Top 10 Rarest And Tastiest Fruits In The World

  • Published on Nov 20, 2016
  • We almost eaten various kinds of fruits like Apple Banana mango Orange etc. but there are some rarest fruits which are easily not available but when you eat them they are sweet delicious healthy tasty and nutritious. These fruits are rarest because they are grown in some specific type of climate and soil. This video contain the list of top 10 rarest and tastiest fruits in the world.
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  • Md Hanif Hanif
    Md Hanif Hanif 20 hours ago


  • eric dong
    eric dong 4 days ago

    Kiwano's taste is like a sour pomegranate.

  • Channamma Dhamannavar


  • Anjie Agustin
    Anjie Agustin 5 days ago +2

    Guys watch nyo sa vlog ni alex gonzaga yung miracle fruit or sweet berry pinakain sa knya ni solen hahaha wala share ko lng 😂

  • Jessa Arcenaux
    Jessa Arcenaux 7 days ago +1

    Lol ur miracle fruit so small. Not to brag but here in ph so big. U can pick only in da backyard.

  • Jessa Arcenaux
    Jessa Arcenaux 7 days ago

    Lol why not include in Ph. Almost u mention is common here. Rambotan 20p only. But its ok.

  • Maricel Tejada
    Maricel Tejada 7 days ago +2

    In the Philippines are so many rare fruits that you don't know. You should go there and find it. Some of the fruits you said Is not actually rare. It's already common.

  • Eva Buison
    Eva Buison 10 days ago

    rambutan is common in the Philippines.

  • Mai Fern
    Mai Fern 12 days ago +2

    Lots of rambutan plant here un philippines,it taste sour and sweet. .

    MANGO TANGGO 13 days ago

    You forgot the LANZONES you idiot

  • Bro. Jhune
    Bro. Jhune 16 days ago

    Most of out fruits are fresh since we have a farm in another island of the philipines mindoro

  • Lucky Day1020
    Lucky Day1020 22 days ago

    1:15 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐚𝐯 𝐟𝐫𝐮𝐢𝐭 𝐢 𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞

  • Hector Cabezas
    Hector Cabezas 22 days ago

    Rice mangosteen

  • pedro poldo
    pedro poldo Month ago

    Where is the 'MARANG' ??? ... I dont know its name in international name but here it is named MARANG...

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman Month ago

    Rabutaan , dragon fruit is olso there in india
    I am from kerala i have rambutaan tree and chirimoya tree in my house

    • Shamshinar Rozi
      Shamshinar Rozi 7 days ago


  • Senor Southern Man
    Senor Southern Man Month ago

    Dragonfruit isn't rare

  • ferdous ferdous
    ferdous ferdous Month ago +1

    new experience by Rambutan


    Ur knowledge is false and incomplete because most of them grows in India as well..I am FROM India and knows it


    Thank you

  • Haritha Hari
    Haritha Hari 2 months ago +1

    Ramudan is not rarest fruit ...i eat so many times

  • Noble Hill
    Noble Hill 2 months ago

    Thank you!!

  • Mishie Kookie
    Mishie Kookie 2 months ago +1

    I had #1 akee in my backward but I thought that was poisonous.... Thanks for the information

  • anna katasha
    anna katasha 2 months ago

    We have rambutan in East Africa too

  • Jetli _Notme
    Jetli _Notme 2 months ago +1

    Mangosteen and Cherimoyas would be my choice 😋

  • Dèsï Bøy
    Dèsï Bøy 2 months ago

    7:15 eaten

  • Dèsï Bøy
    Dèsï Bøy 2 months ago

    3:40 I've ate it in my nearby village.

  • yellooh
    yellooh 2 months ago

    We had different varieties of cherimoya in Kenya. Some plants here grew there too but we did not know they were edible. Learned later too pomegranate though not included here were edible.

  • Nikysonrie
    Nikysonrie 3 months ago

    FE2 maptest music anyone?

  • Patricia Hartless
    Patricia Hartless 3 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your video. Of the different fruits. I was very interested in each one of the fruits.

  • Big D Killa
    Big D Killa 3 months ago

    most of these fruits are not rare at all depending on what part of the world u are

  • MoonWalker♡
    MoonWalker♡ 3 months ago

    I thought the thumbnail was some kind of boba tree 😂😂 and I remembered that boba isn't grown in trees

  • roland correia
    roland correia 3 months ago

    Very delicious 😋 fruits and I love to plant various fruit trees in my land.

  • Zaward CLASH ROYAL
    Zaward CLASH ROYAL 3 months ago


  • raymon delos reyes
    raymon delos reyes 3 months ago

    Saresa or Aratilis Is The RAREST

  • Faraaz Khan
    Faraaz Khan 3 months ago

    I wish I could get a job going around the world finding new fruits to eat for you haha

  • Vande Mataram
    Vande Mataram 3 months ago

    Cherimoya is one of the most common fruits in India! They grow like shrubs anywhere and everywhere! It is so common that you would rarely see a street in India without this plant/ tree. You did not even mention India!!

  • Verba Kids Song
    Verba Kids Song 3 months ago +5

    You really forgot an Appa. It’s also a Rare Fruit.

  • Shanae Johnson
    Shanae Johnson 3 months ago


  • Dave Kelder
    Dave Kelder 4 months ago

    Pretty high quality voice to speech program used but still lazy just read and voice record it yourself.

  • MR SriLankan
    MR SriLankan 4 months ago

    Pronunciation sux in this video... when he said “rambutan” I thought he said “orangutan.”

  • kamara aquela la
    kamara aquela la 4 months ago

    Jabuticaba delicious

  • Dave Almighty
    Dave Almighty 4 months ago

    None of those compare to the Dingleberry. It is the most delicate fruit of them all.

  • Animal Abhi
    Animal Abhi 4 months ago

    *rambuttan cheap rate in kerala state in India*

  • *HE- MAN*
    *HE- MAN* 4 months ago +1

    Nice video 👍

  • The king Artur
    The king Artur 4 months ago

    You fucking wrong mate with the black fruit that's in South America not only in Brazil

  • Daouz Random
    Daouz Random 4 months ago

    Is that Stephen Hawkins

    TRIZsTANDs GeGo 4 months ago +4

    Labas mga pinoy dyan😂

    • Eva Buison
      Eva Buison 10 days ago

      ang ibig sabihin ng jabuticaba ay duhat

  • roran 30
    roran 30 5 months ago

    Dragon fruit.. Cherimoya(atis) has two varieties.. Rambutan.. Durian... ThESE are everywhere in the Philippines... Consider MARANG FRUIT you can only find it here in mindanao Philippines

  • Vegan InWonderland
    Vegan InWonderland 5 months ago

    and Thailaind

  • Marcello Bomfim
    Marcello Bomfim 5 months ago

    I am sorry, but the pronunciation of the name of fruits is horrible and annoying. In addition, those fruits are not rare, they are just exotic. On top of it, you got the cherimoya fruit pics mixed up.

  • Valentino Ting
    Valentino Ting 5 months ago

    we are quite lucky here in the southern part of the Philippines because 5 of the rarest and tastiest fruits are abundant in our area ( rambutan, durian, mangosteen, cherimoya- another species, and dragon fruit- though few people here eat the fruit because we have many kinds of fruits to choose from.

  • Andre Zibner
    Andre Zibner 5 months ago

    Jaboticaba is a fruit that can grow in America and it tastes amazing. It is also cancer fighting for those who are wondering

  • Brenda Sutton
    Brenda Sutton 5 months ago


  • Brenda Sutton
    Brenda Sutton 5 months ago

    HediHi movie

  • Brenda Sutton
    Brenda Sutton 5 months ago


  • habib al aziz
    habib al aziz 5 months ago

    Rambutan is not rare in here Indonesia. But, It's delicious.

  • Mike McCormick
    Mike McCormick 5 months ago

    Bots , can't stand bot-tubes

  • Shahidul H Chowdhury
    Shahidul H Chowdhury 5 months ago

    They are definitely not delicious but some of them are rare

  • Park Chaeyoung
    Park Chaeyoung 5 months ago

    For me dragonfruits are not that rare and tasty even if i eat it fresh (i always eat it fresh). Its so slippery and there is so much seeds (i like fruits without seeds) and it just tastes so dull like its not even sweet and does not really have a taste (you can just chew the seeds) ugh!!! I just hate it! People who wants to try dragon fruit so much i warn you. You might be disapointed

  • Long Phan
    Long Phan 5 months ago

    Rare not exactly definitely not but tasty yes