Did Chris Pratt Just Spoil Avengers 4?


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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +191

    What Marvel characters would you like to see debut in Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

  • m-n-ice
    m-n-ice 7 days ago

    The hell was ant-man?!?

  • Javier Nua
    Javier Nua 13 days ago

    tgotg vol. 3 ,spiderman 2, dr strange 2 is comingg

  • Shailesh Kumar
    Shailesh Kumar 14 days ago


  • Kathleen Straup
    Kathleen Straup 18 days ago

    same with spiderman

  • Kathleen Straup
    Kathleen Straup 18 days ago

    what if guardians 3 takes place before infinity war

  • Raging Gamer24
    Raging Gamer24 19 days ago

    What if vol. 3 or pre infinity war

    LIU YUCHEN LIU YUCHEN 20 days ago

    Me crying when Tom Holland said “I’m sorry” to Robert Downey Jr
    Tom needs to ne supervised by Ben haha

  • Blazraidr _blaze
    Blazraidr _blaze 20 days ago


  • Mira Lacido
    Mira Lacido 20 days ago

    I wish they will make another battle of Marvel and DC like if you agree😁

  • Man Boi
    Man Boi 20 days ago

    Please black panther Come BACK!!!!!!

  • phantom of fire gaming

    Thanos dies they use time stone to bring them all back boom

  • Blue Missile
    Blue Missile 20 days ago

    Valkyrie will replace Gamora and Korg will replace Drax

  • Soph
    Soph 20 days ago


  • marvin carrillo
    marvin carrillo 20 days ago

    Lmao they been showing the release dates of all the mcu movies next year look it up 2019

  • Noah Holke
    Noah Holke 20 days ago +2

    Aren't all of these sequels supposed to come before (chronologically) Infinity War? So Vol. 3, and Spiderman 2, Doctor Strangs 2, are to take place before Infinity War which is why they're alive. That's what I thought. IDK

  • SquidRager 2006
    SquidRager 2006 20 days ago

    There’s a black panther 2 coming out

  • Chuck TheGreatNoris
    Chuck TheGreatNoris 20 days ago

    You cant just have vol 1 and vol 2 you know you gonna have vol 3

  • Morris Buitendijk
    Morris Buitendijk 20 days ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3 was going to be before the events of infinity war, but i may be wrong

  • Gronnwolf
    Gronnwolf 20 days ago

    There is also supposedly a black panther sequel coming out

  • teen g
    teen g 21 day ago

    Now Spidey can RIP.... Resurrect in pieces

  • lego marvelproductions
    lego marvelproductions 21 day ago +1

    Did you just tell us?

  • Zakk Rom2273
    Zakk Rom2273 22 days ago

    What if GG3 and Spiderman 2 are prequels???

  • Farsya Naila Rahmadita
    Farsya Naila Rahmadita 22 days ago +1

    All I know is Guardian of the galaxy vol. 3, Spiderman homecoming sequel and Black Panther 2 will be on screen

  • Distractor Gaming
    Distractor Gaming 22 days ago


  • Awesomeness Over Your Face

    This vid made me feel much better!

  • Sam the vengeful rite
    Sam the vengeful rite 22 days ago

    It is also confirmed that the movies with the dead characters are taking place BEFORE infinity war..... civil war takes place 2 years before infinity war. and Guardians of the galaxy 1 is 4 years before.

  • Dude with a Lizard
    Dude with a Lizard 22 days ago

    Just give me a movie with Groot, Rocket, and Thor that would be AWSOME

  • Asifa Rehana
    Asifa Rehana 22 days ago

    I think captain marvel will resurrect them after beating thanos using the soul stone.

  • P Kb Narayanakurup
    P Kb Narayanakurup 22 days ago

    if gaurdians spidy doc strange and black panther will not return then iam totally shittin on marvel

  • P Kb Narayanakurup
    P Kb Narayanakurup 22 days ago

    if Guardians spidy doc strange and black panther won't return them an shittin on marvel cause I love them

  • B Gnarly
    B Gnarly 23 days ago

    To all idiots! Vol. 3 is before the distress call from the Asgardian refugee ship. Same as SM2. All before The Mad Titan comes to Earth.

  • Gracie Townsend
    Gracie Townsend 23 days ago

    Surely Guardans 3 could be a prequel to Avengers. Most of the Marvel confirmed films for the next couple of years could be.

  • Colten Hill
    Colten Hill 24 days ago

    Has no one else realized that since Spiderman died just going to be a new Spiderman it takes over for himAnd that one’s going to be the one don’t remember his name though but he has black skin and he’s gonna be the new Spiderman probably

  • Mia Allen
    Mia Allen 24 days ago

    wait but didn't they already confirm that volume 3 and spider-man 2 take place before the events of infinity war? because they said they would show the destruction of xandar (or may) in guardians 3 and that's before everything else in infinity war so idk guys, i think the key to everyone's life being saved lies in scott lang's hands, and him being able to use his powers to go back in time and warn ms. marvel.

  • Woodpecker
    Woodpecker 24 days ago

    What if homecomeing 2 takes place right after homecoming and before infinity war

  • CS_ kool-aid66
    CS_ kool-aid66 25 days ago +1

    What if the next Spiderman homecoming movie is before infinity war?

  • yhx
    yhx 25 days ago

    Lol you censored a middle finger

  • G BuGg
    G BuGg 26 days ago

    Buuuut what if GoTG 3 is a prequel to infinity war?

  • Jacob Walker
    Jacob Walker 26 days ago

    Well they can make prequels, it doesn’t necessarily confirm that they will be back, it’s a pretty good chance they will be though

  • April-lynn_recordings
    April-lynn_recordings 26 days ago

    Actually according to all my sources(aka the internet) spider man homecoming is before infinity war like not irl but it's a prequel to infinity war so ya

  • Kesler Potato
    Kesler Potato 26 days ago

    This was already confirmed boi.

  • RachelGames
    RachelGames 26 days ago

    Am I the only one who was felling nothing when Spider-man died?? Personally, I got sad when Doctor Strange died :(

  • LG23c
    LG23c 26 days ago

    No, you are reading too into it.

  • Jace Walker
    Jace Walker 27 days ago

    OK ACUTALLY IM SORRY but in the time of black panther and infinity war. black panther happend 2 years before infinity war so those new movies they are making (my guess) are gonna happen between those 2 times so its before infinity war. Like if u agree or had the same thought

  • bigstanky 757
    bigstanky 757 27 days ago

    What of the next Spiderman movie is Spiderman prom lolololol

    TACSFIBLEKEEP 749 27 days ago

    What about Drax, Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch?

  • xxXFire SkiterXxx
    xxXFire SkiterXxx 28 days ago

    I want Dr.Strange back in avengers

  • ***** *****
    ***** ***** 28 days ago

    lol what do people think the 2 year gap between civil war and infinity war are for?All these upcoming movies take place in that span of time.

  • Lauren Casey
    Lauren Casey 28 days ago

    You know that if you read infinty gauntlet wich is what it is based off that they all come back ecsepet gamora

  • Fist
    Fist 28 days ago +1

    They are not guaranteed to come back... just like Ant-Man & The Wasp, the plot might be happening BEFORE the events of Infinity Wars

  • TDCgames YT
    TDCgames YT 29 days ago

    The best way to think about half the universe dying, is that earth won't be witnessing overpopulation

  • Andrea Giammetti
    Andrea Giammetti 29 days ago

    well guardians could be before avengers in timeline

  • That Girl
    That Girl 29 days ago

    Could be a prequel?

  • Don't mind me I'm a Hamilton Fan

    And how about Loki?

  • Jace Baker
    Jace Baker Month ago

    Nah these movies will be shot in the gap between infinity war 1 and infinity war 2 and then released after infinity war

  • Kingamer 105
    Kingamer 105 Month ago

    You made a marvel video on Star Wars day

  • `M`
    `M` Month ago

    but vol 3 is happning before infinity war doesnt it ?

  • JJ Turner
    JJ Turner Month ago


    • JJ Turner
      JJ Turner Month ago

      Oh wait. I thought it meant that Mantis would die

  • Gabriel Rousseau
    Gabriel Rousseau Month ago

    I only care about black panther , Spider-Man and doctor strange

  • Owen Goddard
    Owen Goddard Month ago +1

    Yea but movies that come after other movies In the mcu can be placed before on the mcu timeline
    Example: captain America is first movie on timeline but iron man came out first
    So this means that all the guardians could be alive AS LONG AS it comes before avengers infinity war on the mcu timeline

  • eRa Sniping
    eRa Sniping Month ago

    Did no one pick up on the fact that Iron Man’s feet literally became a fucking flaming dinner plate

  • Geg Bag's 'memes of quality'

    you spaz the movies take place before infinity war

  • Balistic Ri0t
    Balistic Ri0t Month ago

    No he didn’t

  • William J Greklek III

    Avengers 4 takes place years after the snap. Starks baby is born. He gathers the original avengers and creates a new gauntlet and time travels with antman’s help and gets the stones. Thanos tries to stop Stark. Stark does a snap and sets everything back to thanos’s snap. Pepper was pregnant anyways. End of avengers 4.

  • TheGreenGamer
    TheGreenGamer Month ago

    they are not sure

  • 9some
    9some Month ago

    that loop was not really entirely informative
    thanx for reading

  • Leukemia Skywalker
    Leukemia Skywalker Month ago

    Okay, from what I heard, Vol. 1 and 2 take place a couple of years ago with Infinity War taking place in 2018, pretty sure they can find space, and spider-man homecoming took place couple of months after Civil War in 2016, pretty sure we could have some prequels or something

  • Darklord 176
    Darklord 176 Month ago

    hi there brothas

  • Bionik Games
    Bionik Games Month ago

    Why starlord look like Kevin spacey in the thumbnail

  • Darkmetamorphosis1
    Darkmetamorphosis1 Month ago

    He's trolling you all. Like a dude in drag, trolling you

  • Graham Merph
    Graham Merph Month ago

    Well they can't just have Rocket alone for the whole movie??

  • martin is fat
    martin is fat Month ago

    Chris Pratt more like Chris fat

  • declan clifford
    declan clifford Month ago

    He might have said that because they may do s flashback

  • Josh Cisneros
    Josh Cisneros Month ago

    Nothing new lmao

  • NAQBN 101
    NAQBN 101 Month ago

    They were not dead they are just trapped in the infinity stones!

  • JcGames
    JcGames Month ago

    Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 could take place before infinity war. Timeline isn't really confirmed yet. It's just theorized.

  • LuMiSaDi
    LuMiSaDi Month ago

    They are not dead but in the soul world inside the soul gem. Thats why other than how it was obtain we didt really see what its power is

  • DogsAre Gods
    DogsAre Gods Month ago +1

    I never freeze

  • RainyDazeHaze Eb
    RainyDazeHaze Eb Month ago

    It's called prequels as in before, there's also another strange movie but before or after infinity war is up in air

  • Layton Pratt
    Layton Pratt Month ago

    I might be related to Chris Pratt.

  • H MasterChaos
    H MasterChaos Month ago

    I mean if your a true marvel fan or a overwatch fan then you know “HEROES NEVER DIE”

  • Nova
    Nova Month ago

    It’s already been confirmed, vol 3 has been confirmed. Also the people have been trapped in the soul stone, so everyone who turned to dust are “alive” so when captain marvel and possibly Adam warlock come in the second part and bring them back

  • TheNataleeShow
    TheNataleeShow Month ago

    But spiderman 2 is coming out after avengers 4, sooooooooo......

  • Surfer Surfer
    Surfer Surfer Month ago

    The cast for jnfinity war 2 is posted online. They are not dead

  • ozzy padilla
    ozzy padilla Month ago

    Or you know they could just be set before Infinity war and you are just wrong and they are actually dead because there is already 2 movies (that i know of there could be more) that are scheduled to come out in late 2018 and 2019 that are set before infinity war

  • Xxlord420killa xX
    Xxlord420killa xX Month ago

    There said those movies are prequels to infinity war

  • Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin Pie Month ago

    I mean ... okay, but what about loki

  • Froggy
    Froggy Month ago

    Everyone knew they were gonna be revived hahaha. Like all the movies that are meant to come out for characters . Also in batman vs superman, superman died. He was revived in justice league hahah

  • Fortnite Spark TV HD

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  • Orlando Carryl
    Orlando Carryl Month ago

    Wait we didn't know that?

  • Matta
    Matta Month ago

    Both guardians 3 and Spider-Man hc 2 could be before the events of Infinity War tho...

  • Jonathan Ezra
    Jonathan Ezra Month ago

    This doesn’t prove anything all those movies were already Confirmed and those movies could take place before infinity.

  • Dave Zatina
    Dave Zatina Month ago

    Marvel does like to play with the linear time line. Spiderman is only on loan from Sony and both Guardians and Spiderman could take place before Infinity War... All good things come to an end.

  • MinToMax Ruler
    MinToMax Ruler Month ago

    Nowadays you can make any videos you want...

  • Gracie Kelly
    Gracie Kelly Month ago +1

    If Lokis death doesn't get reversed or if he doesn't resurrect all of us are going to be pissed and you know it! Yeah I'm talking to you! Yeah you reading my comment! Arnt I correct?! You know I am! WE ALL LOVE LOKI!

  • Cosmic Jimmy
    Cosmic Jimmy Month ago


  • Apex _
    Apex _ Month ago

    I mean, we know Guardian's vol.3 is coming, and since the only one left is Rocket, it's kinda hard to hide.

  • Secrelight
    Secrelight Month ago

    Guardians 3 is set before the happenings of infinity war, and it's supposed to focus a lot on Gamora

  • hooo lalalala
    hooo lalalala Month ago

    Sorry but have you ever heard a thing called a prequel you liptard