Meat Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Deli Meats | Price Points | Epicurious


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  • ShortyZone
    ShortyZone 28 minutes ago

    Best. Job. EVER!

  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker 7 hours ago

    I mean all of these were dead obvious... and the only one out of that list I'd eat would be the $4 bologna. Frankly expensive food just makes me think of all the things I'd rather spend that money on so I never enjoy it. I'd much rather pan fry some $5.95 a pound chuck eye than drop $50+ on a steak that frankly tastes exactly the same but slightly more tender.

  • lukecage275
    lukecage275 8 hours ago

    So............can a lesbian be a meat expert?

  • Kate Wood
    Kate Wood 9 hours ago

    I liked that he was honest about the flavor of the cheaper ones. He could still tell if they were cheaper, but he was honest if they still tasted good. Sometimes I feel like some of these experts go full food snob and exaggerate how unappetizing the cheaper stuff is.

  • Christoph P.
    Christoph P. 9 hours ago

    Thats a disgusting video.

  • Ike Zhang
    Ike Zhang 10 hours ago

    Can we talk about how beautiful Eli's eyes are?

  • tsitnedance
    tsitnedance 13 hours ago

    Where do you get these guys? Very interesting, informative, and just an overall non-biased analysis. Great job!

  • Künstler
    Künstler 14 hours ago

    I'm sorry but prosciutto comes from Italy. The spain ones is named Serrano or Pata Negra

  • John Y
    John Y 15 hours ago +1

    Seems like a great guy. He can obviously tell at first sight which meats are of poorer quality but he still tries to be positive with both. Really great informative video.

  • Miklas Hintikka
    Miklas Hintikka 16 hours ago

    Damn it. Now im hungry af...

  • Leonardo Grasso
    Leonardo Grasso 18 hours ago

    I'm Italian and I wouldn't eat none of the products in the video... Not even the good ones, they look awful... How can you all eat this stuff? ahah Come to Italy and eat some of the best products in the world ;) You're welcome

  • xcver
    xcver 20 hours ago

    well we do have a salami specialty here known for its hardness (ahle stracke) so they would fail that one test :) 35 USD for a lbs of salami? jeez why is that so expensive as opposed to let's say italy?

  • DorK_Knight
    DorK_Knight Day ago

    “meat expert” ok buddy

  • Someone Somewhere

    mold and rancid fat. yummy words 😐 acid, bacteria. wow, so glad im a vegetarian XD

  • Camille Copeland

    Not to be like, “I could’ve done this with no expertise or know how,” but I could’ve done this with no expertise or know how

  • Shampoo Fully
    Shampoo Fully Day ago +2

    Your moms a meat expert.

  • seancoyote
    seancoyote Day ago

    Not that I don't love the explanations they give in which I often do learn a thing or two, but I rarely can't tell which is the more expensive in this series, so it being a challenge to them is kinda silly.

  • 0rbiit
    0rbiit Day ago

    I’m too immature for this

  • Not Interested
    Not Interested Day ago

    I don't eat dead flesh of murdered animals.

  • AKlescht
    AKlescht Day ago

    Some of those prices seem insanely high. But you do get what you pay for

  • Sandaa
    Sandaa Day ago

    *n a t r u a l c u r v e*

  • Sandaa
    Sandaa Day ago

    Of course Boris is here.

  • Ziko Pastoft
    Ziko Pastoft Day ago

    The spanish ham is also called a "Serrano Ham" right?

  • Jazzmanpac
    Jazzmanpac Day ago

    You dont need to be an expert to guess it...

  • mario21329
    mario21329 2 days ago

    Next time blind tasting would be a better way to test those taste buds.

  • John Rife
    John Rife 2 days ago

    This guy should have his own show.

  • donny bravo
    donny bravo 2 days ago

    i know a hooker thats a meat expert as well

  • big mike
    big mike 2 days ago +1

    Dude looks like bald john Ritter .

  • Nate T
    Nate T 2 days ago

    Ur mom is a meat inspector

  • Rakonc
    Rakonc 2 days ago

    Those salamis at the start nearly made me throw up. Just google Pick Salami and you will see what i mean, fat is a part of it sure, but not fat as thick as your finger, gotta at least mill it some. Also the less fat there is the better cause you know they actually used meat. Cant really have the mould taste matter if you are chowing down on pieces of solid fat the size of a coin.

  • Patrick Boyle
    Patrick Boyle 2 days ago

    I'm a sort of meat expert myself since I am in fact composed of meat.

  • R Marty
    R Marty 2 days ago

    The bologna test was ridiculous. But nicely done overall.

  • ivanna alberti
    ivanna alberti 2 days ago

    Watch Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, What the Health, Earthlings, Food.Inc, Dominion...

  • ZybakTV
    ZybakTV 2 days ago

    Dude's almost as much of a meat expert as your mom.

  • Re Set
    Re Set 3 days ago

    I can tell from some of the pixels

  • LinkSysRoute
    LinkSysRoute 3 days ago

    Mouthfeel? No, the word *texture* exists. Really, it does.

  • Shane TGP
    Shane TGP 3 days ago

    He knows what meat to beat

    ZPERO 3 days ago

    As a spaniard, I'm glad Jamon Serrano Iberico de Bellota is appreciated in the here in the US. It's really really difficult to find here, I usually only have it when I visit my family back in Spain. I usually end up eating quite a lot when I visit because there's a lot of good food I don't have the rest of the time while i'm here.

  • Luke Allison
    Luke Allison 3 days ago

    This dude knows his meat

  • Dohk
    Dohk 3 days ago

    I am also a meat expert. But that's something completely different

  • James Tetzner
    James Tetzner 3 days ago

    Every one of these is super obvious

  • Gravity YT
    Gravity YT 3 days ago +2

    4:58 what if it is a girl huh...?🤔

  • Shaw Campbell
    Shaw Campbell 3 days ago

    U have a big head

  • A.C Clemont
    A.C Clemont 3 days ago

    Is he gay tho?

  • Connor Heffenhouse
    Connor Heffenhouse 3 days ago

    i had a friend who went to Italy and bought a super expensive prosciutto then had it confiscated at the border on the way back.

  • Worthless Servant
    Worthless Servant 3 days ago

    lol @ 12:50

  • MarcYoBro
    MarcYoBro 4 days ago

    Very well done mr expert. Just love to see experts of any field. Just amazing

  • Erik Back
    Erik Back 4 days ago

    Mmmmm Prosciutto ...

  • Brian Barr
    Brian Barr 4 days ago

    What I'm taking away from this is I should become a "meat expert". I could tell the more expensive meat before he started talking. Or, they chose drastic quality meats intentionally and I should just sit back down and continue being a sad pig.

  • Weareonenation303
    Weareonenation303 4 days ago

    How is a lb of salami for 20$ cheap?

  • Rodrigo Silva
    Rodrigo Silva 4 days ago

    spanish jamon is good but try a portuguese one, its really good!

  • Nicolas S
    Nicolas S 4 days ago

    I hate the obvious ones!

  • Jon Oca
    Jon Oca 4 days ago

    I went to a german deli and bought some high end bologna for around 10 bucks per pound....found it to be flavorless and bland. Went to the 99 cent store and found a 1 pound package of some commercially produced had a better texture, more seasoning, and better flavor than the deli version. I hadn't eaten bologna in probably 20 years and doubt I will eat it again in another 20 but it was an interesting experiment for sure. As far as ham goes..... Try Kirkland Brand Master Carve Ham for $2.39 /lb (Costco). Has the same markings as the smaller more expensive ham he tasted here, and is delicious...they are larger than the one here and one disadvantage is that you have to slice it yourself, but at the price point, it' fantastic.

  • c
    c 5 days ago

    repping thumann's I see. they make a good cold cut but are quick to expire.

  • grace
    grace 5 days ago

    i got these all right and i dont even eat meat 😂 for some of them i just guessed the opposite of what my family gets 😂

  • John O'Dell
    John O'Dell 5 days ago

    dude knows his meats

  • GreenEggAndSAM2
    GreenEggAndSAM2 5 days ago

    This was so boring

  • Schnick
    Schnick 5 days ago

    Does anyone else watch this video simply because it is satisfying? This must be the 10th time i've seen it

  • NepRide
    NepRide 5 days ago

    He is vegetarian worst enemy.

  • Hamid Mohammad
    Hamid Mohammad 6 days ago

    why is he eating raw meat?

  • bennies fried chicken

    anyone else find this video really satisfying?

  • Rogue01
    Rogue01 6 days ago

    Thats so funny! My sister is a meat expert too!!

  • michele bonvini
    michele bonvini 6 days ago

    Taste the "salami" from Piacenza , is where best salami in italy are made

  • B Clint
    B Clint 6 days ago

    How much more obvious could the differences between quality vs crap be? Just look at the stuff. Did he need to even taste the stuff?

  • Elena
    Elena 6 days ago

    lets play "spot the vegan in the comments" 😂😂

  • Brian Jr Spero
    Brian Jr Spero 6 days ago


  • Mate Dogan
    Mate Dogan 6 days ago

    I can taste them thru the screen, I guessed every one of them just by looking.. Mom, I'm a better meat expert than the MEAT EXPERT!

  • Stephen Salyer
    Stephen Salyer 6 days ago

    This was easy to guess. As an American I only had to ask myself one question on each of these. Which one have I ate? So I already know its the cheaper one.

  • Erin Evans
    Erin Evans 7 days ago

    Lost my attention and respect when he said the pig raised for the cheaper prosciutto was probably given hormones. There are NO FDA approved hormones for use in pork or poultry. A meat producer ought to know that.

  • mousecake
    mousecake 7 days ago

    kind of disappointed that all of these were pork-based products...

  • PainEpel
    PainEpel 7 days ago

    I worked in a deli counter of a European supermarket chain for 7 years. I can tell you the price of all of these products off the top of my head (the price they would retail here) and I was not wrong on any, except the Spanish prosciutto. Here we had a type of it sold for 45€/kg (about 100$/lb). A bargain 😁

  • Edu Campoamor
    Edu Campoamor 7 days ago

    In Spain you would pay 300 euros for an entire leg of jamon de bellota, you got it rough over there being so expensive 😅

  • Fleece Johnson
    Fleece Johnson 8 days ago

    Needs to be a blind taste test.

  • Richard Calalang
    Richard Calalang 8 days ago


  • Yugen Utopia
    Yugen Utopia 8 days ago

    The wieners and the bologna were the most obvious

  • Jayden Wilson
    Jayden Wilson 8 days ago

    Thicc mold

  • gothgf
    gothgf 8 days ago

    The mortadella looked like the Nasty Patty from Spongebob.

  • James Boyle
    James Boyle 8 days ago

    Meat expert...

    If u get it u get it😂

  • Nasty Nilson
    Nasty Nilson 8 days ago

    Oh, I got everything right.

  • Jason Jia
    Jason Jia 8 days ago

    Panchetta on the board is actually spelled as pancetta. I also made that mistake once.

  • Raiel Alvaro
    Raiel Alvaro 8 days ago

    Brad's twin from the sausage episode of It's Alive

  • joe Recto
    joe Recto 9 days ago

    I could tell by just looking at them! I must be an Expert too. Harvest a Wild Boar....Excellent ham if cured properly!

  • SuperSaiyan Stallone

    ok who pays these prices????

  • curiousDWEEB nunyabuisness

    im pretty sure we could all tell which ones were more expensive just by look.

  • Suly M
    Suly M 9 days ago

    No steaks?

  • SKShadow_ Kid
    SKShadow_ Kid 9 days ago

    So is he a expert to all types of meat?

    You know what I mean

  • Another 5000 subs without videos person

    Person: So what do you do for a living?
    Him: Meat

  • caravanearth
    caravanearth 10 days ago

    im not even a good cook. bologna vs mortadella is no figure

  • Daveed da sick
    Daveed da sick 10 days ago

    Yummy and Moldy

  • Ricardo Willette
    Ricardo Willette 10 days ago

    pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old child

  • thecreator971
    thecreator971 10 days ago

    Where do you even get these meats?

  • Jared McOmber
    Jared McOmber 10 days ago

    I love these! And I like that I’m being taught what to look for if I want higher quality product.

  • Kaetii Jay
    Kaetii Jay 10 days ago

    The bologna has lard in it...? That sounds so disgusting

  • kev3d
    kev3d 11 days ago

    I'd love to pay attention, but I'm getting lost in those deep blue eyes.

  • blackdevilsairsoft team

    I can’t believe salami has mold

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz 11 days ago

    Like si eres español y has reconocido el jamon bueno al instante

  • FreezeFire
    FreezeFire 11 days ago

    lol he got all the expensives right, but he got all the differences in price wrong

  • Asahi ShikiDes
    Asahi ShikiDes 11 days ago +17

    If it looks strange and moldy its expensive

  • Shahram Qureshi
    Shahram Qureshi 12 days ago

    Literally could tell the second i looked at it ... I guess it's ok to judge a book by it's cover when it comes to food eh

  • Leon Reaper
    Leon Reaper 12 days ago

    I like to rub my meat