10 Rejected Shark Tank Pitches That Made Millions


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  • Jd Smart&dumb
    Jd Smart&dumb 5 hours ago

    Shows even rich people can be stupid as poor people

  • 박제니
    박제니 2 days ago

    honestly the sharks missed out on ring everybody in my neighborhood and i have it lmao

  • Top song Lyrics
    Top song Lyrics 2 days ago

    This is so annoying the music is tooo F*** loud !!! i wasn't able to hear and that makes my head dizzy shit

  • Around The World
    Around The World 2 days ago

    Mark Cuban didnt offer 30Million, it was a sarcasm, three girls went on publicly announcing that but Mark Cubam himself said it was not true. Do not spread fake news

  • entropy22
    entropy22 4 days ago

    I remember Copa di Vino guy. It still blows my mind how it successed. Everyone I know who is into wine enjoy a bottle why being relaxed, slowly, tasting every bit of it. This guy is basically selling us Coca-Cola or beer product. Whoever buys it doesnt appretiate vine.

  • Ryan McGee
    Ryan McGee 5 days ago


  • winter face
    winter face 5 days ago

    The background music is distracting the background voice , i cant finish watching eww

  • funny men
    funny men 7 days ago

    I want to go on the tank

  • Christye Lynn
    Christye Lynn 8 days ago

    Snapchat dude won! 🏆

  • Christye Lynn
    Christye Lynn 8 days ago

    I hate Coffee Meets Bagel. 😒

  • Christye Lynn
    Christye Lynn 8 days ago

    I don’t watch TV and I remember thinking Shark Tank was about people in shark cages with sharks swimming around while they were trying to sell inventions. I like my idea better.

  • SillyFREAKout
    SillyFREAKout 8 days ago

    I had no idea kodiak cakes started on shark tank!!! I love them!!

  • Stephen Jacobs
    Stephen Jacobs 8 days ago

    Wow!! He can't even spell successful

  • Cole Privett
    Cole Privett 9 days ago

    Coffee meets bagel sucks lol

  • Small lee
    Small lee 10 days ago

    lol shark tank effect its called Marketing where i live

  • Jackie
    Jackie 11 days ago

    I have seen copa di vino in a store before and at a concession hotel store. I also have a ring.

  • Sterlin Charles
    Sterlin Charles 11 days ago

    Still think coffee meets bagel is weak

  • Parissfrance
    Parissfrance 11 days ago

    Lmao Martin is me!!!!! Y’all missed out on this opportunity lmaoooo

  • Joanie Shaw
    Joanie Shaw 12 days ago

    They spelled "Successful" wrong

  • Anna Grace
    Anna Grace 14 days ago

    0:28 why all these rich people so dadgum short

  • Brittany Williford
    Brittany Williford 15 days ago

    I knew scan would be on here. Yes, he is successful. He now has three BEAUTIFUL children. A few years ago they sold everything and started traveling the world with three goals; adventure, culture, and service. They’ve travelled to over 65 countries, helped build a school, and even though they made millions from the app they have taught their kids a minimalistic lifestyle. Instead of giving their children all the toys they want they decided to give their kids experiences and memories and a love for other people, countries, foods, and cultures. They recently bought a home in Hawaii so they can have somewhere to come home to after their travels (they had been full time travelers) and so their kids could be a part of school, sports, etc and they could have a home community but they still travel often.
    They document all of their adventures on TVclip and Instagram. Check them out. They’re called “the bucket list family”

  • David
    David 16 days ago

    The shark tank effect is just called advertising where I live.

  • Jane S
    Jane S 16 days ago

    I remember thinking how turned off I was by Bouqs' unfortunate name choice and presentation, but the concept was sound. I still loathe that company name.

  • DSHK PAOK Forlan
    DSHK PAOK Forlan 17 days ago

    Name song?

  • liam henkel
    liam henkel 19 days ago

    If you go to 3:21 the girl on the left looks like pokemane

  • Turki Alshehri
    Turki Alshehri 20 days ago

    And the Ring project was sold to Amazon for 1.5B$

  • Tommy Hammernots
    Tommy Hammernots 20 days ago

    No one is buying Copa Devino cept the stores that sell them. Every time I see a display it’s FULL.

    PUGSLY4LYFE 22 days ago

    i like the whine guy

  • Metascope Initiatives
    Metascope Initiatives 25 days ago

    Whoa... Is it just me or do the sharks acquire really large chunks of shares out of these potential companies?? 25% today for $150,000 with an option to purchase another 25% for ONLY $150,000 in future? lol!! Ruthless

  • Lester Awalt
    Lester Awalt 26 days ago

    thats a fake ass show anyway

  • WaffleNova
    WaffleNova Month ago

    If the first guy was doing so well why would he go back on the show

  • Arcadio Ramirez
    Arcadio Ramirez Month ago

    30 million, and declined?!?! Wtff

  • Rapper TheRAzz
    Rapper TheRAzz Month ago

    Amazon aquired RING in near $1 billion

  • jackiehcs
    jackiehcs Month ago

    Rejected for a reason, a reason that doesn’t guarantee a failure of that business, but still legitimate considering their own risk appetite. Remember, you are asking someone to hand you HIS OWN MONEY...

  • Ryanimations
    Ryanimations Month ago

    All you have to do is reject them if they offer a lot and everyone will check you out

  • Hunter Kowald
    Hunter Kowald Month ago

    Do you think I can pitch my youtube channel to the shark tank? hahaha

  • Breyana Puckett
    Breyana Puckett 2 months ago

    They actually asked Garrett Gee if he could come on their show. He wasn’t going to because he just made a ton of money but he did it anyway. The first time he went to a meeting with some investors and he dressed nice and was super professional, he didn’t end up getting any offers so the next meeting he decided to be himself and wear what he was comfortable in. This got him millions from several investors, that’s why he went on the show wearing what he was wearing. Now they have a TVclip channel called the bucket list family with three kids and traveling the world.

  • whyme
    whyme 2 months ago

    Whoever watched sharks show is a loser. Because they produced it

  • Loud Mike Productions
    Loud Mike Productions 2 months ago

    Check out my channel guys!!!

  • Google
    Google 2 months ago

    The world is one big joke

  • 69Fabulosity
    69Fabulosity 2 months ago

    Moral of the story: know ur worth NEVER Settle 4Less & don't give up!!! Persevere Bc ur next Big break could b around the corner!!!

  • The Batman
    The Batman 2 months ago

    12:00 there is something very similar to that creation in Japan if someone rings your doorbell in Japan tou can see them through the camera on the monitor and you can hear them and if you want to talk to them press the button

  • thereal SuperEthan5 :-D

    What ring was on shark tank?!? *_'

  • MC Lala
    MC Lala 2 months ago

    RING WAS BOUGHT FOR $1BILLION!!!! BY AMAZON THIS YEAR!!!!!! The owner came back on the show and sat down as a shark this season and invested in the of the pitched companies. That's full circle, success and a dream

  • Gejuan Springer
    Gejuan Springer 2 months ago

    So basically they were successful because of the show lol

  • Lars Jones
    Lars Jones 2 months ago

    Many succeeded because they were seen. The flower guy (Bouq) succeeded because a shark remembered him and reached out.

  • william luttrell
    william luttrell 2 months ago

    I never heard of ring until this video I'm glad that he got the last laugh on the Shark Tank

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 2 months ago

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  • BJ Reo
    BJ Reo 2 months ago

    So many people are mad about ads, yes ads suck! I have "Google Play all access" $9.99 a month my family shares all movie's we buy, no TVclip ads(TVclip red is included) can listen to all Play music... And good knows what else. Shit my 5 family gmails I've included in it !!!!loves me !!!!

    ADAM SHORELINE 2 months ago

    He didn't offer 30 million dollars he asked if he offered

  • Péter zsengellér
    Péter zsengellér 2 months ago

    now every fucking minute has 2 ads. Q4 reports projected to be bad or wtf google?

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 2 months ago

    So the take home class is that once you walk out of the door it ends for the sharks. On every show there is a possibility the presenter will walk away with out a deal from them; but the TV and internet give these shows a lot of coverage and there will be someone out there willing to invest if they don’t.

  • Anyanwu Chrisangelo
    Anyanwu Chrisangelo 2 months ago

    That wine guy, I knew he came back to make them regret😈. WHEN THE SOOR CLOSES ANOTHER OPENS! Beating yourself up won't help😉

  • Rick alsip
    Rick alsip 2 months ago

    that is s good idea not go on shark tank looking for a deal but use it as a commercial

  • Tony A
    Tony A 2 months ago +1

    Ring is a phenomenal product at the right price point. It also doubles as a security system from porch package thieves. Surprised this one slipped through the cracks. Since Amazon buying it the original creator is now 1 Billion richer.

  • Light Weight
    Light Weight 2 months ago

    *hey ummm can yall sub to me*

  • Kyle Hoskins
    Kyle Hoskins 2 months ago

    The sharks are just a bunch of rich billionaires trying to get richer by doing virtually nothing and robbing these entrepreneurs and small business owners of their equity.

  • machine cnc
    machine cnc 2 months ago

    Appear on shark tank and get free advertisement

  • Maxwell Outdoor Services

    And ring is huge now you guys played yourselves I use nest doorbell and I'm sure ring is their biggest competition

  • Rgjarrell1992 J
    Rgjarrell1992 J 2 months ago

    I love Copa De Vino!

  • Yogesh Rao
    Yogesh Rao 2 months ago

    What's the music?

  • Flaming Fantasy
    Flaming Fantasy 2 months ago

    Title millions thumbnail one billion?????

  • Clout Mixer
    Clout Mixer 2 months ago

    11:35 i remember watching this with my family and thought it was the coolest thing. They told me no one will ever use that....
    Follow your dreams people!

  • Maverick
    Maverick 2 months ago

    Background music is enough to make me want to kill someone

  • Nathaniel Clark
    Nathaniel Clark 2 months ago

    #10 why tf would I take $150k from somebody for 25% of my sales when I'm already making $1.4mill a year in online sales? Even after subtracting cost of business dude had to be making at least $4-500mill a year. Seems like a dumb move to me.

  • Prosassin 360
    Prosassin 360 2 months ago

    He didnt offer 30 million dollars.He just asked what they would do if he did.

  • Adrienne Scott
    Adrienne Scott 2 months ago

    I wish they would do shows showing the sharks feelings on offers they rejected but came out successful.

  • AnnoyingTheTriangle
    AnnoyingTheTriangle 2 months ago

    Rule 1. Always learn how to pronounce people’s last names. Laurie GRINER!?

  • Bill mays
    Bill mays 2 months ago

    Shark tank? Its fucking dragons den!

  • Bouncy Banana
    Bouncy Banana 2 months ago +8

    the first guy is good, but also an idiot
    first deal rejected okey
    now has a massive growing buisness
    but then goes on shark tank again for a loan?
    why, youre making 1.4 million a year
    why need a 150 thousand loan?
    for 25%
    thats that guy getting 350 thousand a year
    for a 150 thousand loan

    sorry but, that guy is an idiot

  • Juan Rolon
    Juan Rolon 2 months ago +2

    The wine guy just came back to the show just to tell them "I told you!" Jajjajaa SAVAGE 😂😂😂

  • TheNewSky
    TheNewSky 2 months ago

    My adblocker blocked 88 ads in total from 3 of your videos.

  • Priyanshu kumar Pandey
    Priyanshu kumar Pandey 2 months ago +11

    Rejection doesn't means that they aren't going to be successful

  • myusername4youtub100
    myusername4youtub100 2 months ago

    I dont think Mark actually made that 30m offer to buy out the company. I think he just asked as a hypothetical

  • L. Xavier
    L. Xavier 2 months ago

    Where's the I want to draw a cat for you guy?

  • The Veiled Messenger
    The Veiled Messenger 2 months ago

    Its a good hit, as they would say in hernando county jail.

  • COO Ba
    COO Ba 2 months ago +25

    It kills me when the sharks feel some of these people are showing them disrespect when every week one or more of them are disrespectful to the people who show up in the tank.

    • Josh Allen
      Josh Allen 14 days ago

      Lester Awalt u are Dumb

    • jackiehcs
      jackiehcs 26 days ago

      Lester Awalt lol your logical thinking is fake

    • Lester Awalt
      Lester Awalt 26 days ago

      +jackiehcs Its all fake, no one is getting any money

    • jackiehcs
      jackiehcs Month ago

      COO Ba disrespectful? So you want them to hand out free money?

  • Mischief
    Mischief 2 months ago

    hey i have that kodiak cake pancake mix

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago +3

    Even though India copies this reality show it will be corrupted due to dirty politics.

  • tootallforyou112
    tootallforyou112 2 months ago

    That ring wooooooo boy they missed out

  • Julia Alex
    Julia Alex 2 months ago

    Sharks can suck on that

  • Ash Doe
    Ash Doe 3 months ago

    420 dislikes (a.t.m.)

  • Scores Man
    Scores Man 3 months ago

    Mark Cuban hypothetically offered her 30 million dollar. It wasn't a legit offer dude

  • eric alexander
    eric alexander 3 months ago

    (Mega millions lotto

  • eric alexander
    eric alexander 3 months ago

    Mega millions lottery

  • Chino Designs NYC.com
    Chino Designs NYC.com 3 months ago

    These ads suck!!

  • Pure CANCER
    Pure CANCER 3 months ago

    I like kodiak cakes

  • KoToCoNDoR
    KoToCoNDoR 3 months ago +1

    you don't wanna give me your money now, so for that reason I’m out.

  • Dough Dog
    Dough Dog 3 months ago

    I'm guessing hoverboards are in this I haven't watched it yet

  • Rance Thomas
    Rance Thomas 3 months ago

    Kodiak cakes are great! My Walmart sells the product.

  • Nathan Potokar
    Nathan Potokar 3 months ago

    October 2018?

  • joe black
    joe black 3 months ago

    the ring guy is now sitting next to kevin on shark tank.

  • hondorus
    hondorus 3 months ago

    These so called billionaire s seem to me bunch of baboons.. they just got lucky !!

  • Citizen Terra
    Citizen Terra 3 months ago

    As a a person that works in marketing, I am seriously surprised at how many of those millionaires cant see that the only reason some of those business ideas aren't doing well is because they lack a good marketing campaign.
    In my field it so hard to get your average business owner to fork over some cash to market their products or service.
    Marketing makes or breaks a company, if you don't reach people they wont buy your products.
    Thats what the so called shark tank effect is, reaching millions of people and giving them an idea of why what you are offering is awesome.

  • dantemike1
    dantemike1 3 months ago

    Thank you. Have you assholes never heard of hi!

  • qrag g
    qrag g 3 months ago

    Why do they use the sales value?You could have $100 billion of sales a year but if you're making a $50 billion loss in earnings then the sales don't exactly mean much.

  • Tyler mac
    Tyler mac 3 months ago

    only reason a majority were successful is because of there appearance on the show

  • Datawind
    Datawind 3 months ago

    Jeeze, Kill the music !!

  • Wicked Program
    Wicked Program 3 months ago

    ive had kolan cakes or whatever

  • cihndee
    cihndee 3 months ago

    DoorBot now called ring was bought for 1billion by Amazon gad damn