Why do Olympians bite their medals? | Burning Questions

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  • Bella Ruiz
    Bella Ruiz 8 hours ago

    They bite it to see if its chocolate

  • Anthony Unga
    Anthony Unga Day ago

    Maybe they do it because they like the taste of metal...?

  • CobalticChaos
    CobalticChaos 2 days ago

    Answer: it’s tradition

  • K White
    K White 2 days ago

    Skip all the useless information: they bite them because merchants use to bite coins to tell if it’s real gold

  • Atirahcus R
    Atirahcus R 3 days ago

    How many players have played both summer and winter Olympics n won ?

  • Marry Christmas
    Marry Christmas 3 days ago

    3 gold teeth? Hey I have 4 gold medals in my mouth! LOL

  • DA0470
    DA0470 4 days ago

    They’re probably made from chocolate.

  • Conner Schmidt
    Conner Schmidt 4 days ago

    Mmm butter

  • raffa ojeda
    raffa ojeda 5 days ago

    lots of out of place info.

  • Vinx342 Gaming
    Vinx342 Gaming 5 days ago

    Thank you olympics 😒

  • Thomaster Gaming
    Thomaster Gaming 6 days ago

    Your videos

  • Thomaster Gaming
    Thomaster Gaming 6 days ago


  • Thomaster Gaming
    Thomaster Gaming 6 days ago


  • Thomaster Gaming
    Thomaster Gaming 6 days ago


  • Sara Gilly
    Sara Gilly 6 days ago

    “So back to that biting.” STOP.

  • MrClearme
    MrClearme 7 days ago

    Is this Jack Black's bro?

  • W Lee
    W Lee 7 days ago

    Funny I always thought bitting into gold was an old gold miners tradition and leaving bite marks was a good sign as pure gold is a very soft metal?

  • Camilla C
    Camilla C 7 days ago

    They think it's a 🍪😄😄😄Lol

  • Zach
    Zach 7 days ago +2

    Ironically you’re still fat still even though you didn’t get any chocolate in this video

  • Christopher L
    Christopher L 7 days ago

    This guy doesn’t make sense. So gold would be mixed with other metals to be made harder. As we all know gold is one of the softest metals on earth.
    So he says a merchant would test the authenticity of a coin by biting it. If there were teeth marks that would verify it of being an alloy and not gold? That doesn’t make sense. If anything that would authenticate the question of the metal being gold

  • Damien Stasen
    Damien Stasen 7 days ago

    They bit the medals to see if it was real gold if it made bite marks it was gold if it didnt it was pyrite

  • puffy penquin
    puffy penquin 7 days ago

    They provably bite there metal beacause there special

  • Vogue Of Today
    Vogue Of Today 8 days ago

    So sweet

  • Eric Chavez
    Eric Chavez 8 days ago +1

    To see if there harder than deezzzz nutzzz

  • tingupungu123 hooui
    tingupungu123 hooui 8 days ago

    I thought it was chocolates, actually like few people have mentioned already pure gold and silver are both soft metals,they can be easily bent ..

  • LuckySeven
    LuckySeven 8 days ago +4

    To check if it's real???

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis 8 days ago

    Seek the Crown that will not fade away.

  • л Бизюк
    л Бизюк 8 days ago

    Наверное из-за того что они проверяют качество!

  • Milu 786
    Milu 786 8 days ago +1

    Because they are hungry

  • Greg Raines
    Greg Raines 8 days ago +1

    It's a tradition to prove the medal is real and not made of chocolate.

  • Kristen Campbell
    Kristen Campbell 8 days ago

    Interesting stuff, who knew!

  • Memorible werd
    Memorible werd 8 days ago +3

    *I skipped to the end and the gist is that ancient merchants would bite gold coins in order to test that they weren't lead forgeries*

  • Philipp Erdmann
    Philipp Erdmann 8 days ago

    What about shaun white? He won snowboard and skateboard in both winter and summer olympics ^^

    SMILEYISMYDOG James 8 days ago +1

    It should be chocolate instead of gold plated metal

  • Boldizsár Balázs
    Boldizsár Balázs 8 days ago

    This funny piece of celebration was done first by Peter Farkas, a Greco-Roman wrestler from Hungary in the 1992 Barcelona games. It has its charm thanks to thing you explain in 2 sentences at 4.08, so it became popular.
    That's the answer you are looking for!

  • Bailey Riddle
    Bailey Riddle 8 days ago

    Because gold is easy to bend... and pyrites not pr whatever other metles used, so id guess its to comfirm the casing is gold.

  • Marcos Castro
    Marcos Castro 8 days ago

    To make sure it’s not chocolate

  • Spiceybooger Spiceybooger

    I bit my medal to find out if it was real because of the Olympics...yeah I was in the 3rd grade.

  • Bandito Rules
    Bandito Rules 8 days ago

    To make sure they're not oversized Bitcoins!

  • f00zh
    f00zh 9 days ago

    cause theyre hungary

  • Myna
    Myna 9 days ago

    The used to bite it to see if it was fake, now they do it just for show, you’re welcome.

  • lovemoviesful2
    lovemoviesful2 9 days ago

    Because it's made out of chocolate. There, answer given.

  • Reginaldo Hernandez
    Reginaldo Hernandez 9 days ago

    It should be Platinum , Gold and Silver !!!!! No more copper !!!!!!

  • Sly Fix
    Sly Fix 9 days ago +1

    They think its a cookie

  • antoine carty
    antoine carty 9 days ago

    They bite it becuz its made of " golden chocolate "

  • Lauri Lähteenmäki
    Lauri Lähteenmäki 9 days ago

    Looking for the answer in the comment section after he changed the topic to history

  • Fit Uber
    Fit Uber 9 days ago

    To check if it's a real gold. You know gold is a bit softer.

  • Kelly EisBrenner
    Kelly EisBrenner 9 days ago

    Why would a softer coin (bite marks) be evidence of a forgery? Fakes were made by alloying with harder metals... solid gold WOULD show bite marks. Did you get that backwards?

    • Aaron Jones
      Aaron Jones 9 days ago

      Kelly EisBrenner pretty sure they did

  • TheGoldenFreezer
    TheGoldenFreezer 9 days ago +1

    This reminds me of the Bubblestand Episode where spongebob would bite the quarters

  • Michael Teixeira
    Michael Teixeira 9 days ago

    Burning question for who? Nobody cares.

  • J Rod
    J Rod 9 days ago


  • ф D
    ф D 9 days ago

    позорники поехать под чужим флагом выступать фу блять. Видать кровь из носа нужно денег отмыть

  • redbyron10
    redbyron10 9 days ago

    Comes from gold being a soft metal that would show teeth marks.

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz 9 days ago +3

    Athletes spend 6 days a week, for several years, training for the Olympics. I think they certainly deserve a SOLID GOLD medal! And they don't deserve a 39% tax on any cash winnings from the Olympics.

  • M Isa
    M Isa 9 days ago

    🔥🔥Why is my question burning?🔥🔥

  • Wodchly
    Wodchly 9 days ago +181

    Thanks for all the unexpected useless information, for just one answer.

    • Metal Wolf
      Metal Wolf 6 days ago +6

      Oh shut it, no need to be so rude! They are just telling us some history!

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 9 days ago

    CNN supports north Korea

  • Weston Anderson
    Weston Anderson 9 days ago

    To prove it’s not a chocolate coin

  • Art Vein
    Art Vein 9 days ago

    Of course Norwegians dominate ice games, that's how they grocery shop

  • Cup o' Joe
    Cup o' Joe 9 days ago

    My guess was because the photographer/reporter asked them to do so. 👀 One Two Three ... ruuuun😌

  • Stingy Mine
    Stingy Mine 9 days ago

    Answer: They pretend like they’re chocolate medal coins from See’s Candies.

  • _Babybee_32 _
    _Babybee_32 _ 9 days ago

    Why do Olympians bite their gold medals? To make sure it’s real gold

  • Fayqi
    Fayqi 9 days ago

    Cause it’s gold

  • Derek Cliff Crane
    Derek Cliff Crane 9 days ago

    fake medals lame

  • Apatheism
    Apatheism 9 days ago +12

    Actually gold is a soft metal. You CAN make teeth marks on it.
    Furthermore, PURE gold is actually highly malleable.
    Your research is basic at best and your explanation (for nearly five minute video) is pathetic.

  • Joaquin Lomeli
    Joaquin Lomeli 9 days ago +1

    They probably think it's a golden chocolate coin lol those were my favorite as a kid lol

  • michael majewski
    michael majewski 9 days ago

    Time for updates

  • michael majewski
    michael majewski 9 days ago

    Why's freestyle motocross , motocross, supercross not in the Olympics throw us a freakin bone here

  • Lord Coso
    Lord Coso 9 days ago

    Yo lo que no entiendo es porque inventar la tangente, la cotangente, la secante y cosecante, osea ya con el coseno y el seno ya me alcanza, no me jodan loco! encima el vino esta a 90 la caja

  • Alucard Drac
    Alucard Drac 9 days ago +1

    They bite their medals cause it's obviously a gold colored tim foil over chocolate

  • Adam O
    Adam O 9 days ago

    Aren’t you from football republic?

  • S・ S
    S・ S 10 days ago


  • Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex
    Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex 10 days ago +4

    Well if I worked that hard for it, of course I'm going to put it in my mouth

  • Shooter King
    Shooter King 10 days ago

    Never knew that comments could be so toxic in an educational video about the olympics

    • Allen Liu
      Allen Liu 9 days ago

      Shooter King cuz they’re feeding false info?? Pure gold is soft so if it leaves teeth marks then it’s real. Not fake like the video says

  • Lambert
    Lambert 10 days ago

    To prove they aren't chocolates?

    • Lambert
      Lambert 10 days ago

      Close enough. To prove they aren't lead.

  • MsBre7
    MsBre7 10 days ago

    Same reason ppl lick the bottom of their new shoes

  • Mark L
    Mark L 10 days ago

    Omg is this legit a video?? This is just like saying, why do people bite their nails for fk sakes

  • Solomon Kane
    Solomon Kane 10 days ago

    Because narcissists are gullible and imitative.

  • natejeffries
    natejeffries 10 days ago +3

    wait, isn't this guy on SoccerAM?

  • Philosophase
    Philosophase 10 days ago +1

    I always thought there was chocolate inside of them.

  • Panda Solis
    Panda Solis 10 days ago

    Pero el titulo esta en español ;v

  • Sinjinbin 64
    Sinjinbin 64 10 days ago

    Because they are dumbasses?

  • zachary karpiel
    zachary karpiel 10 days ago

    Shaun white is also planning on getting a gold in the next summer games in skateboarding

  • Lucky
    Lucky 10 days ago

    Second place got copper not bronze

  • zZpeedy
    zZpeedy 10 days ago

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  • Sober Grid
    Sober Grid 10 days ago +262

    it's not very funny. and you literally waited until the end of the video to answer the question...

    • Jo Hanna
      Jo Hanna 8 hours ago

      Well it' pretty common knowledge why they bite the medals

    • Sober Grid
      Sober Grid 9 days ago +5

      Yeah, I hate it when videos put a question in the title then make you sit through the whole video and answer it at the end! Just answer the question first and, if I like the way you answer it, then I watch the rest of the video.

    • Scientific Machine
      Scientific Machine 10 days ago +6

      I didn't think it was funny either, but what you and I think is nothing more than an opinion. Your second point carries more weight however.

    • philip j fry
      philip j fry 10 days ago +2

      it's to scrap off the led paint duh.

    • This ugly dude below me is a shit
      This ugly dude below me is a shit 10 days ago +15

      Sober Grid I think it's funny and worth to watch..

  • WZTwiggs
    WZTwiggs 10 days ago

    I didn’t. It’s stupid.

  • k2raf
    k2raf 10 days ago

    Why 3 on the podium ?

  • WCPMachines
    WCPMachines 10 days ago +21

    Would be cool if they started awarding gold/silver/bronze olive wreaths.

    • Cree-Cree V
      Cree-Cree V 9 days ago

      WCPMachines that would be pretty

  • PleaseEnterAName
    PleaseEnterAName 10 days ago +1

    Could women participate in the Olympics back then?!

  • 아니나는
    아니나는 10 days ago

    개회식 풀영상 좀 ;;; ㅈ ㅔ발 ㅜㅜㅜ

  • Čeda Veličković
    Čeda Veličković 10 days ago +7

    2018 CEREMONY!!!!!!

    • Joaquin Lomeli
      Joaquin Lomeli 9 days ago

      Čeda Veličković the opener was really nice

  • ketan patel
    ketan patel 10 days ago


  • 亞零
    亞零 10 days ago


  • Totte
    Totte 10 days ago

    please upload when charlotte kalla won gold this morning!!!!

  • Harry Hayfield
    Harry Hayfield 10 days ago

    We all know the slightly odd circumstances that led to Australia winning their first Winter Olympic gold in Salt Lake City in 2002, but what's the strangest Winter Olympic medal (both in terms of circumstance and in terms of performance)?

  • Deepak kalad
    Deepak kalad 10 days ago +4

    How is the lane order in a sprint event (100m, 200m, 400m) final determined ?

    • Ngaru Nen
      Ngaru Nen 9 days ago

      Deepak kalad it depends on how fast you run in the semifinals. If your usain Bolt and you run a 9.9 in the semifinals and beat everyone, you get dibs on the best lane for the final, which would be the middle lanes.

  • MSAP203
    MSAP203 10 days ago

    Do they sell it?

  • Rift of games
    Rift of games 10 days ago

    Omg its the every Premier League club in 90 seconds dude