10 Secrets About Captain Jack Sparrow That Disney Is Hiding From You

  • Published on Jun 18, 2017
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    To Disney executives surprise Johnny Depp was going to be different from any other actor they’d ever dealt with because he was going to do things his own way. This included maintaining a character representation that enjoyed the company of men and was rather flamboyant. The compass that Jack Sparrow drags around with him throughout all the films also serves as a giant loophole in the film’s franchise since he’s given it away on multiple occasions and never had to suffer the repercussions as he does in Dead Men Tell No Tales. Jack Sparrow enjoys a few things like freedom, being captain of the Black Pearl, staving off death and drinking copious amount of rum. Disney has not liked the idea of Johnny Depp’s portrayal since the beginning of the film franchise but after the skillful actor earned an oscar nomination they quickly gave him creative freedom over the character for the rest of the films. Captain Jack was originally named after Hugh Jackman, but Disney decided to go in a different direction since Jackman wasn’t as popular at the time. The entire Pirates of the Caribbean idea came from a Disneyland attraction created by none other than Walt Disney himself in 1967--the ride was also Disney’s last creation before his death. Jack Sparrow impersonators have taken over the cosplay world, and they’ve also tried to threaten their way onto filming sets with the real Jack Sparrow. No one truly knows how old Jack Sparrow is, and perhaps that’s for the best. After all, age is just a number and Jack Sparrow knows how to have a good time and cause a ruckus. When we say Johnny Depp has creative freedom, we mean he’s allowed to do whatever he wants including scoring Keith Richards to be cast as his father in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. It’s not far-fetched to say that Jack Sparrow is clinically insane--if he were a real person we’re sure that he would be hauled off to an insanity ward where he could replay his hallucinations and listen to the voices in his head all day.
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  • c00kiestorm
    c00kiestorm 3 days ago

    Why does anyone care if jack is gay or not.. it doesn’t play any role in the movies

  • Luka Daniel
    Luka Daniel 4 days ago

    That’s the best show

  • FutureBerea Alumn
    FutureBerea Alumn 4 days ago

    Speaking of compass plot holes, Tia Dalma says she gave Jack the compass (this is in Dead Man’s Chest)

  • Chris Phelps
    Chris Phelps 5 days ago

    Wasn’t the compass given to Jack in the second movie? Calipso ask Jack if he still has the compass he bartered from her.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 5 days ago

    Alot of speculative bollocks. Seems like this guy has a bit of the green eyed monster!

  • FreeTube
    FreeTube 6 days ago

    Real Jack Sparrow actually converted to Islam and changed his name to *Yousef Reis* and lived his rest of his life in Tunisia where he was nicknamed *Arsuf* by the local which means 'Sparrow' because he use to keep small sparrows.

  • JH55000
    JH55000 9 days ago

    the reason I've thought of the compass not feeling betrayed is because until DMTNT, Jack always expected to get it back at some point in the near future, it's only when he sold it for Rum that it felt betrayed.
    The PotC wikia has explained the plothole of Jack getting the compass from Tia Dalma is that he got it from her and then gave it to his captain as tribute.
    I think now that he has the Black Pearl back and his luck is turning back to good (although throughout the whole series it's been rather dreadful) he won't be quite so dependent on rum and be more like his old self, and so long as the story for no. 6 is a goodun the pearl doesn't get damaged or sunk anymore (the poor old girl's suffered enough) I'd be happy for the series to continue

  • Lord Pickle
    Lord Pickle 9 days ago

    Half of these aren't even secrets and the ones that are secrets are boring..

  • Elena Jones
    Elena Jones 9 days ago +1

    Johnny Depp once joked that all of his characters are gay; I don't think that was meant to be taken so seriously. Jack is definitely not gay; he's a womanizer for crying out loud. He does his best to sleep with every pretty girl he comes across. People in the comments are saying he could be bi; maybe, but I don't see evidence of that either. I guess it just comes down to personal opinion...

  • Zohaib Glasswala
    Zohaib Glasswala 11 days ago

    But you've heard of him

  • PinkLove 101
    PinkLove 101 15 days ago

    Look I don’t think these type of videos should be put out since one, it could possibly ruin actors careers because your stating you opinion about whether the actor should have played that characters role or not and two, it’s not your place to judge the characters. I honestly love Johnny depp and he’s the reason why I’m making my own movies and I still want to make one with him and just about any video kids like me would lose hope as the actors lose hope because of your stupid videos.
    Sorry but you should get rid of them if you want an amazing future

  • christopher dean
    christopher dean 19 days ago

    The Compass was only disrespected when he gave it away for rum, but he was giving it away for a good purpose when he gave to will and barbosa etc. because they where fellow pirates using it for a good pirate-y cause

  • Kolanji Nathan
    Kolanji Nathan 19 days ago

    super ...

  • Kolanji Nathan
    Kolanji Nathan 19 days ago


  • Kolanji Nathan
    Kolanji Nathan 19 days ago


  • PanicattheDracoMalfoyphangirls

    I like that he seems to be permanently drunk because he's a pirate for God's sake not a saint

  • Meatball Cat aj
    Meatball Cat aj Month ago

    'Since he was in davie jones' locker' ITS LOKET DUDE IM 10 AND EVEN I KNOW THAT XD

    • Elena Jones
      Elena Jones 9 days ago

      Lol you're so wrong😂 it IS locker sweetie, and on top of that you spelled "locket" wrong😂

  • Anne Hope
    Anne Hope Month ago

    To be fair, Captain Jack Sparrow was't really sane even *before* Davy Jones' Locker - otherwise many of his ideas wouldn't have had even the *slightest* chance of working. He alredy was a mad genius.
    But after getting sent to the Locker, where
    1) there wasn't *anyone* to keep him company (beside himself, that is), and its a svientifically proven fact, that humans are social creatures and thus *need* company
    and 2) was seperated from the sea that he loved *so* *much*
    Anyone would go over the deep end under these circumstances.

  • Clara Vaccari
    Clara Vaccari Month ago

    Disney can be so vanilla. People are what they are; show it, embrace it. Don't lie to kids, 'cause in the end they're way smarter than what we give them credit for. Jack is drunk most of the time? yeah, deal with it. Leave the old 50's imaginary behind (although they actually produced Treasure Island and had no problem whatsover with Long John Silver's character).

  • Gerry McWilliam
    Gerry McWilliam Month ago

    Johhny based Jacks voice on his impression of Keith Richards. Johnny has said its not the best impression but he stuck with it.

  • That Random Dudette

    Captain Jack Sparrow is not gay as he was with Angelica right??????

  • Im Noob
    Im Noob Month ago

    He is 54 years old

  • George Vlogs
    George Vlogs Month ago

    This video has rooind my view on pirates of the careben

  • Sapphiresenthiss Bluescales

    Jack Sparrow is not GAY. He's *BISEXUAL.* Learn the darn difference XD

  • Xxboss ninjaxX
    Xxboss ninjaxX 2 months ago


  • Snowie Shellsea
    Snowie Shellsea 2 months ago +2

    Why's the rum gone?

  • Charlotte Wilson
    Charlotte Wilson 2 months ago

    Wait.. So if all of all his characters are gay.. WILLY WONAK IS GAY??!!! Omg .. It all makes sense now

    • Clara Vaccari
      Clara Vaccari Month ago

      Willy Wonka seems kinda asexual to me... the 'femininity' he may have could come from imitating Michael Jackson, whom Johnny said was an inspiration for the role.

  • GAMEFAQ Moses
    GAMEFAQ Moses 2 months ago

    he's real name is jack ward and was actually muslim that's why in jack sparrow's image you'll see the make up in his eye (kohl) muslim make up

  • Ngeedrup Dorjee
    Ngeedrup Dorjee 2 months ago +1

    the best part for me was when he said, "That was without a even single drop of rum."...savage😂😂😂

  • ramdhonee rajen
    ramdhonee rajen 2 months ago

    love u love u love u love u love u sooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • ramdhonee rajen
    ramdhonee rajen 2 months ago

    really love u

  • Isabella Soto
    Isabella Soto 3 months ago +1

    His hairstyle is based off Al Jorgenson the lead singer of the industrial metal rock band Ministry

  • Geara zulu
    Geara zulu 3 months ago +5

    Yeah I refuse to believe that jack sparrow is gay

  • Beautyis Asbeautydoes
    Beautyis Asbeautydoes 3 months ago

    He is flighty. Drunk and femanine.

  • Jane924054
    Jane924054 3 months ago

    Captain Jack Sparrow isn't gay because he tried to get women and have se x with them.

  • Poison
    Poison 3 months ago

    Jack Sparrow is a muslim
    Search for Captain Yusuf Sparrow

    • Geara zulu
      Geara zulu 3 months ago

      Poison sparrow is a nickname he acquired by being in a crows nest acting like a little bird

  • Gabor Nyari
    Gabor Nyari 3 months ago

    Qell look i dont know but i literally falled on love whith his charachter 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and the movie.

  • Reaction Videos
    Reaction Videos 3 months ago

    Does this video contain the 10 lies that weren't in the other video?

  • Crazy RBLX
    Crazy RBLX 3 months ago

    Maybe Jack sold the compass to Tia Dalma in need of gold (Something that happened off-screen in his past.) and later bought it back, only THEN revealing Dalma put some superkewl witch powerz on it?

  • Alroy Ethan Dominic Moreno-Villanueva

    jacks mom is a cannibal and killed because of escaping the tribe so that jacks dad is the ruler of the tribe and that jack can talk their language oh and jacks mate is angelica teach

  • Tom PP
    Tom PP 4 months ago

    Captain jacks not a disgrace he's verry funnnnnnnyyyyyyyy

  • Hellson Records
    Hellson Records 4 months ago +1

    Jack sparrows flag is a reverse copy of henry averys flag

  • CupcakeSnake X3p
    CupcakeSnake X3p 4 months ago +1

    The movie has the biggest pirate version of a dick joke

  • Leah McNicol
    Leah McNicol 4 months ago +1

    I think jack is in his late 40s

  • Savitar 117/ drobot1031

    That is so funny jack sparrow is gay

  • xnocf
    xnocf 4 months ago

    Keith is immortal!

  • Bella Kelly
    Bella Kelly 4 months ago

    so why does he like to be gay is he in real life sorry I don't pay attention to Johny depp

  • Bring Me The Chemical Paniced Pilots

    Actually, Ive heard Jack is in his late thirties or early forties.
    And for me that makes sence if you think of how old he was when he got the pearl and the made the deal with davy jone.

    • Clara Vaccari
      Clara Vaccari Month ago

      Yeah and besides, I don't think that many pirates could live longer lives. If you think about it, they were exposed to injuries, desease, weather changes and all and they couldn't easily afford medicine most of the times (it was the 18th century, so anyway... medicine wasn't really effective back then).

  • TheLittle OneSana
    TheLittle OneSana 5 months ago +2

    Im so glad jhonny depp claimed jack i cant think of anyone to play jack better

  • Bella R.
    Bella R. 5 months ago +2

    If jack sparrow wasn't the main character then the films would've flopped

  • Sl ides
    Sl ides 5 months ago

    Jack and Anjelica love each other so how could he be gay

    • Clara Vaccari
      Clara Vaccari Month ago

      He's a pirate. He probably experienced many things. He could be bisexual.

  • Franco Soolsma
    Franco Soolsma 5 months ago

    Tia delma (calypso) says hé bought the compas from her so its really weird

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes 5 months ago

    How daf does he enjoy the company of mean.

  • BenignAndaHalf
    BenignAndaHalf 5 months ago

    It just proves that Hollywood executives are the ones that ruin movies. None of them should have a single ounce of input, the movies should be left to those who actually know the material and understand the target audience.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 5 months ago +3

    Johnny Depp patterned Jack Sparrow after Keith Richards not only because of the correlation of rock stars and pirates but because he and Richards are, and have been for years, friends. They became so when Johnny became friends with Richards son, while he was working on 21 Jump Street. The two, Depp and Richards' son, were classmates.

  • Rachel Weber
    Rachel Weber 5 months ago +1

    ok but why is being gay not family friendly?

  • LPS Underscore
    LPS Underscore 5 months ago +4

    Narrator:Jack liked liquor to munch. Me:A little too much?

  • TiBun
    TiBun 5 months ago

    how annoyingly repetitive. you mention fasts in explaining a bullet point only to later use that fact as it's own bullet point later in the list.

  • KupkakeKitty
    KupkakeKitty 5 months ago

    9:12 NOO smart and funny! Well half smart

    SUPER MLG DOGE 6 months ago

    kill yourself

  • greenlightgaming
    greenlightgaming 6 months ago

    Jack makes a surprised face, CBR's response

    Woah! Dumb as fuck

  • Mateo Pino
    Mateo Pino 6 months ago

    About Jacks compass, there is another plot hole. In number 5 "Dead men tell no tales" we see that Jack gets his compass from his old captain who died. However in number 2 "A Dead Mans Chest" when Jack is looking for the heart he goes to visit Tiadoma who asks him, "the compass that you borrowed from me, it cannot lead you to this?" Which implies that he got the compass from her and raises the question where did jack get the compass?

  • North Nokris
    North Nokris 6 months ago

    Jack Sparrow isnt gay...

  • MrHunadam
    MrHunadam 6 months ago +1

    Captain Jack Sparrow is a Turk named Yusuf Reis.

    • Clara Vaccari
      Clara Vaccari Month ago

      It's possible, Barbossa is based on Barbarossa, an Otoman admiral.

  • Emily Verellen
    Emily Verellen 6 months ago

    I've been watching him playing this role sinds I was 3 years old so I couldn't imagine Hugh Jackman playing this character

  • Ariel Hamner
    Ariel Hamner 6 months ago

    he got the compass also from Calypso/Tia Dalma but it said differently is the 5th installment of POTC

  • Ariel Hamner
    Ariel Hamner 6 months ago

    this is freaking bull crap i hate this video its downing Disney and nobody messes with Disney

  • spooky jim Christmas
    spooky jim Christmas 6 months ago

    I think jack sparrow is hot but I think Johnny depp isn't idk why tho

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man 6 months ago

    Disney: "How to make more money? Put a popular supporting character in the spotlight, make it family friendly (which you shouldnt have you money whores), and advertise on every popular media alonf with selling products related to Pirates of theCaribbean."
    Meanwhile AT&T tries to work out a contract with Warners so they could become the ungodly monopoly godzila agail.

  • Malak Ch
    Malak Ch 6 months ago +1

    Jonny Deep is the best

  • That Rick & Morty Girl
    That Rick & Morty Girl 6 months ago +2

    Jack Sparrow a mistake to Disney?? JOHNNY DEPP IS BOSS

  • That Rick & Morty Girl
    That Rick & Morty Girl 6 months ago

    DID HE JUST SAY ALL OF JOHNNY DEPPS CHARACTERS ARE GAY?? Well, I mean, Willy Wonka and Mad Hatter, not hard to tell...

    • Clara Vaccari
      Clara Vaccari Month ago

      No! please don't associate being gay to being exuberant. They are two different things. They can sometimes be mixed together, but they don't always have to be. The Mad Hatter wasn't thought (I believe) by Lewis Carroll to be gay, asexual, heterosexual or else. He's a creation from a little girl's imagination... how could he have a well thought sexuality?

  • Writer'sCredence
    Writer'sCredence 6 months ago +1

    The joke "A skeleton walks into a bar, orders a beer and a mop" told to Jack by his uncle was actually a joke told to Johnny Depp during the production of a different film.

  • Steven Sanchez
    Steven Sanchez 6 months ago

    Most of these where honestly a no brainer, in this one demo app of Disney Infinity, every time you would swap to Captain Jack Sparrow the other Character would actually look disappointed.

  • LoveJD JD
    LoveJD JD 6 months ago +1


  • Dena Battle
    Dena Battle 6 months ago

    jack is immortal isn't he

  • Miriam Cuquerella
    Miriam Cuquerella 6 months ago

    the compass is explained in the last movie

  • Doctrinn
    Doctrinn 6 months ago

    Gotta love Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • The_Great_Rasputin
    The_Great_Rasputin 6 months ago +2

    Well, if Disney knew that pirates often drank rum because they didn't want to drink bacteria-infested water, and were actually quite ethical and logical, then maybe they'd know that Jack Sparrow is mildly accurate.

    • Clara Vaccari
      Clara Vaccari Month ago

      Right? if they want to make a movie about pirates, they should do their research and deal with the consequences that come with the portrayal of those characters.

  • Alberts Choise
    Alberts Choise 6 months ago +1

    Try a Bol toast whit butter it's delicious

  • Marcin Rook
    Marcin Rook 6 months ago

    SORRY but didnt Calypso trade compas with Cpt.Sparrow ; ]

  • Rowena Ravenclaw
    Rowena Ravenclaw 6 months ago

    another plot hole on the compass, is that in dead man's chest tia dalma/calypso asks "doesn't the compass *I gave you* work?" or something like that. and then in zalazar's revenge he gets it from the captain you mensioned
    (also btw don't care of possible writing errors, i'm not english...)

  • julia fastside
    julia fastside 6 months ago

    But how is jack Gay if he is with women so much? JK, I think jacks would be Bi then

  • John
    John 6 months ago

    He ACTUALLY gave up the compass in the last film, he looked like he didnt gave a fuck about it anymore

  • Dawayne Brown
    Dawayne Brown 6 months ago

    jack is not gay ,we've seen all the women he's had one night stands with , and no man would want to be at sea with a woman instead of his friends, so yes a pirate would enjoy the company of mn

  • clawsy x
    clawsy x 6 months ago

    I thought he got the compass from Tia Dalma? doesnt she say in the one he gets the jar of dirt from her, 'the compass you bartered from me, it can not find you this??' and she then goes on to mock sparrow for not knowing what he wants.

  • Bobbie Grimes
    Bobbie Grimes 6 months ago

    He is gay BFD. Why has the last two videos by CBR repeated their "facts" on the videos to make them 10? All of the "facts" about Disney not liking Depp could have been rolled into one.

  • Yello Games
    Yello Games 6 months ago

    but i dont have enough money for a parrot

  • OfficialSpokesman
    OfficialSpokesman 6 months ago

    Too many commercials in the middle of sentences in the video. You are going to loose ratings.

    • OfficialSpokesman
      OfficialSpokesman 6 months ago

      I'm just chiming in again as I was interrupted by yet another commercial.

  • Sally Louise Art
    Sally Louise Art 6 months ago

    None of those were secrets but okay

  • Sam Chant
    Sam Chant 6 months ago


  • Shock
    Shock 6 months ago

    i wonder how woldve been if Hugh Jackman's played Jack Sparrow o.O captain wolverine? :)))))))))

  • Matthew Cornish
    Matthew Cornish 6 months ago

    bro he got the compass from tia darma (terrible spelling im sorry) the witch doctor person who gives him the jar of dirt in the second movie. shes asks Jack at one point if the compass she gave him no longer works, then goes on to mention its because he wasnt sure what he wanted

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall 6 months ago

    de compass ye bartered from me, it cannot help you wid this?
    he got the compass from calyspo. this new movie is bullcrap.

  • Aunty Googol
    Aunty Googol 6 months ago

    Good wholesome family values...take what you can and give nothing back!

  • Lewis D
    Lewis D 6 months ago

    Hugh Jackman English actor?!?!?!?! he is Australian

  • Jemuhni
    Jemuhni 6 months ago

    I get it Jack Sparrow drinks! I love POTC and Johnny Depps portrayal but in my opinion he took it too far with the drunkenness for Pirates 5. He made Jack seem like a complete drunken idiot in this most recent film and almost all the allure of the character was gone.

    1COMIXMAN 6 months ago

    disney back then may not have liked him being sorta gay but now im betting disney is saying hes not gay enough. everything disney touches nowadays is ruined by sjw bullsht. marvel, star wars, cartoons, i was watching my neice last week she loves disney minnie mouse like alot of girls do and i was gob smacked when i saw a gay mouse on the cartoon for little kids.even the new cars 3 theres a lesbian car.

  • Oganesson
    Oganesson 6 months ago

    i think Depp meant the old meaning

  • Lydia Majewski
    Lydia Majewski 6 months ago

    jack was actually somewhere between twenty when he got the pearl so that would make him somewhere between 35-45