The Official Podcast #21 With PewDiePie

  • Published on May 5, 2017
    Five close man friends gather around to be bros.
    Jackson: zealotonpc
    Andrew: HuggbeesTLN
    Charlie: CharityCr1TiKaL
    Kaya: kayaorsan
    Special Guest:
    PewDiePie: pewdiepie
    The Official Podcast:
    Facebook: theofficialonline
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  • ThanosTheGrape
    ThanosTheGrape 4 days ago

    Damn, I still can't believe Felix who masturbate his cat, is married and hit 100 Mil.

  • GG Noobs
    GG Noobs 19 days ago

    I can't believe that the case, with such the big hearts they have, accepted a non recognizable TVclipr to help out his peasant channel

  • _ o_O-RioT-O_o_
    _ o_O-RioT-O_o_ 20 days ago +1

    Itd be nice to get felix on the cast again, such a genuine dude

  • FBI
    FBI 23 days ago +1

    Honestly out of all the episodes I’ve watched this has to be one of my favourites

  • Heber Deeber
    Heber Deeber 23 days ago +1

    2017 felix: I'm sick of doing intros
    2019 felix every video: GOOD MORNING GAMERS

  • Nater K
    Nater K 26 days ago

    "Can he fly?"
    "No, but if he could fly, he would know how to fly like Superman."
    10/10 overpowered abilities

  • A dumby named Conor
    A dumby named Conor 26 days ago

    The most ambitious crossover event in history.

  • Q.H.S
    Q.H.S Month ago

    Two legends from my.... pre teen hood. Amazing

  • Fruit Loopes
    Fruit Loopes Month ago

    Who is this small TVclipr on your channel?

  • Thomas Solheim
    Thomas Solheim Month ago

    Did they just assume Felixe's Gender?!

  • Cloud Soda
    Cloud Soda Month ago

    When my friends and me are talking with the cool kid:

  • Iyorioknight
    Iyorioknight Month ago

    do u play warfame i suggest it

    FALKOR Month ago

    wait, what is charlie's intro?

  • Hi there Fucking Amazing

    Felix sounds familiar, but I can’t put my mind to it?

  • Unoriginal content boi

    15:40 Felix predicts that he’s gonna have a video that fucks everyone over

  • Doubl
    Doubl Month ago +1

    That’s Gloria borger but ok

  • Fukdisit_ Amout
    Fukdisit_ Amout Month ago +1

    your comment section is filled with children man

  • cgyoutube
    cgyoutube Month ago

    wow having shane dawson on the podcast was super cool

  • sanpai
    sanpai Month ago

    51:04 Only time travelers will understand this

  • Sophia H
    Sophia H Month ago


  • Kamran Kazi
    Kamran Kazi Month ago

    PewDiePie is the best TVcliprs right now

  • DR.Dragon 420
    DR.Dragon 420 Month ago +2

    Never played tuber sim

  • billythe 11thdimensionalhobo

    @t watches over the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and all make-believe is, is imagination. Now, if Neighborhood of Make-Believe is pure imagination how fare of a stretch is it to say that he can look into imagination incarnate as well as other fictions. @t was a real person at one point in time, so if he has the power to look into fictions whats to say he had the power to travel to said fictions in his mind in a meditative state(yes, in the same vain as Chris-Chan). If this is true, then what form would he take. I would say Barney The Dinosaur. Now hear me out! @t can see into fiction/fictions/imagination and Barney, like Santa Christ, is made from pure imagination. Now the Fred Rogers is died he is one with the supernatural and could be Barney at any time and place he would want to. I would like to say @t is the god of all fiction, for he watches over it and could enter at any time and place he wants to in fiction. Now that he is died and part of the supernatural he can rule over all of fiction properly. I would also like to say that Barney is Jesus because @t could't enter fiction with fool force as himself because of his outrages his power is and would have to use Barney as an avatar, but who is the Virgin Marry, Who is Sampson, who is etc.(you get the point) who out there in fiction are the true characters of the Bible that we have ignored with are ignorance as humans.

  • Triple M
    Triple M 2 months ago +3

    13:37 sounds like pewds in his current day Tuber Simulator commercial voice

  • Dexty
    Dexty 2 months ago +1

    We need sequel it's been two years.

  • big diggle dong i mean big black dick

    I can never watch this podcast without headphones

  • Man I'll Probably regret this

    I lost respect for you, having that retard come on... shameful

    • Man I'll Probably regret this
      Man I'll Probably regret this 26 days ago

      @General Oh Yeah Yeah sry mr. fanboy
      That dummy is an annoying goof
      Sorry you're too stupid to see that
      I regret that this is where we are as a species.
      Fuck him, and fuck you too

    • General Oh Yeah Yeah
      General Oh Yeah Yeah 26 days ago

      Man I'll Probably regret this
      you gonna regret this Comment

    • clickbait_ x
      clickbait_ x Month ago

      The heck

  • Flame Jakkai
    Flame Jakkai 2 months ago +3

    Wait so Shane Dawson fucked his cat and everyone gives him shit but here we have Pewdiepie saying that he literally jerked off his cat and no one gives a shit? I want there to be equality for all cat-diddlers, if you diddle your cat then you must be treated equally as Pewdiepie was treated on this day.

  • nathan hunter
    nathan hunter 2 months ago +1

    I just want to WATCH

  • Big Yeet
    Big Yeet 2 months ago +1

    so why did shane get yoinked off the internet

  • Skaaphond
    Skaaphond 2 months ago +1

    The cat section didn’t age too well

  • zoelhek
    zoelhek 2 months ago +1

    So basicly PewDiePie handjobing cats

  • CumberCube
    CumberCube 2 months ago +1

    Jesus christ pewds you wanked off ur cat? Didnt shane dawson get roasted by u

  • Jim
    Jim 2 months ago

    Can someone give me a timestamp for when he talks about Baccano?

  • KIDZ BOP Spotlight
    KIDZ BOP Spotlight 2 months ago



  • On10n Chan
    On10n Chan 2 months ago

    I'd love to watch Felix play Persona 5 on camera, even if it's just him streaming it

  • Mauricio Alva
    Mauricio Alva 2 months ago

    Did anyone else hear the very faint “yellow” whisper?

  • Chris Sk
    Chris Sk 2 months ago

    I wonder what happened to pewdiepie's trusted person. 🤔

  • DoggedToaster97 same
    DoggedToaster97 same 2 months ago +3

    Felix and charle? I love this

  • Maunil Patel
    Maunil Patel 2 months ago +1

    Hmmmm who’s this Felix guy he seems like a great small creator.

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly 2 months ago +1

    i hope you never change your description

  • RagingCookie127
    RagingCookie127 2 months ago

    5 people is far too many people. 3 is an actual stretch. It'd be much better if it was just Chris and Felix.

  • Hartono Jafar
    Hartono Jafar 2 months ago

    so pewdiepie's real height is 172cm?

    • c3rv4
      c3rv4 2 months ago

      Without legs you can be any height you want.🤔

  • Gam Jam
    Gam Jam 2 months ago +1

    You know, it always amazes me how people can talk for hours so easily

  • Gam Jam
    Gam Jam 2 months ago

    Poor cat.

  • Kombucha King
    Kombucha King 2 months ago +1

    the show that is famous for talking about cum and masturbating.

  • Mega Mind
    Mega Mind 2 months ago +2

    Wow, this felix guy is pretty funny. Anyone know if he has a channel?

  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem 2 months ago +1

    You guys should watch football (futbol) the greatest and only good sport on planet earth

    • - Greenit -
      - Greenit - Month ago

      False! As a proud American I much prefer hand egg.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 2 months ago +1

    there's an episode of the twilight zone where the character gets immortality and tries to get a death sentence but goes to prison for life.

  • Malcolm in the Middle
    Malcolm in the Middle 2 months ago +1

    This video contains a lie. Pewdiepie is 181cm, not 5'7"

  • Sumeet Dhatt
    Sumeet Dhatt 2 months ago +2

    51:08 did not age well

  • Robin
    Robin 3 months ago +2

    ”It is something interesting about getting different animals dicks out”

  • Scott Okaga
    Scott Okaga 3 months ago +1

    bruh felix is the weirdest mofo holy shit dude committed beastiality on a feline wtf. that shit wild af

  • Fauzan Ikhsan
    Fauzan Ikhsan 3 months ago

    charlie's girlfriend hear it 26:08

  • Pinoq
    Pinoq 3 months ago

    T series

  • pocky stick
    pocky stick 3 months ago +1

    I'm actually sad that I just found this now. Lmao. My favorite youtubers in one vid. I'm kinda hoping that pewds will go back making edgy content like Charlie now but I guess, the msm just really did it this time. Those fucking pigs

  • speedingchimps
    speedingchimps 3 months ago +1

    thanks charlie for letting me know about this shockingly small channel, it has great content, hope it becomes bigger though it's so small

  • Daniel Daneil
    Daniel Daneil 3 months ago

    1:19:09 can anyone hear someting like a woman whispering? that creeped me out

    SAIPAN 3 months ago


  • Drezz
    Drezz 3 months ago +1

    Wow that pewdiepie guy sounds funny, he should start a TVclip channel.