Machine Gun Kelly Breaks Down Eminem Feud, Halsey Rumors, Mac Miller's Death, Binge EP + More

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  • Jay felix
    Jay felix 16 hours ago

    9:40 I wanna be that rich

  • Top Notch Gaming

    Killshot was a nuclear bomb

  • bstackschips
    bstackschips 2 days ago

    Charlamange is the man but every episode he brings up therapy ($$$ and book sales)the second drugs come up or that therapy is the end all be all. I just don’t believe you can just “cure” your soul by seeing a therapist. Guarantee it could help make you a better plus it helps a lot of people and I’m grateful for that. Just wish he’d bring up some different ways to resolve chaos instead of pushing books. Btw you can take a 6 month course to become a therapist so definitely check out where they studied before you pay big $$ if they take insurance they usually have to be accredited ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • Keifer
    Keifer 2 days ago

    he's very well spoken

  • Destany_ASMR R
    Destany_ASMR R 2 days ago

    He said get girls that I want. He meets this pornstar in Texas who gets him underage girls. Fact

  • Destany_ASMR R
    Destany_ASMR R 2 days ago

    Tequia n v8 juice

  • Colleen Vallejo Lopez

    MGKs song was nothing compared to ems dis

    • Colleen Vallejo Lopez
      Colleen Vallejo Lopez 23 hours ago

      @Dylan ems dis was still better, no hate towards mgk

    • Dylan
      Dylan 23 hours ago

      Colleen Vallejo Lopez em was only good for his first 2-3 albums. After that it’s been all down hill

    • Colleen Vallejo Lopez
      Colleen Vallejo Lopez 23 hours ago

      @Dylan ur right he's so bad 😂

    • Dylan
      Dylan 23 hours ago

      Em sucks

  • Michael Bonhomme
    Michael Bonhomme 4 days ago

    Yeah we’re gonna have to charge you for that carpet🤣😂

  • ethanvaughandoesshit
    ethanvaughandoesshit 4 days ago +1

    Charlemagne gay for mgk

  • Robert DeGraw
    Robert DeGraw 4 days ago

    NF is number one and he preaches therapy man.

  • Robert DeGraw
    Robert DeGraw 4 days ago

    Unfortunately this guy going to die Young, and you a Ohioian like me. I have none and got clean off meth, pills, weed, coke, and heroin on my own. I about died trying to get away from my thoughts. I wish you the best though.

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 5 days ago

    Ngl I loved nerve

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 5 days ago

    Ngl I loved nerve

  • Arif Young
    Arif Young 5 days ago +4

    all the hate for colson is sickening for real. just because a compliment tweet on twitter whole world flipped like 6 years old . grow up

  • theone Thomas
    theone Thomas 5 days ago

    Haha you can tell how stupid he is when he talks

  • Cosmo Trouble
    Cosmo Trouble 6 days ago

    Killshot sucks

  • philwel
    philwel 6 days ago

    Eminem cooked you mgk

  • yeah-I said it
    yeah-I said it 6 days ago

    Love Mgk

  • Tru6 Music
    Tru6 Music 6 days ago

    Follow me

  • quinto vicky
    quinto vicky 7 days ago

    "are you ready for smoke from bizarre tho!". 😂😂😂😂😂

  • rmathers 7
    rmathers 7 7 days ago

    MGK : i've sold over 20m Albums ( wrong real 5M) , I'm in over 10 movies"
    Eminem: sold over 100M , 1 Movie but an Oscar :D

    • Dylan
      Dylan 23 hours ago

      You’re such a nerd lmao

    • Guy
      Guy 4 days ago +1

      He was in more than one, but he was the star of his own Hollywood biography. That’s insane.

  • rmathers 7
    rmathers 7 7 days ago +6

    2020: This whiteboy selled 50k's Units of his last Album, his Sales decreased heavy and neved had after Rapdevil a Billboard hit.
    Eminem did a great Job!

  • Jerry Bandz
    Jerry Bandz 7 days ago

    whos he mean by Parshal Mathers lol

  • Josh McCoy
    Josh McCoy 7 days ago +4

    I'm sorry im only 10 mins in but this is the corniest interview ever. Who spills alcohol on the ground then rushes to refill it wtf lmaooo

    • Guy
      Guy 4 days ago

      Very immature. Like a nerdy kid trying to be cool. Nothing to prove man. He’s very talented. Needs to accept himself for who he is.

  • Bill Ding the constructor

    what a loser

  • Jizzanator
    Jizzanator 8 days ago

    Where can I get that jacket from. Shit looks 🔥🔥🔥

  • kyle mangini
    kyle mangini 8 days ago

    This interview is such a fuckin farce, for y’all to say em had a set up interview Nd so this is real talk. All y’all n MGK are doing are completely contradicting everything y’all had to say before this interview. Hip hop journalism card revoked in my book.

  • pegeb hands
    pegeb hands 8 days ago

    20 million?????????

  • xol40
    xol40 8 days ago +1

    Mgk: My name is MGK
    Cher: Mines too

  • Dita Valerio
    Dita Valerio 8 days ago

    Eminem is a toys-r-us kid 😂

  • Dita Valerio
    Dita Valerio 8 days ago

    Eminem is a toys -r- us kid 😂

  • Dhiven Govender
    Dhiven Govender 9 days ago

    Why does charlamagne hate Eminem so much?

  • T Nicho
    T Nicho 9 days ago +9

    I can believe the disrespect these interviewers showed. Aint none of them real ones. All woulda sucked Eminem off and called killshot amazin if he was there.

    • High Tech
      High Tech 3 days ago

      @Assassin Gamersz yeah and not that they are fearing Em but the retarded Em fans who will obviously say Em won

    • Assassin Gamersz
      Assassin Gamersz 3 days ago

      High Tech if em sucked everyone would try to diss him they know their career would be destroyed if they did that

    • T Nicho
      T Nicho 6 days ago

      @High Tech u suck

    • High Tech
      High Tech 7 days ago

      Becuz Em sucks

  • adam bryant
    adam bryant 9 days ago

    How is mgk the first rapper em has dissed?

  • Maikel Defiant
    Maikel Defiant 9 days ago

    I think someone made a fake Donald Duck, where Donalds uncle wasn't greedy and bought 20 mill records. Charlamagne and the others read it too. It has to be. Because no one questions him about it. They should know at least how record sales work right?

    JASMINE GONZALEZ 10 days ago

    Funny how he talkin bout eminem was talkin bout his man bun but wasnt the first the first bar of rap devil" somebody grad me some clippers his fucking BEARD is WEIRD" ???!!!

  • Lindanik Koesrerl
    Lindanik Koesrerl 10 days ago

    You mumbling right know u got killed dude

  • Kate Cardell
    Kate Cardell 11 days ago +2

    Listen I love Eminem .. And he's always gonna be a legend BUT Rap Devil was way better and made in two days 🤔 sorry Eminem

  • Gal Shal3v
    Gal Shal3v 12 days ago +6

    Em said in an interview that when he was deep in to drugs, he wouldn't let nobody tell him nothing! Like if someone tried, he'd attack and yale at them. MGK reminds me of that. Like defensive about his addiction. Honestly, Em could have been a great mentor to him, giving their similar life situation.
    Shame it's come to that. But that's just my opinion. Love Marshall forever my Rap god, but I do wish MGK health and to stop with them drugs. Stay healthy ya'll 🔥💯😜

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden Day ago

      @WhoIsAgility? I have done it like 10 times and it has been amazing every time

    • WhoIsAgility?
      WhoIsAgility? Day ago

      @Tyler Durden you sound dumb af

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden Day ago

      @WhoIsAgility? yeah it is tbh.

    • WhoIsAgility?
      WhoIsAgility? Day ago

      @Tyler Durden oh so heroin is great?

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden Day ago

      Stop talking like drugs are always a problem. Drugs are great and the media and scare tactics is bs

  • mmaohio
    mmaohio 12 days ago +1

    A lot of stans disliked this.

  • Cap Baby
    Cap Baby 12 days ago

    G Eazy worked him lol stop you just wanna be cool

  • Etta James
    Etta James 12 days ago

    who is this young boy?

  • Edwin Murahwa
    Edwin Murahwa 13 days ago +6

    This is one of my all time favourite interviews.

  • Electronzs 13
    Electronzs 13 15 days ago +2

    “You wanna talk about man buns?”
    First line of Rap Devil “Somebody grab him some clippers, his fuckin’ beard is weird”🤦‍♂️
    “You call me a mumble rapper?”
    *Drops a mumble rap album*🤦‍♂️

    • Electronzs 13
      Electronzs 13 6 days ago +1

      Artūras Pučėta looks like I hit a nerve😂. He is regarded as a mumble rapper from his use of autotune and, well, his mumble rapping😂. Tbh Idc about Em “trying to sabotage young rappers’ careers” because he has made A LOT of people, for instance, 50 and Yelawolf, and again not to mention him being almost every quality rapper’s inspiration... So, you’re pretty incorrect considering he helped make artists as well as being the inspiration that talented rappers needed to get to where they’re at today which outweighs one person. MGK even says in the video that he didn’t even need the attention from Em, I guess MGK is just crying about it🤷‍♂️😂. Also, just because you may listen to his “old shit” must imply that you’re in denial that he’s been mumble rapping since he DROPPED A MUMBLE RAP ALBUM... Idk how knowledgeable you are when it comes to hip-hop, but the greats tend to not use autotune nor mumble, although MGK can spit (I’m not gonna deny that, I used to love tf out of his music), it was a huge mistake to come at Em with autotune😂 Em simply used it against him lol. However, as Em says, hip-hop is subjective. You may like MGK’s music, but if you were to propose the argument that MGK is in any way better than Eminem (except I’m using autotune😂), that’s like saying a Novice is better than a Grand Master... Or it’s like Asajj Ventress being better than Yoda😂😂

    • Death Magnet
      Death Magnet 14 days ago +1

      @Artūras Pučėta facts

    • Artūras Pučėta
      Artūras Pučėta 14 days ago +1

      He clearly isn't a mumble rapper listen to Hotel Diablo listen to his old shit you blind stan.Also how do you feel about pussy Eminem dodging around the question of banning MGK from Shade 45 and trying to sabotage young rappers' careers.

  • Oliver King
    Oliver King 15 days ago

    9:41 that one Bruh moment😂

  • tee cee
    tee cee 15 days ago

    I am scared for him
    Do it to live long brother , live to walk your daughter down the aisle

  • Jordan 23
    Jordan 23 15 days ago

    The tone that MGK is using he's using to make The Breakfast Club feel sorry for him.

  • Dhairya Dave
    Dhairya Dave 16 days ago

    MGK a real one though, all these eminem dick riders just came here to hate on him but just watch the whole interview, eminem locked him out the industry, lied about not having spoken and settled things with MGK way earlier, and made the diss on MGK 3 years after they settled things.

  • reggin killa
    reggin killa 16 days ago

    Charlagmange all over mgks' dick. And when he kept asking him if he smashed halsey I think he got a lil jealous.. because I think charlagmange wants mgk to give him some nice hot gay man bun sex

  • Francois Giard
    Francois Giard 18 days ago

    That wannabe should just shut up.

  • José Antonio Durán
    José Antonio Durán 18 days ago

    That tequila gimmick tho. Man, this guy is a walking parody.

  • ham pool
    ham pool 18 days ago

    Anyone know what happend to his finger

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice 19 days ago +1

    rap devil is better than killshot

  • God Tale
    God Tale 19 days ago

    Comeback to check how's the likes and dislikes on this interview

  • Lauren W
    Lauren W 22 days ago

    Hahahahaha 😂 weak

  • Symbol Hunting
    Symbol Hunting 22 days ago

    You got Jesus you can call on, so you do have the most high that you can call on and he can help you with your drug issues and cover you in the absence of your parents🙏🏾🙏🏾Prayers for you and all of us that have had to deal with the loss of a parent it is truly hard ❤️❤️

  • Timothy Dellapelle
    Timothy Dellapelle 22 days ago

    Great parenting doing drugs & proud of it.. what’s your 9 year old gonna think idiot

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown 23 days ago +1

    Rap devil killed killshot. Not even the same league

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia 23 days ago

    Dis delusional mf funny

  • 2 pac
    2 pac 24 days ago

    Auntie charla jus hates em

  • Dinesh Longjam
    Dinesh Longjam 24 days ago

    The truth is mgk took 7month to diss Eminem while Eminem can diss, 7 people in 7 days

  • Skylor Blay
    Skylor Blay 26 days ago

    What happened to his fingers?

  • Amy B
    Amy B 26 days ago +2

    Eminem & Killshot were pretty big tenants in MGK’s head. U can see a lot of insecurity behind MGK’s tough guy “I don’t care” & “I’m amazing” acts, not only thru his words but also thru his mannerisms and actions.
    As for his addiction, I hope he finds the right path and stays on course.

  • Nicole Higgins
    Nicole Higgins 26 days ago

    Well mgk can’t diss Eazy-E

  • kush deryq
    kush deryq 28 days ago

    EM's still the G.O.A.T

  • Misty Williams
    Misty Williams 28 days ago +1

    I used to listen to Lead You On throughout my heroin addiction. I hope hes in a better place now

  • Al Miller
    Al Miller 28 days ago

    They should be called 'The Kiss Ass Club'

  • Ian Harrison
    Ian Harrison 29 days ago

    I actually feel bad for MGK, his struggle is not an uncommon one but I sincerely hope he can get the help he needs to not end up in the ground. We love you man, stay with us

  • Elmer Guerrero
    Elmer Guerrero Month ago +3

    Fun fact Charlamange was rubbing MGK‘s cock under the table throughout the interview

  • Brooke Wheeler
    Brooke Wheeler Month ago +1

    Eminem rocks your cack. Accept it. Lol.

  • Brooke Wheeler
    Brooke Wheeler Month ago +7

    Im brutally honest when I saw I feel embarrassed that I'm watching this guy. 😶🤣 yes sweetie... you're SUCH a gangster.. can you please stfu now. Lol.

  • Amish Bhugowandeen
    Amish Bhugowandeen Month ago +1

    Used to be a fan of Mgk, now i can't stand that motherfucker's hypocrite attitude. No wonder why Eminem turned him from Rap devil to Rap Fairy. You can see the fingernails nowadays if you don't believe

    • Amish Bhugowandeen
      Amish Bhugowandeen 23 days ago

      @Taijai O you have a desperated feminine side and it shows

    • Taijai O
      Taijai O 23 days ago +1

      Amish Bhugowandeen you have toxic masculinity and it shows 😪

  • No1 Special 87
    No1 Special 87 Month ago

    That's called emotional incest homie. Get some counselling!

    GD DUVAL FL Month ago +1

    Mgk the best

  • Nicholas Nan wah
    Nicholas Nan wah Month ago +2

    Of course Charlamagne will say rap devil was better he hates Eminem and Em dissed him on The Ringer this idiot even said nick cannon won he's totally dumb af. I mean MGK knew why he chose to go there and talk for these pricks to defend him, why not somewhere else? We ain't stupid

  • Sean Hong
    Sean Hong Month ago +31

    I’m an Em Stan but it’s hard to hate on MGK. This man has gone through a lot and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. No man has ever stepped up to the plate and took on Em like this man has

    • Bearpaw
      Bearpaw 9 days ago

      @WhoIsAgility? Mgk dropped a subliminal diss first you fucking moron shows how much you know. Fk outta here

    • WhoIsAgility?
      WhoIsAgility? 9 days ago

      @Bearpaw mgk dissed em cause em dissed him first are dumb and your wanna give nick .ore respect them mgk legit just leave bro you a clown

    • Mala Nha
      Mala Nha 15 days ago

      small brain

    • Bearpaw
      Bearpaw 25 days ago +5

      Tf this what I don't understand. Mgk went at Eminem for attention....Nick Cannon went at Eminem for dissing his wife. And people give mgks leech ass credit and nick gets noting it doesn't matter if his disses suck he was steppin up for his loved one not attention like leech gun kelly.

  • Harlymgyrl22
    Harlymgyrl22 Month ago +12

    Yooooo. I'm diggin" this fine ass lil boy. I freaking love his attitude and his SWAG!!!!! MGK got skills.

  • DRI Crusty
    DRI Crusty Month ago

    “You wanna talk about man buns I talk about facts”

    Also MGK: Somebody get some clippers his fucking beard is weird

  • Dallas Tx
    Dallas Tx Month ago

    Some 1 tag this dude he is friendly u can see this liquid carriage to start speaking my baby bro em will smash this dude on record like a court docket

  • Jeff Crow
    Jeff Crow Month ago

    72k dislikes, just cows and pigs, cows and pigs... Brainless is the greatest threat to humanity today.