NBA 2K19 - Special Announcement


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  • MYsports
    MYsports Month ago

    Sign it and put it on ebay 😂

  • MYsports
    MYsports Month ago

    Did someone call him Janice? 😅

  • MYsports
    MYsports Month ago

    Lets give em another round of applause

    Silence 😂

  • MYsports
    MYsports Month ago

    He definitely have an interesting name

  • John Cravin
    John Cravin Month ago

    Bring back short shorts Ronnie

  • mel whitworth
    mel whitworth 5 months ago

    The worst all about money the mid east people done took over

  • mel whitworth
    mel whitworth 5 months ago

    Worst game from 2k by far

  • Ya_Boi _Kam
    Ya_Boi _Kam 5 months ago

    Fix 2k18 and the all shot creators glitch

  • joel perezv
    joel perezv 5 months ago


  • SG27
    SG27 5 months ago

    Why isnt lebron on the 2k19 cover?

  • Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson 6 months ago

    Fix your game has trash since 2k15!!!!##

  • mister Kong
    mister Kong 6 months ago

    “Let’s give him another round of applause” notthing happens

  • SLOW Articost
    SLOW Articost 6 months ago

    yo ronnie 2k when is the release date in nba 2k19??

  • King Nugz
    King Nugz 6 months ago +1

    2k is TRASH... EA LIVE IS KILLING YOU. Your "Pay to Win" SCAM is DEAD, just like your game... You'll find out this year... Your DONE...

  • Lowkey Jay
    Lowkey Jay 6 months ago

    Watch this game be ass like 2k18

  • OVO Feels Gets Carried
    OVO Feels Gets Carried 6 months ago



    this game is lit

  • TgX
    TgX 6 months ago

    “Let’s give him another round of applause”
    *S i l e n c e*

  • Miguel Molina
    Miguel Molina 6 months ago

    We need a 2k game with all legends with accurate ratings but the players need to be all in there primes we also need more customization setting i want to be able to have 64 teams in a the league i want to have g league teams and players i want to be able to do open seeding and not have conferences

  • fred baah
    fred baah 6 months ago

    We need 2k16 back Please

  • max nazario
    max nazario 6 months ago

    2k are the
    Behind the back
    Spamming dribble moves losing no turbo
    Push offs
    Pull backs
    Sharpshooting off dribble from 3
    Shooters shooting from half court
    Contested green release shots
    Pump fakes pushing the player off
    Pass to the cutter
    Dribbling through people’s bodies
    Limited contact
    And any of spams and glitches in game gonna be fixed for 2k19

  • NickMortuus
    NickMortuus 6 months ago

    My jumpshot wetter than everybody on youtube bro ion care! Give me channel a look and subscribe!

  • Yt_blueknight TW
    Yt_blueknight TW 6 months ago +1

    Ar they adding 21 again plz i want it back:( !!!!

  • PS4GAMER 21
    PS4GAMER 21 7 months ago

    Here is the first look at NBA 2k19
    Me-here we go
    Ronnie-here is the picture

  • MarSH
    MarSH 7 months ago +1

    since this game is like an mmo....why dont you just create one game, then continue to release new content every year...i dont understand why release the same game every single year..waste of time and resource...

  • AJ 2KTV
    AJ 2KTV 7 months ago +1

    I hate 2k

  • AJ 2KTV
    AJ 2KTV 7 months ago +1

    Ronnie let me in the Sever I tried it a lot of times but it didn’t work don’t me say it because I love 2k

  • george santiago
    george santiago 7 months ago

    You need to add franchise online Co op!!!!

  • JLaZeRYT 2425
    JLaZeRYT 2425 7 months ago

    60 74 79 84 94 90??

  • Youn Woo
    Youn Woo 7 months ago +1

    I spend 60 for the game. Then spend 50$ for 200,000 vc for park. So the game costs 110$

  • hasani SGS
    hasani SGS 7 months ago

    Why would y'all have ppl play your unfinished game y'all supposed to have em play the full so when they play they can see early mistakes. Y'all brought back zig zag when yall zig zag was a problem. Y'all are scammers bruh y'all lucky these lil kids buy y'all games w their parents money this game not even worth 60 ima wait until y'all game is dead so I can buy it when the price and y'all had the nerve to do serveys as to why we don't play this garbage and not ask questions about the real problems w this game and y'all stay stealing lives ideas

  • KingCashYT
    KingCashYT 7 months ago


  • George Karmis
    George Karmis 7 months ago

    Μπραβο ρε Γιανναρε. Συνεχισε να μας κανεις περιφανους

  • Matt J
    Matt J 7 months ago

    Giannis and LeBron are the only things good about this 2K. 2K18 and 17 are garbage and im only getting this game after first game footage. I will not pre order this game. I made a big mistake pre ordering 2k18 and getting legends edition.

  • Gabrial Jones
    Gabrial Jones 7 months ago

    2k should add shorts adjustments to the game because I notice that some players wear their shorts higher or lower than others. #justsomedetails

  • Peege
    Peege 7 months ago

    Adult Basketball Gaming League 2K
    Join My New Club Now🚀
    #Twitch #Mixer

  • Rdiii Productions
    Rdiii Productions 7 months ago

    So pumped for this game!

  • Boss2119 •
    Boss2119 • 7 months ago

    He 2k I really hope you see even though you might not, but I just have have one wish. When you are playing MyLeague/GM and you trade a player they also show you an animated version of them. Would really appreciate it if you just kept the real life pictures or just did what 2k14 did and just showed their face. I know you guys put a pic of them wearing the jersey of their new team for more realism. But I really dislike having a team full of animated players just b/c I decided to put a Kings player on the Knicks

  • Jonas Montas
    Jonas Montas 7 months ago

    NBA2k is dying. Stop with the micro transactions before it’s too late. Stopppp now.

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 7 months ago

    Watch nba 2k19 is gonna be a full blown RPG basketball game just watch

  • RasheemVance FlashyVideos

    You know what I was trying to say

  • RasheemVance FlashyVideos

    Add the to the game WNBA

  • magpie
    magpie 7 months ago +2


  • Jay Green
    Jay Green 7 months ago

    Special announcement the game is still based on VC

  • Jay Green
    Jay Green 7 months ago

    Nba2k18 is trash can't wait til live come out

  • Neal Roy
    Neal Roy 7 months ago

    They need to bring back Create a Legend

  • Treyco
    Treyco 7 months ago

    Make football game where we can customize uniforms and create our own rosters

  • eT Wavy
    eT Wavy 7 months ago

    Nigga your game is fucking ass 2k19 finna be ass

  • Jamaury Harrison
    Jamaury Harrison 7 months ago

    Is it still going to be a playground in NBA2k19

  • Gawdly Combos
    Gawdly Combos 7 months ago

    Add in hover boards

  • thebull Devoe
    thebull Devoe 7 months ago

    Fix the damn blocks called fouls on 19 block someone shot all ball n get called for a foul fix that shit 2k

  • Cabarolo TV
    Cabarolo TV 7 months ago

    Put audio in portuguese

  • Carol Myers
    Carol Myers 7 months ago

    Fuck you birch ass nigga

  • SumThing81
    SumThing81 7 months ago

    Gameplay video 2k.
    Gameplay Video :)

  • Dimas Saputra
    Dimas Saputra 7 months ago

    more microtransactions

  • Basketball BC
    Basketball BC 7 months ago

    Getting my first 2k game ever

  • mhegafhaggot
    mhegafhaggot 7 months ago +1

    men go make 2k global. mabe perk in europe??? and mabeh drik nrowitski as 20st anniverysari athlet????

  • Core
    Core 7 months ago

    Cool its NBA

  • meme Star
    meme Star 7 months ago +1

    i feel bad who ever bought tickets to see this.

  • Feng Lovex
    Feng Lovex 7 months ago

    That's special

  • Darko Kostic
    Darko Kostic 7 months ago

    What No!

  • Emanz 24
    Emanz 24 7 months ago +3

    Who else saw the 5 videos they posted about 2k18 lmaoooo

  • brickfighter 14
    brickfighter 14 7 months ago

    So,where does the special announcement come into play

    GUCCI RAY 7 months ago

    I Hope u can change your signature styles on nba 2k19 offline

  • Sheryl William
    Sheryl William 7 months ago

    My husband loves the new caver 2k keep it up

  • Maruba Silaen
    Maruba Silaen 7 months ago

    Selamat Malam. Hati - hati proyek fiktif

  • KrellicOG
    KrellicOG 7 months ago

    "We're releasing another broken game and we would like you to spend $60 plus another $300 on microtranstions!"

    • KrellicOG
      KrellicOG 7 months ago

      Ya, that sucks too! They became way too greedy. Hopefully, they would release a finished game as 2k18 wasn't even average what so ever. Maybe 2k19 they will surprise us with something good but I will not hold my breath and I would not pre-order it, that's for sure!

    • IDK2Me
      IDK2Me 7 months ago

      what do you mean $? We have to pay 60Euros which is more than 60$....

  • TJ S
    TJ S 7 months ago +1

    Now it's only $1,000 to level up a player and takes only 8 months of playing 8 hours a day to get there. Can't wait

  • Shamm God
    Shamm God 7 months ago

    10:54 godDAMN that cringe

  • Loon Julis
    Loon Julis 7 months ago

    Dear 2K. after 6'4 and the Point position.. builds should def get slower n less op ball handle. 6'10 Points... smh. "cheese".

  • GVO
    GVO 7 months ago


  • Worlds smallest Violin
    Worlds smallest Violin 7 months ago

    I literally just bought 2k18

  • Mr Grumpy
    Mr Grumpy 7 months ago

    I give you a special announcement "I will not buy this game again"

  • θανασης sk
    θανασης sk 7 months ago

    We want the official eurolaegue and national teams please! !!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Bleach
    Dr. Bleach 7 months ago

    Greek freak spoiled faster than some yogurt

  • Evan Arnold
    Evan Arnold 7 months ago

    show us gameplay enough with this bullshit coverart we want gameplay is that to hard to ask for

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 7 months ago +1

    "Let's give him another round of applause......"
    Silence cause everyone is recoding on their phones

  • Noah Tindell
    Noah Tindell 7 months ago

    Why tf isn’t Westbrook on one?

  • gaming guruTV
    gaming guruTV 7 months ago


  • DatBoi Alex
    DatBoi Alex 7 months ago

    Ronnie never played basketball

  • Bryan B13
    Bryan B13 7 months ago

    14:57 😂

  • Raphael Sims
    Raphael Sims 7 months ago

    I love 2k this game is going to be lit

  • BlaqLionKing
    BlaqLionKing 7 months ago

    2K has done this same song & dance for the last few years now. Quiet all year until right before the game releases, annouce features and modes that will more than likely not work properly, then release a half ass demo like two weeks before the game drops... Oh and by the way, you can only play it once. 2K is giving us all the signs that the game will be garbage... But yet watch all of these fools still get finessed & pre-order the game and then bitch about how it's trash! (SMH)😒

  • Fireballs _ Alx
    Fireballs _ Alx 7 months ago

    Damn, Season 6 of fortnite will be out when this comes. But anyways,

  • 1wesleyk
    1wesleyk 7 months ago

    I won't buy this if it has microtransactions. So done with that crap

  • Too Saucey
    Too Saucey 7 months ago

    I thought we gone see a sneak peak on 2K19

    THANOS 7 months ago

    "They will know your name" its pretty iconic for him.

  • Ordep PW
    Ordep PW 7 months ago

    Will you guys make nba 2k19?

  • Marvin Johnson
    Marvin Johnson 7 months ago


  • PhantomDreamer
    PhantomDreamer 7 months ago

    Have that haircut in the game

  • Druvodagreat
    Druvodagreat 7 months ago

    Whoever the character is a my career please don't make his best friend be a transexual Asian trying her/him hardest to be black again please.

  • Tythagreat Tyler
    Tythagreat Tyler 7 months ago

    Bring drew league to nba 2k19

  • EastCoast Overdose
    EastCoast Overdose 7 months ago

    Far it's probs just going to be the same recycled game Ffs. Ateast put in summer league, drew league or something. They games just got way to boring

  • JChaos Gaming
    JChaos Gaming 7 months ago

    Is anyone else aggravated the keep making new games that cost 100 dollars just for a new cover athlete and all your progress reset when they can just update the roster. Like that’s so aggravating

  • BrownBoi
    BrownBoi 7 months ago

    Bout to be 🗑

  • Bryce Marshall
    Bryce Marshall 7 months ago

    There shouldn’t be micro transactions to upgrade your player anymore. It’s more fun to earn it

  • Bryce Marshall
    Bryce Marshall 7 months ago

    You don’t care about the fans. And make it very stressful to actually have fun on the game

  • Auden Cook
    Auden Cook 7 months ago

    4:10 L.M.A.O. CRINGE

  • steve wilkos
    steve wilkos 7 months ago

    A press conference to show me who is on the cover of a game that is not out for 70 days? FUCK OFF 2K

  • Luther Mallari
    Luther Mallari 7 months ago

    no game play footage...when the game comes out...another year of more micro transactions and same old fucking game play...come on 2K...