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Why do Olympians bite their medals? | Burning Questions


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  • Tomatoffel
    Tomatoffel 3 months ago


  • Chod Dunga
    Chod Dunga 4 months ago

    Why does jack black sound different?

  • Gaby Mariska
    Gaby Mariska 4 months ago

    Why olympic Winter games Only in country have 4 Why don't in tropiss country (indoor)

  • Logan Sir bucket
    Logan Sir bucket 4 months ago

    Comment awards anyone

  • daedae 4l
    daedae 4l 4 months ago

    He looks like a british version of jack black🤔

  • Enchanted Wolf
    Enchanted Wolf 5 months ago

    my guess was that like it was to get the honor or something inside ur system what am i even saying lol

  • SBTW Salt
    SBTW Salt 7 months ago

    Actually they bite the gold medal because in 1848 before the gold rush started, James Marshell was building a sawmill for, John Sutter, he found something the size of a pea and was colored yellow. He but it and it was gold. SO LEARN YOUR FACTS RANDOM TVclipR THAT WAS IN MY RECCOMENDED

    Edit: nvm this is the Olympic channel.

  • Misha     allah Saqibudjcgs

    No chocolate but chocolate is a possession and an honour anyone who eats chocolate is honoured to

  • Queen KaLlama
    Queen KaLlama 8 months ago

    To sum it up... They bite their medals to make sure it’s real gold with other strong metals.

  • Kristin O'Shea
    Kristin O'Shea 9 months ago

    Why can't there only be one winner

  • Lando Kain
    Lando Kain 9 months ago

    alright these are awfully long explanations and random facts to answer one simple question....for those of u don't want to watch him rambling all those nonsense, According to the video, the answer is "they bite the gold coin to make sure it is real, just like in the old days". You're welcome!

  • Anonymous Star
    Anonymous Star 9 months ago

    Every premier league fan in 90 seconds.

  • Grace Birnie
    Grace Birnie 9 months ago

    Wow so all those athletes that wanted a good medal got ripped off

  • expics on yt
    expics on yt 10 months ago +1

    The gold medal is chocolate

  • Tae bae
    Tae bae 10 months ago +1

    But I thought.....a lot of em is chocolate,paper or not.......

  • Brem
    Brem 10 months ago +1

    How is it ironic that he has a gold tooth?

  • Ben Mogensen
    Ben Mogensen 10 months ago +1

    It’s not made of gold, but it’s made of gold. Dumbass

  • GalaxyLegend
    GalaxyLegend 10 months ago +2

    To see if it’s chocolate

  • Sigrid Filtvedt
    Sigrid Filtvedt 10 months ago

    I`m from Norway, Mabye I`ll give it a shot.

  • Elmo
    Elmo 10 months ago

    shaun white will be next athelete that have won gold in summer and winter games, we just have wait two years for that 😁😁

  • Pastelie
    Pastelie 11 months ago +3


  • Hub Hi Hdufbj
    Hub Hi Hdufbj 11 months ago

    Probably becuz its one of those chocolate coins or medals

  • Kushal kedia
    Kushal kedia 11 months ago +2

    Teeth marks meant it was real, not fake

  • shawn bla
    shawn bla 11 months ago +2

    To test it's gold or not 😂

  • Georges Games
    Georges Games 11 months ago

    Lloyd Griffith is back

  • 000 Responses
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  • OldIronKing1
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  • mic01
    mic01 11 months ago

    You would think they would get the right info on why Olympians do it, it was Canadian runner from the 1996 olympics Donovan Bailey who started it at the Olympics.

  • Bella Ruiz
    Bella Ruiz 11 months ago +1

    They bite it to see if its chocolate

  • Anthony Unga
    Anthony Unga 11 months ago

    Maybe they do it because they like the taste of metal...?

  • CobalticChaos
    CobalticChaos 11 months ago +1

    Answer: it’s tradition

  • K White
    K White 11 months ago +5

    Skip all the useless information: they bite them because merchants use to bite coins to tell if it’s real gold

  • Atirahcus R
    Atirahcus R 11 months ago

    How many players have played both summer and winter Olympics n won ?

  • Marry Christmas
    Marry Christmas 11 months ago

    3 gold teeth? Hey I have 4 gold medals in my mouth! LOL

  • DA0470
    DA0470 11 months ago +1

    They’re probably made from chocolate.

  • Help with my mental issues

    Mmm butter

  • raffa ojeda
    raffa ojeda 11 months ago

    lots of out of place info.

  • Vinx342Gaming
    Vinx342Gaming 11 months ago

    Thank you olympics 😒

  • Thomaster Gaming
    Thomaster Gaming 11 months ago

    Your videos

  • Thomaster Gaming
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  • Thomaster Gaming
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  • Thomaster Gaming
    Thomaster Gaming 11 months ago


  • Sara Gilly
    Sara Gilly 11 months ago

    “So back to that biting.” STOP.

  • MrClearme
    MrClearme 11 months ago

    Is this Jack Black's bro?

  • W Lee
    W Lee 11 months ago

    Funny I always thought bitting into gold was an old gold miners tradition and leaving bite marks was a good sign as pure gold is a very soft metal?

  • Camilla C
    Camilla C 11 months ago

    They think it's a 🍪😄😄😄Lol

  • Zach
    Zach 11 months ago +2

    Ironically you’re still fat still even though you didn’t get any chocolate in this video

  • Christopher L
    Christopher L 11 months ago

    This guy doesn’t make sense. So gold would be mixed with other metals to be made harder. As we all know gold is one of the softest metals on earth.
    So he says a merchant would test the authenticity of a coin by biting it. If there were teeth marks that would verify it of being an alloy and not gold? That doesn’t make sense. If anything that would authenticate the question of the metal being gold

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  • Damien Stasen
    Damien Stasen 11 months ago +3

    They bit the medals to see if it was real gold if it made bite marks it was gold if it didnt it was pyrite