"People Don't Like You" - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 3, 2015
    Gordon decides that the only way for the staff at Cafe Hon to turn things around is to tell their owner exactly how they feel, resulting in an emotional and tear-filled resolution. Will this actually turn things around for this failing restaurant?
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  • ItsOrval
    ItsOrval Day ago

    Commander Cody, the time has come! Execute order 86

  • Leanna Cruz
    Leanna Cruz Day ago

    I actually feel so bad for Denise

  • intldawn
    intldawn Day ago +1

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself that no one likes you. We’ve already established that. People don’t like you.
    SIS! That was savage! 😂🔥

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez 8 days ago

    86 those Tears 86 those Feelings 86 the whole world

  • Kelli Miles
    Kelli Miles 18 days ago +2

    “denise.......you uhm....you’re a rude bitch”

  • THEgamerDevil666
    THEgamerDevil666 27 days ago

    execute order 86

  • Ammar Jafri
    Ammar Jafri Month ago

    The toughest love I’ve ever seen in Kitchen Nightmares history

  • Not Myrealname
    Not Myrealname Month ago

    Call animal control! I've seen monstrous people get called out before and I can spot crocodile tears, get that cold blooded reptile outta there!

  • Abril's cool
    Abril's cool Month ago

    Did this place close down?

  • B. Vaughan
    B. Vaughan Month ago

    I am 86ing NINO !!!

  • Game Pirate
    Game Pirate Month ago

    "Denise, um-"
    Me: oh boy, here goes
    "Denise you are a rude bitch!"
    Me: WTF LMAO

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard Month ago

    Denise has left the chat

  • Mattia Santangelo
    Mattia Santangelo Month ago

    fake tears because she is pissed with people who say her the truth: she is a greedy and mean bitch.

  • Yaliema Kickass
    Yaliema Kickass Month ago

    Denise is c SCOPATH

  • abby hinkley
    abby hinkley Month ago

    Some of the employees look so sad when they talk about how she treats them usually I see angry employees on this show it make me wonder how rude she must be to make an entire room of adults sad

  • Cure Ruby
    Cure Ruby Month ago +1

    When you and your siblings haven’t done any of the chores and you hear the keys in the door

  • BassPlayer60134
    BassPlayer60134 2 months ago

    They kinda talk about this woman as if she’s a celebrity or important or something. Does she have some sort of past not mentioned specifically in the show?

  • WhyBother?
    WhyBother? 2 months ago

    Wow... A simple roast like that already leading to tears.

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 2 months ago +1

    What would be more convincing if she said her restaurant is going down, shes in a lot of debt. And the pressure if getting to me and i broken

  • Otto Karl
    Otto Karl 2 months ago +1

    *okay, I have to say it politely* "Denise..." *yeah, do it nice!* "...you are a rude bitch!" *...nailed it*

  • mal pal
    mal pal 2 months ago

    1:07 Denise: "Et tu, Janet?"

  • Aaron Bolanos
    Aaron Bolanos 3 months ago +1

    fucking Denise

  • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    Can't believe any English people could watch this. Americans yeah they're garbage but come on if you're English you should be better than this

  • LuisLOL 12
    LuisLOL 12 3 months ago

    she needs to 86 herself..

  • Józef Hofmann
    Józef Hofmann 3 months ago


  • Tony Dunne
    Tony Dunne 3 months ago

    Denise can go fuck herself

  • Shane R
    Shane R 4 months ago

    Execute order 86

  • Theodoros PETRIDIS
    Theodoros PETRIDIS 4 months ago +2

    This comment section is gold.

  • son goku
    son goku 5 months ago +1

    Denise, you um. You're a real bitch.

  • masakazu hiruko
    masakazu hiruko 5 months ago +1

    Should just slap her then lets 86 denise

  • 671JH
    671JH 5 months ago

    Proud to be a Marylander

  • Giselle Ibarra
    Giselle Ibarra 5 months ago

    "You're a rude bitch."

  • MadjaX
    MadjaX 5 months ago

    What is a rue bitch?

  • Claudia Duran
    Claudia Duran 5 months ago

    Denise looks like that scary librarian I knew as a kid.

  • Lucio'o'z
    Lucio'o'z 6 months ago


  • Pixel Love
    Pixel Love 7 months ago

    Damn starting straight off by calling her a rude bitch lol

    I AM BREAD 7 months ago

    The Greg dude is always looking like he's about to cry

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 7 months ago +1

    Gordon should hire the people here, to work for him
    They are loyal af
    They deserve better, much better

  • Francis Gerard Opeña
    Francis Gerard Opeña 7 months ago +1

    Denise: *_Execute order 86._*

  • Queenofawesome25
    Queenofawesome25 8 months ago

    86 the owner.

  • That50'sGuy
    That50'sGuy 9 months ago

    "People don't like you." Ow... As someone who used to be bullied all the time in school, that brought the feels.

  • Alekisio Fatai
    Alekisio Fatai 9 months ago +1

    What the hell is 86? Anyone?

    • Queenofawesome25
      Queenofawesome25 8 months ago +1

      86 is a restaurant term meaning to delete an item off the menu all together.

  • Jaylon McMiller
    Jaylon McMiller 9 months ago

    😂😂😂 rip this bitch right here. Denise...DOA. GAME OVER!

  • gaming for life
    gaming for life 9 months ago

    You rude bicht lol

  • GMR315
    GMR315 9 months ago +1

    Would have been great if she fired everybody at the end.

  • Toxic EdgeHeadR
    Toxic EdgeHeadR 9 months ago +1

    Lets make the -steak- *86 IT*

  • sirën
    sirën 10 months ago +1

    "Denise um..........you are a rude bitch" (insert sound effects)

  • mark quigley
    mark quigley 10 months ago

    she's sent shivers up my spine how cruel she comes across

  • mark quigley
    mark quigley 10 months ago

    balance your life into people and money in that order and you'll find a perfect recipe. THIS WOMAN SHOULD DO WHAT THAT FLAMINGO OUTSIDE DOES AND BURY HER HEAD IN THE SAND BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOU, YOU NASTY WOMAN!!!!

  • mark quigley
    mark quigley 10 months ago

    "fangs" is a great nickname for this woman, she's digging her teeth into everyone without thinking it's customers digging into their food which she should be bothered about,dumb!!!!

  • Tanisha Finlayson
    Tanisha Finlayson 10 months ago

    00:41 lol

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 10 months ago

    I don’t even understand why it’s called an 86

  • Mega Breloom
    Mega Breloom 11 months ago

    0:38 “Denise...um....you’re a rude bitch.”

  • Kanye G
    Kanye G 11 months ago

    Debbie may have started off a little too strong💀

  • Sharnai Skinner
    Sharnai Skinner 11 months ago

    I need to see this episode lol

  • John Bertrand
    John Bertrand 11 months ago

    The solution to every female problem: crying.

  • necrowolf77
    necrowolf77 11 months ago

    00:40 0->100 Blitzkrieg fast

  • Flarehoodviperart
    Flarehoodviperart 11 months ago

    She got roasted better than her food like damn

  • Bo Brainerd III
    Bo Brainerd III Year ago

    They should have 86 Denise from HON

  • グズマ
    グズマ Year ago

    chef w the dreads is fine as hell

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex Year ago


  • Amy Reid
    Amy Reid Year ago

    It wouldn’t take Gordon to round everyone up to air my grievances with the boss, I’d just vent regardless and if they did fire me I’d have them in court for unfair dismissal. Simple.

  • DewsJaz
    DewsJaz Year ago

    I feel bad for Denise.

  • Blank
    Blank Year ago +1

    Off topic but I find the chef with the eyebrow piercing and dreds quite attractive

  • Lauren Ashley
    Lauren Ashley Year ago

    Damn Debbie 😂😂😂😂

  • Foodfangirl
    Foodfangirl Year ago

    My last manager was like this one. I had been at my most recent workplace two years and had seen 6 GM's and countless crew members come and go. Some of the other GMs were difficult to work with as well but I endured them, but that 7th GM was finally the straw that broke the camel's back because she left me to do 90% of the work in a restaurant that was already severely understaffed and she was always embarrassing me in front of customers and I finally just said "To hell with this" and I quit. This was a little over a month ago.

  • JJ YT
    JJ YT Year ago

    Can I get 86 likes,86 dislikes and 86 replies?

  • Joe Peters
    Joe Peters Year ago

    Why is the owner crying it's her own fault

  • Revan Brix
    Revan Brix Year ago

    86 the emotions for Christ’s sake

  • Mutttistic
    Mutttistic Year ago

    2018? anyone?

  • theTHK
    theTHK Year ago

    What does 86 mean

  • QwertyCore
    QwertyCore Year ago

    1:32 anybody else think she looks like a female shane dawson?

  • Comrade Fegelein
    Comrade Fegelein Year ago +1

    86 gun ship of the line

  • Dills Thrills
    Dills Thrills Year ago

    "Denise... You um.... You're a rude bitch." Best .... One.... Ever ..

    ΓΞΤΤΞΠ Year ago

    ERROR: 0273 *86 not found*

  • Calmzi
    Calmzi Year ago


  • Alex Xoxo
    Alex Xoxo Year ago

    I admire the honesty

  • maggie smith
    maggie smith Year ago

    All the women wearing glasses need to get new frames, especially Denise. Rhinestones ? Honestly ?

  • Lizzie Chang
    Lizzie Chang Year ago

    I’ve never seen an episode with the lot this rude damn

  • Will Rowell
    Will Rowell Year ago

    I'm surprised she didn't 86 Chef Ramsay

  • x0xx
    x0xx Year ago

    I'm pretty sure she is a cat lady

  • Colin Law-nmower
    Colin Law-nmower Year ago

    0:38 "Denise, you are...(how do I put this in a nice way?)...a rude b****."

  • TempestZero
    TempestZero Year ago

    lol what if she died when she turned 86

  • Borris Müller
    Borris Müller Year ago

    The people she works with are assholes I’d fire them , change myself for the better and hire better employees

    • Foodfangirl
      Foodfangirl Year ago

      They're not assholes for not wanting to be abused.

  • Robin Galvan
    Robin Galvan Year ago

    Denise.. Youre a rude bitch 😂😂😂

  • Dearest Annabel
    Dearest Annabel Year ago

    Greg is fucking hot holy shit dude!

  • will park
    will park Year ago +1

    The white man's version of roast me.

  • Kate Darkhall SSO
    Kate Darkhall SSO Year ago +1

    The only thing I like about Denice is her pink chef jacket 🤣

  • MayhemPlayz
    MayhemPlayz Year ago


  • Allica Longcore
    Allica Longcore Year ago

    What does 86 mean to her?

  • Emhani Jackson
    Emhani Jackson Year ago

    1:44 dayuuuuuummmm🤭😭💀

  • Emhani Jackson
    Emhani Jackson Year ago +1

    0:40 me to my teachers💀💀💀

  • Michfuze
    Michfuze Year ago

    What episode is this??

  • mingyan ong
    mingyan ong Year ago

    Wait.why? WHY 86? I DONT GET IT??????? 86?

    • mingyan ong
      mingyan ong Year ago

      sad pillow thx know i get it....

    • sad pillow
      sad pillow Year ago

      Meaning. According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, "86" is a slang term that is used in the American popular culture as a transitive verb to mean throw out or get rid of, particularly in the food service industry as a term to describe an item no longer available on the menu, or to refuse service to a customer.

  • Shakira Smith
    Shakira Smith Year ago

    What ep is this

  • Mikey Tezta
    Mikey Tezta Year ago

    Execute order 66 more like 86 the staff

  • Queen Rose
    Queen Rose Year ago

    Everyone in marching band is Denise

  • Markos
    Markos Year ago

    This was harsh.

  • Jyi Tolman
    Jyi Tolman Year ago

    Execute order '86'

  • Georgi
    Georgi Year ago

    "Denise............. you're a ride *bitch* "