Justice Crew: Australia's Got Talent Winners Go For a World Title | America's Got Talent: Champions

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • America’s Got Talent: The Champions | Season 1 | Episode 1
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Comments • 213

  • Gatcha Life
    Gatcha Life Day ago +1

    I love them I was at Australia jamboree scouts and they were live 😁😁

  • Bekahh
    Bekahh 3 days ago

    Justice crew always deliver their songs are bangers

  • Kota Hauff
    Kota Hauff 4 days ago

    They are hot

  • janne c
    janne c 6 days ago


  • Yaz Powell
    Yaz Powell 7 days ago

    haha that was a show guys!!

  • Yalda Hasan
    Yalda Hasan 9 days ago

    wooow cool💕💕

  • arkangel
    arkangel 15 days ago

    aussies represent!

  • Paige Dyezie
    Paige Dyezie 16 days ago

    I'm I the only one who thinks that the judges are kind of abit partiality........ 🤗

  • rodney middleton
    rodney middleton 16 days ago

    Aussie, aussie ,aussie, oi, ,oi ,oi Fair Dinkum guys that was true blue awesome . Best of luck from Queensland, Australia :-)

  • shell
    shell 16 days ago

    Wow wow wow

  • Sahar Zamani
    Sahar Zamani 18 days ago

    you are amazing

  • Abilene Lee Tong
    Abilene Lee Tong 19 days ago

    These guys were my childhood and I’m in tears now..

  • Super Unicorn Zara
    Super Unicorn Zara 20 days ago


  • Sarah Burton
    Sarah Burton 21 day ago

    Sorry Justice Crew but BTS is taking over the world right now lol with their love and their fan base, ARMY!!!! Lol

  • justin jerry
    justin jerry 21 day ago

    Ahhhhh los amo :'v

  • max khaleel
    max khaleel 21 day ago

    I'm so glad I don't get to hear" hey it's tay tayyyy.

  • 余国辉Andy Yee
    余国辉Andy Yee 21 day ago

    I scrolled through the comments and I'm disappointed, every keeps hating on that, I think they hate them just because they're Australian, I freaking hate that kind of person

  • Ifueko Uhunmwangho
    Ifueko Uhunmwangho 21 day ago

    They don't stand a chance at all

  • Ifueko Uhunmwangho
    Ifueko Uhunmwangho 21 day ago

    How exactly did they win

  • A R I S
    A R I S 21 day ago

    Pinoy Got Talent naman!

  • hairstyles with cherie

    How dare they get rid of justice crew

  • bryan talastasin
    bryan talastasin 22 days ago

    Is this audition or a concert?

  • Nicole Gbilimou
    Nicole Gbilimou 22 days ago

    Simon is the boss and he disserve it

  • Juice Box
    Juice Box 23 days ago

    Justice crew terry crews crew crew crew

  • Ang y
    Ang y 23 days ago +1

    Simon the whole time in his head: 💰💰💰💰💰 upgraded one direction 2.0 we we go again.

  • Jumari Villasan
    Jumari Villasan 23 days ago

    Is el gamma penumbra invited? the first winner of AGT .

  • aleqsama
    aleqsama 24 days ago

    kpop style? wahaha..

  • Dee Leron
    Dee Leron 24 days ago

    I’ve watched it for the nth time... i love the song :) very catchy :)

  • kachal kachal
    kachal kachal 25 days ago

    One Direction with more steroid and more ability to dance

  • Nathan Larkin
    Nathan Larkin 25 days ago

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the group Simon was talking about scared of losing was Diversity, it makes perfect sense now that Susan Boyle would’ve been back for revenge.

  • Th3 Zm0nst3r
    Th3 Zm0nst3r 27 days ago

    they are lip syncing. my god so fake

  • Renaldi Wicaksono
    Renaldi Wicaksono 27 days ago

    K-pop wannabe

  • Yozen
    Yozen 27 days ago +1

    Who are they?

  • Engineer Khairul
    Engineer Khairul 28 days ago

    White & Black KPOP wow

  • Elwin Abarro
    Elwin Abarro 28 days ago

    I hope El Gamma Penumbra will also be invited.

  • Othello Casugod
    Othello Casugod 28 days ago

    Thought it was a kpop group. Lol

  • vanlalruatdika sailo
    vanlalruatdika sailo 28 days ago +2

    Wow....they deserve golden buzzer👍👍👍👍

  • Anthony Flanders
    Anthony Flanders 28 days ago

    It is interesting like simon say

  • Knd Rolex
    Knd Rolex 28 days ago

    Go oz

  • Enita Chipoyi
    Enita Chipoyi 28 days ago

    Deserves gold buzzer

  • Rigie Cabodbod
    Rigie Cabodbod 28 days ago

    Marcelito from philippines must here....

  • categories21
    categories21 29 days ago

    This is not agt performance, this is like a concert show 😂

  • PianoDiva24
    PianoDiva24 Month ago

    One direction anybody?

  • Geminilove 69
    Geminilove 69 Month ago

    I love them

  • Torterra Plays Mc
    Torterra Plays Mc Month ago +1

    Lol Dami Im should have come instead of these people honestly

  • Khye Howe
    Khye Howe Month ago

    Aussie squad

  • Sonny Bill
    Sonny Bill Month ago

    Could’ve put a bit more effort in the choreography I thought, seemed a bit Cliche with some of the moves they did but that’s just me

  • Jay Gomez
    Jay Gomez Month ago

    Straight garbage 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑😂😋🤪

  • Anna
    Anna Month ago +11

    Why did it just occur to me 'Boom Boom' wasn't necessarily popular in other countries lol that song was played everywhere back in 2014

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    i’m not wrong when i say que sera was EVERY ONES grad song if u were yr 6 in 2014. legit

  • Rylee Miller
    Rylee Miller Month ago

    Yes! MY baby Boys! I listened to them all the time, great to see them here this far

  • Катя Попова
    Катя Попова Month ago +6

    It's kinda like watching kpop in English :D It's awesome!

    • barbara exfr
      barbara exfr 12 days ago

      Катя Попова yeah , actually I'm here bc of their reaction to overdose a lot of years ago,they know it

  • serenity brown
    serenity brown Month ago

    your so cute can you come to my birth day next year when I turn 11

  • Matthew Joshua Sosito

    I am so glad you guys publish its full video which AGT main channel did not.

  • Justin Giohann Aquino

    basic talent

  • Cassey Villanueva Castro

    Wow! A mini concert in AGT!!! 😍😍😍

  • Brin Matthews
    Brin Matthews Month ago

    The best guys left like the one with long hair so their shit now

  • michae crua
    michae crua Month ago


  • Keira S
    Keira S Month ago

    Should have sung live (without a loud ass track clearly autotuning it) and put more into their dance routine

  • Zali Maroske
    Zali Maroske Month ago

    American women, keep your eyes off of John Pearce!! He's minee 😍

  • mowery _
    mowery _ Month ago

    Oh my marry me the 7th guy lol

  • Dhila Aradais
    Dhila Aradais Month ago

    Wow so hot 🥵

  • Gelkey TV
    Gelkey TV Month ago

    Simon loves it

  • Tigeroo
    Tigeroo Month ago

    Guys ignore those salty ass comments below, those people are just jealous because justice crew is better than them, these guys have come a long way!

  • King Harold World
    King Harold World Month ago

    wow theyre cool

  • Ken G
    Ken G Month ago

    Sana anjan ang el gamma

  • Edmonda Grabanica
    Edmonda Grabanica Month ago

    Wow amazing

  • Karen Witanto
    Karen Witanto Month ago

    Where is paul zerdin??

  • Doutzenlee
    Doutzenlee Month ago

    Cannot wait for sacred riana come back

  • PrankIt 101
    PrankIt 101 Month ago

    i'm aussie and i know this song and i know they're lip syncing lol

  • ShawN TyleR
    ShawN TyleR Month ago

    Aussie boys are gorgeous and have yummy abs.

  • Ursula Smit
    Ursula Smit Month ago

    Lip-synching and auto tune? Not cool.

  • Lhine Sanin
    Lhine Sanin Month ago

    Wl b unh asias got talent

  • Promika Sen
    Promika Sen Month ago

    Wait who didn't come back to the champions cuz they were scared?

  • Ayden Vay
    Ayden Vay Month ago

    I'm not really a fan to the song....but these guy are so good.... talented....I just love it......and a yess from me.

  • Viki Stefanus
    Viki Stefanus Month ago

    are they a dancing crew or a boyband?

  • Nej P.
    Nej P. Month ago

    I'll take all of their dicks in my ass 😂😂😂

  • Tehan Vidanarachchi
    Tehan Vidanarachchi Month ago +3

    thought these guys were irrelevant

  • andreiayman 1986
    andreiayman 1986 Month ago

    Marcelito pomoy? Kasali b sya?

  • Alexis Alexander
    Alexis Alexander Month ago

    Honestly, they’re just worse Kpop idols imo lol, that’s the only thing I can compare them to cuz Kpop idols dance and sing, except they’re 100x better at doing it

  • Yolanda Valdez Reyes Valdez

    Me encantan éstos chicos. Saludos desde México!

  • Yolanda Valdez Reyes Valdez

    Alguien me puede explicar que esta pasando no entiendo nada. Acaso están en otro reality de nuevo?

    • gabriel
      gabriel Month ago

      Es Americas got talent Champions, con participantes ganadores y finalistas, yo voy por Darci Lynne de nuevo jaja

  • Sheree Bee
    Sheree Bee Month ago

    go the Aussies. woo!

  • john setiadi
    john setiadi Month ago

    mediocre song and dance.

  • JAYE
    JAYE Month ago +15

    They've grown so much 😭🙌

  • Secret Zexyula Teloiv

    They were not that popular

  • Secret Zexyula Teloiv
    Secret Zexyula Teloiv Month ago +1

    I thought they said Justin Crew

  • Shania Thompson
    Shania Thompson Month ago +1

    they were everybody’s favourite singers and dancers back in 2015 in aus

  • Alud Fernandez
    Alud Fernandez Month ago +45

    Im wishing fourth impact to be part of AGT too.. who’s wishing the same? 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Peter Darrall
    Peter Darrall Month ago


  • Victoria Roberts
    Victoria Roberts Month ago +10

    It’s a shame it’s not the OG 2009 group

  • arbloy
    arbloy Month ago

    The only thing I heard that wasn't lip sync was "1 2 3 let's go"

  • Karen Ramirez
    Karen Ramirez Month ago

    Where's DIVERSITY????

  • dominque pilakis
    dominque pilakis Month ago +5

    Wow justice crew is back!
    Loved loved loved you on Australia got talent and was excited to see this performance
    But little disappointed that they didn’t do as much dancing
    There performances on aus got talent were iconic!

  • noor fahmie
    noor fahmie Month ago

    Thera are doing concert

  • Reception Oasis
    Reception Oasis Month ago +1

    what is the title of song played in the end?

    • Emma Andersen
      Emma Andersen Month ago +1

      Reception Oasis Infifity by One Direction

  • KillerPenguin
    KillerPenguin Month ago

    So glad they were on AGT Champions! Been a fan since day one on Australia's Got Talent! Sad that they didn't make it. Love them!

  • shamielah adams
    shamielah adams Month ago +2

    They dancing is better then they singing sorry

  • Brooke Evans
    Brooke Evans Month ago +46

    I used to loved these guys but I must say I’m a bit disappointed because this was definitely not their best performance and didn’t showcase their talent

    • Roly Poly
      Roly Poly Month ago +1

      Brooke Evans. Yeah, their choreographer isn’t part of their group anymore :(

  • moonkid125
    moonkid125 Month ago +9

    They need to dance more I think, but good to see they're doing well and breaking out of home