Film Theory: Disney's FROZEN - Anna and Elsa Are NOT SISTERS?!

  • Published on Dec 21, 2015
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    Take a break from building your snowman and sit down with a hot cup of hot cocoa, because I've uncovered the truth behind Frozen's lovable "Sisters." In today's episode, I discuss the real reason Elsa feels so out of place and the origin of her magic powers.
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  • Aleksandar Kokovic
    Aleksandar Kokovic 2 hours ago

    That line one of these things is not like the others made me sing the hole song me from Taylor Swift and then I checked when was this video recorded and I was so shocked because he said it the way she did in the song

  • Matthew V Alcudia
    Matthew V Alcudia 9 hours ago

    Think you over reached on this theory. Just let it go....
    Elsa's hair and she color are the same as Anna's (her real sister) but it magically changed when she manifested her powers. What?! Hair color can change but blue eyes are resistant to magic because ...genetics??
    Anna's memory wasn't just wiped but quite possibly her patent power too. She could also have magical powers.
    The magical powers of the flower is extended life but Elsa didn't give life back to Anna. She was unfrozen as Elsa learned to control her powers with love. After that Elsa can freeze and unfreeze anything. And the comic relief snowmen are golems. Like sophisticated robots.

  • Ahmed Wafiq
    Ahmed Wafiq 9 hours ago

    iam watching from 2019 and there is a frozen 2 is coming

  • The Chicken Nuggets #Besties

    MatPat: “is it laziness?”
    Me: “nah, that’s me”
    (I’m sorry😂)

  • Newton Fung
    Newton Fung 16 hours ago

    14:36 at the end of frozen? that's in the beginning!

  • wultimate
    wultimate 18 hours ago

    Imagine Disney watching this when all he made is a random lady with magic.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 21 hour ago

    Yo imagine if Disney copyright strikes this

  • Sajjad Ahmed
    Sajjad Ahmed 21 hour ago

    Probably because she is raised in arrandelle her powers evolve a bit to fit the climate but because rapunzal was raised isolated, her powers didn't grow, making life her primary

  • Pickle Juice
    Pickle Juice Day ago

    If you pause at 6:29, you'll see Elsa's sexy face.

  • RedDragonForce2
    RedDragonForce2 Day ago

    Frozen 2: (sees this) I’m about to ruin this thing with the truth.
    Matpat: Oh, you mean a retcon? Thanks for directly addressing my video and bringing more attention to it!
    Frozen 2: DANG IT!!

  • Summer Chen
    Summer Chen Day ago +1

    Elsa is related to Rapunzel, Anna is related to Tarzan. So Rapunzel,Elsa and Tarzan are not related.

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas Day ago

    Doesn’t Elsa just have white- blonde hair because of her powers? Like, Anna’s hair changed too and I’m looking way too much into it ugh

  • Shaelyn Gilmour
    Shaelyn Gilmour Day ago

    Btw rapunzels hair would not have grown back because she says herself that if its cut it doesnt grow back (besides in the show but I'm not talking about that) 4:39

  • Hellen Lainez
    Hellen Lainez 2 days ago

    This is me

  • Hellen Lainez
    Hellen Lainez 2 days ago


  • Neon Cobalt
    Neon Cobalt 2 days ago

    7:13 She's looking in a mirror. The pan is in her right hand.

  • Аня Interstellar
    Аня Interstellar 2 days ago

    I would like to add just my thoughts about why Rapunzel has a backstory and Elsa doesn't.
    Let's say that Rapunzel doesn't have any backstory, and let's compare how a backstory may influence the story of a character.
    Now, we have imagined that Rapunzel didn't have a backstory. She was born with a magical hair, and here questions start to rise - why does she have only magical hair? Why doesn't she possess the healing power herself? Why these healing abilities are inherent for her hair? In order to get rid of these issues, the authors decided to add a backstory.
    But what about Elsa?
    She doesn't have any backstory, but we actually don't have to know it. We just understand that she has an inherent ability (of course, it would be interesting to find out how she got it). But the point is that athours don't need to explain why some of Elsa' part of body has a magical ability, and she herself doesn't. Viewers just perseve her ice ability as a talent.

    DESPACETO 2 days ago

    14:46 the thing the movie

  • Ethan Stotz
    Ethan Stotz 2 days ago

    Her ice thing is adaption to northern life

  • trash. bag. with. sunglasses

    10:40 omg- 😂😂 sounds like a *turkey*

  • Colten Eliasen
    Colten Eliasen 2 days ago

    Also since Elsa has white hair and ice powers and Anna has red hair? (See where I’m going ?) Anna has fire powers also it’s not just that the frozen 2 title has scorch marks at the bottom then at the top its ice

  • Mikaela Lipinska
    Mikaela Lipinska 2 days ago +1

    I love the way that at the end when matpat is doing the recap he calls rupunzel and elsa baby 1 and 2

    • Beccy_G
      Beccy_G Day ago +1

      Mikaela Lipinska Also King and Queen Tangled

  • Elafi Milo
    Elafi Milo 3 days ago

    Why doesn't this theory account for the fact that Rapunzel doesn't have a sister in the story? (No information on The Snow Queen in that area, unfortunately.)

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    *insert Scandinavian race is superior comment*

  • callista saw
    callista saw 3 days ago

    Troom troom, if you have problems with your life, just close your eys and say 'its not a problem anymore' >O

  • yael vaiman
    yael vaiman 3 days ago +2


  • Woey
    Woey 3 days ago

    I would like to see an updated theory now that Tangled the series is out.

  • No Stop
    No Stop 3 days ago

    I love your theories, but this is a reach.

  • Miguel Angel Archila Sierra

    Why does it say T1 E8?
    Is this a Serie and I never noticed it?

  • slenderfan-101 J.G.
    slenderfan-101 J.G. 4 days ago

    If elsa and rapunzel really are siblings, then why or how are they seperated?

  • Eren jeager
    Eren jeager 4 days ago

    Recommend 2019

  • Niamh taylor
    Niamh taylor 4 days ago

    Coming to a theatre near you soon

  • gavin Frierson
    gavin Frierson 4 days ago

    So how are they at different countries?

  • makisar always
    makisar always 4 days ago

    The greats make it look easy

  • makisar always
    makisar always 4 days ago


  • mistaken
    mistaken 4 days ago

    bro this actually makes sense...

  • Yick75
    Yick75 5 days ago

    wait..........does that mean Tarzan has powers too?

  • Maksimopnex
    Maksimopnex 5 days ago

    Roses are red
    A wise man once stated
    If she's not blood related
    She's free to be dated

  • Dark Rider123 deth
    Dark Rider123 deth 5 days ago

    Yes but the ice????

  • Hedgie Chan
    Hedgie Chan 5 days ago

    I’m a twin and I’m right handed and my twin is left handed

  • Miś Wojtek Kapral
    Miś Wojtek Kapral 6 days ago

    9:20 it's because they're europeans and germany isn't northern europe.

  • 422rds
    422rds 6 days ago

    9:14 Holy Cow! I don't care who made it but I love that group shot, they all look sweet!

  • kelly chea
    kelly chea 6 days ago

    else gramma has ice powers

  • Angel Cervantes
    Angel Cervantes 6 days ago


  •  7 days ago

    My name is Aaron

  • Kangaroo
    Kangaroo 7 days ago

    Makes sense

  • Red Tingzon
    Red Tingzon 7 days ago

    *mind blown* just, just speechless.

  • Liam Manu
    Liam Manu 7 days ago

    This guy really predicted frozen 2 4-5 years before the release

  • Virtual 360
    Virtual 360 8 days ago

    Maybe repunsules mom drunk a slurpee before giving birth to Elsa

  • Snazzy Rachel
    Snazzy Rachel 8 days ago

    4:30 I always thought when Eugene said ' it took years and years of asking, she finally said yes' and when Rapunzel said ' Eugene' , it was to say that Rapunzel asked him and he said yes. Not that after years and years was the lie 😝😝just saying

  • ellie
    ellie 8 days ago +1

    *F R A N G L E D*

  • Eliezer Zamudio
    Eliezer Zamudio 8 days ago

    The only two with powers? What about Moana ?

  • Bici Animations
    Bici Animations 8 days ago

    what about Anna tho XD

  • EXO
    EXO 8 days ago

    From which queen was anna now? I think i missed that part

  • EXO
    EXO 8 days ago

    Fuuuuuuck. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!

  • X_XMazeX_X X_XBrownX_X

    **Looks at all princesses in princes picture** No one:

  • Jaida Rivers
    Jaida Rivers 8 days ago

    I hope they actually do this in frozen 2 or like make a backstory based on this

  • Dominique Blanks
    Dominique Blanks 9 days ago

    Your lieing

  • Xahlia Omoso
    Xahlia Omoso 9 days ago

    One of the first times MatPat didn't plug something at the end of the video

  • Khanh Hoang
    Khanh Hoang 9 days ago

    You for

  • Berry Brooks
    Berry Brooks 9 days ago

    "like *elsa* "
    *derp face*

  • Campbell VLOGS
    Campbell VLOGS 10 days ago

    In watching frozen today ✋🤚👇

  • x gacha luck
    x gacha luck 10 days ago

    But rupanzal was in the movie frozen how come they went to the wedding when rupanzal was there

  • Violet Szekely
    Violet Szekely 10 days ago +1

    13:13 happens
    Not a single alien in area 51:
    Me:wHeNs thE moVIe CoMINg OuT!?¿¡

  • Some random ghost 19
    Some random ghost 19 10 days ago

    Ok. It would be really funny if both sets of parents were siblings. Like the mothers are sisters and that fathers are brother. Lol. Wouldn’t that be really funny? ( I’m probably right for guessing)

  • CJZVlogs
    CJZVlogs 10 days ago

    Thor conins

  • Austin Pikaart
    Austin Pikaart 10 days ago

    Frozen 2?

  • Harvey Evans
    Harvey Evans 10 days ago

    There is a theory to do with frozen 2, that Elsa gained her powers from the northern lights.

  • Stevan Gucu
    Stevan Gucu 11 days ago

    Somewhere 3 years ago in some basement a Rule 34 artist got green light after watching this video.

  • Matt Waley
    Matt Waley 11 days ago

    6:34 lefty squad

  • Laura Thompson
    Laura Thompson 11 days ago

    Elsa-freezing things (stopping things from growing). Rupunzul - making stuff new & young (stopping things from growing)😯

  • MilkyMusic101 ;3
    MilkyMusic101 ;3 11 days ago

    3:37 I’m just bookmarking it so my little sister can watch the rest of it, I’m so nice :3

  • David Myklebust
    David Myklebust 11 days ago

    I have sharp friend that has the same color hair as Elsa but when I saw there mom and dad they had more looking color of hair that Rapunzel has??????!!!!!! :O

  • Tron Force
    Tron Force 11 days ago

    But the real question is who's the father

  • david fitzpatrick
    david fitzpatrick 11 days ago

    and also Elsa's ice powers and Rapunzels magic healing hair