Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!!

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Hey guys! In this challenge, we race against the clock in a Disney filled scavenger hunt! There are riddles and clues that lead us to our goal! Come along with us to see who completes all their tasks first!
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  • Ella_PJ_ 36
    Ella_PJ_ 36 Day ago

    Bobby "Picture with a team edge fan, You"
    Also bobby " did you recognize me?"
    Random person "Ya"
    Again bobby "can you take a picture with me?"
    This is how many people recognized bobby

  • Andrew Westerman

    When we went we broke Pooh and buzz

    GAMING WITH JT 2 days ago

    I remember when I watched this the day it came out aka summer but it is now school 😭

  • isaacbatman844 batman

    What kind of backpack does joey have

  • Jenna Brown
    Jenna Brown 3 days ago

    It’s barely raining...
    Bobby it’s pouring down we’re gonna did
    People in Georgia thunder storms no big deal

  • Jos Cheung
    Jos Cheung 3 days ago

    They should do it in groups of 2 or more next time

  • Sshostern
    Sshostern 3 days ago

    I want to meet Bobby

  • Joey Curiel
    Joey Curiel 5 days ago

    7:19 We’re on our way to the haunted mansion, oh I can’t breathe 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joey Curiel
    Joey Curiel 5 days ago

    0:10 today were at, Best Buy?

  • Dex TheUnicorn
    Dex TheUnicorn 5 days ago

    4:25 bobby stop getting kids wet

  • Evan Senfleben
    Evan Senfleben 7 days ago

    Do more of these videos

  • Gustavo Gutierrez
    Gustavo Gutierrez 7 days ago


  • Sarah C.
    Sarah C. 7 days ago

    Lol, in all of Bryan's video its pouring, but in J-Fred's its barely sprinkling and the suns out. ; |)

  • Connor Bracken
    Connor Bracken 8 days ago

    I'm from huston Texas

  • CarsonPlayz517
    CarsonPlayz517 8 days ago +1

    Kid: dO yOu kNoW wHo tHiS iS!?

    Other Kid: nO?…

  • Caleb Tyler-Combs
    Caleb Tyler-Combs 10 days ago

    This video is awesome.

  • R.E.A.L Studios
    R.E.A.L Studios 10 days ago

    I’m watching this again and man J-Fred smoked them

  • Memelord YT
    Memelord YT 10 days ago +2

    Why is there a fortnite map in the thumbnail?

  • Jt_Pokefan
    Jt_Pokefan 11 days ago

    Wish they left a link to download the document for the scavenger hunt list in the description

  • Hernandez Mateo
    Hernandez Mateo 12 days ago


  • Sander Hockey
    Sander Hockey 12 days ago

    The weather you had today was not as bad as I had it in Aqualand in france and it rained so bad that everyone got sent home and the thunder could be heard from miles away and so manu lightning strikes

  • Dustin Holman
    Dustin Holman 12 days ago

    0:01 that face🤣

  • Marcel Ruffino
    Marcel Ruffino 12 days ago


  • Sydnie Lagasse
    Sydnie Lagasse 13 days ago

    Can you do a part 2????

  • wierd potato
    wierd potato 13 days ago +1

    I've always wanted to take a picture with them like this if you want to take a picture with them.

  • Aalrin Shibu
    Aalrin Shibu 13 days ago

    When you were meeting Darth Vader after that it said Darth Daver

  • Joshua Jimenez
    Joshua Jimenez 13 days ago

    I dare for Joey,Bobby and Bryan to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain and ride on X2,Twisted Collosus and more scary rides, but each have to ride in different seats.

  • Jacque L.
    Jacque L. 14 days ago

    Meet darth daver

  • AuroraBlood
    AuroraBlood 14 days ago

    Anyone else notice it said ‘Darth DAVER’ not ‘Darth VADER’ I was cracking up laughing when I saw this

  • Master Jennifer
    Master Jennifer 14 days ago

    Peter panin... Darth Daver ... Cashier cat... xD yall kill me

  • Ephraim Molongi
    Ephraim Molongi 14 days ago +2

    00:00 J-Fred’s face at the beginning and also 12:44 looks as if he was on you know 😉

    This is family content 👍

  • Sean Tirelli
    Sean Tirelli 16 days ago

    I had the turkey leg too

  • Brandon Montiel
    Brandon Montiel 17 days ago

    The loser gets wet at splash mountain

  • Gadget 405
    Gadget 405 17 days ago

    A moment of silence for the editor(s)

  • Ciara Williams
    Ciara Williams 17 days ago

    anyone else think J-Fred is a bit of a try hard

  • Martha Gutierrez
    Martha Gutierrez 17 days ago

    Do you now that im LITTLE girl

  • Martha Gutierrez
    Martha Gutierrez 18 days ago

    Its raning hard here

  • Beth Barber
    Beth Barber 18 days ago

    Why can’t Bobby get points for the others flossing

  • MarshmallowCookiez
    MarshmallowCookiez 19 days ago

    As someone from Florida

  • Ru Jay
    Ru Jay 20 days ago

    Te means team edge right?

  • oofer game plays
    oofer game plays 20 days ago


  • Eryn Czirfusz
    Eryn Czirfusz 21 day ago

    It’s tower bride not London bridge😂

  • Hannah Hanimals
    Hannah Hanimals 21 day ago +3

    Bobby meeting vader: Oh hi.

  • Oliver Fehrenbacher
    Oliver Fehrenbacher 21 day ago

    Those ducks stole my pen

  • Ane Meland Klepp
    Ane Meland Klepp 21 day ago

    Do this video again

  • Vegeta 425
    Vegeta 425 21 day ago

    This was my 5th time watching this video and I just realized 16:05 it says "Meet Darth Daver."

  • Ariana LaCross
    Ariana LaCross 21 day ago

    firer somone and i wont to join

  • Wolverage
    Wolverage 21 day ago

    should do a cali adventures version

  • Kodiak
    Kodiak 21 day ago +4

    Joey be like: Work smart not hard ;)
    Joey actually is often the smartest of the bunch.

  • Xxdynamite BomberxX
    Xxdynamite BomberxX 21 day ago

    Where did Bobby’s fish plush go

  • Jake Ward
    Jake Ward 21 day ago

    I love how nobody went to Bobby for a picture

  • Megan G
    Megan G 21 day ago

    What kind of sick animal puts ketchup on a corn dog?!? Team mustard all the way!!!

  • Ashley Carnley
    Ashley Carnley 21 day ago +1

    Were do you leave

  • I’m AAJ
    I’m AAJ 22 days ago

    did anyone else noticed they put darth daver? 16:00 exact is when it shows

  • Jesse Thompson
    Jesse Thompson 22 days ago

    I like teamege

  • Kiran & Ryan
    Kiran & Ryan 22 days ago

    Title: Disneyland Scavenger Hunt!
    Thumbnail: DisneyWORLD Scavenger Hunt!

  • matthew hadley
    matthew hadley 22 days ago

    Bobby is the best

  • Amaya Desilva
    Amaya Desilva 22 days ago +4

    Little kid: do you know who this is.
    Older kid: No.
    Me: what!!!🤯🤯

  • Hussein Hazamy
    Hussein Hazamy 22 days ago +1

    Do a part 2

  • Awesome Me
    Awesome Me 22 days ago

    Bobby: sees dark Vader
    Also Bobby: Hey

  • Disney queen
    Disney queen 22 days ago +4

    I literally watched this many times 😂😂 I need more Disney videos XD

  • Nga ki Chow
    Nga ki Chow 23 days ago

    How many did Bryan say churros

  • Little Flora
    Little Flora 23 days ago

    the celebration one bcuz it’s the 90th year of disney. facts

  • JJthe Mystical
    JJthe Mystical 24 days ago

    This was uploaded the day i left Disney World

  • Yung Saucey
    Yung Saucey 24 days ago

    Did the cameraman get something to eat?

  • Dawson Stidham
    Dawson Stidham 24 days ago

    Joey: *Gets 60 Points in 30 Seconds*

  • Dawson Stidham
    Dawson Stidham 24 days ago

    Bryan: "I'm going to win this competition"
    Buzz Lightyear Ride: *I'm About To End This Man's Whole Career.*

  • LivvyKaeGirl
    LivvyKaeGirl 24 days ago

    Mom:Are you ready for school?
    Me:Heck yeah (cause I have been homeschooled for 6 years)
    Other Kids: 13:00

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas Evans 25 days ago

    Bobbys knowledge: minerals= materials

  • Kc U
    Kc U 26 days ago +1

    My favorite team edge video ever!!!! You guys should totally do a part 2!!! Love you guysss ❤️❤️❤️

  • Fredbare gaming
    Fredbare gaming 26 days ago

    I did what Bobby did on the buz lightyear ride (the second time he did it) but I was on my own on that ride

  • Owen Bullock
    Owen Bullock 26 days ago +4

    J Fred almost beat Bryan and Bobby combined K Fred had 385 and Bryan and Bobby had 392 together

  • •Pastel Monster•
    •Pastel Monster• 26 days ago

    Dam when the Astro Blaster ride broke down I remembered that that happened to me and I immediately started getting more points

  • Brandt Anderson
    Brandt Anderson 27 days ago +1

    Darth Daver!

  • Exalibro1590
    Exalibro1590 27 days ago

    i hate fortnite please end me