Rock Hounding for Banded Calcite West of Utah Lake, UT

  • Published on Jun 26, 2016
  • I was looking for Root Beer Onyx (banded calcite) but came across something totally different.
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  • Hollie Bingham
    Hollie Bingham 3 months ago

    Do you use rockhounding books to find your locations?

    • Ashley Bastian
      Ashley Bastian 2 months ago

      BTW, I mean post a link to the geological survey map!

    • Ashley Bastian
      Ashley Bastian 2 months ago

      @Cary Peterson Cary can you post a link? And maybe a quick youtube tutorial on how to understand it? I can't find a key... I am not sure what all the colors mean and how to spot a good rockhounding spot near me. I am in the Uintah Basin, like Vernal.

    • Cary Peterson
      Cary Peterson  3 months ago

      That's a good question. Most of the good spots are hidden by rockhounds but if you look at the Geological Survey Maps in your area you can find most of them. Just make sure your on public land. Even then I have seen signs posted just to confuse people.

  • James Hicks
    James Hicks 4 months ago


  • shawn rowley
    shawn rowley 4 months ago +1

    GPS please?

  • mike petersen
    mike petersen 6 months ago

    Been there also a little bit of a hike and not any holes I dug

  • Don Borg
    Don Borg 7 months ago

    Love the videos man. Definitely need to get out there with the wife and kids and do some rockhounding. Any place close for lodging? Not really a day trip coming from Idaho.

  • Ruben Chables
    Ruben Chables 9 months ago

    Thanks for the flowers!!!
    Minute 8...

  • JC Mills
    JC Mills 10 months ago

    I am reading up on aragonite after finding a bunch of good stuff. Its also fluorescent with a uv flashlight. But I am confused about the inter use of the term onyx which true onyx is agate material where aragonite is banded calcium carbonate--the same material as calcite but the crystal structure is different. Sort of like referring to coal as diamond or vice versa from what I can tell. However almost all of what im running across uses the term onyx--banded onyx is banded agate. Good video thanks.

  • Amber Hanson
    Amber Hanson 11 months ago

    Where was this location?

  • Rockhounding with Bigfoot!

    So was that red soil (in with all the non red soil surrounding) one of the things you honed in on?

  • Jason meaty
    Jason meaty Year ago +1

    Ur doing good anyway..good job

  • Jason meaty
    Jason meaty Year ago

    U dnt have to be a geologist to understand the landscape buddy..

    801CARDLINE Year ago +1

    I would have been looking for fossils and Salina wonder stone is where it's at

  • Ned Nedy
    Ned Nedy Year ago +5

    There is banded calcite by Nephi Utah by the Mount Nebo Loop road.
    The Utah geological Survey has a flyer telling you exactly where it is and how to get there.
    It is worth the effort but in winter the Nebo Loop road is closed, so late spring or summer would be the best time to visit there.

  • Unchanging God
    Unchanging God Year ago +2

    thank you for sharing! I love the banded rocks!!

  • Justin Bayola
    Justin Bayola Year ago +2


  • davisx2002
    davisx2002 2 years ago

    dude go out by vernon and collect will shit your pants when you see how much you can gather...its much better than the chunks you have there

  • ouchymytoe
    ouchymytoe 3 years ago +7

    I was south of Delta with the kids this last weekend to get some obsidian. It's certainly not hard to find out there! Happy hounding!

    • Cary Peterson
      Cary Peterson  3 years ago

      Out of all the Agate locations in Utah I have been to its probably the best. Park here and start walking uphill till you start finding agate.'01.8%22N+113%C2%B058'52.2%22W/@40.8004977,-113.9826443,428m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.800495!4d-113.981174 I will post a picture of some agate I found there on my facebook page

    • ouchymytoe
      ouchymytoe 3 years ago

      North of Danger Cave? I've seen that location in my Utah rock collector's guide by Wilson. Did you find much? The directions I have are vague and don't seem to match Google earth. Do you exit at Leppy Pass Road or right in Wendover?

    • Cary Peterson
      Cary Peterson  3 years ago

      I was in Wendover this weekend looking for agate. Looking forward in getting my diy tumblers back up and running.

    • ouchymytoe
      ouchymytoe 3 years ago

      LOL! Yes, lots of snowflake (relatively) and little bits of mahogany. Finding larger chunks of mahogany would take a bit more effort than I had time for. There's a lot of black with faint, mahogany-ish stripes. It's really pretty too. We spent too much time looking for the main collecting site. If we had known exactly where it was or found it more quickly, it would have been a more productive trip. That said, we still have a bucket-full of nice rocks.

    • Cary Peterson
      Cary Peterson  3 years ago

      I would like to find some snowflake obsidian and mahogany obsidian. Did you find any of that out there? I went out there by Topaz Mountain to look for agate and realized very quickly I wish I brought a jack hammer because it was one solid peace, the size of the mountain.

  • ouchymytoe
    ouchymytoe 3 years ago +6

    I believe there's some limonite (goethite) psudomorphs after pyrite in that area also. Not as pretty as the calcite, but an interesting morphology. There are also plant fossils in the waste rock piles of the clay pits/quarries out there.

    • Danish Native
      Danish Native 3 years ago +1

      He was very close to the Limonite/Goethite open cut. I have found some nice cubes there. I can't tell from watching this video though, his exact location.