, everybody won.

  • Alexander Moniuszko

    What, dikes again?

    • Jb 318
      Jb 318 Day ago

      Carpet muncher libtards who let a fucking cat rule there home I'm going to get a job like this and take these kinds of idiots money

    • Kiki's Kurls
      Kiki's Kurls Day ago


  • Samuelson baker
    Samuelson baker Day ago

    Maybe shes an indoor cat but many cats need the outdoors , my cat went kinda mad also had bladder issues and chrystals so I had to manually help him , poor guy i just wanted to cry seeing him suffer like that , i moved to a house with a big garden and gave him all his freedom since then he hugs me in the morning and demands a cuddle at night haha oh yeah he insists on licking my face everytime he sees me if its been too long lol hes also like a little chicken or bird the way he curls up in my arms . Most cats need freedom , I know theyre cars and dangers but the mental anguish it caused my boy like he was slowly dying just staring out the window watching the other dogs n cats , I even used to walk him on a lead he would even carry it in his mouth and wait by the door so clever , although the walks gave me so much anxiety knowing if you got tangled up or i dropped the lead he would run and maybe get stuck and attacked by all the horrible attack dogs around my block that almost happened I closed the flat door just in time, my cat had no idea but i saw the pittbull off the lead about 100m away I got me and Sam in just in time I just moved so quickly i had no idea if it was coming for us , not 1 second after the block door closed the dog shot round the corner snarly barking biting at the door , I would of faught that dog to the death and there would be no way I would lose or let it live but the main thing was saftey . Oh Sam is the cat in my photo he saved me from my depression .

  • TheFake Marlin
    TheFake Marlin Day ago +1

    So get rid of her?

  • Sara Vaedi Nasek

    No one knows what its like, to be the sad cat, to be the mad cat, behind yellow eyes

  • Juice God
    Juice God Day ago

    Come train my cat sir, he is a meanie pants

  • Apexツ Gaming
    Apexツ Gaming Day ago

    ur AWESOM bro how did u do that

  • spitfire memes
    spitfire memes Day ago

    Isnt this the guy who stole the chipmunks

  • Time Scam
    Time Scam Day ago

    So my cat had that kind of a same problem
    So one time my cat mabel who was old started to attack my grandma and she had some scars but then days later my nana walked down the satirs up and down getting stuff and while walking up, my cat attacked her and her shoe at the hospital was full of blood
    Another thing that happened was that my grandma managed to get the cat outside by tricking it and she said that when it tried getting back in, as she clawed the window, the cats eyes were dead black
    But soon we had to put her down

  • Jonis Opiana
    Jonis Opiana 2 days ago

    thats miles from spider man and may was like hey

    • Jb 318
      Jb 318 Day ago

      Jonis Opiana what are you babbling about?

  • Chuck McMicheal
    Chuck McMicheal 2 days ago

    I believe this may be a grieving cat. Possibly even abused by the ones she is grieving over. Its possible it is lashing out n mayb this family cud have a used him or her, ex) children..other pets, whatever the case it's not funny to pick at this creature when u know they cnt handle it n become upset uncomfortable and to the point of aggression. Maybe this home isn't a good fit n perhaps they need to be looking out for this creature n trying to find it a new more fitting forever home. N pass on the info of the history, habits dislikes etc n hopefully they will be successful in finding the cat a more comfortable home. It cud be as simple as just giving this animal some space n on her own schedule. I think they need to be videoing for a dif target audience n really car for this animal by handing him or her off to more suitable cat parents or parent. This animal clearly is not happy.

    • Jb 318
      Jb 318 Day ago

      Chuck McMicheal it's amazing how idiots like you will go on and on about a fucking skittish cat while there are human beings that would love to have what this piece of shit cat takes for granted lol 😂

  • PyroxX PyroxX
    PyroxX PyroxX 2 days ago

    i would beat up this mf cat, it will never gonna do anything to then

  • Segal Wolf
    Segal Wolf 2 days ago

    That cat needs PMS pills lol

  • Seven Teen
    Seven Teen 2 days ago

    Very agressive get him a wet food

  • lαттєlιтα
    lαттєlιтα 2 days ago

    that cat is beautiful omg

  • Ripperduck
    Ripperduck 2 days ago +1

    See people, drugs are the solution.

  • Stained Brain
    Stained Brain 2 days ago

    My cat is my bestfriend.. it breaks my heart seeing this cat suffering so much.. her lightly touching him was so sweet

  • D. Rüesch
    D. Rüesch 2 days ago

    One of those chicks hits that cat

    • Jb 318
      Jb 318 Day ago

      D. Rüesch can you blame her 😂

  • Derek Gabrys
    Derek Gabrys 2 days ago

    Ive been thinking about getting a cat. Stumbling upon this video is making me have some serious doubts. Im sure there are a lot of dogs that have serious behavorial issues too.

  • J2 Kay
    J2 Kay 2 days ago

    i had a cat that was abused. it was my aunts, but i lived with her. and she wouldn't let me get close. little by little i'd hold my hand out slowly, she'd smell it, and within a few months, she would sit by me on the couch, let me pet her head first, and then i was able to pet her back, and she even gave me a lick here and there.

  • J2 Kay
    J2 Kay 2 days ago

    oh wow, i cried too.

  • Racer Guy
    Racer Guy 2 days ago

    From a smiling dog to a violent cat, wtf youtube?

  • ZonerZ
    ZonerZ 2 days ago

    kill the cat

    don’t worry there’s a bunch of other adorable cats

    change my mind

  • xXNut3llaXx xX____Xx
    xXNut3llaXx xX____Xx 2 days ago +4

    I have a feeling that cat was possesd no wonder it stayed in one corner of the room which is weird in my opinion.

  • Nadi Dani
    Nadi Dani 2 days ago

    that first gentle paw touch had me in tears