Washington Post employees review 'The Post' movie

  • Published on Dec 15, 2017
  • Former and current Washington Post employees reviewed "The Post" film at its national premiere. What lessons did Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep's film get right? Subscribe to The Washington Post on TVclip: bit.ly/2qiJ4dy
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Comments • 45

  • pman5886
    pman5886 10 months ago

    Finally just saw the film on HBO. What a fantastic movie and a great ending. It goes to show you how much a film genius Spielberg can be. From the script to filming and post-production of editing I only lasted 2 weeks. It took only 9 months start to finish for this film get out. Just like the classic 'All the President's Men' this film shows how important that a journalist or the newspaper media is. No matter if you find mistakes and say they didn't have this in 1971 or this didn't happened... This was really a great film. 👍

  • Jeff Lea
    Jeff Lea Year ago +2

    It was an excellent film. Streep captured Graham beautifully. The most moving scene of the film was Graham walking down the steps of the Supreme Court and all the women looking up at her with respect and admiration.

  • Maximo Abril
    Maximo Abril Year ago

    ***** Currently being shown free on yesmovies.to, and other movies web sites. Don't' miss it.

  • screw your feelings
    screw your feelings Year ago +1

    it looked as if the character was qualified. THAT is the important thing now days. You don't have a female in a position just because she is female. We need qualified females in high positions

  • CMG
    CMG Year ago

    Back when the Post wasnt a propaganda arm of the DC establishment.


    Watch the documentary, “The Most Dangerous Man in America”.
    The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers (Full Documentary) - TVclip

  • ThatOddGirlSophie
    ThatOddGirlSophie Year ago +1

    I loved this movie so much it honestly is one of my top movies of all time

  • 65 TossPowerTrap
    65 TossPowerTrap Year ago

    What a bunch of self-serving lackies. Blah.

  • Elinore Koenigsfeld
    Elinore Koenigsfeld Year ago +1

    I thought the movie was riveting. I was in High School then, born in DC--now I see it thought different eyes. I must see it again. And I was my daughter and granddaughter to see it too--they'll understand me better, still conflicted about the tension between career and family.

  • Richard Croker
    Richard Croker Year ago

    Every moment! Every frame! Every WARNING. flawless.

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith Year ago +4

    I saw it on Sunday and I will say this. I am a HUGE fan of all the president's men. I think this film was a perfect sequel or prequel to it for several reasons. First, the sweeping scenes of the news room photographed at about waist height were almost identical to those in all the president's men. Second, Tom Hanks captured Ben Bradlee so well, as did Jason Robards. I saw a lot of similarity between the two performances. Third was the drama of a newspaper at the brink, to publish or not? Obviously there were a lot of differences between the two films but I think together they tell a much broader and more complete story.

    DOG STAR Year ago

    Anything to suggest that they have ever been questioned on this:
    "Although it probably did not cross Ellsberg's mind when he released the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times, he succeeded in doing what the Agency, on its own, has rarely been able to do for more than twenty years: he made the CIA 'look good' through what inhabitants of the Pickle Factory themselves would call a 'highly credible source'."
    from ratical.org/ratville/JFK/ST/STchp8.html
    The CIA
    and Its Allies
    in Control of the United
    States and the World
    Col., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
    Copyright © 1973, 1992, 1997 by L. Fletcher Prouty
    All Rights Reserved

  • btez31
    btez31 Year ago +6

    This movie was really good and demonstrates brilliantly why we need a free press to hold corrupt Governments like Nixon's and Trump's accountable.

    • CMG
      CMG Year ago

      A free press that chooses side's politically, is not a free press.

    • girlzeyeview
      girlzeyeview Year ago +2

      That was exactly what the Supreme Court decided in that case. That they were upholding the Founding Fathers' intent that the press must be allowed the freedom to publish in order to expose corruption in government, should it exist.

  • George Hamm
    George Hamm Year ago

    The movie did a great job showing that collusion between the Democratic Party and the media that serves them did not start with the Clinton's.

  • Marilyn Taylor
    Marilyn Taylor Year ago +7

    One of the all-time best movies I have ever seen.

    • DOG STAR
      DOG STAR Year ago

      won't be seeing it - PPs are a verifiably confirmed limited hangout - Ellsberg was (is?) either a rich asset or a useful tool - e.g., ratical.org/ratville/JFK/ST/STchp8.html
      "Although it probably did not cross Ellsberg's mind when he released the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times, he succeeded in doing what the Agency, on its own, has rarely been able to do for more than twenty years: he made the CIA 'look good' through what inhabitants of the Pickle Factory themselves would call a 'highly credible source'."

    • albert odillon
      albert odillon Year ago

      Marilyn Taylor l like this movie too I have watched it in the original version with French subtitles

  • J M
    J M Year ago +2

    I was desapointed... Meryl Streep character was weak and Tom Hanks never grew up on me.im sorry......

    • girlzeyeview
      girlzeyeview Year ago +3

      Weak? She stood up to all those men who told her to do the opposite and put everything - her entire life and her family's future on the line - to take a tremendous risk. How is that weak? If she seemed to have doubts, well that must have been who she was. Not a demanding powerhouse, but a real person with doubts. People who worked at The Post at the time were interviewed and said that she captured her perfectly.

    • J M
      J M Year ago

      btez31 😘😘😘🥂🍾🍾🍾🍾

    • btez31
      btez31 Year ago

      Sorry for you

  • Charlie Dawson
    Charlie Dawson Year ago

    i agree with them on pretty much every point. But they really should stay clear of it.

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary Year ago

    Carl Bernstein works at The Post?

  • Jonathan Rawlings
    Jonathan Rawlings Year ago +6

    of course these people would NOT criticize the movie ...it portrays them in the way they want to be seen....just ANOTHER jewish produced movie for the good of mankind.

    • EnzoTheBaker
      EnzoTheBaker Year ago +1

      Well, it's been praised elsewhere (look at the glowing reviews for it from HUNDREDS of RIVAL publications right on RottenTomatoes).
      Of course Trump voters are going to bitch about this movie. Their President taught them to shout "Fake News!" like brainless monkies.

    • girlzeyeview
      girlzeyeview Year ago +3

      Jonathan Rawlings For now, we do. But if Trump has his way, that freedom of the press will end. He has been looking into any ways he can curtail the press' freedoms. He has directly stated that. Short of that, he keeps repeating "fake news" so much that lots of people believe it. Look how many people these days shout it whenever the news reports a story. The "fake news" mantra is to wear down any support the free press may have if it ever came to legal blows as it did during the Pentagon Papers.

    • Dale Brush
      Dale Brush Year ago

      hey johnny. you're a piece of shit, my man.

    • Brandon Moreau
      Brandon Moreau Year ago +2

      Jonathan Rawlings stupid ass

    • Michael Bessey
      Michael Bessey Year ago +4

      +Jonathan Rawlings You're right, you do have the right to your opinion. What you don't have a right to is immunity from criticism. Others have the right to point out just how irredeemably stupid and bigoted your views are. Finally, the First Amendment does not exist to shield you from criticism or ensconce the sanctity of your opinion. It exists only to prevent the government from interfering with your speech. Since the people replying in your thread, pointing out just how moronic and anti-Semitic you are, are doing so as private individuals and not members of the government, we are in no way violating your Constitutional right to free speech. Good day.

  • Koert Tijdens
    Koert Tijdens Year ago +6

    Movie about FAKE news,

    • EnzoTheBaker
      EnzoTheBaker Year ago +3

      Trump voters talking about fake by supporting the biggest liar ever in the WH. That's fucking hilarious

    • girlzeyeview
      girlzeyeview Year ago

      Koert Tijdens Oh how little you know.

    • DOG STAR
      DOG STAR Year ago

      docs real, but not honest - many deep-state analyses call them a "limited hangout" to protect the CIA from accountability mainly for Operation Phoenix - broad village-level Vietnam assassination terror campaign - Ellsberg was a useful tool, probably unwitting, but that's unsettled - ronaldthomaswest.com/2016/08/05/pentagon-papers-cia-and-the-lies-of-daniel-ellsberg/

    • btez31
      btez31 Year ago

      Trump Bo-bo, huh? Sad

    • Fadhil Ramadhani
      Fadhil Ramadhani Year ago +2

      Koert Tijdens BITCH GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. The pentagon papers are real.

  • paul8kangas
    paul8kangas Year ago +2

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