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Which Are the Poorest Countries in the World?

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • What are the poorest countries in the world? How much money do people make in those countries?
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  • Google Central
    Google Central 14 hours ago

    Is Brazil a poor country?

  • Maroon Lamb
    Maroon Lamb Day ago

    My teacher said that philippines is 3rd of to poorest country

  • Theo 99
    Theo 99 Day ago

    2:15 and what are those?

  • Thank u Ari
    Thank u Ari 2 days ago

    And by the way people in Moldova dress in expensive clothes like:Gucci ,Dolce & Gabbana ,Chanel ,Dior and more ,I don’t know why are we on this list !


    You forgot to mention Argentina also borders Bolivia

  • Joe 534
    Joe 534 4 days ago

    You didn’t talk about somalia

  • Liam Light
    Liam Light 4 days ago +1

    Thank my everything that I live in the USA. "It's a party in the USA"

  • Nazmus Sadat
    Nazmus Sadat 6 days ago +2

    That's why I'm angry whenever someone tells me a first world problem. They don't realize how privileged they are born.

    • Eskimos
      Eskimos 5 days ago

      Nazmus Sadat Well it's not their fault they are poor people in the world whose incompetent.

  • GDscullMaster 101
    GDscullMaster 101 7 days ago

    Bolivia also borders Argentina

  • Smooth X9
    Smooth X9 10 days ago

    Poorest place

    Apex legends

  • Edison Tsai
    Edison Tsai 11 days ago

    Bolivia is also borders with Argentina

  • SafariPro 5795
    SafariPro 5795 11 days ago

    Bolivia also borders argentina too. 3:10

  • NeOn X SpEeDz
    NeOn X SpEeDz 12 days ago

    Britain is so divided in classes, 30% of children are poor. 40% are middle class and well off, and 30% are obscenely rich and take helicopters to school

    Mabey not 30% but quite a few in the countryside and London

  • FunnyVids? Nah
    FunnyVids? Nah 14 days ago

    *cough cough* Détroit *COUGHING FIT *

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof 19 days ago

    Greece: gib money pl0x

  • Tooo Many
    Tooo Many 22 days ago

    I'm from Somalia. I'm dreaming to become a president and change everything I can .

  • wannabe kid
    wannabe kid 27 days ago +1

    my wallet can relate

  • KitTMきおくしやす-

    its Malawi

  • ჯჯწწCreeperChip ჯჯწწoriginəNo

    Borders Argentina: HUE NO SHOW

  • Mohamed Abdi
    Mohamed Abdi 28 days ago

    Talk Somalia pls

  • abhishek adhikari
    abhishek adhikari 28 days ago

    I find myself lucky that I live in Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 proud to be neplease brave country due to power of gorkha jay gorkha jay nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    PANKAJ BAJAJ Month ago +1

    Mukesh ambani richest human in the world today

    PANKAJ BAJAJ Month ago +1

    Reliance zero debt company in the world

    PANKAJ BAJAJ Month ago +1

    Zero debt countries to be the richest

    PANKAJ BAJAJ Month ago +1

    Countries with highest debts are the poorest says moodies

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago

    3:12 Bolivia also borders Argentina

  • jean daniel
    jean daniel Month ago

    Stop saying haiti is a poor country please ✋

  • Cristian Iordachi
    Cristian Iordachi Month ago +1

    3:49 not true you nub.Only true is the coruptio with no future but in rest is fake and I know this cuz I live there and it isn't such a threat

  • Ricky911
    Ricky911 Month ago +1

    Well, in Italy even though people pay you, the working conditions and education are poor. Everybody wants to get a job abroad and I wanna go back to the US ASAP because of this. I might not be poor here but I risk my life only by crossing the road so what d'ye expect me to say

  • highsense100
    highsense100 Month ago


    ENRIK Month ago +3

    And i thought that we in Greece are poor

  • Gustav Øspina
    Gustav Øspina Month ago

    If you finished watch this video and came to the comment section...... you are very lucky

  • Józef Stalin
    Józef Stalin Month ago

    africa is my city

  • David Flores
    David Flores Month ago

    Bolivia is Not so poor as occidental culture considere.

  • Didier Drogba
    Didier Drogba Month ago

    Bosnia is very poor

  • Nome Inventado
    Nome Inventado Month ago

    Get a dislike for painting Crimea as russian.

  • Gabe Cho
    Gabe Cho Month ago

    Ugh where is the Philippines in this list. Yknow children have to eat trash in the Philippines.

  • RHWgaming
    RHWgaming Month ago

    i thought malawi would be at the bottom

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford Month ago +1

    The poorest place in the world is .... Detroit at

  • super Mig
    super Mig Month ago

    I come from Afghanistan 🇦🇫 but I live in Denmark 🇩🇰

    • llu li
      llu li Month ago

      Go away bombing man.

  • Sofia Misheva
    Sofia Misheva Month ago

    You missed Bulgaria

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha Month ago

    I'm from tv

  • Izaya Orihara
    Izaya Orihara Month ago

    You should have also mentioned Yemen

  • Günthers Kaufhaus
    Günthers Kaufhaus Month ago

    3:13 and Argentina!

  • hannah chan 한나
    hannah chan 한나 Month ago

    I swear if Philippines is in there

  • Ira Williams
    Ira Williams Month ago

    Why isn't North Korea on this list?

  • Laser Blue
    Laser Blue Month ago

    Where is porkistan

  • terbaik baik
    terbaik baik Month ago

    you forgot yemen

  • My Imaginary World
    My Imaginary World Month ago +1

    3:11 You forgot to mention Argentina

  • Joseph seed
    Joseph seed Month ago

    United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru;
    Republic Dominican, Cuba, Caribbean, Greenland, El Salvador too
    Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Guyana, and still;
    Guatemala, Bolivia, then Argentina, and Ecuador, Chile, Brazil
    Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Bermuda, Bahamas, Tobago, San Juan;
    Paraguay, Uruguay, Suriname, and French Guiana, Barbados, and Guam
    Norway and Sweden and Iceland and Finland
    And Germany now in one piece;
    Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Turkey, and Greece
    Poland, Romania, Scotland, Albania, Ireland, Russia, Oman;
    Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Cyprus, Iraq, and Iran
    There's Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, both Yemens, Kuwait, and Bahrain;
    The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Portugal, France, England, Denmark, and Spain
    India, Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan;
    Kampuchea, Malaysia, then Bangladesh, Asia, and China, Korea, Japan
    Mongolia, Laos, and Tibet, Indonesia, the Philippine Islands, Taiwan;
    Sri Lanka, New Guinea, Sumatra, New Zealand, then Borneo, and Vietnam
    Tunisia, Morocco, Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Botswana;
    Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Gambia, Guinea, Algeria, Ghana
    Burundi, Lesotho, and Malawi, Togo, The Spanish Sahara is gone;
    Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Liberia, Egypt, Benin, and Gabon
    Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, and Mali, Sierra Leone, and Algiers;
    Dahomey, Namibia, Senegal, Libya, Cameroon, Congo, Zaire.
    Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Rwanda, Maore, and Cayman;
    Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Yugoslavia-
    Crete, Mauritania, then Transylvania-
    Monaco, Liechtenstein, Malta, and Palestine, Fiji, Australia, Sudan!

  • Avinash Chakravarthi

    im in TEXAS

  • Sports Channel
    Sports Channel Month ago +1

    Dear you ignore india bcz worlds most poorest population live according to one survey indias poorest population is equal to entire world's population and more than 3 crore people left their baby on roads.....?????

  • Danielle Ailaco
    Danielle Ailaco Month ago

    I live in Moldova, and even though my country is poor, I live a happy life! We have a very big garden and 2 cherry trees and 3 apple trees. Life can be hard, but I will always love my home country. Home food is better than store food, anyways.

  • shazia khan
    shazia khan Month ago

    where is india??????

  • Thunder The Electrical Bolt

    Syria... syria lebanons neighbor

  • Jaya Plays minecraftTV

    Yes we are a pretty rich family but not a millionaires

  • B Mimis
    B Mimis Month ago

    3:16 you forgot Argentina

  • PraDip JaysWal
    PraDip JaysWal Month ago

    Why didn't you put Pakistan in this video ??

  • Pokemony alsotransport

    Afghanistan or a lot of *Indians* also live in massive poverty

  • sol porter
    sol porter Month ago


  • A for apple vlogs
    A for apple vlogs Month ago

    where is india??

    • Prince
      Prince Month ago

      And India has the fifth highest economy in the world and has 4 most billionaire in the world

    • Prince
      Prince Month ago

      India average man earns 4000 - 5000 dollar. BTW 8th richest man is from India. Jaguar company is owned by Indian guy. And most expensive house in the world is in India ( 1 billion dollar). Check your facts

  • OreoPuffs Animation
    OreoPuffs Animation Month ago +5

    how is Bolivia poorer then Guyana and Suriname ?

  • SKK art
    SKK art Month ago +3

    4:50 **Cries in Congolese**

  • SKK art
    SKK art Month ago +12

    3:18 Bolivia doesn't border Argentina?

  • Alin Alin
    Alin Alin Month ago

    I actually freaked out bcs i tought my country is gonna show up hahahahah

  • Brother αgαr & more
    Brother αgαr & more Month ago +1

    I’m from Afghanistan

  • Gene Hawkins
    Gene Hawkins Month ago +1

    Bolivia also borders Argentina.

  • Eileen Gallagher
    Eileen Gallagher Month ago +1


  • Eileen Gallagher
    Eileen Gallagher Month ago +1


  • Lisia Palushi
    Lisia Palushi Month ago +1

    Albania is lucky that it isn't listed as one of the poorest countries in the world

  • Lil Zack IV
    Lil Zack IV Month ago +7

    I am the second one of my family to be born in America and my mom was born in Haiti
    I am so grateful to be living in America.

  • Sen Heng
    Sen Heng Month ago +4

    I am Irish, I live in Ireland, I am 9 years old, my dad makes £100,000 a year, and I'm totally fine.

    • OreoPuffs Animation
      OreoPuffs Animation Month ago

      thats over 2 times the amount an average american makes per year

  • republiccooper
    republiccooper Month ago +3

    For Haïti he conveniently omitted the economic strategies of France and the US to keep the country down. Biased news.

  • Dani Maarouf
    Dani Maarouf Month ago +1

    You should’ve included Georgia 🇬🇪 it’s poor and I live in it right now

  • Jack Drozinski
    Jack Drozinski Month ago +1

    Ghost recon is in Bolivia

    It doesn’t look poor at all

    • Exotic 97
      Exotic 97 28 days ago

      Petion Ville is in Haiti. Doesn't look poor at all.

  • Modu Official
    Modu Official Month ago

    What contenet is the poorest

    I guessed africa i was right

  • rétro
    rétro Month ago

    Surprised Burundi and Bangladesh aren’t here :-/

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 2 months ago

    I lived in Afghanistan 😥😭😢

  • Olivia Shani
    Olivia Shani 2 months ago

    I live in Haiti and the food is great, the houses are great and the Infographics show is great

    • Exotic 97
      Exotic 97 28 days ago

      Me too I live in Petion Ville Rich Parts of Haiti are beautiful

  • Funtime Carrot
    Funtime Carrot 2 months ago +1

    I may completely wrong but I’m sure Bolivia borders argentinia no hate and if it’s true everyone makes mistakes

  • Yonela The Activist and Explorer

    It’s Democratic Republic of Congo not Democratic Republic of The Country, get your facts right before you miss educate the future generations

  • Kenneth Lieu
    Kenneth Lieu 2 months ago

    NORTH KOREA 🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 2 months ago +1

    Any list that includes Moldova (or any European country) and not Papua New Guinea is bogus.

  • Skeletonic Dog
    Skeletonic Dog 2 months ago

    I wonder who the richest person in these places are 😀

  • Aero Salam
    Aero Salam 2 months ago

    you forgot if bolivia land locked with argentina

  • super Singh
    super Singh 2 months ago +4

    I always thought that North Korea was the poorest country in Asia bro

    SYED MUJAMEED 2 months ago

    Afghanistan is not poor its bcoz Pakistan hidden propaganda terrorism

  • Josh Lowe
    Josh Lowe 2 months ago

    What about Chad, it has the lowest GDP per Capita and the lowest life expectancy in the world

  • rexgamer361 husk36
    rexgamer361 husk36 2 months ago

    I thought pakistan was on here cause in the past i thought they had 8 billion rupees but in reality they have 1 trillon rupees and i live in pakistan

  • Juli Tips
    Juli Tips 2 months ago

    When you said Bolivia, you didn’t say that Bolivia Aldo border Argentina

  • Verlin Joseph
    Verlin Joseph 2 months ago

    The black ones

  • ჯჯწწCreeperChip ჯჯწწoriginəNo


  • Бане Д.
    Бане Д. 2 months ago

    Serbia, Balkans? People eating from the dumpsters everywhere, there is no job, future...

  • Ahmed Ur Rahman
    Ahmed Ur Rahman 2 months ago

    Iamfromenglanddontmesswithme what did I say

  • Enes Ihsan Aydogan
    Enes Ihsan Aydogan 2 months ago

    Weird to see no one mentioned that Crimea not shown in Ukraine.

  • tongyao zhang
    tongyao zhang 2 months ago

    They forgot to mention South Sudan, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Niger and Guinea Bissau. In South America, Guyana instead of Bolivia should be the poorest country. Check HDI Index for reference.

  • tongyao zhang
    tongyao zhang 2 months ago

    You forget to mention Norway. They are horribly poor

    • Eczema
      Eczema Month ago

      how is one of the most happy country in the world poor?

  • Finshark ITB
    Finshark ITB 2 months ago

    where is nigeria

  • Jus Les
    Jus Les 2 months ago

    be unique n stop shading africa for once, do the richest countries in Africa,

  • Khanya Blacksun
    Khanya Blacksun 2 months ago

    Africa is a disappointment.