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Which Are the Poorest Countries in the World?


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  • ISaac Adkins
    ISaac Adkins 2 hours ago

    North africa isn't black i've been there 😂

  • Gruia Coman
    Gruia Coman 13 hours ago

    Dc nu vorbesti romana?

  • Bryce A
    Bryce A Day ago

    Venezuela has worse living conditions and poverty than Bolivia, more than 80% of the population live in poverty, or about 9 out of 10 people

  • marco solis
    marco solis 3 days ago

    canadians be like


  • IrisGanderbelYT
    IrisGanderbelYT 3 days ago

    Im from Malaysia (Asia)

  • Alan Zhang
    Alan Zhang 3 days ago

    Hey .I'm from north Korea. Now i live in China,🇺🇸🔫

  • becky15707
    becky15707 3 days ago

    Some Africa countries are poor because of corruptions from their government.

  • Kadori Dns
    Kadori Dns 3 days ago

    I'm from North africa .. Algeria 🇩🇿 and thank God I live comfortably without worrying .. but for the other nations I hope they get to a solution but I think that the main problem will be the government cuz instead of using those natural resources for increasing the investment and GPD and economy ect.. they sell it and use it in different and bad ways so I guess if they start thinking about the future and trying to find solutions for this economic development

  • Afghan Tube
    Afghan Tube 3 days ago +1

    Afghanistan was most devloped country in1980s in Asia before taliban but then Russia,USA,Pakistan came and supported their groups Talibans and destroyed our beautiful country these countries are our enemies and we afghans will never forgive them

  • Souvik Halder
    Souvik Halder 3 days ago

    where is india

  • itzTahaboii78
    itzTahaboii78 4 days ago

    You think iraq is rich? Is poor but is ok I don't care about your problems not tryin to hate tho

  • Anubhav Pathak
    Anubhav Pathak 4 days ago

    Europe will pay

  • EstherC
    EstherC 4 days ago

    Very interesting, but surprising that you didn't mention THE POORER country in the world : Niger.

  • Super Bro. 2200
    Super Bro. 2200 5 days ago

    somalia isnt very poor

  • basic laura
    basic laura 6 days ago

    I’m admitting it, I am v spoiled, but I am very grateful ✨

  • Tom Hoffmann
    Tom Hoffmann 7 days ago +1

    _When Usa sees a 3rd world country which finds oil:_ *This country needs more democracy*

    • jonny s
      jonny s 3 days ago

      just invade and massacre its people also same eith most western countries.

  • Srishti_Shashwat Pandey

    Where is pakistan

  • Mafu Mini
    Mafu Mini 8 days ago

    What I can do to help these people??

  • Mahendradan Charan
    Mahendradan Charan 9 days ago

    They are poor because of the European countries that ruled them

  • Sean Jacob Mendoza
    Sean Jacob Mendoza 9 days ago

    My dad is in saudi Arabia is that poor or something eles

  • Sean Jacob Mendoza
    Sean Jacob Mendoza 9 days ago

    I think Angola is poor then filipino🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😓😓😓

  • Realbluekirby AJ
    Realbluekirby AJ 9 days ago

    life in Canada is cold

  • Gianlu CC
    Gianlu CC 10 days ago

    I am in U.K , my dad wins 20.000 GBP per year

  • Roaming Knight
    Roaming Knight 11 days ago

    Where is Eritrea? Most 8 years old work there and can't afford a living

  • Nata
    Nata 11 days ago

    Bolivia borders Argentina to you missed that one...

  • I Don’t Need A Name o _ o


    • Esketxd
      Esketxd 9 days ago

      Because you are insanely rich compared to the poorest countries on Earth

  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy 12 days ago

    how about philippines, there are poor and uneducated people which is called squater

  • actor the crazy
    actor the crazy 14 days ago

    I lived in congo but u was not poor

  • Hey Bro
    Hey Bro 14 days ago

    You mean rich

  • Fairy C Rat
    Fairy C Rat 14 days ago

    I was born in France, and my parents are considered rich even by Western European standards, so I guess I've got it very easy compared to the majority of the world. Now I feel more and more guilty for not knowing what do to when hearing about such harsh living conditions.

    REALITY BITES 15 days ago +1


  • Scp - 173
    Scp - 173 16 days ago


    REPOGAM 16 days ago +5

    Most poorest place ever


  • RayFire51
    RayFire51 17 days ago

    Can't feed em don't breed em

    OOF OOF 18 days ago

    South sudan

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 19 days ago

    I dont think Afghanistan is poor because Canada Pakistan and india are donating money to Afghanistan and It would become a rich country if Taliban wasnt thers

  • Nutritionist Nepali
    Nutritionist Nepali 19 days ago

    Came here to see if I could find my love Nepal but to my surprise we are rich

  • Football With Me And You

    The poorest countries in the world are the most beautiful countries in the world

  • Ravi Kumar Singh
    Ravi Kumar Singh 20 days ago

    I just watched a video of the most spoilt rich ppl in the world like the Kardashians n Paul Brothers...n then there's this... We all r living In a facade...

  • Jabali Mark
    Jabali Mark 21 day ago +1

    Corruption is the reason we r so poor

  • Mislav Brate
    Mislav Brate 22 days ago

    Is Albania poor or nah?

  • Nona Nona
    Nona Nona 22 days ago

    if you notice it looks like bolivia has most countries on its border.
    idk if it does

    • Nona Nona
      Nona Nona 22 days ago

      and if you think i live in bolivia your wrong

    • Nona Nona
      Nona Nona 22 days ago

      and argentina is bordered to bolivia

  • Mr Istrate
    Mr Istrate 22 days ago

    If You ask someone in Afghanistan To give you money they will give you money I know that from someone in my class and I am From Romania but I live in the UK

  • Just an ordinary faggot

    Bolivia also borders Argentina which for some reason you either forgot to say or didn't even realize it borders it

  • Avocado Playz
    Avocado Playz 24 days ago

    Sudans not in this

  • Undertaker
    Undertaker 24 days ago

    This video is not that true beacause you CAN'T be rich when you have a debt
    The countries whit The lowest debt are The richest

  • Baby ASMR
    Baby ASMR 24 days ago

    They didn’t say Mexico ,Honduras and El Salvador they are really poor I have lived there before

  • Yui Poka
    Yui Poka 24 days ago +1

    3:13 Doesn’t Bolivia border Argentina too?

  • BoliviaHDi Tv
    BoliviaHDi Tv 25 days ago

    I'm from Bolivia

  • 69 elm street
    69 elm street 25 days ago

    greece is broke asf

  • Eli Wat
    Eli Wat 25 days ago +1

    Super sad

  • ShadowRoblox Drei
    ShadowRoblox Drei 25 days ago

    No! Philipines he was in united nation

  • DeCiPhErIng GAmiNg
    DeCiPhErIng GAmiNg 25 days ago

    Well I am from Bolivia

  • NiqVevo
    NiqVevo 25 days ago +1

    I live in Georgia 🇬🇪
    Everybody there is in a very good condition to be honest

  • Mihai Bot
    Mihai Bot 25 days ago

    I am from moldova

  • Den Den
    Den Den 25 days ago

    What About Philippines?

    SARAH T YT 25 days ago

    im rank 1

  • Stacey Elaine
    Stacey Elaine 25 days ago

    Doesnt argentina border bolivia loo

  • matthew japan
    matthew japan 26 days ago

    Don't forget Argentina

  • Muhammad Farel
    Muhammad Farel 26 days ago

    Well,one of indonesia's president candidate said that indonesia is equal to haiti 😐

  • _ Qneb
    _ Qneb 26 days ago +1

    And i thought My Latvia was poor

  • Abbii MSP
    Abbii MSP 27 days ago

    And we are here watching this on devices (most cost $100+)

  • Georgelina_XD
    Georgelina_XD 28 days ago

    I clicked because I knew that my country will be here. Moldova😅

  • Bhavin Shah
    Bhavin Shah 28 days ago

    Some comments show that how brainwashed people are by their media,😅😅😅

  • MuffinKitty
    MuffinKitty 28 days ago

    In Moldova 6 dollars mean 70 moldovan lei or 35 romanian lei wich means some money

  • TheElectricMantyke 1921

    Bolivia borders Argentina too

  • OSGamer48
    OSGamer48 29 days ago


  • khaja Samaduddin
    khaja Samaduddin Month ago

    Y Pakistan is not mentioned here

  • Delt Bollim
    Delt Bollim Month ago

    north korea though??

  • Super Bro. 2200
    Super Bro. 2200 Month ago

    Why no mention of Burundi?

  • Hyper Lion
    Hyper Lion Month ago

    North Korea is poor about 65% poor people outside

  • basant vimal sharma

    Rich brings trouble poor is content look at the crime rate and drug use of richer countries poverty makes people healthy because they struggle for survival and do hard work rich governments spoon feed lazy bones by way of welfare scheme and food stamps rich countries go warmongering all over the globe and poor nations suffer the consequences.

  • mai
    mai Month ago

    Malawi you forgot

  • Good Old Days
    Good Old Days Month ago +1

    India is poor

  • Glan -
    Glan - Month ago +9

    india is poor and dirty

    • Bob Oueidat
      Bob Oueidat 2 hours ago

      Lakshmi Rani Sarker I’m not from India but I don’t accept you saying g that! At least India has a better personality than you do!

      PALANISAMY SARAVANAN 11 hours ago

      Lakshmi Rani having billionaire means nothing people live in slums there

    • ツ bty96
      ツ bty96 Day ago

      Yes we indians are poor but not poor enough to make it to the list

      SKYLINES 15 days ago +1

      Ur mind is poor and ur country bloodyfool

    • Lakshmi Rani Sarker
      Lakshmi Rani Sarker 25 days ago +9

      Glan - not as much as urs. subhuman.
      well. india have 100+ billionaires as well. how many billionaires ur country have? 😂

  • Oh god why
    Oh god why Month ago

    bolivia also borders argentina btw

  • Sprinkledcupcake unicorn

    We aren't poor. Our leaders like to ride car worth of 18Crore along with a helicopter instead of helping the ones in need

    • GWRaj
      GWRaj Month ago +1

      Sprinkledcupcake unicorn yep Corruption

  • jovem verde e amarelo

    Brazil is a crap

  • Weston Productions
    Weston Productions Month ago

    I'm so glad I live in Canada (no offense)

  • Patrick Jeff
    Patrick Jeff Month ago +1

    I am from Afghanistan but my country was good before the war w bush brought

    YO ARON Month ago

    Im belgian its like meduim people get €2800 a month

  • Gian Nunag
    Gian Nunag Month ago

    5:19 THIS IS SO SAD

  • rizal
    rizal Month ago

    What about Laos and Cambodia ?

  • groudon 877
    groudon 877 Month ago

    Wrong the poorest country in the world is North Korea

  • Rafa Pires
    Rafa Pires Month ago

    Alguem br feliz q o Brasil n ta na lista??

  • Elena DiAlisson
    Elena DiAlisson Month ago

    You guys miss one, Cuba is very poor as well and i feel very bad for them. 😿😿😭😭😢😥😰😱

  • Rens Gervers
    Rens Gervers Month ago

    this is about the poorest people, not the poorest countries.
    Cause countrywise the US tops the chart thanks to it's unfathomable large debt.

  • Niveda Rajeshwaran
    Niveda Rajeshwaran Month ago

    To the people of the richest country who search for India in the list I'm here to say you sorry that we couldn't make into the list....coz we have high GDP rate our purchase power is higher,Indian household has gold savings more than any of your country's banks total reserve, we send satellites to mars and moon , yes we are poor in terms of sanitation well we can clean up our dirt we don't dump our waste into others land like you know who...... please do search us in the wealthiest country......we are there for you

  • Salman Ismail
    Salman Ismail Month ago

    I am from Somalia

  • bilal khan
    bilal khan Month ago

    Amrica is eating all the countries

  • LIN 256
    LIN 256 Month ago

    You would think rich and famous people from Hollywood could help the poor people in poor countries. Maybe.

  • Wig is fun
    Wig is fun Month ago

    Boliva borders with argentina

  • S r
    S r Month ago +1

    I am surprised Venezuela did not make the list...

  • Michelle Sabaten
    Michelle Sabaten Month ago

    i thought i saw isis in philippines but i think its afganhanistan Girl

  • EggNoodles _
    EggNoodles _ Month ago

    I saw many african countries .. but African cleaner than india. why is INDIA not in this video? its practically a big stink shithole.

  • H Binner
    H Binner Month ago

    Leave the poorest countries...
    Just tell me...

    What do u all think about India?
    Tell me ur true opinion.

    • Gaurika Fry By Ritwik
      Gaurika Fry By Ritwik 25 days ago +1

      India is a very beautiful country in my opinion because of its extreme diversity in literally every field and rich history and culture. I'm glad that after a dark Colonial era of fatal exploitation of her natural and cultural resources, India's finally the fastest growing major economy in the world :)
      In terms of poverty, sure India has a lot of poor people. But in comparison to the percentage of the population, poverty rate of India is relatively lower. Regional disparities are very prevalent. A few states of HDI as high as Europe and a few states fare very poorly in terms of human development.
      But overall, I think India is amazing.

  • Saied Arman
    Saied Arman Month ago

    Wow Bangladesh is not poor

  • sayan mukherjee
    sayan mukherjee Month ago

    Thank God India is not on this list!!!😧

  • German fnaf gaming
    German fnaf gaming Month ago

    You forget north korea!!

  • Raghuram Konda
    Raghuram Konda Month ago

    You forgot South Sudan