• Published on Aug 17, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Random XD 深夜
    Random XD 深夜 5 hours ago


  • Riley Schicker
    Riley Schicker 9 hours ago

    #YIAYsorry I’m sorry posting this

  • HiImRocco
    HiImRocco Day ago

    1:33 finally someone has the same name as me

  • Quinn
    Quinn 2 days ago

    I actually liked the last yiay 👌😔👌

  • niare doyom
    niare doyom 2 days ago

    4:03 just to make the video a little longer.

  • le stuffs
    le stuffs 2 days ago

    being a loner

  • Fairy productions
    Fairy productions 3 days ago

    I made the grinch picture into my background

  • kranus76
    kranus76 4 days ago

    Yesterday I told you I am running out of content

  • Doctor Marc Großweiner Ames

    #YIAYsorry I’m sorry for being Cabadian

  • ibra 555
    ibra 555 9 days ago

  • Grim Gamer
    Grim Gamer 9 days ago

    #yiaysorry im sorry jacksepticeye exists

  • Burn House
    Burn House 9 days ago

    I'm super duper sorry for watching jacksfilms

  • Papa Gan00sh
    Papa Gan00sh 11 days ago +1

    There’s suckage to share

  • Redstone mechanisms
    Redstone mechanisms 12 days ago

    I'm sorry for apologizing

  • zact lee
    zact lee 15 days ago

    "Not tonite honey." I lost it.

  • checkpoint 07
    checkpoint 07 17 days ago

    I’m super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper sorry for making this comment

  • Team Awesomeness
    Team Awesomeness 23 days ago

    3:02 I answered that once with forehead

  • Team Awesomeness
    Team Awesomeness 23 days ago

    1:38 oh,look, TheRealSullyG. that's the one who made the otamatone YIAY intro

  • Zorabos
    Zorabos 23 days ago

    Fix your flags 2

  • Gisella Eberly
    Gisella Eberly 24 days ago

    5:07 obviously there is only one right answer... MEME BIG BOY

  • Thomas Kunisch
    Thomas Kunisch 26 days ago

    #YIAYsorry Im still looking back to the day i missed a yiay

  • red Eevee
    red Eevee 29 days ago

    YIAYsorry teleports behind you it's nothing personal kid

  • Raccs
    Raccs 29 days ago

    #YIAYsorry I'm sorry that there is blueapron as a sponsor, unlike LWIAY

  • Azim Akbar
    Azim Akbar Month ago

    5:27 "challenge them to A rap battle. If they win, you'll buy what they are selling."
    Me: I hope they are selling the limited edition iPhone 11

  • MaMa McCabe
    MaMa McCabe Month ago

    My horoscope is cancer.

  • Walrus Gaming
    Walrus Gaming Month ago

    #YIAYtele me me big boy

  • Green Cyborg Ninja Dude

    I’m sorry for all the sponsors you get by wasting your time doing something.

  • Damianbrooke clark
    Damianbrooke clark Month ago


  • Ashton. F.
    Ashton. F. Month ago


  • Peter The cool guy
    Peter The cool guy Month ago +1


  • funny world
    funny world Month ago

    4:12 love the shrit gay memes

  • Planet NASH
    Planet NASH Month ago

    A good fake fact is: Did you know that when you kill someone you’ll die the next day

  • torreonethel
    torreonethel Month ago

    1:59 why is this guy everywhere?

  • Turtle Lover
    Turtle Lover Month ago


  • Name
    Name Month ago

    r i p xyz

  • Critterly
    Critterly Month ago +1

    #YIAYsorry I'm sorry for being the reason you divorced, mum and dad

  • Sparx
    Sparx Month ago

    Wow keep this up and I'll make it into a yiay

  • Rexycola
    Rexycola Month ago +1

    #YIAYsorry I'm sorry for you bumping into me eh

  • Rexycola
    Rexycola Month ago +1

    #YIAYsorry I'm sorry for liking a jacksfilms video

  • Emmi Ann
    Emmi Ann Month ago


  • Peg
    Peg Month ago

    6:04 just a put a lil' dog in there.

  • Mph Gachahjj
    Mph Gachahjj Month ago

    I have an answer for ‘What are some things you hear.’

    “OMG ARE YOU... “

    “..... Who are you again?”

  • Existy
    Existy Month ago

    #YIAYsorry i'm not a canadian

  • TheNite Owl
    TheNite Owl Month ago

    I'm sorry for being born

  • chloe davies
    chloe davies Month ago +1

    *oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah*

  • I promise I'm not crazy


  • James Morgan
    James Morgan Month ago

    Justin y came by to say hi on one of the yiay. That kinda rhymed

  • Catty kitty
    Catty kitty Month ago

    this is the worst yaiy

  • HedgehogZombies
    HedgehogZombies Month ago

    below is relatable

  • frezy wizard
    frezy wizard Month ago

    every yiay i answered is rejected :(

  • Mathieu Morin
    Mathieu Morin Month ago

    stfu jack
    can we get a silent episode for once

  • drew west
    drew west Month ago

    tell me why I have all of those baby grinch photos at 2:47 saved to my phone already

  • thomas Poulter-Video Incorporations

    I would have put I can *Legally* drop the bass on *PEWDIEPIE*

  • Remy Boyzz
    Remy Boyzz Month ago

    #YIAYyt “Sorry, THE DOUGLASS HOUSEHOLD is not available. Would you like to leave a message?”

  • Fifa Kingz
    Fifa Kingz Month ago

    OMG! Justin y

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Month ago

    drugs make you

  • Trey GC
    Trey GC Month ago

    #YIAYsorry My cat was looking hella thicc, and I did what I had to do. I was only 11 though, don't judge me... I felt sorry after, and drunk wine to drown out my sorrow while praying to Allah for forgiveness.

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    im sorry for making a hit or miss video (I DELETED IT)

  • nickmakes8
    nickmakes8 Month ago

    3:25 this comment didn't age well

  • KurikoTheWolf
    KurikoTheWolf Month ago

    #YIAYsorry i'm sorry I know you have an entire fursuit collection in your closet, and just told everyone that saw this.

  • AdrianMaster
    AdrianMaster Month ago

    4:03 *_O H Y E A H O H Y E A H O H Y E A H_*

  • G-Rated
    G-Rated Month ago

    Still waiting on that Volume 2

  • Lily Kapustin
    Lily Kapustin Month ago

    Actually my mom used to get Blue Apron, but then she noticed the food ( for example, salad leaves ) were not very fresh, for some reason. So it couldn't get worse, she stopped. Just sayin..

  • king garfeild
    king garfeild 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry im sorry mom, i lost the diamonds to a creeper

  • Geoffrey
    Geoffrey 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry I'm sorry for being a disappointment.

  • Александар зарић

    1:59 holy shit you defeated Justin Y.

  • EG Girl
    EG Girl 2 months ago

    3:26 god I wish this were real

  • Way
    Way 2 months ago

    Still waiting for #YIAYDiss. Lemme hear those bars Jack-Daddy

  • ravenpascal
    ravenpascal 2 months ago

    It's official.
    Justin Y. Has been in yiay.

  • TheBluDitto
    TheBluDitto 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry i stole and ate 3 cans of play doh from my local preschool

  • shrrttyan 2000
    shrrttyan 2000 2 months ago

    Watching the dog stare outside made my day

  • David Brown
    David Brown 2 months ago

    5:54, shouldn't it be "cook well" YGS...

  • Stiqurz_
    Stiqurz_ 2 months ago

    Now, make a rejected YIAY answers

  • Isaiah 13
    Isaiah 13 2 months ago +1

    #YIAYsorry Being born😓

  • Frick
    Frick 2 months ago


  • GoldSphere / Spherey
    GoldSphere / Spherey 2 months ago +1

    im so unnoticed and etc etc etc, i dont even make it in the rejected. im a kililililion times more rejected.

  • Robotsnake20
    Robotsnake20 2 months ago

    I am supper supper sorry for my mom for catching me j-

    Umping on her bed

  • MCOC wetwieners
    MCOC wetwieners 2 months ago

    how did someone not say me me big boy to the telemarketer question?

  • Aidian Holden
    Aidian Holden 2 months ago

    i wanted to say "As a musician, being asked to play *that one song* sucks"

  • Margo Stampy
    Margo Stampy 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry i'm sorry for always robbing wiafus

  • Dude9163
    Dude9163 2 months ago +1

    #YAIYsorry I accidentally subscribed to T-series...

  • Mr. Yoda
    Mr. Yoda 2 months ago


  • Mr. Human
    Mr. Human 2 months ago +1

    Part two??

  • Apple Cotto
    Apple Cotto 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry my search history

  • Tomstarooni
    Tomstarooni 2 months ago

    **is this bold?**

  • Qυιхoтιc
    Qυιхoтιc 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry poop sock

  • Frostywing
    Frostywing 2 months ago

    "I'm sorry for using the cat as toilet paper."

  • Jodie isNerd
    Jodie isNerd 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry I'm sorry Jenna marbles dogs exist

  • wartygourd
    wartygourd 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry sorry, jacksepticeye is the better Jack

  • wartygourd
    wartygourd 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry sorry for being born.

    • Ravenxll13
      Ravenxll13 2 months ago

      Why are you still commenting?

  • Beth Shea
    Beth Shea 2 months ago

    Love that

  • Eclipsed
    Eclipsed 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry , I’m late

  • Jay RadZ
    Jay RadZ 2 months ago

    I’m going to challenge the next telemarketer I find.

  • MinerGlitch25
    MinerGlitch25 2 months ago +1

    Borking now illegal.

  • Magimos
    Magimos 2 months ago

    #yiaysuper I'm super duper sorry for not subscribing to pewds.

  • Cheese Machine
    Cheese Machine 2 months ago


  • HookLineAndSinker
    HookLineAndSinker 2 months ago

    #YIAYsorry I’m sorry i always skip past the ads

  • Algy Cuber
    Algy Cuber 2 months ago

    as a musician, i practice 40 hrs a day