• Published on Nov 10, 2019
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    Its finally trapping season at the farm! I set out some raccoon traps in my backyard for the first time and it was a success! I hope you all enjoy!
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Comments • 2 903

  • NoVa Premium
    NoVa Premium 3 hours ago

    2:35 quack pond🐤 man flair u make my day all the time keep it up👍

  • Sandy Holland
    Sandy Holland 2 days ago

    Cat food and fish or dog food and fish

  • I have horrible content watch me

    Hey I just started trapping raccoons I’ve set out one trap and I got one. Cat food and marshmallows worked then

  • Carter Van Wyhe
    Carter Van Wyhe 6 days ago

    use marshmallows in the trap and put fish oil all around/on the trap (but not on the marshmallows)

  • 5k Icy
    5k Icy 6 days ago

    You should put what gun you use in the description

  • Johan Sanchez
    Johan Sanchez 7 days ago

    I love your videos so much for life

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 7 days ago

    Your dirt mound will now leave a low spot because you took all the fill away. The reason it was high was due to it not being compacted after the water line was installed. You should have left a small hump as it will settle over time.

  • Ethan Sullivan
    Ethan Sullivan 10 days ago



  • Charlee Ebmeier
    Charlee Ebmeier 10 days ago

    You can I have a farm my animals like mud my gots and sheep love mud

  • Conman 13
    Conman 13 10 days ago

    Flair has a kg trailcam

  • Justin DeStefano
    Justin DeStefano 10 days ago

    Sure and you could get pigs

  • Cooper Sterk
    Cooper Sterk 10 days ago

    Dog food and fish oil

  • Colin Phillips
    Colin Phillips 10 days ago

    maks a BiGGER RAMP

  • Nick Blatz
    Nick Blatz 10 days ago

    U should make a bigger jump for the four-wheeler

  • Mikey Burns
    Mikey Burns 11 days ago

    u should put pigs in the mud place

  • Connor Gaming
    Connor Gaming 12 days ago

    you peacock is a girl

  • Teresa Laster
    Teresa Laster 12 days ago

    Just some good old sardens would do the trick

  • April Carter
    April Carter 13 days ago

    Only wash and it’s because I’m bored

  • April Carter
    April Carter 13 days ago +1

    And I hate your videos

  • April Carter
    April Carter 13 days ago +1

    Why are you playing in slow motion she so stupid

  • Seila Walle
    Seila Walle 13 days ago

    Your audio sucks for headphone users

  • Michael Lytle
    Michael Lytle 13 days ago

    Good video flair

  • Alvaro Colindres
    Alvaro Colindres 14 days ago

    You clearly think we are more important then animals stupid fu**

  • Alvaro Colindres
    Alvaro Colindres 14 days ago

    Why you bout to kill a animal you bi***

  • Celives Celvart
    Celives Celvart 14 days ago

    Corn and tuna

  • Eli Reeves
    Eli Reeves 14 days ago

    That KG camera though

  • Carolyn Rourke
    Carolyn Rourke 14 days ago

    Fun fact that the color of the chickens ear lobes is the color of egg . I was told that by my ag teacher

  • Bass N’ Buck
    Bass N’ Buck 15 days ago

    Mud is fine

  • Zander LeFebvre
    Zander LeFebvre 15 days ago

    can you start making more intros with Quacky

  • Tyler Hill
    Tyler Hill 15 days ago


  • Iowa outlaw
    Iowa outlaw 16 days ago +1

    The googan squad app is not available on android

  • John Russel Delossantos

    I thought the peacock are gone!!

  • kingfox cool
    kingfox cool 16 days ago

    I use marshmallows it is a good bate and hard to take out shout me out plz i have been watching for 6 years

  • Jennifer Rigby
    Jennifer Rigby 16 days ago

    you can do that

  • Larry emerson
    Larry emerson 16 days ago

    Catch and cook would be awsome

    TIFFANY DAVIS 17 days ago

    stop trading cons and find a way to get those stupid beavers out of there

  • Colin Gloss
    Colin Gloss 17 days ago

    You should get someone on your team to help you with all the farm stuff to keep costs down

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams 18 days ago

    All I use is sardines they work good

  • Randy Richardson
    Randy Richardson 18 days ago

    Get some walnuts about 20 put them in a bucket with water get the water boiling put traps in the water for about 30 minutes get rid of your smell and the rust smell dont touch them with your bare hands i will send you a copy of my family recipe for dog proofs

  • Randy Richardson
    Randy Richardson 18 days ago

    Bacon grease fish oil in a squeeze bottle load up some cat food ==== small marsh mellow with a shot of fish oil======= some sardines and jack mackeral

  • Yamil Santiago Renta
    Yamil Santiago Renta 18 days ago

    The mud could be good for the pigs and if he gets pigs

  • Connor H
    Connor H 18 days ago +2

    You should go through everything on your property that’s notable cause I’m new and it’s hard to follow like so he sees

    • Dank Bilzerian
      Dank Bilzerian 15 days ago +1

      Or you could go back and watch the videos you missed..

  • Hudson Allen
    Hudson Allen 18 days ago

    You need Pigs

  • Dustin Paul
    Dustin Paul 18 days ago +6

    Throw out some winter wheat on the dirt. That will take care of the mud issue.

  • Mike Sterr
    Mike Sterr 18 days ago

    Flair put a marshmellow in the trap under the that lever so it s the marsh then the lever that you use to hold the long rod in place

    MUD SLINGERS 19 days ago

    Overthinking it

  • Dwight Dowell
    Dwight Dowell 19 days ago

    Mud fine I live on a farm and have cows that live in mud and there fine

  • SHocK Fishing
    SHocK Fishing 19 days ago

    You should of used the mini excavator that you rented to finish the boat ramp.

  • Josh Walker
    Josh Walker 19 days ago

    The animals won't care about some mud they would have made it a mud patch themselves after some time fenced in it ..

  • Josh Walker
    Josh Walker 19 days ago +1

    All that gas wasted instead of using the bucket on the tractor and back dragging it

  • edward fortnite
    edward fortnite 19 days ago

    If you watch the slow mo he gets 1 inch of the ground

  • Mitchell Olson
    Mitchell Olson 19 days ago

    go a head and fence it in.

  • Bryce Braden
    Bryce Braden 19 days ago

    The mud is fine

  • Moose’s Vlogs
    Moose’s Vlogs 19 days ago

    If it gets muddy there I wouldn’t cause the mud if your goats have baby’s they will get stuck and possibly die if there’s mud

  • Jacob Boles
    Jacob Boles 19 days ago

    That duck has some sass

  • dream catcher lures
    dream catcher lures 19 days ago

    Flair should get a can am renagade 1000😂

  • Camden Miley
    Camden Miley 19 days ago +1

    You need to make a hat out of him

  • Salvatore Baleno
    Salvatore Baleno 19 days ago

    There is this magic stuff called grass seed. Toss some seed on that dirt and guess what happens?! Grass will start to grow, isn't that crazy!?!?

  • Easton McCune
    Easton McCune 19 days ago

    I literally remember going off 5-8 ft jumps as an 8 yr old... this is what it takes to get a million+ views?

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez 19 days ago

    Googan squad app is only for apple, nothing for androids