7 Amazing Toys That Are Too Dangerous for Kids • Out of the Box #1

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • For our first episode of "Out of the Box", we found toys that aren't meant for kids!
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Comments • 1 985

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +452

    Are there any toys you think kids shouldn't be allowed to play with?

  • JJ’S Channel
    JJ’S Channel 7 minutes ago

    Yo come at me bro

  • Jessica Snow
    Jessica Snow 38 minutes ago

    Vat19 do a video about mixing all the sweets you can then eat them and try to do like 10 rounds of it ok thanks sssssooooooo much bye

  • epic furious
    epic furious 44 minutes ago

    Bruh the furby *come at me bro come at me BROO*

  • Ariana Lovely
    Ariana Lovely Hour ago

    Eddie ??
    George: you will float two

  • Dawid Sobolewski
    Dawid Sobolewski 2 hours ago

    Why do you sound like jacksepticeye in the rocket science scene

  • Russetkit of Moonclan
    Russetkit of Moonclan 4 hours ago

    kids use the pocket shooter with the bb pellets at my secondary school and kids have been hit in the face :'(

  • Crappy lego
    Crappy lego 4 hours ago

    uh oh stinky

  • Sienna Suncloud
    Sienna Suncloud 5 hours ago

    My brother had a pyro wallet...

  • LaZ Ms76
    LaZ Ms76 9 hours ago

    5:06 sounds like jacksepticeye

  • Mystery Micro Gamer
    Mystery Micro Gamer 10 hours ago

    Stuff to dangerous for kids
    P͟u͟l͟l͟s͟ o͟u͟t͟ f͟i͟r͟e͟ s͟h͟o͟o͟t͟e͟r͟

  • Christopher Keillor
    Christopher Keillor 11 hours ago

    I had one of those shock ball things it didn't hurt at all I gave it to some kids to play with they giggled when Zapped them

  • whatswierd? ____
    whatswierd? ____ 12 hours ago

    Are they safe enough for 10 year olds tho? :p

  • Ciobanu Calin
    Ciobanu Calin 13 hours ago +1


  • Dompan
    Dompan 14 hours ago

    3:58 i legit thought a ad had started when i herd that music... its the music thats used in a very long and anoying ad

  • MAFfin Gamerplayz
    MAFfin Gamerplayz 15 hours ago


  • Matthew Dy
    Matthew Dy 16 hours ago

    and what kind of laugh is that

  • Matthew Dy
    Matthew Dy 16 hours ago

    it sound like a creepy girl laughing

  • Matthew Dy
    Matthew Dy 16 hours ago

    in 1:17 that laugh is so weird

  • Marshmellowqueen Sad
    Marshmellowqueen Sad 20 hours ago

    Im a kid...

  • Ava Dalecky
    Ava Dalecky 20 hours ago

    whelp I'm going to get everything they had just shown

  • Die Potato
    Die Potato 21 hour ago

    If you play lawn darts I recommend trying to dull the ends to a round point so you don’t puncture each other

  • Tyler Blanket7
    Tyler Blanket7 22 hours ago


  • Mikey Way on Couch
    Mikey Way on Couch 23 hours ago

    5:06 Why does he sound so much like jacksepticeye?

  • Jasper Mason
    Jasper Mason Day ago

    Oh yes very high

  • CrazyGamer
    CrazyGamer Day ago

    the chock ball would be great for my big brother he loves being shoked and loves pain

  • Chloe Spring
    Chloe Spring Day ago

    I have one of the cones and I am 8

  • jesse Perry
    jesse Perry Day ago

    I am geting the pyro for Christmas

  • diamondbluejth 15

    Guy with glasses sounds like the new Joker

  • Ieuan Jenkins
    Ieuan Jenkins Day ago +3

    Is anything to dangerous for adults?
    Anyone agree

  • isabelle huang
    isabelle huang Day ago

    She liiiiiked it her kids will loooove it. Screw hellmans

  • TheRogueEight
    TheRogueEight Day ago

    So you made this video to advertise toys that are dangerous for kids when most of your fanbase is kids? Hypocrites.

  • McLaren 720s
    McLaren 720s Day ago +1

    Dont try this at home
    I will try at my house

  • The ultimate Footballer & gamer


    I'm bored

  • Viper Stalker
    Viper Stalker Day ago

    The bottle launcher should not be buyable ever again, it's poluating...

  • Revano Atmantha
    Revano Atmantha Day ago +1


  • Amayez
    Amayez Day ago +1

    _Gifts too dangerous for kids._
    *Pulls out Tsar Bomba*

  • Ryse Wari
    Ryse Wari Day ago

    How dare you kill da fish tank

  • kevin Alejos
    kevin Alejos Day ago

    im using that walet

  • Tom Dipaolo
    Tom Dipaolo Day ago

    You guys should have put kinder eggs in on of the boxes

  • Katie Lew
    Katie Lew Day ago +1

    Me with the little kid brain I have goes onto amazon and buys all the toys in this video. “Happy?” >:3

  • Lone Lyberth
    Lone Lyberth Day ago

    My grandpa have give that toy before🤣😂

  • Omer Erdem
    Omer Erdem 2 days ago

    Makes a molotov lol

  • BerryBrine
    BerryBrine 2 days ago

    That slow motion music made me think of zombie go boom😂

  • Jade Brincat
    Jade Brincat 2 days ago

    Why was there a rendom ferby add

  • Darchii XD
    Darchii XD 2 days ago +1

    They forgot fidget spinners

  • Arianna Becker
    Arianna Becker 2 days ago

    I hate shocks

  • Matt Gamer
    Matt Gamer 2 days ago

    Oh but i have toy gun for real the bullets is metal balls

  • Oldfixer 8345
    Oldfixer 8345 2 days ago

    Also wouldn’t buy my kid a $500 pogo stick

  • Joey Schneider
    Joey Schneider 2 days ago

    hey that guy named joey that is me nickname

  • Cøøkîė !
    Cøøkîė ! 2 days ago +50

    “Do Not Try This At Home”
    **Goes To Friends Studio**

  • Izhaan Muhammad Ghaznavi


  • Lydia Plante
    Lydia Plante 2 days ago

    I have always wanted a pyro fireshooter

  • Emanuel Martinez
    Emanuel Martinez 2 days ago

    At my school we did this in 4th grade

  • Eli You don’t need to know

    Blond dude looks like captain America

  • blastoise the turtle

    That's not a shock ball it's actually a blue tooth speaker

  • •Cutie Pup•
    •Cutie Pup• 2 days ago

    4:05 my relative works at rustolium

  • Viridian Gacha
    Viridian Gacha 2 days ago


  • My singing Xiibus HALLOWEEN!

    4:02 I feel bad for the fish

  • Coday Soph
    Coday Soph 3 days ago

    Mario: oh let’s go!
    Cop: nope your coming with me.