True or False: Nobody DIES Without ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE??

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  • Traci M
    Traci M 7 months ago

    Millions have died because they didn't have health insurance. You can't go to the ER to treat cancers or other long term illness. ER also cost more then a normal doctor appointment. If people can't afford the medication they die if people can't afford surgery that could save them but isn't a sure thing they get life to die.

  • guylandry1992
    guylandry1992 8 months ago

    "There are only 9 million people in the exchange..."
    Can you say that again?
    The numbers are out, so how will she defend it now?

  • Catherine Nieves
    Catherine Nieves 8 months ago

    If Trump loves Australia's healthcare soooo much, why not bring it to America?

  • Catherine Nieves
    Catherine Nieves 8 months ago


  • MegaLacedup
    MegaLacedup 8 months ago +2

    CNN needs to start cutting off these ring wing nut jobs when they refuse to answer a very simple yes or no question.
    If you don't have healthcare, or access to healthcare you will die. Its just that fucking simple.

  • Rick Bonamassa
    Rick Bonamassa 8 months ago +1

    all republicans can see and care about is how much insurance costs for families of 4 or 5 that have money. To Hell with the poor And to Hell with those that don't work for Lockheed.This group they are concerned with is 3 out of 10 people in America and it's their base. They only care about getting elected again so they can tax cut for billionaires some more.We democrats have stood by and watched them make millions and billions when we are in power yet they act like when we're in power they go on welfare. It's time their hateful fraud and hateful bigotry gets smashed in the streets and the poor And unemployed get action while they get tax increases at least more than when trump lowered it - by a lot. They don't need to make 35 ,145 , 180 million dollars and be crying on the Senate floor how bad they're getting gouged and how all their money goes to feed homeless niggers when NONE of that is true. The country needs to be run by democrats and republicans can make money get rich but never be in power.

      SHYDUX MEDIA  8 months ago

      +Rick Bonamassa, I agree with you 100%

  • k jackson
    k jackson 8 months ago +2

    I don't know how Bakari does it but keep doing it and Thank you !

  • Kerrie Macon
    Kerrie Macon 8 months ago +4

    Republicans are not human so let's just stop trying to act like they are

  • Zorlin One
    Zorlin One 8 months ago +7

    She certainly isn't burdened by the high cost of healthcare.

  • Sherman Williams
    Sherman Williams 8 months ago +10

    Get this stupid female OUT of Congress!

  • sheshe7 j
    sheshe7 j 8 months ago +5

    why don't the dumb Republicans realize the problem her argument insurance premiums up too high and doctors refuse to take the insurance let's look at the insurance maybe we don't need a middle man taking their cut out of what the doctors can get maybe we need a mediator between us and I'll doctors and not an insurance company worried about their bottom line dumb Republicans haven't fixed the problem sure they may get it decrease but the greatest still there the insurance companies are going to continue to make their profit in a year to active trumpcare is in place they'll find a way to make this much money as possible because that's what's important to businesses unfortunately we're talking about healthcare for Americans period And I can't understand how anybody can sit there and say that it's American eight million people off of the insurance so that the insurance companies will lower their prices and pay the doctor's the Mount of money they want to see the people that Democrats kissed Insurance ass and so are Republicans

  • eric townsend
    eric townsend 8 months ago +4

    congresswoman blackburn is a rude asshole who would spout any lie to get the tax cut they really want. this is not about anything but money. the ACA has brought us closer to single payer. why do we let ourselves get ripped off by the drug company's and the insurance industry? do we really want the poorer people of America to be uneducated and sick? we throw more money at healthcare than any nation and get less bang for the buck because of the middlemen, get rid of them.

    • Sherman Williams
      Sherman Williams 8 months ago +3

      eric townsend Marsha Blackburn is a stupid female without question.

  • Anthony W
    Anthony W 8 months ago +7

    how the fuck did god make the USA,the most powerful nation in the world.

    • GoSu MonSteR
      GoSu MonSteR 8 months ago +1

      Anthony W Here's a thought: He doesn't exist.

  • nicholas Akubariki
    nicholas Akubariki 8 months ago +9

    They people are so stupid this bitch and others like her always talk about hearing people talk to them but the town halls say something different

  • TheFreshman321
    TheFreshman321 8 months ago +16

    The crazy Trump bitch must have good health care.