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  • Published on Mar 12, 2010
  • Cowboys From Hell by Pantera
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    This song was recorded on Saturday, Feb 20th 2010 at the Saint Claire Recording Company in Lexington, Kentucky.
    The students did 10 takes of the song in 1 hour; this is take number 5. In order to get multiple camera angles I had the students record the song using a click track at 112 bpm.
    Not only did using the click track help create a better video, but many professional recordings are laid down to a click track. In using this technique to record, the students now realize what is expected from a professional musician in a studio.
    Many viewers might wonder why the students aren't jumping around and delivering a great visual performance as well. Playing along with the click track requires a great deal of concentration, so that wouldn't possible for many musicians, especially a bunch of kids.
    The guitars were recorded using 2 digitech pedalboards, 1 vox pedalboard and then one Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head. The bass was recorded direct.
    The backup vocals that you hear in the chorus were overdubbed but absolutely everything else (including the solo!) is one continuous take...take 5.
    What we changed...
    Dimebag Darrell's solo in Cowboys from Hell is incredible; however, Joe Hubbell has already played several Pantera solos note for note and needed to move in a different direction. So he used some of Dimebag Darrell's solo and added some of his own ideas.
    We also left out the music from 3:16 until the end of Cowboys from Hell and then created a free time ending section. The arrangement was shortened and simplified to make it easier for the students to memorize (since they rarely get to practice as a band) and to save time in the studio.
    Students' Ages
    Drums Tyler Rogers 12
    Guitar Blake Hillard 12
    Vocals Peter Hoffman 13
    Guitar Matt Lohmueller 13
    Guitar Tommy Floegel 13
    Bass Sam Parsons 16
    Guitar Joe Hubbell 16
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  • Chris Dench
    Chris Dench 7 days ago

    This is special

  • Max power
    Max power 8 days ago

    Love how the bass drum's letting you know its there :) Good job guys, dont stop doing what you love.

  • Toni Lynn Licavoli
    Toni Lynn Licavoli 11 days ago

    Sooooo talented..I'm 60yrs old & I ABSOLUTELY love you boys!!!! Awesome talent!! Right on!! They NEVER miss their mark...Amazing talent..good job boys..I love u..u gota granny fan in me

  • Jaime Neto
    Jaime Neto 14 days ago

    Watching one more time ... Awesome! You guys rock!

  • austinalsobrook
    austinalsobrook 15 days ago

    We're not worthy we're not worthy!

  • austinalsobrook
    austinalsobrook 15 days ago +2

    Somewhere a jackblack teacher is rocking!

  • Matt O'Keefe
    Matt O'Keefe 17 days ago

    I love what you are doing with the kids Aaron. My classical piano lessons sucked compared to this

  • Kaelen Miller
    Kaelen Miller 17 days ago

    First, everything is great! But the singer just doesn't suit the song. Good singer, but not for this song. But otherwise great 👍👍🤘

  • Jaime Neto
    Jaime Neto 18 days ago

    Awesome! You guys rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

  • Passion Roxx The Future!

    this is freaking AWESOME! ROCK ON babies!

  • roddas26
    roddas26 Month ago

    Only 9 years late, still so glad I made it. Great job. Thank you.

  • Shane H
    Shane H Month ago

    This is good but the blonde long hair kid sounds fing awesome!

  • Creeeator
    Creeeator Month ago

    Dimebag got a proud smile on his face!

  • Lena Hiles
    Lena Hiles Month ago

    Get it!! awesome cover

  • Sgtjakey
    Sgtjakey Month ago

    Holy shit that was actually insane. Bravo 👏🏿

  • War Machine
    War Machine Month ago

    All of you get an extra helping of sloppy joes at the school cafeteria Monday morning!! You earned it.

  • multiestonian
    multiestonian Month ago

    This is amazing, great performance.

  • grumpyassoldman [ aka grumpy ]

    like this version better.

  • Noah D
    Noah D 2 months ago

    Honestly though it’s better than Pantera does.

  • John Heugatter
    John Heugatter 2 months ago

    Musically sound. Singer needs a fire stuck up his ass. Good to see the young generation rocking out.

  • Robert Decker
    Robert Decker 3 months ago

    The guy in the block is good

  • brandon smith
    brandon smith 3 months ago

    that’s crazy! 🤘🏼

  • Nanang Darmawan
    Nanang Darmawan 3 months ago

    Jane sik digoleki gur gayenge.. Apik apik..

  • Alvis Bērziņš
    Alvis Bērziņš 3 months ago

    This is how Phil Anselmo looks from inside.

    DEO VINDICE 3 months ago

    My man the drummer is a stone cold killer!

  • Samim Kel
    Samim Kel 3 months ago +6

    that moment when he says "ooooh come on!" OMFG!!!!!

    TK- REVINE 3 months ago

    Autotune alerte

  • Татьяна Мумряева

    Пиздюк, молодец!!

  • landon larocque
    landon larocque 3 months ago

    To see this preformed by younger generation is the bees knees.

  • 1983electric
    1983electric 4 months ago

    Better than Kids Bop

  • Justin C.
    Justin C. 4 months ago

    Drummer nailed it spot on. But that lead guitar player who did the solo with his own spin on it, that kid is amazing. He is an incredible player, I'd like to see more of him playing.

  • Jason Tidwell
    Jason Tidwell 4 months ago

    Need a new vocalist

  • Chuck Brummer
    Chuck Brummer 4 months ago

    the vocalist sucked. But the guitarist and the drummer kicked ass.

  • bogey2230
    bogey2230 4 months ago +1

    Scared the dog I laughed so hard and loud...0:47 Nice try

  • Andrew Kmak
    Andrew Kmak 4 months ago

    No insult to the kids because they are amazing. But i think its crazy how dimebag darrell could do the work of 3 just by himself.

  • Valentin Martínez Ayala

    The Fucking future 🤟

    DYNABYTE 4 months ago

    It's good but still a teenager vocalist would've been a trip to heaven

  • Debra Kowalski
    Debra Kowalski 5 months ago

    this is amazing!! maybe there is hope for the next generation 👍👍👍👍

  • rajesh bista
    rajesh bista 5 months ago

    The Legacy still lives on!

  • Brandon Jensen
    Brandon Jensen 5 months ago

    I fucking love it and so would all them boys from Pantera! O'Keefe you kick ass brother.

  • Alessandro Gambino
    Alessandro Gambino 5 months ago

    Nicely done guys!
    Vocalist you gotta let yourself go little bud! Close your eyes and let the song take you far away!
    Impressive guys. Congrats.

  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M 5 months ago


  • Noumenus
    Noumenus 5 months ago +4

    Wow, I LOVE these vocals! Great job all around but this style is something i didnt realize i needed!

  • Гриша Шишов
    Гриша Шишов 5 months ago

    It fak

  • gianluraz
    gianluraz 5 months ago +1

    Why did they take that Singer???

  • Danial Chandio
    Danial Chandio 5 months ago

    That lead guitarist is unreal😧😧😧😧

  • Covyorchic
    Covyorchic 5 months ago


  • Siege_Kilo
    Siege_Kilo 5 months ago +10

    Almost 10 years later since ive watched this. I wonder if they still play together

    • Андрей Крайнов
      Андрей Крайнов Day ago

      And im here too after so many years, Just after covers on the diva song from fifth element. Даже лучше оригинала заходит) here we Come...!!!

    • MrBusinassman
      MrBusinassman 3 months ago +2

      Me too. Впервые услышал этот кавер примерно тогда когда он вышел, то есть почти 10 лет назад)) Они все уже взрослые)

    • David Castro
      David Castro 5 months ago +1

      I was wondering the same

  • Heavy Metal Cowboy
    Heavy Metal Cowboy 5 months ago

    Great Song... but "5" guitarists???? c'mon.

  • juan felipe mosquera
    juan felipe mosquera 5 months ago

    good cover I would like that the kids voice was a little bit heavier

  • TT Drumming
    TT Drumming 5 months ago +1

    awesome cover and killer guitar solo!!! congrats!!!

  • William Shepherd
    William Shepherd 6 months ago

    Kids are that do more than steal and spit at people heavy metal a happy medium for anybody

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  • Carl Dodge
    Carl Dodge 6 months ago

    this is great

  • MrShaun1578
    MrShaun1578 6 months ago

    its good to see kids raised right

  • Crushing the Deceiver
    Crushing the Deceiver 6 months ago +1

    Cool video! The kid with the Ibanez JS ripped that solo!

  • Gonna Get Cupcake
    Gonna Get Cupcake 7 months ago

    Адские ковбои)))Крутой кавер получился у пацанов)))

  • Nigga
    Nigga 7 months ago

    Replace the vocalist

  • Miguel AP
    Miguel AP 7 months ago

    The voice :/...