Which Are the Poorest Countries in the World?


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  • Sam Pettersson
    Sam Pettersson Day ago

    $1 a day? jeez, if i didn't have a pre-payed yearly bus card it'd cost me 6 times that just to get to and from school.

  • Marcel Kruger
    Marcel Kruger 2 days ago

    100 years of belgium is enough to explain the Congo? Wonder how the US got to be so succesful in comparision less than a hundred years in.

  • Glitch Fix
    Glitch Fix 4 days ago

    Glad to be in the #4 Richest country in the world : United Kingdom󾓪 and glad to be British as well

  • Michael upside down TNT omg Twiggs

    U forget Australia

  • Boubou Nouna
    Boubou Nouna 5 days ago

    I'm very sure that Chad is the poorest country in the world, Because we Chadians emigrate to these poor African countries you mentioned for work opportunities and better lives.

  • Nahush Kulkarni
    Nahush Kulkarni 7 days ago

    India is rich. Indians are poor.

  • frederick shayo
    frederick shayo 8 days ago

    they are the poorest countries by WB and IMF standards. Monetization of African economies is still low. most of Africans don't need money to survive. the Masai- nomadic society in Tanzania value their cattle than money. their nomadic lifestyle doesn't require them to build fancy houses in urban. they enjoy shifting from one place to another for greener pastures. Of course, their is plenty of land in Africa, who cares being called poor because i earn less $, while I own several hacters of land and hundreds of cattle. what matters is happiness........Africans don't need $ to enjoy the living..........

  • Harish Bisht
    Harish Bisht 12 days ago

    Venezuela also poor country

  • Police Officer Fan Club

    Funny illustration for the Afghanis. Why do they have a non turban wearing, white male baby with brown hair? That is not realistic in the least...

  • Gicoland
    Gicoland 13 days ago +1

    My brother complaining about Serbia how it is a poor country, i am saying him he is stupid so I searched this video to prov him wrong

  • Saumya Maskey
    Saumya Maskey 14 days ago

    Welp, I guess Nepal is slowly dying-
    (Nepali-India who lives in UAE wassup)

  • Anish Kispotta
    Anish Kispotta 15 days ago


  • Pie Pie
    Pie Pie 16 days ago

    Boliva also borders argentina

  • Ando Varghese
    Ando Varghese 19 days ago

    Where is Pakistan the whole economy of pakistan is running bcoz of China debt

  • man witplan
    man witplan 20 days ago +1

    What about malawi?
    It's in Africa and only two cities in it have good paying jobs and the rest is rural and if you search poorest countries in the world on the internet it will (probably)have malawi at the bottom

  • jack septiceye
    jack septiceye 20 days ago

    I'm in a poor country
    South Africa

    PAPER FRIENDS 21 day ago

    Background music please

  • Smoking Ganja is Like Heaven


  • Losr DaFL
    Losr DaFL 24 days ago

    Am i considerd a country?

  • winglessang31
    winglessang31 25 days ago

    No North Korea?

  • 煙ZAINX
    煙ZAINX 25 days ago

    are black people fatter than white people in america pleas do that

  • 煙ZAINX
    煙ZAINX 25 days ago

    i live like 2.50 i dont know 4 sure tho but we got food but i dont eat everything xd

  • SSBVegitOGamer ss4
    SSBVegitOGamer ss4 25 days ago

    afghanistan is not poor, but corrupted like syria

  • kriti gacha studio
    kriti gacha studio 26 days ago

    I am from india

  • Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey 26 days ago +1

    Where is Pakistan???🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🤔

  • The Ducky Legends
    The Ducky Legends 26 days ago

    greetings from Bolivia ps we are not poor don't underestimate south America

  • Darian Minea
    Darian Minea 26 days ago

    Listen to me. Freaking idiot don't say to us brother "Moldova". Im Romanian! And we aren't poor!

  • TodellisuudenKumoaja
    TodellisuudenKumoaja 27 days ago

    And here's me, drinking oat drinks and eating peanuts in Finland, complaining about how expensive zucchinis are at my local grocery store.

  • Gladden Empire
    Gladden Empire 27 days ago

    Syria is also poor.;( so I ran away to saudi

  • Lizzet Hernandez-Cortinas

    Ohh white people... why you gotta ruin everything...

  • Riddhi and Ryan too
    Riddhi and Ryan too 28 days ago

    Some videos say Bangladesh is poor. Yes, many are poor but we are rich in inside! Thank god this video doesn't say Bangladesh is poor. Proud to be a Bangladeshi

  • Jack The onion
    Jack The onion 28 days ago

    Ukraine ? XD

  • haet1422
    haet1422 28 days ago

    I went to Finland after I graduated with some colleges friends and at the bar a racist homeless I think called me and my other colored friend Michael the n word

  • Kevin _
    Kevin _ 29 days ago

    America!!!! 🇺🇸

  • master chief
    master chief 29 days ago +2

    I am from India and we r the most powerful country in the world proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Harish Bisht
      Harish Bisht 12 days ago

      +just shubham angrezo ki gand chat tu india is region me powerful hai defense से लेकर diplomat तक yaha tak ki चाइना भी अब hamse ladna nhi chata

    • master chief
      master chief 25 days ago +1

      just shubham I am northeastern bro

    • just shubham
      just shubham 25 days ago +3

      Sorry for dumbs like this exist in my country

    • just shubham
      just shubham 25 days ago +2

      Chutiya h kya lodu

  • the boy 67
    the boy 67 29 days ago

    Im from California really hot paradise lovely day in California its kinda rich

  • el_Principe
    el_Principe 29 days ago

    Oh don't mind me, just a Haitian passing through...

    PLASSAINS Month ago

    Why is not Bangladesh in this list?

  • De Sanc
    De Sanc Month ago

    Two word. African countries

  • Један Чика

    Kosovo je Srbija

  • Abdullahi Muhidin
    Abdullahi Muhidin Month ago

    So thank god somalia is not the poorest nations in the world

  • Taquu XD
    Taquu XD Month ago

    I think in Bolivia its just because in rural areas only native americans live and they are continuing their way of life without modern technologies, toilets or tap water!

  • Conrad Mkjkjjj Brunell


  • Tukan
    Tukan Month ago

    excuse me but when you did said somalia is poor you included socotra which is part of yemen? 4:55

  • Dhruvadit Singh
    Dhruvadit Singh Month ago

    You miseed Pakistan it is not a rich cooooooooooooountry!

  • Luis Lazarte
    Luis Lazarte Month ago +1

    I live in Bolivia and our president says that we are the Switzerland of South America. He's kinda blind, don't you think. What we gonna do.

    • Nina Carla
      Nina Carla 11 days ago

      I live in Croatia, and our prime minister said that we are doing better than African countries 😧

  • Andrieşu_Xred
    Andrieşu_Xred Month ago

    I am from moldova and we are doing good i am surprised we are the poorest in europe

  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ Month ago

    I T H O U G H T M A D A G A S C A R W A S R I C H

  • Golden zone
    Golden zone Month ago

    Get your geography right!

  • Golden zone
    Golden zone Month ago

    What... cambodia and Africa are poor get it. Don’t you know about cambodia? Go back to school. You need to learn about cambodia just say Africa and cambodia go back to school get it right!!!

  • R. G
    R. G Month ago +30

    I am from Afghanistan and I live a perfect life in Canada.God gave me a chance to live well and I am grateful for my life and god.

    • R. G
      R. G 22 hours ago

      +Dollar no I'm not but some people are in Afganistan

    • HeyDarkyy
      HeyDarkyy 9 days ago

      Andrew Glasier really.

    • dragonslayer 1000
      dragonslayer 1000 10 days ago

      You should be grateful to canada and its people.
      Yes god is also grateful.

    • Dollar
      Dollar 24 days ago

      safi Ghazniwal Wait, Afghanistan is Not Christian, are You Christian?

    • Andrew Glasier
      Andrew Glasier 27 days ago +1


  • Jade Rosal
    Jade Rosal Month ago

    Me: **sees this video and realizes it's 1 month old**
    Also me: **Still comments***
    Btw, Philippines is poor...in terms of money? Yes. In terms of natural resources, nature and stuff? No (but it's slowly decreasing so...).

  • deedee krab
    deedee krab Month ago

    Thailand is middle ,
    Not poor and Not rich.

  • Oscar Santos
    Oscar Santos Month ago

    There is sad reasons why Africans are poor...
    First of all, they didn’t want to evolve to a better nation.
    Second, they never tried to enjoy the many rich resources they had in their territory.
    If they tried to make something, they would be one of the largest Superpowers in the World, and with their spiritualism, they could end up just like Mongolia.
    Today Africa is really dependent of the other countries that evolved.

    THERUSSIAN1268 Month ago

    My old school donated money to make a better school in Haiti.

  • KKKChoi叔
    KKKChoi叔 Month ago

    Where's China

  • Lilia Carriquiry
    Lilia Carriquiry Month ago

    Is my social life a country?

  • Tyler Morton
    Tyler Morton Month ago

    ya no way bolivia is worse off than venezuela

  • Mariano the Lin Kuei Assassin

    you forgot ocenia

  • william marques
    william marques Month ago

    3:09... It also borders argentina!

  • Amelia Jones
    Amelia Jones Month ago

    Hold up, didn’t the US demand money from Haiti??

  • Siopao The Baby
    Siopao The Baby Month ago


  • Detox
    Detox Month ago

    I knew that my country Haiti was going to be on the list.

  • contermann2
    contermann2 Month ago

    Crimea IS part of Ukraine!

  • vakiorvia kwalislovich

    Poorest country in world is pakistan

  • trời nguyễn 1
    trời nguyễn 1 Month ago

    VietNam is poorest

  • Pyro !
    Pyro ! Month ago

    Apparently Argentina does not border Bolivia

  • Darcus DMO
    Darcus DMO Month ago

    Still thank god for everything we got, better then nothing because like we all know, people has no money, but other people has no body parts, other people has little time left in this life, other people are in jail, other people killing each other for nothing, and so on life will never be 100% good, life is bad 70%, 30% good or maybe less. And it will continue to be bad, why? for selfish desires, 80% of the population, are selfish or even more. Trying to have everything for them selves, instead of giving the same thing they got to others, like every kid deserve to get a game of his wish, and every man deserve to get job off his wish, but in our world, some kids get everything they want and still they want more, but some kids they didnt get a sht and they ask for a little thing and they dont even get it, and some kids who doesnt get anything and they never tried to ask, because they are afraid of the people they are with, for me i am a kid who had nothing, but got something , and im upgrading this thing to make is something awesome, but in my life time i cried for people for nothing, just watching them make me cry, i lived 14 years in syria, 3 years in germany, now i am 17 years old. I feel like i saw everything, but still i think i saw nothing, i saw death, i saw poor, i saw selfish people, i saw rich people, i saw war, i saw REAL FPS GAME GOING ON, i saw people that try to eat from trash, saw people getting money by containing some of the trash, but until now u see that not all of the people GIVE UP.
    But, watching them is painful enough to feel their pain and how the feel, because i was one of them. But after all i have watched for me, the problem is not only the bad thing but also somethings that are bad, people think its good, like look at the school's, some are failure's some are meant to be good, some are the greatest future, but for me i saw that all school's are failure's why ? as long as there is crime, there is criminal, there is something called PROBLEM, nothing is right, nothing is good, nothing is great, all will end up to failure, until people find a solution they dont say" But we have problem here" as long as this word exist in this world, nothing will be right. School help us to get jobs, but they make us waste too much time, they force us to be in school from morning while you are so sleepy, they force us to put information you dont even give a shit about, they force us to waste 20+ years, for 1 job u want and maybe you wont even get that job, like you have to study Geography, while you want to be doctor ? WHY ?
    Too many kids has the same questions, and still the people dont answer it and they send you to school BLINDLY, of your future, and thats will end up as we all see right now, FAILURE COMPLETE FAILURE, but people still think it's the right way. Well go fk the world with your stupid idea's, and then think why there is failure, instead of ask people what they want and get the greatest things from them. Better then force them to do something they dont want just for your selfish desires, and act like u do that for their healthy. In the end nothing will happen the failure will remain's forever, brain will be stay washed, kids will waste their life, old men+women they will know how useless they are in this world, men will see how the school he went through didnt give him a shit, except waste of time. And yeah, welcome to earth, the world of FAILURE!.

  • Amazon Creature Thing

    3:10 is where a mistake is made

  • Aryan Mittal
    Aryan Mittal Month ago

    Why pakistan is not in list?

  • Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald

    The entire African continent is a gigantic shithole with people who never will reach peace and wealth, nobody should ever support them financially again since the money would be transferred to Swiss banks anyway because everyone is corrupt there.

  • nikola M
    nikola M Month ago

    Bolivia?!? What is with Venezuela?

  • JAMAL Leo
    JAMAL Leo Month ago

    It an amazing

  • JAMAL Leo
    JAMAL Leo Month ago

    I'm from somila

  • Recicle TIME354294
    Recicle TIME354294 Month ago +1

    Did u know lesotho has no money all the population is poor people steal stuff and alot more(Edit:its pronounced lesuthu)

  • Nabin Kc
    Nabin Kc Month ago

    Nepalese are not that poor.. they don't have god earning money but clearly they don't have problem for food and shelter . Thanks to agriculture..

  • YWK Yap
    YWK Yap Month ago

    I am Cantonese

  • Awesome movies. A
    Awesome movies. A Month ago +4

    Big mistake is Pakistan is very very poor.... i m visited this..

  • Maja Szewczak
    Maja Szewczak Month ago

    I hate looking at house that look like ruins! They are so creepy and I was so scared of them in my childhood, that my parents had to take me on the other side of the road because, of me being scared of ruins!

  • Samu Lotsari
    Samu Lotsari Month ago

    Thank god I’m from Finland.

  • Monkey On The Car Monkey On The Car F*uck Off

    Philkpines😎 is not in the list woah!

  • Santiago Mendez
    Santiago Mendez Month ago

    The poorest country in latin america is actually Venezuela and its not even close

  • Katy Gomez
    Katy Gomez Month ago

    Yeah what about Venezuela???? And Philippines?

  • Mayank Upadhyay
    Mayank Upadhyay Month ago +1

    Overpopulation!=Resources on planet

  • Krychuu
    Krychuu Month ago

    Where's Poland?

  • rmbng
    rmbng Month ago

    God's plan

  • AA —
    AA — Month ago


  • Willian Borges da Silva

    What about anywhere in England that isn’t in London?

  • Emmanuel DC
    Emmanuel DC Month ago

    Three important facts about The United States:
    1.- The Naturalization Act of 1790 limited citizenship to white Europeans.
    2.- When The United States became a first world country, it was about 90% European.
    3.- Even in 1960 white Europeans represented 85% of the total population.

  • Ben Tosh
    Ben Tosh Month ago

    Parents are from a rich part of the DR Congo. Always rich places in the poorest countries.

  • Светлана Жильцова

    Где Россия?

  • Maxim Karapetov
    Maxim Karapetov Month ago

    What about Oceania?

  • Nintendo Gaming
    Nintendo Gaming Month ago

    You didn't discuss Oceanian nations ( The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea score a HDI of under 0.550)

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez Month ago

    You forgot Guatemala!!

  • Mayank Sharma
    Mayank Sharma Month ago

    Hey talking about poorest countries... where the hell is my India...I thought India is poorest country in whole world.

  • CriticismFairy
    CriticismFairy Month ago +1

    Ocean Man

  • some one
    some one Month ago

    I am a Pakistani and I thought my country is the poorest 😒

  • Murtaza Ghazanfar
    Murtaza Ghazanfar Month ago

    But there is so many peoples here that have problem with food and secure😢

  • Murtaza Ghazanfar
    Murtaza Ghazanfar Month ago

    But we arr rich here

  • Murtaza Ghazanfar
    Murtaza Ghazanfar Month ago

    I am literally watching this videos from afghanistan