Rebecca Black: She Is Back And Has a MESSAGE To The HATERS - 'Bye, Bye, Bye'! | S2E1 | The Four

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • #Full Segment | The Four | Season 2 | Episode 1
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Comments • 12 617

  • ScotlandSlag
    ScotlandSlag 26 minutes ago

    Just wish she wasn't using Autotune, I want to hear her raw voice, especially with a heartfelt anthem version of this song. It's slight, but still there. This has nothing to do with her as a person, she's awesome, just wish the performance didn't have auto tune.

  • judethedude96
    judethedude96 Hour ago +1

    Lip sync

  • Kendese Emmanuel
    Kendese Emmanuel Hour ago

    sounds better than friday

  • LaroTayoGaming
    LaroTayoGaming 4 hours ago

    *When puberty fucking hits you...*

  • Emerald Smith
    Emerald Smith 6 hours ago

    Yeah shut all those haters up!

  • Express Art
    Express Art 6 hours ago


  • Alfred Stein
    Alfred Stein 8 hours ago

    Ok so I’m British and have never seen this show before is DJ khalid just here for the memes like what’s going on there

  • Messi #Goat Milan
    Messi #Goat Milan 9 hours ago

    I think she had a fine preformance but her was not that great.

  • Karen Carney
    Karen Carney 10 hours ago

    To everyone.. If u have even a tiny bit of talent..& u take vocal lessons consistently, you can sing professionally and amazingly

  • Karen Carney
    Karen Carney 10 hours ago +1

    This show is so fkin aggressive, i HATE THE AGGRESSIVE, CONDESCENDING SHOW..EVERYONE IS TALENTED, nobody should be subjected to this verbal abuse over such talented artists

  • Moisés
    Moisés 11 hours ago


  • Celina XOXO
    Celina XOXO 13 hours ago

    DIDY thinking about how he gon confess to pac murder

  • Jeetu Goraya
    Jeetu Goraya 19 hours ago

    i love u rebecca

  • Nuha Islam
    Nuha Islam 23 hours ago


  • Queen 벌
    Queen 벌 23 hours ago

    I require a studio recorded version of this song. Friday was garbage but she's improved so so so much! Can diddy stfu and stop acting like a hardass? Like that was fucking good.

  • Melanie Ramirez
    Melanie Ramirez Day ago

    Ugh I don’t like her 😒

  • Jakob Westerlund

    I definitely left a few of those comments😂😂 not ashamed

  • KALIA & ISAAC’s Life

    She has a good voice

  • MandalaWorld
    MandalaWorld Day ago

    HOW DARE PEOPLE HATE HER CUZ OF HER FIRST SONG!?, its ridicilous , she sings beautiful and she deserve to be famous with her Singing. I just wanna give her a 'support-hug'🐻🐻🐻😊😊😊

  • Victoria Rivera
    Victoria Rivera Day ago

    Don't worry im 13 i stll get bullied

  • Victoria Rivera
    Victoria Rivera Day ago


  • Victoria Rivera
    Victoria Rivera Day ago

    Don't im 13 i stll get bullied

  • christopher1557
    christopher1557 Day ago

    I remember when all of the cyber bullying on her was going on. I kinda cringed just a bit at the song. But I Loved it, still do. Cause it was and is Super catchy and fun. And then I heard the We Can't Stop cover she did. It was Amazing! But she has always had a place in my Heart. And I am So Happy for her that she was able to prove Everyone wrong. She Never deserved any of that hate. But I know that this will bring in attention, the attention that will make her even more of an Icon! Can't Wait, Love Ya Rebecca😊

  • xgxm
    xgxm Day ago

    omg this is so sad. alexa play bye bye bye.

  • Madison Watts
    Madison Watts Day ago


  • Fiona Ly
    Fiona Ly Day ago

    I’m surprised it’s not called *Monday* 😂😂

    Sorry I feel bad for saying that

  • Hana HS
    Hana HS Day ago

    Friday was my childhood bop tf

  • Abel NInan
    Abel NInan 2 days ago

    wtf she can't even get a drink legally, she's young asl

  • Clyde Greenstreet
    Clyde Greenstreet 2 days ago +1

    1:14 😭

  • Roxie Beauty
    Roxie Beauty 2 days ago

    I wanna say I said one of the negative comments but it’s wasn’t mean like most of them I said this song is wayyy to catchy and I can’t get it out of my damn head thanks lmao so it wasn’t bad but Rebecca if I ever made you sad I’m so sorry.

  • Jolisha Knott
    Jolisha Knott 2 days ago

    But she lost tho

  • Mo Cravenock
    Mo Cravenock 2 days ago

    The Rebecca Black from Friday is going to be a meme forever but she's not bad at all now.

  • River
    River 2 days ago

    "is this NSYNC?"
    "Backstreet Boys"

  • Kurly Yan
    Kurly Yan 2 days ago

    Fuck anyone who judged her you mother fuckers are low lives she’s amazing bless her Yo Rebecca keep doing you girl you go girl we love you just remember that ok 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 PEOPLE NEED TO BE A HUMAN OK GOD DAMIT

  • aCe thE cReaToR
    aCe thE cReaToR 2 days ago

    ITs fRiDaY (it's actually Saturday)

  • Tyra Ray
    Tyra Ray 2 days ago

    rebecca your so great

  • Zy Zy Haha
    Zy Zy Haha 2 days ago

    She’s so pretty ❤️

  • Oxelone Media
    Oxelone Media 2 days ago

    Hi Rebecca. Am from India and today I just realized your song "friday" having 3 million dislikes and I don't know why people hate that beautiful song. The reason why am telling this here is because that song was a part of my routine back in 2012 coz I were at hostel that time and I were only having few video songs in my laptop and one was yours. I probably would have heard that song a 1000 times and I really loved it. You are so talented and keep it high. Love you and god bless.

  • Eva Anderson
    Eva Anderson 3 days ago

    Omg I’m so sorry for hating on it I didn’t realise you were only 13 but you do belong in the huge music industry cos if u san sing That I’m so sorry for my words on that song I take them back

  • Louie A
    Louie A 3 days ago

    God dam she looks good

  • Brianna Abalos
    Brianna Abalos 3 days ago

    Your a fantastic singer

  • we stan a queen
    we stan a queen 3 days ago


  • iiamnancy._ Nancy._
    iiamnancy._ Nancy._ 3 days ago +1

    Watching this on Friday 😂love her❤️

  • لReza Rezaeim
    لReza Rezaeim 3 days ago

    Your is. Fide sixi mi pink

  • Krypton 114
    Krypton 114 3 days ago

    I actually liked friday....... ummmmm

  • Regina Antoinette
    Regina Antoinette 3 days ago

    Yo she sounds sooo good now. No hate

  • Peeko CheeKO
    Peeko CheeKO 3 days ago

    that song gave me an ear infection.

  • Jean Chanya S.
    Jean Chanya S. 3 days ago +1

    This has nothing to do with the performance, but when I see fergie I think of the national anthem fail lol

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 3 days ago

    Ha, GAY! She looks great.

  • Harley Liam
    Harley Liam 3 days ago

    I liked her since starting 😍💃

  • HeatG GT
    HeatG GT 3 days ago

    man she gotta do a cover of that bye3 song its lit

  • black2blue _senpai
    black2blue _senpai 3 days ago

    GO REBECCA!! 🙌🙌

  • Shaun Palmer
    Shaun Palmer 4 days ago

    Damn she got a lot better since I was in high school lol epic

  • jonas
    jonas 4 days ago

    friday was ALWAYS A BOP wbk sis 💅💅

  • Aki Kita
    Aki Kita 4 days ago

    I used to sing her song everyday after school and I loved it, all her haters now fallin on they ass 😂😂

  • Vania Kimm
    Vania Kimm 4 days ago

    Wrong choice of song

  • Oh its Mike
    Oh its Mike 4 days ago

    I love how Dj Khaled found a way to fit in 2 of his memes in 20 seconds.
    Also god damn she learned how to sing. Insane. Good job!

  • Arianna Reyes
    Arianna Reyes 4 days ago

    First of all friday was a bop and bitch if you sent her death threats your a dumbass

  • OOF
    OOF 4 days ago +2

    I feel kind of bad for her because I remember making fun of her when I was like 9

  • Bianca Del Read-A-Hoe
    Bianca Del Read-A-Hoe 4 days ago +1

    shes been through hell and back but im glad katy perry chose her to be in TGIF and go on tour with her. some great things did eventually come out of it despite the haters.

  • Joseph Shaffer
    Joseph Shaffer 4 days ago

    Damn 10 years later and she still sucks

  • Elijah Angel
    Elijah Angel 4 days ago

    Her voice is beautiful

  • Ariff 88
    Ariff 88 4 days ago

    this is so sad...ALEXA!!!

  • Lucasgamer -roblox
    Lucasgamer -roblox 4 days ago


  • Rhianna Hawke
    Rhianna Hawke 4 days ago

    how can 2.9k people hate this. she is amazing. and deserves more likes.

  • RodWebs
    RodWebs 5 days ago

    Hey friday was bad and her singing was bad back then but she sounds good now

  • RodWebs
    RodWebs 5 days ago

    This is so sad Alexa play Friday

  • Rowan Quinn
    Rowan Quinn 5 days ago

    She should of sang one of her songs... Foolish is an amazing track.. I'm bump it all the time.

  • Preslee Taylor
    Preslee Taylor 5 days ago

    I love this song

  • Nany93 Mes
    Nany93 Mes 5 days ago

    stay strong you have a strong voice

  • Saleh Sami
    Saleh Sami 5 days ago


  • random crazes
    random crazes 5 days ago

    Thanos has 1000 health.
    1 like = 1 health
    Can we kill him?

  • random crazes
    random crazes 5 days ago

    She should of sang friday

  • Mike G
    Mike G 5 days ago

    She should have sang this song for her battle against James and she might have had a chance of beating him

  • Veronica Hryshkevich

    It's Friday guys

  • HeihachiChaolan
    HeihachiChaolan 5 days ago

    Khaled still a fuckin clown lmao

  • Jamie Arrowood
    Jamie Arrowood 5 days ago

    Rebecca Black deserves to be there more than fergie

  • Rosewend Productions

    Yes girl! get it!!

  • Melissa Tofaeono
    Melissa Tofaeono 6 days ago

    Meghan fangirling and P-Diddy and DJ Khalid are like so confused of who she is like omg, should we know who she is?

  • Tobias lyfe
    Tobias lyfe 6 days ago

    I'm over here dying in the comment section but the shit they say is fucked up

  • Clyde Greenstreet
    Clyde Greenstreet 6 days ago +1

    Don't give up Rebecca u matter and so does your voice

  • connor
    connor 6 days ago


  • vict oria
    vict oria 6 days ago

    What a change from Friday!!!

  • Taylor Brigance
    Taylor Brigance 6 days ago +6

    Diddy is like Kanye West’s Twitter irl

  • Dipanker Chatterjee
    Dipanker Chatterjee 6 days ago

    rebecca black sang friday in a horrendously pathetic way and the backlash was justified! Why are they having this show??What are they judging here?? She should have learnt singing like this time and have sung then ..People love ,praise and respect singers who can sing..Life is just..not fair!

  • Sharee Esper
    Sharee Esper 6 days ago +1

    I want her to record this as a full song!

  • Kat ie
    Kat ie 6 days ago +5

    What’s better Friday or it’s everyday bro
    Tough decision 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Xavier Freis
      Xavier Freis 2 days ago +1

      Yea the message was bad it was about 13 yr old kids partying lmao

    • Anish Chowdhury
      Anish Chowdhury 6 days ago +1

      Friday because the message of Friday was not bad unlike It's Everyday Bro

  • Marco Longoria
    Marco Longoria 6 days ago

    Jeez fergie looks crazy

  • Marco Longoria
    Marco Longoria 6 days ago

    Bye bye bye is she finally going to off herself

  • Miyuki Lalramchuani
    Miyuki Lalramchuani 6 days ago


  • Erisa D
    Erisa D 6 days ago

    Haters... look whos the good singer nowwwww!!!!

  • May Ball
    May Ball 6 days ago


  • Dana Iti
    Dana Iti 6 days ago

    I love this performance

  • 최승현
    최승현 6 days ago +8

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I hear some autotune in this song. If she wanted that bad to prove people that she can sing, then why compensate her vocal? maybe it's not thoght as cheating in america..? i don't know...(sorry for my bad english. im a foreigner)

    • Diaya Kaya Be
      Diaya Kaya Be 2 days ago

      There were some auto-tune. it's done by the four. but without it i don't think the performance wouldn't have changed. It's not her fault.

    • SunShd
      SunShd 4 days ago +1

      I just came here following a video of a vocal singer complaining about that, they do that to every performance on those TV shows saddly

    • oceanx102
      oceanx102 4 days ago

      최승현 yes there is autotune

  • Ivan Toapanta
    Ivan Toapanta 7 days ago

    Megan Trainor is such an ugly human pig.

  • Amber Marez
    Amber Marez 7 days ago

    Starts at 3:17

  • Moon1ight Queen
    Moon1ight Queen 7 days ago

    I wish she could start singing for vevo again...

  • Tyrant Gregcag
    Tyrant Gregcag 7 days ago

    Holy cow! Even *I* was not expecting such a soft, majestic tone 😮! Way to go, Rebecca 😎👍🏻!!!

  • Julia Lotter
    Julia Lotter 7 days ago


  • Tom_AC11
    Tom_AC11 7 days ago