10 Rejected Shark Tank Pitches That Made Millions

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • Here are the top 10 rejected shark tank pitches that became successful!
    10 Most Successful Shark Tank Businesses
    Businesses on this list:
    Echo Valley Meats
    Coffee Meets Bagel
    Kodiak Cakes
    Proof Eyewear
    Copa Di Vino
    The Bouqs Company
    Chef Big Shake
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  • ban fandes
    ban fandes Day ago

    Shark Tank is actually a smart plataform for start ups. There you could see how good a sales man is and how they react to greedy investors. It can be crashing and not trying to justify the nasty and over the line plainly rude comments of some of the sharks, but if they can survive that and catch public attention they can be in the right path.

  • Matt Skiba
    Matt Skiba 8 days ago

    You talk too much

  • patrick murray
    patrick murray 9 days ago +3

    Oh that's rich. A investor saying "your blinded by greed". I got a real good laugh from that, knowing it's investors themselves that are blinded by greed.

  • Richard Bisaillon
    Richard Bisaillon 9 days ago

    What a disgusting show! Four kings being petitioned by the serfs for boons and largesse. An activity that should be done in private. Viewers dont learn anything but the four wisepersons get to feed their egos and often their wallets.

  • Eros Elisio
    Eros Elisio 10 days ago

    12:12 Virgin Billionaire lmao

  • Yannah Lam
    Yannah Lam 11 days ago

    My dog is even proud of ring! When ever I watch a video of ring on TVclip and she hears the rings she goes to the front door.

  • Copper
    Copper 11 days ago

    I will sub to whoever subs to me I’m fast

  • Sub to me idk why
    Sub to me idk why 12 days ago +1

    We get it, we get it. Everyone here is too good for Mark Cuban.

  • boastfuls
    boastfuls 12 days ago

    One problem. The sharks get like 1% of the business just to come on the show. So all in all, they are making money off this companies success with little risk

  • MasterTrinity03
    MasterTrinity03 12 days ago

    Update: Ring was then sold to Amazon for 1 bn. Crazy world

  • LumpRee
    LumpRee 13 days ago +1

    your mum was rejected lul

  • Trixter3d
    Trixter3d 13 days ago

    Being on the show is free advertisement for those companies.

  • pvphacks101
    pvphacks101 13 days ago

    Video put me to sleep your channel is shit

  • Ken Harris
    Ken Harris 13 days ago +5

    Shark Tank is just ads for start up companies.

  • Yeeter Of The Cows
    Yeeter Of The Cows 14 days ago +5

    Lol Ring. Anytime I go to any place like Home Depot / Lowes I see those

  • Saggy Nagy
    Saggy Nagy 14 days ago

    I have a ring lmao

  • Loros Laquavar
    Loros Laquavar 14 days ago

    I like how they say the wine is packed in a resealable plastic bottle that makes it “perfect for the go”

    OMGitsSTORKY 14 days ago

    Bruh, if *Ring* isn't number 1...

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez 14 days ago

    Millions.. really that’s not much at all. Especially for a company

  • FreeformBlock58
    FreeformBlock58 14 days ago

    The idea of the shark tank is genius these people get money from the show, to invest in good businesses and make more money from that

  • Anthony Hickton
    Anthony Hickton 14 days ago +1

    I have those pancakes in my pantry right now

  • Mohamed Abdulla Ahmad
    Mohamed Abdulla Ahmad 14 days ago

    showing ur product in that show i think its the one of big push to success even if they are reject it :).

  • Aliah Duckworth
    Aliah Duckworth 15 days ago

    Shark tank is overrated 💯💯🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Maria Landayan
    Maria Landayan 15 days ago


  • Wyatt Link
    Wyatt Link 15 days ago

    I have a ring doorbell haha

  • chloe howarth
    chloe howarth 15 days ago


  • CIA
    CIA 15 days ago

    We have Kodiak cakes at Walmart....good fucking flapjacks

  • Thebluefus
    Thebluefus 15 days ago +2

    Wait until socialism hits. All these things will be worth nothing. Getting food will be our only goal each day.

  • skylerelax
    skylerelax 15 days ago

    This makes me happy

  • Addison France
    Addison France 15 days ago

    People that see it on Shark Tank are gonna check it out even if none of the judges buy your product

  • rafael Carrillo
    rafael Carrillo 15 days ago

    Kodiak cakes are great I had some from Costco and got some (the mix)

  • Gaming guy
    Gaming guy 16 days ago

    Plot twist after this video came out all of these became bankrupt

  • Noel S
    Noel S 16 days ago +2

    Did they made this video before ring was bought by amazon for $1.2 billion? That guy is a billionaire now

  • Okay
    Okay 16 days ago

    with coffe meets bagel he said IF. he never agreed. fact check you cuck

  • Sloth Legacy
    Sloth Legacy 16 days ago

    Lmfao its Merching lmfao not hard to know prices of shit

  • IVN Music
    IVN Music 16 days ago

    IF he offered, would they take it... he said himself that that wasn’t an actual offer! It was a hypothetical question!

  • selder 123
    selder 123 16 days ago

    doesn’t it count that the sharks helped the buisnesses no matter what because they made them popular?

  • Mia
    Mia 16 days ago

    So this is America’s Dragons Den?? Cool. I thought it was literally designs for a shark tank that made millions. I was very confused

  • Buddy
    Buddy 16 days ago

    I made it 4 minutes into the video and the music is driving me crazy! Fuck off with that shit!

  • Jcalvo
    Jcalvo 17 days ago

    Bro.. that doorbell app was the easiest thing to try to buy.. I’m not rich and would never be put in this situation but seriously, with today’s media culture, everyone is scare or everything. This was a perfect app

  • Michiel van Leyenhorst

    2:50 he didn’t offer, he posed a hypothetical question, to get a feel on their intentions.

  • Duo dominators
    Duo dominators 17 days ago

    Garret is from the bucket list family

  • Marc Bravo
    Marc Bravo 17 days ago

    the 3rd guy wtf!!!!

  • Nico Tautermann
    Nico Tautermann 17 days ago

    Music is too loud

  • aiden Winter
    aiden Winter 18 days ago

    Imagine being rejected by sharks to have Richard fucking Branson reach out to you himself

  • JinxTheMoon
    JinxTheMoon 18 days ago

    I think those women with the dating app are very wise - if I was on a show like that and was immediately offered millions to buy out my idea, then I’d realise that my idea was worth a lot more than it may appear... afterall most business people work on the principle that you have to spend money to make money, and no one would spend that much unless they truly believed it to be worth a whole lot more!

  • raw trout
    raw trout 18 days ago +1

    why does this video have 4 ads

  • Phark Dysics
    Phark Dysics 18 days ago +7

    I know so many people who have the ring doorbell system lol

  • Baby Biscuit
    Baby Biscuit 18 days ago

    What's the songs name?

  • Tiggles.zipodot 101
    Tiggles.zipodot 101 19 days ago +1

    Yeah I think I would take the 30 million

  • TTV. SoulCriminal
    TTV. SoulCriminal 19 days ago

    Dragons den is better

  • Bianca Xx
    Bianca Xx 19 days ago

    Dragons den be like

  • MilxyBaby Jonesy
    MilxyBaby Jonesy 19 days ago +63


  • Don't Quit Bros
    Don't Quit Bros 19 days ago +3

    Copa de vino guy is savage. I love him. The sharks deserve to get down from their cloud once in a while and have their anger out cuz of impotent. 😎

  • M14
    M14 19 days ago +1

    Just saying your never gonna get a good deal with Kevin O’Leary. Literally the dude is so cocky and think nothing can be a success unless it’s already popular. Like for instance the guy with the door bot. Literally I am so glad I got his product iring. Best door bell camera ever

  • Anthony Bisignano
    Anthony Bisignano 20 days ago +5

    I got 10,000 like BOOM six months after this came out🤯

    MY FORTNITE 20 days ago +2

    So they really didnt get rejected

  • FerocityGames
    FerocityGames 21 day ago +1

    Kevin is evil lol

  • Durae Hardy
    Durae Hardy 21 day ago +1

    ring was sold to amazon for 1 billion dollars

  • Gaming tech Reviews
    Gaming tech Reviews 21 day ago +13

    Mark never said he would by it for 30 million it was a question.

    • Fortnite Kat Goddess
      Fortnite Kat Goddess 18 days ago

      Uh he said "if I offered 30 million would you sell it to me? " and you need to watch the full episode when he makes the full statement idiot

  • Splkb Rdgraygar
    Splkb Rdgraygar 21 day ago

    Good stuff

  • Tea SRT Drag Racing
    Tea SRT Drag Racing 22 days ago

    I had Kodak cakes this morning

  • Tremayne Siakimotu
    Tremayne Siakimotu 22 days ago +1

    The first one got an investment tho🤔

  • Andie B. Vlogs
    Andie B. Vlogs 23 days ago +1

    I didn’t know that Garret from The Bucket list Family was on shark tank 😅

    MY FORTNITE 23 days ago +4

    So they didnt really get rejected

  • Michaela Feola
    Michaela Feola 23 days ago

    Isn’t that pancake mix products in Costco

  • lucas Rozmus
    lucas Rozmus 23 days ago

    Sometimes it’s better to fail, then to succeed

  • Ratso Rizzo
    Ratso Rizzo 23 days ago

    amazon now owns ring doorbot

  • Black Tiger
    Black Tiger 24 days ago +3

    I subscribed to change the last 3 numbers from 666 to 667

  • Mahmodur Rahman
    Mahmodur Rahman 24 days ago


  • Jeremy Q
    Jeremy Q 25 days ago +12

    My brother met his wife on coffee meets bagel

  • Sasskitten
    Sasskitten 26 days ago

    I guess they are really kicking themselves when they see all the tv ads for RING.

  • Cory
    Cory 26 days ago

    So what I’m learning, if your a up and coming company or product and get approved to be on shark tank, refuse the offer and rake in the money. Free advertisement

  • Cory
    Cory 26 days ago

    Not a fan of Kodiak.

  • Jeremiah's woodworks
    Jeremiah's woodworks 26 days ago

    I met my awesome fiancé on coffee meets bagel.

  • Candycane
    Candycane 26 days ago

    Ring one of the best selling video doorbells. Good job

  • Archie McKissick
    Archie McKissick 27 days ago

    6:56 I have that exact same rug in my garage.

  • Andrew Zavala
    Andrew Zavala 27 days ago +2

    My names Barbara and for that reason I'm out!

  • Jacob Cole
    Jacob Cole 28 days ago

    If these products are like so famous then how have I never herd of any of them except 2

  • Luke Coleman
    Luke Coleman 28 days ago

    Can't get the offer you want from a super millionaire... don't despair, a super tycoon billionaire will offer you one instead 😂😂 and the rich just get richer 😂

  • T_mmy ;-/
    T_mmy ;-/ 28 days ago

    Bruh don’t they sell ring at Costco

  • Shan Shan
    Shan Shan 28 days ago

    Starbucks 1999 200$ 2019 5B$

  • Lihammie Plays
    Lihammie Plays 29 days ago

    Wow I’ve actually seen ring

  • joker42085
    joker42085 Month ago

    OK listen it dosent take 1,000,000,000 people to say mark didn't actual offer 30 mill he was just asking if they would take it go ahead look through all the comments and count how many ppl said it

  • Jovani Garibay
    Jovani Garibay Month ago

    Mark didn't offer 30m he say if I would to offer 30m would you take it lol he never actually offer 30m

  • gnobainos
    gnobainos Month ago +1

    most made it cause they went on the show

  • Visca El Futbol
    Visca El Futbol Month ago +1

    My balls itch, for that reason I’m out

  • Keinlieb
    Keinlieb Month ago +35

    $600k for 51% of a company that's already doing millions in annual revenue every year? What a joke.

  • Ashton Ross
    Ashton Ross Month ago

    You talk to much. Quit trying to describe their companies that is what the show is for....

  • guy
    guy Month ago

    Barbara: Amazon is a copyrighted name, as you stole it from that jungle, and for that reason i am out and not buying your company for $15

  • Jocelyn Castaneda
    Jocelyn Castaneda Month ago

    Who here knows the bucket list family!!

  • Chloe Jackson
    Chloe Jackson Month ago

    such supposed funeral quietly display propose likely individual personal stomach explain your.

  • MaxLtv
    MaxLtv Month ago

    Good job on the vid

  • Markuss Novickis
    Markuss Novickis Month ago +1

    Virgin billionere?

  • Noah270.
    Noah270. Month ago

    thought this was about sharks

  • Donald Olsen
    Donald Olsen Month ago +7

    They never updated this again you know RING SOLD to AMAZON for 1 Billion.

  • isaac trigoso
    isaac trigoso Month ago +2

    Mark Cuban never offered them 30m, there’s interviews of him actually saying he said “if” it was a question not an offer. The ladies went around saying they turned down his offer but were never offered anything to begin with.

  • Richmond Generator
    Richmond Generator Month ago +12

    Amazon bought ring for 1 billion dollars!
    Sorry sharks.........

  • ID k
    ID k Month ago +2

    He didn't actually offer 30 million dollars.

  • YvG Trece
    YvG Trece Month ago

    the kodiak bear thing is at hyvee and shit