Which Are the Poorest Countries in the World?


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  • SDBach1
    SDBach1 2 days ago

    Poor people of Africa with messy clothes and nice ones for the poor people who live out of Africa. This is racism

  • Kerang Ajaib
    Kerang Ajaib 2 days ago +1

    Indonesia is not poor country, yes or no?

  • Kartal Tibet
    Kartal Tibet 5 days ago

    All islamic countries are poor.

  • Andrei Bercea
    Andrei Bercea 6 days ago

    what about dprk

  • Anwesh Kumar
    Anwesh Kumar 7 days ago

    India isn't in the list.
    India has money

  • Jihad Warrior
    Jihad Warrior 7 days ago

    u were poor because u believe it!

  • hyseni hyseni
    hyseni hyseni 8 days ago

    What about kosovo

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat 10 days ago

    I want to donate so bad I am really lucky to live in the U.S

  • KievenRusMapping
    KievenRusMapping 10 days ago

    sao tome and pricipe

  • FanimationsAnimations
    FanimationsAnimations 11 days ago

    Cuba, even though my grandpa is Rich there.
    The houses are ugly and the roads are broken, everybody speaks Spanish but In Cayo Santa Maria's Beach hotel, there are people that speak English

  • vasilis lospi
    vasilis lospi 11 days ago

    So u say that greece is not poor? xD

  • StatikQuing
    StatikQuing 12 days ago

    I'm from Moldova and i knew that my country will be added here...But i'm still proud of this peace of beautiful land

  • Extra sassy Flamingo
    Extra sassy Flamingo 12 days ago

    Hi welcome to chillis

  • Extra sassy Flamingo
    Extra sassy Flamingo 12 days ago

    I’m one of the 2/3

  • Wrong Turn
    Wrong Turn 12 days ago

    I'm from Ethiopia living in the US. i'm glad Ethiopia wasn't on the list xD

  • soflo23
    soflo23 14 days ago

    Man, I love being from a rich country

  • Speedy Boy
    Speedy Boy 15 days ago +1

    Philippines is also poor

  • Ajay Srinivasan
    Ajay Srinivasan 15 days ago


  • ratawang uwu
    ratawang uwu 15 days ago

    20% Its US's fault
    40% What about ___
    .01% We should be grateful
    59.99% India

  • sharmila Jain
    sharmila Jain 17 days ago

    What about nigeria

  • Elmo the rapist 2.0
    Elmo the rapist 2.0 18 days ago

    I’m in that 30%

  • Lorna Tumulak
    Lorna Tumulak 21 day ago

    Yemen isss so poor

  • A clear imposter To try stop T series

    wtf why isn’t North Korea on this list

  • Nexity DM
    Nexity DM 21 day ago

    I am lucky

  • Pro youtuber
    Pro youtuber 21 day ago

    India might be poor but people r able to satisfy basic needs

  • Tasha is Awesome
    Tasha is Awesome 23 days ago

    I'm Canadian I'm lucky

  • MyLifeAsTatiana kayyy
    MyLifeAsTatiana kayyy 23 days ago

    As a Congolese we aren't suffering, as much as what you are stating.

  • MyLifeAsTatiana kayyy
    MyLifeAsTatiana kayyy 23 days ago

    Well, that's a lie. I'm Congolese and Motswana, therefore I can actually confirm if this is true or false and this is false. Because my grandmother is 86 and my grandfather is 87. My whole family is perfectly healthy, as well as a majority of the population.

  • Timers DC and more
    Timers DC and more 24 days ago

    I am soo lucky to be from Portugal and live in London

  • I love Poland
    I love Poland 26 days ago

    Poor people:(

  • Funtimeboy 100
    Funtimeboy 100 26 days ago

    What is my country then say if it’s poor or rich HINT:my profile

  • Sharnie
    Sharnie 27 days ago

    INDIA!! 700 million people don't have toilets!

  • Gin Geron
    Gin Geron 28 days ago +1

    Philippines was poor if not why I am struggling to work everyday just to live my everyday life If you guys cant accept the fact well your not just poor interms of money you also poor interms of education

    • Gin Geron
      Gin Geron 27 days ago

      Well the economy reflects the people itselfs

    • V C
      V C 27 days ago

      Hindi lang ibig sabihin na nahihirapan ka hirap na ang buong Pilipinas

  • Todd Mayo
    Todd Mayo 28 days ago

    The characterization of Africa here is racist.

  • sarweshwor dhungel
    sarweshwor dhungel 28 days ago

    wowowo bro nepal is not THAT poor

  • Wake Dreams
    Wake Dreams 29 days ago

    I was waiting for Ethiopia to see how you would draw the people.

  • Maphunye Tau
    Maphunye Tau 29 days ago

    I think Africa is poor because of what the Europeans have done in the past,taking the best of everything from the natives killing people and then claiming that the netives are savages yet they are the ones who cut children's heads off and played soccer with them or cut off peoples dicks or stabbing women with spears till death

  • the exclusive
    the exclusive Month ago

    there is a much poorer place to live in AKA the sun because there is no money and money will just burn. your life expectancy is

  • PaperParody
    PaperParody Month ago

    Wakanda a few hundred years ago

  • Ryan Gamer
    Ryan Gamer Month ago

    heck no I'm not going to those countries

  • Hei Sann
    Hei Sann Month ago

    Bolivia have over a trillion dollar worth of lithium and still is poor. Nice

  • jay-san limbu
    jay-san limbu Month ago

    world's poorest country is my country nepal

  • Vlam Vlam
    Vlam Vlam Month ago

    Add Philippines on the list

  • Emely Galindo
    Emely Galindo Month ago

    You should do a video about Central America. I'm from Honduras and not only is it extremely poor, the country is filled with violence and crime and corruption and gangs and drugs.

  • Recicle TIME354294
    Recicle TIME354294 Month ago +2

    What About Lesotho?


    argentina? 3:08

  • CLB Productions
    CLB Productions Month ago

    How about Malawi?

  • Canadian Mapping
    Canadian Mapping Month ago

    the ONLY reason Africa is so poor is because colinisers

  • Przemysław Przemo
    Przemysław Przemo Month ago

    3:11 what about Argentina?

  • Bacon Banansko
    Bacon Banansko Month ago +1

    I am from Norway. Norway is not poor

  • Nathaniel Kaiser
    Nathaniel Kaiser Month ago

    Y know why the rich in material comtrys are poor

  • Nathaniel Kaiser
    Nathaniel Kaiser Month ago

    Yep I do live in a crumbeley apartment but I'm guda

  • Tobias Zauzig
    Tobias Zauzig Month ago +1

    "is life in your country different from life in the countries we just discussed?" Are you kidding me? If I can see this video, my life is already wildly different from the poorest people on earth just based on this fact alone, who would ask something like this?

    • Emely Galindo
      Emely Galindo Month ago

      Except it doesn't matter if you have enough money because everyone else in your country could still be poor? I don't quite understand your question.

  • Jun
    Jun Month ago +1

    Thanks god
    Thanks mom
    Thanks pa
    And my country even though still development country.
    Thanks time for put me in the nice condition.

  • TroublesomeTruckFan1996

    So Bolivia doesn't border Argentina? It clearly shows that it does!

  • ZygmuntPolonskiNetwork

    I’m from Ukraine, and we are such a more depressive and poor then Moldova

  • Bylrshabbia Mikhagolov

    Man now I feel Mexico isn't that poor anymore compared to this unfortunate countrys man even in rural places we're good I hope that at least they get a stable economy

  • poornima krishnan
    poornima krishnan Month ago

    Wakanda 😂

  • Shockwave Show
    Shockwave Show Month ago

    Bolivia borders Argentina too

  • Andrei Player
    Andrei Player Month ago

    Moldova is NOT outside of romania, it's in it.

  • NaCvThe SaltyGurl12

    Thank god I don't see Indonesia in the list

  • sulliasi
    sulliasi Month ago

    just skipped over all of the pacific smh

  • garen demacia
    garen demacia Month ago

    in fact,with china's help many africa countries are aleady better than india,many southeast countries also.

    • shruuu suru
      shruuu suru 28 days ago

      Lol... Sorry but China products are Duplicate no longer stayed...😂😂

  • MrPixelMan
    MrPixelMan Month ago

    3:16 Fun Fact: Bolivia does not border Argentina.

  • Shreyas Suresh
    Shreyas Suresh Month ago

    Love the videos but your pronunciation needs to be better.

  • Prabij Shrestha
    Prabij Shrestha Month ago

    I felt bad when I heard that my country Nepal is poor 😥😥 Yes of course Nepal is poor cause our government want country to be poor ... There are many development projects which are held due to corruption .. they just wants foreign aid and remittance to full fill their stomach .. actually our country is not poor but totally unmanaged ... If we could change way people think and if we could manage everything then we can escape poverty soon....😊😀😉

  • Batman 2018
    Batman 2018 Month ago

    I live in Bangladesh 😳

  • Frozo 1290
    Frozo 1290 Month ago

    Argentina is bordered with bolivia

  • 246bro
    246bro Month ago

    Bolivia also borders Argentina

  • Sam Pettersson
    Sam Pettersson Month ago

    $1 a day? jeez, if i didn't have a pre-payed yearly bus card it'd cost me 6 times that just to get to and from school.

  • Marcel Kruger
    Marcel Kruger Month ago

    100 years of belgium is enough to explain the Congo? Wonder how the US got to be so succesful in comparision less than a hundred years in.

  • Anthony Mourani
    Anthony Mourani Month ago

    Glad to be in the #4 Richest country in the world : United Kingdom󾓪 and glad to be British as well

  • Michael upside down TNT omg Twiggs

    U forget Australia

  • Boubou Nouna
    Boubou Nouna 2 months ago

    I'm very sure that Chad is the poorest country in the world, Because we Chadians emigrate to these poor African countries you mentioned for work opportunities and better lives.

  • Nahush Kulkarni
    Nahush Kulkarni 2 months ago +1

    India is rich. Indians are poor.

  • frederick shayo
    frederick shayo 2 months ago

    they are the poorest countries by WB and IMF standards. Monetization of African economies is still low. most of Africans don't need money to survive. the Masai- nomadic society in Tanzania value their cattle than money. their nomadic lifestyle doesn't require them to build fancy houses in urban. they enjoy shifting from one place to another for greener pastures. Of course, their is plenty of land in Africa, who cares being called poor because i earn less $, while I own several hacters of land and hundreds of cattle. what matters is happiness........Africans don't need $ to enjoy the living..........

  • Harish Bisht
    Harish Bisht 2 months ago +2

    Venezuela also poor country

  • Police Officer Fan Club

    Funny illustration for the Afghanis. Why do they have a non turban wearing, white male baby with brown hair? That is not realistic in the least...

  • Gicoland
    Gicoland 2 months ago +2

    My brother complaining about Serbia how it is a poor country, i am saying him he is stupid so I searched this video to prov him wrong

  • Saumya Maskey
    Saumya Maskey 2 months ago

    Welp, I guess Nepal is slowly dying-
    (Nepali-India who lives in UAE wassup)

  • Anish Kispotta
    Anish Kispotta 2 months ago


  • Pie Pie
    Pie Pie 2 months ago

    Boliva also borders argentina

  • Ando Varghese
    Ando Varghese 2 months ago +1

    Where is Pakistan the whole economy of pakistan is running bcoz of China debt

  • man witplan
    man witplan 2 months ago +1

    What about malawi?
    It's in Africa and only two cities in it have good paying jobs and the rest is rural and if you search poorest countries in the world on the internet it will (probably)have malawi at the bottom

  • jack septiceye
    jack septiceye 2 months ago

    I'm in a poor country
    South Africa

    PAPER FRIENDS 2 months ago

    Background music please

  • Smoking Ganja is Like Heaven


  • Losr DaFL
    Losr DaFL 2 months ago

    Am i considerd a country?

  • winglessang31
    winglessang31 2 months ago

    No North Korea?

  • 煙ZAINX
    煙ZAINX 2 months ago

    are black people fatter than white people in america pleas do that

  • 煙ZAINX
    煙ZAINX 2 months ago

    i live like 2.50 i dont know 4 sure tho but we got food but i dont eat everything xd

  • SSBVegitOGamer ss4
    SSBVegitOGamer ss4 2 months ago

    afghanistan is not poor, but corrupted like syria

  • Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey 2 months ago +2

    Where is Pakistan???🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🤔

  • The Ducky Legends
    The Ducky Legends 2 months ago

    greetings from Bolivia ps we are not poor don't underestimate south America

  • Darian Minea
    Darian Minea 2 months ago

    Listen to me. Freaking idiot don't say to us brother "Moldova". Im Romanian! And we aren't poor!

    • Bery
      Bery Month ago

      Go and learn English. And btw, Moldova still is the poorest country in Europe

  • TodellisuudenKumoaja
    TodellisuudenKumoaja 2 months ago

    And here's me, drinking oat drinks and eating peanuts in Finland, complaining about how expensive zucchinis are at my local grocery store.

  • Gladden Empire
    Gladden Empire 2 months ago

    Syria is also poor.;( so I ran away to saudi

  • Lizzet Hernandez-Cortinas

    Ohh white people... why you gotta ruin everything...

  • Riddhi and Ryan too
    Riddhi and Ryan too 2 months ago

    Some videos say Bangladesh is poor. Yes, many are poor but we are rich in inside! Thank god this video doesn't say Bangladesh is poor. Proud to be a Bangladeshi

  • Thom4s The polish aka proud slav

    Ukraine ? XD