Mark Hamill does Joker and Luke Skywalker voice dialogue at Star Wars Weekends 2014

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  • Salmagros
    Salmagros 4 hours ago


  • Anymation
    Anymation 13 hours ago

    Lol he lost he’s like voice which was basically just he’s voice

  • Nermiachaos
    Nermiachaos 21 hour ago

    Hearing this make want to DC animated pull a Family Guy by that I mean put there characters into the Star Wars Roles with Mark Hamill’s Joker as Darth Vader & Etrigan as Yoda

  • Daniel Campos
    Daniel Campos Day ago

    I love it

  • Richard Abbott
    Richard Abbott Day ago

    oh hi mark

  • Hiram Chavez
    Hiram Chavez Day ago

    Fucking Legend

  • DesolateHeart88 Gaming

    That is amazing!!! I’ve always loved Mark Hamill’s Joker!

  • Robin9309: The Fan of Steel

    Joker meet Luke... or have you already met.

  • BruhWTF LOL
    BruhWTF LOL 3 days ago

    Was that canon?

  • Master BloodWolf
    Master BloodWolf 4 days ago

    Luv tha joker 😉 no one will ever do a better job

  • Vlad Sicoe
    Vlad Sicoe 4 days ago


  • Tor H Cela
    Tor H Cela 4 days ago

    Mark Hamill living lengend

  • Double Negative
    Double Negative 4 days ago

    My Life is Complete. GOODBYE!

  • ahmad hamizan
    ahmad hamizan 6 days ago

    Get use to it kiddo. Hahahah

  • Zuhair afsar
    Zuhair afsar 7 days ago


  • SDW Studios
    SDW Studios 7 days ago

    Is this cannon

  • DukeDarkshadow
    DukeDarkshadow 7 days ago

    Mark Hamill was BORN to play Joker! For Christ's sake, the guy has "Arkham" in his name!!

  • Ed Hemms
    Ed Hemms 8 days ago

    Yeah. That just happened....

  • Stephanie Bedore
    Stephanie Bedore 8 days ago

    I love when he bows down to him

  • AJ Keith
    AJ Keith 8 days ago


  • Jack Harpe 3rd
    Jack Harpe 3rd 9 days ago

    I really must ask what is that on his T-shirt? It looks like generic Pokemon design.

  • Jhin Efreet Doa
    Jhin Efreet Doa 10 days ago

    They NEED to do a live action Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker with Mark Hamill as the Joker. . .best voice ever.

  • Silver Dragon
    Silver Dragon 11 days ago

    You would expect nothing less from a man with ARKHAM in the middle of his name!

  • Devon Walter
    Devon Walter 11 days ago

    “And also, your father!” “NO THATS NOT TRUE, THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!” “Get used to it kiddo.” Best line of the entire video!

  • human creep
    human creep 11 days ago

    Some on needs to animate this

  • D Brick
    D Brick 12 days ago

    haha that was hilarious!

  • mattromano83
    mattromano83 13 days ago

    What an awesome man

  • JSD
    JSD 13 days ago

    Whether you're a fan of Spiderman, Batman, Avatar, or star wars

  • Corey Hardy
    Corey Hardy 14 days ago


  • Raven Devino
    Raven Devino 14 days ago

    The Joker is Luke's Father is cannon now.

  • TheUnionJake
    TheUnionJake 14 days ago

    Oh you put him on the spot so hard and he fucken nailed it.

  • Terrence Leonard
    Terrence Leonard 15 days ago

    did the joker voice

  • Terrence Leonard
    Terrence Leonard 15 days ago

    what the fuck I did not know that mark Hamill

  • Lobos222
    Lobos222 15 days ago

    Funny how he just used hes own voice when he played Luke Skywalker back in New Hope, but here he sort of has to alter it a bit to sound like himself, but younger. If you watch older clips of Mark Hamil you can hear that hes Luke voice is the same as hes interview voice.

  • jlds 2458
    jlds 2458 16 days ago

    That was...


  • StreakHunterGaming
    StreakHunterGaming 16 days ago

    If the joker was darth vader

  • Cato Sicarius
    Cato Sicarius 16 days ago

    Ive kind of gotten the impression for awhile now that Mark Hamill enjoys his work doing the joker a lot more than his work on star wars

  • 6ixEntertainment
    6ixEntertainment 16 days ago

    His voice is absolutely incredible

  • Cecelia Black
    Cecelia Black 16 days ago

    I love his shirt! What is it?

  • Gabriel Rosenberg
    Gabriel Rosenberg 16 days ago

    He's the man.

  • Krange
    Krange 17 days ago


  • Cameron Henderson
    Cameron Henderson 17 days ago +1

    There can be only ONE person that's fit to voice the joker, and that's Mark Hamill!!!!

  • Hamman Samuel
    Hamman Samuel 18 days ago

    When a video under 2 minutes is more satisfying than a 2 hour 30 minute movie (looking at you, The Ass Jedi)

  • Funkadelic Railroad
    Funkadelic Railroad 19 days ago

    When this man (legend) departs this world I will cry like a bitch

  • DaisytheFox
    DaisytheFox 19 days ago

    Hamill at the beginning looks like he's either going to have the time of his life or he's going to die of humiliation. Possibly both.
    Edit: More like HAMILLiation

  • Luthor
    Luthor 19 days ago


  • david p
    david p 19 days ago

    As Mark Hamill's wife, imagine hearing the joker voice saying sweet nothings in your ear and or him talking dirty 😂😂😂😂

  • NeSeeger
    NeSeeger 20 days ago

    Man these try not to laugh challenges are getting harder and harder

  • Skittle Plays
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  • Marissa Merrill
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  • Hafizul Huq Babar
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  • Papa Lazaru
    Papa Lazaru 21 day ago

    He would be great playin Charles Manson in the prison years

  • Gaming Comics
    Gaming Comics 21 day ago

    Well, My life is complete, time to go jump of a cliff

  • Koroush Ghaffari
    Koroush Ghaffari 21 day ago

    So fucking good

  • Reilly Evans
    Reilly Evans 22 days ago

    What a crowd pleaser. I love him.

  • Collin Olsen
    Collin Olsen 22 days ago

    Doesn't mark hamill play trickster in the flash

  • Mordahigh
    Mordahigh 22 days ago


  • pokemonix 10
    pokemonix 10 22 days ago +1

    Ha great

  • TheUltimateGamer
    TheUltimateGamer 23 days ago

    IT'S SO GOOD!!!!!!

  • Game Hacks And Vlogs
    Game Hacks And Vlogs 23 days ago

    God we don't deserve him

  • High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    Mark Hamill is awesome, the best Joker voice ever.

  • cakecrumb095
    cakecrumb095 23 days ago

    It's just weird to think he played both a character that was an embodiment of good and an embodiment of evil in one lifetime.

  • Alex Herr
    Alex Herr 23 days ago

    Yoda: A Jedi you are not but a joke you are

  • Rudy Vonack
    Rudy Vonack 23 days ago

    Mark hamill is such a crowd pleaser. You can tell he really enjoys his fans

  • Hafizul Huq Babar
    Hafizul Huq Babar 23 days ago

    I love mark hammill

  • Gaven Purnell
    Gaven Purnell 24 days ago

    I literally found out he was the joker in 2017, all these years.... all these years...

  • Germ Art
    Germ Art 24 days ago

    I've always wanted to see him play Joker in a live action film.

  • Maj Rodico
    Maj Rodico 25 days ago

    Whaaaaa love et!!!

  • Newell Joseph
    Newell Joseph 25 days ago

    It's like staring into the face of God!

  • Abu Fadhil
    Abu Fadhil 25 days ago

    Still having a hard time to think that Luke Skywalker and Joker are the same person...

  • Marc Roth
    Marc Roth 25 days ago

    After seeing this video i officially say it


  • johnnyhotpants
    johnnyhotpants 25 days ago

    love you mark hamill

  • Jr Griffin
    Jr Griffin 25 days ago


  • Ahmet Berat Aslantürk

    sooo goood hahahhahahahah

  • Luke
    Luke 26 days ago

    did he say "the dork night"?

  • Ha Vu
    Ha Vu 26 days ago


  • Rohit Shinde
    Rohit Shinde 26 days ago

    Because of mark hammil character of joker is ruined. Now it's impossible to play role of joker for other actors.

    • Rohit Shinde
      Rohit Shinde 26 days ago

      Skurpyy I did not. I love mark hammil

    • Skurpyy
      Skurpyy 26 days ago

      Rohit Shinde thought u we're talking shit about hamill, u literally raised my blood pressure by 10-fold xD

  • Master Jedi
    Master Jedi 26 days ago

    Woww..mark hammil is a legend

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 26 days ago

    That is my boy

  • Klenx
    Klenx 27 days ago

    I knew that he would say that :D

  • jose antonio ruiz mendez

    Thanks to Mark Hamill for light up our lives. He is wonderful Man. God bless you

  • Harleen Fields
    Harleen Fields 28 days ago

    wow I would uhhhhhhhhhhhhh die for him

  • ThatWhiteGuy
    ThatWhiteGuy 28 days ago

    I would love to see an animated short of Mark, Luke, Joker, and The Watcher(from Darksiders) all having a conversation together.

  • Cynthia Peters
    Cynthia Peters 28 days ago

    IS THAT JAMES ARNOLD TAYLOR. I LOVE HIM. Mark too of course but both of them in the same room, omg!

  • Tommy Boi
    Tommy Boi 28 days ago

    Kevin and mark will always be my batman and joker

    • Lionstar16
      Lionstar16 27 days ago

      As far as I'm concerned, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill ARE Batman and the Joker.

  • Daniel Uecker
    Daniel Uecker 28 days ago

    What if mark hamill did the joker in the new dc movies?

  • Mohammed Islam
    Mohammed Islam 28 days ago +1

    I got Chills people...

  • rahul yadav
    rahul yadav 29 days ago

    this is real joker not that shitty Heath Ledger dead ass

  • DemiAngel75
    DemiAngel75 29 days ago

    James arnold taylor and mark hamil i never thought the joker and titus would have a conversation but i guess im wrong.

  • Tome Hoppus
    Tome Hoppus 29 days ago

    N e r d G a s m

  • Gref ranger
    Gref ranger 29 days ago

    I love Mark!

  • Draw Enidan
    Draw Enidan 29 days ago

    Somebody animate this!

  • Maykay.Jaykay Man
    Maykay.Jaykay Man Month ago

    I am am still amazed that every time I see Mark Hamil, knkwing hes the O.G Joker

  • Gnar
    Gnar Month ago

    that was fucking great

  • Robbie Leu
    Robbie Leu Month ago

    Mark Hamill is also Fire Lord Ozai

  • Rainbowlo.12
    Rainbowlo.12 Month ago

    I would love to have a conversation with him. It doesn't matter what it's about. He just seems like a fun guy to be around


    Sound of an angel

  • KingLoop13
    KingLoop13 Month ago

    Damn, he must be so tired of this shit.

  • The Revenant
    The Revenant Month ago +1

    Never realised my favourite joker voice was done by Luke skywalker