More Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh | The Daily Show

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • More alarming stories of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct come to light, prompting some Democrats to call for his removal from the Supreme Court and the president to keep protecting his SCOTUS pick.
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Comments • 3 351

  • Xonx Xenox
    Xonx Xenox 4 days ago

    Trevor, you said that Prissydent DamOld Troll "doesn't know how the government is supposed to work", that may be true, However, he does know how "it does work" and he is,
    W O R K I N G I T !

  • sapid77
    sapid77 6 days ago

    My questions is why did he let other guys hold his junk 🧐

  • guyrami
    guyrami 15 days ago

    Hes the kind of guy you dont talk to during school but still fu ks up ur day. Lol

  • Bubbles McGee
    Bubbles McGee 15 days ago +1

    Wow this didn’t age well Trevor. You fell for bullshit again.

  • Joann Pasco
    Joann Pasco 17 days ago +1

    Kavànaugh in the right sexual GOP party!! They all stick together!!

  • Syretta Cochran
    Syretta Cochran 17 days ago

    This white boy can't even tell a joke

  • Trill Faldon
    Trill Faldon 18 days ago

    Trevor is the ultimate Donald Trump ROASTER/TOSTER !
    His epic roasts on Trump and sons he does not only nail them he spears # the Trumps accurately and flawlessly. 👏😃👌😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • strahi popovic
    strahi popovic 18 days ago

    Trevor is just being lapdog and mouthpiece of the Left...he should stay out of politics

  • M Al
    M Al 18 days ago +1

    AMERICA 🤮🤮🤮🤮ZIONISTS 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Shiva's Chimera
    Shiva's Chimera 18 days ago

    Suck em all off until they bleed gold.

  • Floyd Tshenkeng
    Floyd Tshenkeng 18 days ago

    Rape 'em all, Kavanaugh, rape em all!

  • Carter McCall
    Carter McCall 19 days ago +1

    Could have sworn the FBI also only had a week to do the investigations because of McConnell.

  • Denver Donate
    Denver Donate 20 days ago +2

    The "victim" says she doesn't remember this happening at all. This means it's nothing more than another lie. THE PERSON WRITTEN ABOUT SAID IT NEVER HAPPENED. Are all of you really morons and not understand that nothing happened if the one person called the victim said it didn't? Stupid people in the comments, look in the mirror, you arr why Trump keeps winning.

  • J G
    J G 20 days ago

    1.3K thumbs down. It's sad that there are that many people who don't care about sexual abuse issues

  • UnicornsAreNice
    UnicornsAreNice 20 days ago

    Let's not forget, Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath and is stupid enough to think that people won't google the definition of "boofing." He is unqualified for the position.

  • Julius Sims
    Julius Sims 20 days ago

    Lorraine Bobbit training would provide more evidence.

  • Non-Agglutinative Krenak

    The man is just a normal person for his time. Was that behavior common no it was rare yet it would be done by someone from time to time in his age group.
    The bit is not fully fleshed out though it would actually have been more likely that someone pantsed him and pushed him toward someone they knew he was attracted to or a person who most people would have considered a pig and to see what happened.
    Normal people might make it out un damaged from that interaction while someone else might be embarrassed and leave.
    This is one you got to let go it was a different time and that behavior is dickish not evil

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 20 days ago

    We are talking about the same fool who thought the Attorney General of the United States was his own personal lawyer, right?

  • Steve Queipo
    Steve Queipo 20 days ago

    Keep spreading the BS and when it is proven wrong never mention it again. You and your ilk are cowards and retarded. Why should anyone give a shit about what a non American has to say about things that don't concern him .Take your worthless lib ass back to s africa where you belong.

  • William Ridgeway
    William Ridgeway 20 days ago

    The American people really need to stand up and get rid of these scumbag pedophiles out of our government, starting with trump and everyone involved with Epsteins pedophile services. And remember that Epstein helped start up the Clinton pedophile foundation.

  • Stelladona Confredo Butler

    he couldn't hold his own penis? always exposing himself? napoleon complex? wee little dick syndrome?

  • joseph bodden
    joseph bodden 21 day ago

    Trumpunderstands how government is SUPPOSED TO WORK... it is supposed to work like he dictates...

  • richard mcguire
    richard mcguire 21 day ago

    It’s another great day to be an American!! thanks to our president,our country is doing fantastic.

  • Jim Ronsivalli
    Jim Ronsivalli 21 day ago

    Antonio Brown was released from the New England Patriots for the same thing and this jackass remains on the Supreme Court.

  • Robert Jung
    Robert Jung 21 day ago

    RBG must have seen it already, WTF?

  • olivia zhang
    olivia zhang 21 day ago

    I am wondering that if there is real audience down the stage.

  • Lee Kress
    Lee Kress 21 day ago

    So much for not being a servile dog ted

  • Ghislaine deFeligonde

    Justice departement - Justice League, same difference to Trump.

  • TheSaintsproduction
    TheSaintsproduction 21 day ago

    Well if this is proven false to I'm ganna think that bill Clinton is trying to get back at him

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 21 day ago

    Kavanaugh = Patriot Act.

    ANA KASPARIANS TABLE 21 day ago +1

    Hahahaha 😂 famous dip!!! 😂

  • Edward SB
    Edward SB 21 day ago

    BEER is amazing

  • Timothy Davis
    Timothy Davis 21 day ago

    Comrad Trump only defends his henchmen, nobody else, you, me, nobody.m

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 21 day ago

    Drumpf - dictator in waiting

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 21 day ago

    Kavenaugh & Trump are two of America’s most embarrassing figures....IMPEACH THEM BOTH!

  • Hazukichan X
    Hazukichan X 21 day ago

    Wow, Trevor Noah, speaking out against Boofy Brett? His corporate daddies must have noticed the way the wind is blowing... and all the hate that particular corrupt appointment generated, along with all the other corrupt bullcrap. Methinks they're getting ready to batten down the hatches and lay low for a while! ...I say we smoke 'em out with some good old fashioned tear gas and then whack them with nightsticks 'til they're cuffed and secure in the good old paddywagon.^^

  • The1Rausch
    The1Rausch 21 day ago

    your country is a mess.
    its weimar all over. or even worse.
    Look at history and what happened.
    Unbelievable to me that there is no instance in your system to
    intervene in such surreal situations.
    Why is nobody able to end this tragedy ?

  • Steve Garcia
    Steve Garcia 22 days ago

    A clown elected by a clown.🤐

  • Nawmi Organic Botanicals


  • Yolanda Denny
    Yolanda Denny 22 days ago

    All of us went to school with a Brett. They were an perverted and obnoxious drunks but because they were rich and entitled, they got away with it and mommy and daddy guaranteed them a successful position in life. The truth is they remain horrible human beings.

  • Lulu Seatown Getdown
    Lulu Seatown Getdown 22 days ago

    Trash human

  • Grizzle Bear Gruff
    Grizzle Bear Gruff 22 days ago

    He is obviously the preppy jackass who should never have been given power over rodents, let alone human beings. We all know one or twelve, so why should *THIS ONE* be given respect or power?
    Cavanaugh should die in a trailer-park, like he belongs; he should NOT die on the Supreme Court!

  • Jacqueline Stice
    Jacqueline Stice 22 days ago

    Trump says he's great guy, well educated, happily married, so that means tRUMP supports him! He's guilty of whipping out toddler size dick in his collage years. Who really gives a shit, the dems are only going after him because tRUMP is backing him.
    Someone please explain to me why rich collage kids party like heavy metal music, rich brats make animal house look like an afternoon tea party. Giggles

  • D Elston
    D Elston 22 days ago

    Someone please educate me...what does it matter now? He is already on the Supreme Court...!

    • Rip VanDam
      Rip VanDam 22 days ago +1

      He can be impeached, just like the traitor that nominated him.

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 22 days ago

    USA founders: Americans are innocent until proven guilty.
    Today's Liberals: You (conservative) are guilty until proven innocent. If we accidentally ruin your hard earned career/reputation just walk it off.

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 22 days ago

    fake news.. imagine holding the a supreme court members member.. and having no memory of it.. Your friend Rachel's recollection is this news story (she lies a lot).

  • Itscyberdyne notcybernine
    Itscyberdyne notcybernine 22 days ago +74

    The New York Times recently reported another sexual misconduct accusation against Justice Kavanaugh. The accusation actually came from Max Stier, who has connections to Clinton. He claimed to see Kavanaugh sexually assault a woman, but the woman in question has stated she has no recollection of the alleged assault. The New York Times did not admit this until every 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate had already called for Kavanaugh's impeachment and stirred up an angry mob on social media. Christine Blasey Ford's friend Leland Keyser has stated that she doesn't believe her accusations against Kavanaugh. Despite the fact that this was mentioned in the same book in which Clinton-connected Max Stier made his new accusations (the same accusations which all of the supposed witnesses said they don't remember ever happening (a detail the New York Times conveniently left out of their report)), almost nobody in the media has mentioned this. Instead, they all zeroed-in on the new accusation without bothering to fact-check, and now it's blowing up in their faces. Just like last time, it is painfully obvious that this is a politically motivated smear. Kavanaugh should sue for libel.

    • Noah York
      Noah York 19 days ago +4

      Hey buddy this is a Trevor Noah video okay, no facts allowed here.

    • Hazukichan X
      Hazukichan X 21 day ago

      The conspiracy is real! O_O
      They're all real!
      Unless that's just what *THEY* want you to think...!

  • Snuffy Smif
    Snuffy Smif 22 days ago +1

    Trump actually thinks he get to force the DOJ to be HIS... not OURS like the way it's supposed to be!!

  • Mudit Bhatnagar
    Mudit Bhatnagar 22 days ago

    are these allegations proved....

  • Patrick Jenkins
    Patrick Jenkins 22 days ago

    🗿 Because McConnell, Trump & the rest of the 'establishment' understand that election cycles come and go. But the selection of the JUDGES (district court, court of appeals, & Supreme Court) carries LONG LASTING POWER because of the lifetime appointments. I wonder how many Americans ever even think about the implications of that arraignment❗ 🇺🇸.

  • Electrical Genius
    Electrical Genius 22 days ago

    How come no one is focusing on the fact that Republicans are ok with Kavanaugh's friends shoving his genitals at a woman. I thought they hated homosexual behavior. Sounds to me like Kavanaugh likes to have men touch him when he's drunk and plays it off by attempted rape. Anyone that exposes themselves that much really enjoys men looking and touching more than they enjoy women crying.

  • edgar villanueva
    edgar villanueva 22 days ago

    This story fucken fake... What a piece of shit this show is now

  • Rob Abbott
    Rob Abbott 22 days ago

    Democrat idiots will never quit whining about everything Trump does.

  • One Pretty Cookie
    One Pretty Cookie 22 days ago

    Screw Ted Cruz, and screw Trump!

  • Khuselo Jadezweni
    Khuselo Jadezweni 22 days ago

    I don't like that man Ted Cruz...

  • Courtney Lynn
    Courtney Lynn 23 days ago +1

    Justice Balls Out Brett!🤣😂😆

  • Jim Bendtsen
    Jim Bendtsen 23 days ago

    More lying leftard lunatic bullshit. The "victim" says it never happened. When will you stop your bullshit, noah?

  • pica
    pica 23 days ago +2

    This trumpuppet POS fits the adage: "Sober as a judge"! Thanks for your show, Trevor!!! You are the bomb!!!!

  • Barbara D'Ascenzo
    Barbara D'Ascenzo 23 days ago +3

    Brett Kavanaugh: classic untreated alcoholism. So clear at the hearings: denial, anger, bargaining & stuck in those stages.

    • Courtney Lynn
      Courtney Lynn 23 days ago +1

      Barbara D'Ascenzo not to mention the alcoholic rash on his nose and cheeks.

  • ryan neale
    ryan neale 23 days ago +70

    wasn’t that nyt story recalled for false information?

    • Jean Vignes
      Jean Vignes 21 day ago +2

      NOPE. They added information from the book that was not included in the initial article about the book. Only the noise machine at FOX tried to portray this augmentation as some kind of retraction. IT WAS NOT.

    • Walter Higo
      Walter Higo 22 days ago +9

      @Jamie Sinclair
      I wasn't talking about The Trevor Video.

    • Jamie Sinclair
      Jamie Sinclair 22 days ago +17

      Walter Higo Trevor says directly in the clip that she said she doesn’t remember and the accuser said he’s not surprised because she was so drunk. Did you guys even watch the vid?

    • Walter Higo
      Walter Higo 23 days ago +17

      YES IT WAS!!!! They left out the fact that the alleged victim says she herself DOES NOT REMEMBER the incident.