Relaxing ASMR | My Morning Routine

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
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    Welcome to my morning!! I tried to make it as accurate as possible, it was hilarious to film because it took me all day HAHA and I was like half doing my real morning routine while filming the morning routine and...yes. We had a foster dog, Bisky, while I filmed this! But she is off to be adopted now! So enjoy her cute little teddy bear face!
    My first whole video with no makeup at all o_o but I hate the morning routine ones where people are waking up with full faces of makeup on LOL that only happens when I was too lazy to wash my face the night before... my skin gets very red when I touch it because I have dermatographia, so don't worry! I'm fine!!!! Any other FAQs??? Hmm... I'll be reading the comments!
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  • Shaun Wetherilt
    Shaun Wetherilt 13 hours ago

    I also collect mugs as well Gibi.

  • Physical Phisycs
    Physical Phisycs 6 days ago

    Your dog's name is Luigi🤣
    So Cute😊

  • The Real EmuGuy
    The Real EmuGuy 8 days ago

    Me. A Guy: 5:15 WOAH! What the hell IS all that stuff?! And why do you need it?!?!

  • Hushed Orchestra ASMR

    Love that color blue on you

  • Noah K
    Noah K 12 days ago

    i live in canada

  • Hunnu Bxnnus
    Hunnu Bxnnus 13 days ago

    The other dog is jealous

  • Ohm Omair أم عمير

    Pretty nail polish...need to redo with all the chips.

  • Pepsi4life
    Pepsi4life 16 days ago


  • Maizy Jane
    Maizy Jane 17 days ago

    Quip ain't THAT beautiful

  • Lesly V
    Lesly V 17 days ago

    Sorry for screaming, but it’s important.🙂

  • axminche
    axminche 18 days ago +2

    is no one gonna talk about how nice her teeth are

  • Peter Carlson
    Peter Carlson 18 days ago


  • V2xBoSss YT
    V2xBoSss YT 18 days ago

    Idk why but. This is my favourite asmr vid

  • Declan Ryan
    Declan Ryan 20 days ago

    If you would like a new pair of glasses without paying 300$, check out a website called Zenny's.

  • Jessica O
    Jessica O 21 day ago +1

    Please do more of these DIML videos...the voice over is so relaxing. Thank you!

  • Hassa Guigui
    Hassa Guigui 22 days ago

    ho !! you got cloud from Ariana Grande ! I love it !

  • sirimad rock
    sirimad rock 22 days ago

    Even with acne she is cute

  • Cangrejo Alimango
    Cangrejo Alimango 23 days ago

    13:48 I see Punziella art. It’s sad that she went MIA in social media :(

  • Moonlightvibes
    Moonlightvibes 23 days ago

    omg ur dog is cute

  • Nancy Alcala
    Nancy Alcala 28 days ago +1

    So realxing

  • Olivia Petrowski
    Olivia Petrowski Month ago

    “Now I can complain about acne, and I do wash my face.” Honestly though, same

  • geoffrey buckley
    geoffrey buckley Month ago

    you are at ya CUTEST with no make up Gibi

  • The Cinema Cynic
    The Cinema Cynic Month ago

    Oh come on, Gibi's eyebrows look flawless 24/7?? That's so unfair! lol

  • ITZ Italic
    ITZ Italic Month ago +1


  • akaDisrupt
    akaDisrupt Month ago

    That’s one in of my favorite flavors of cream cheese

  • Premtim Dukaj
    Premtim Dukaj Month ago

    4:50 i have nearly the same hoodie as a boy. I like it

  • Kaela
    Kaela Month ago +5

    "Go floss your teeth"
    *Me: sorry mam' it is 11 pm*

    Who likes my profile pic hehe

  • TorpedoPants Gaming

    Gibi: Go floss your teeth, get all of them
    me: OK MOMMY

  • FlowersHereGrow
    FlowersHereGrow Month ago

    Luigi the dog gives me major feels

  • X J
    X J Month ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a meme

  • Gacha_ Crazylifee
    Gacha_ Crazylifee Month ago

    "Im also blind"
    Me: new fact about gibi to write down

  • Ella Connolly
    Ella Connolly Month ago

    idk why but i died when she said “quip” 😂😂

  • Kodi Selvernail
    Kodi Selvernail Month ago

    Doooooooooog's are soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutey's.

  • Ella Connolly
    Ella Connolly Month ago

    same name as my dog ❤️

  • Cronchy Borger
    Cronchy Borger Month ago +1

    Gibi: I wear daily contacts and I've worn them since sixth grade
    Me: *wears daily disposable contacts and has since sixth grade* 😲

  • ihate hackers
    ihate hackers Month ago

    I don't even live in the morning I wake like 6pm every day and I sleep in 9am 😭😭😭😭😭 can't fix my life 🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Ellie Abreu
    Ellie Abreu Month ago +1

    Huh... I would have thought that you were a cat person, but I am relieved that you like dogs haha😂

  • That 1 Angry Lemon
    That 1 Angry Lemon Month ago

    When your a dog person and see her dogs

    *oMg PuPpIeS*

    But seriously they are adorable

  • Adél Pondělíčková

    I feel like Gibi is a 100% night person... She goes to sleep at 3 am and after waking up goes straight to the dark streaming room 😁 when I wake up I like to eat my breakfast in daylight watching some nature and getting some sunlight

  • Brooklyn Cornish
    Brooklyn Cornish Month ago

    i love you and your videos but what about the other dog you didnt even care about him

  • TK ENT
    TK ENT Month ago +1

    Anyone know where i can get those Blindfold headphones

  • .
    . Month ago +3

    I know you’re far sided but
    “I’m a -4”
    **laughs in 400**

  • conlan gooch
    conlan gooch Month ago

    Mine now please

  • Nellie Lapiak
    Nellie Lapiak Month ago +2

    “They’re soft, they don’t hurt my hair, leave me alone”- GIBI 2019

  • peanut 1
    peanut 1 Month ago +3

    Gibi: has big morning routine with face washing and cleansers
    Me: brush teeth and runs hands through hair

  • Dumb Perfect
    Dumb Perfect Month ago +4

    Gibi: Says she goes to sleep at 3 am at *Night*
    *Me, an intellectual; *Thats the morning*

  • HiddenSkull 12
    HiddenSkull 12 Month ago +1

    Gibi says that her contacts are a -4
    Me: Looks at my -5.50 contacts

  • •Dream West•
    •Dream West• Month ago +1

    Pls make a Q n' A!

    Love ya..!😀😂❤

  • Ninive Rojas
    Ninive Rojas Month ago

    You will probably never see this but my boyfriend and I have been falling asleep to this specific video of yours for the last 2 weeks or so and I love it!

  • AnimeArtistBish
    AnimeArtistBish Month ago


  • Scarlett Bigam
    Scarlett Bigam Month ago

    Love that nail color and ring set Gibi!!

  • Phoenix Productions

    Am I the only one that thinks gibi is cuter without makeup?

  • deathlyhollows 19
    deathlyhollows 19 Month ago +1

    I cant floss I gave braces😝

  • Jacob Baldwin
    Jacob Baldwin Month ago +1

    Gibi: “I don’t have a preference for crunchy or smooth”

  • m C
    m C Month ago

    You just leave her out

  • m C
    m C Month ago

    Poor biscy

  • CtWolffe
    CtWolffe Month ago

    Gibi looks better in the morning than me in daytime

  • Jay Mendes
    Jay Mendes Month ago

    you look good in glasses

  • Lyra Laird
    Lyra Laird Month ago

    Gibi: I like to wash my sheets once a week.
    Me: washes my sheets once every couple months 😂 I know I should change them more often but it’s so hard

  • Peter Karl
    Peter Karl Month ago +2

    Doesn't she sound like Stewie Griffin when she says quip

    • Daz
      Daz Month ago

      I was thinking that too lmao. Cool ha-whip