10 Rejected Shark Tank Pitches That Made Millions


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  • Breyana Puckett
    Breyana Puckett Day ago

    They actually asked Garrett Gee if he could come on their show. He wasn’t going to because he just made a ton of money but he did it anyway. The first time he went to a meeting with some investors and he dressed nice and was super professional, he didn’t end up getting any offers so the next meeting he decided to be himself and wear what he was comfortable in. This got him millions from several investors, that’s why he went on the show wearing what he was wearing. Now they have a TVclip channel called the bucket list family with three kids and traveling the world.

  • whyme
    whyme Day ago

    Whoever watched sharks show is a loser. Because they produced it

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  • Google
    Google 2 days ago

    The world is one big joke

  • 69Fabulosity
    69Fabulosity 4 days ago

    Moral of the story: know ur worth NEVER Settle 4Less & don't give up!!! Persevere Bc ur next Big break could b around the corner!!!

  • The Batman
    The Batman 5 days ago

    12:00 there is something very similar to that creation in Japan if someone rings your doorbell in Japan tou can see them through the camera on the monitor and you can hear them and if you want to talk to them press the button

  • thereal SuperEthan5 :-D

    What ring was on shark tank?!? *_'

  • MC Lala
    MC Lala 5 days ago

    RING WAS BOUGHT FOR $1BILLION!!!! BY AMAZON THIS YEAR!!!!!! The owner came back on the show and sat down as a shark this season and invested in the of the pitched companies. That's full circle, success and a dream

  • Gejuan Springer
    Gejuan Springer 7 days ago

    So basically they were successful because of the show lol

  • Lars Jones
    Lars Jones 8 days ago

    Many succeeded because they were seen. The flower guy (Bouq) succeeded because a shark remembered him and reached out.

  • william luttrell
    william luttrell 10 days ago

    I never heard of ring until this video I'm glad that he got the last laugh on the Shark Tank

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 10 days ago

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  • BJ Reo
    BJ Reo 10 days ago

    So many people are mad about ads, yes ads suck! I have "Google Play all access" $9.99 a month my family shares all movie's we buy, no TVclip ads(TVclip red is included) can listen to all Play music... And good knows what else. Shit my 5 family gmails I've included in it !!!!loves me !!!!

  • Adam Alvarez
    Adam Alvarez 10 days ago

    He didn't offer 30 million dollars he asked if he offered

  • Péter zsengellér
    Péter zsengellér 11 days ago

    now every fucking minute has 2 ads. Q4 reports projected to be bad or wtf google?

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 11 days ago

    So the take home class is that once you walk out of the door it ends for the sharks. On every show there is a possibility the presenter will walk away with out a deal from them; but the TV and internet give these shows a lot of coverage and there will be someone out there willing to invest if they don’t.

  • Anyanwu Chrisangelo
    Anyanwu Chrisangelo 11 days ago

    That wine guy, I knew he came back to make them regret😈. WHEN THE SOOR CLOSES ANOTHER OPENS! Beating yourself up won't help😉

  • Rick alsip
    Rick alsip 11 days ago

    that is s good idea not go on shark tank looking for a deal but use it as a commercial

  • Tony A
    Tony A 14 days ago

    Ring is a phenomenal product at the right price point. It also doubles as a security system from porch package thieves. Surprised this one slipped through the cracks. Since Amazon buying it the original creator is now 1 Billion richer.

  • LapM Gaming
    LapM Gaming 15 days ago

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  • Kyle Hoskins
    Kyle Hoskins 17 days ago

    The sharks are just a bunch of rich billionaires trying to get richer by doing virtually nothing and robbing these entrepreneurs and small business owners of their equity.

  • machine cnc
    machine cnc 17 days ago

    Appear on shark tank and get free advertisement

  • Maxwell Outdoor Services

    And ring is huge now you guys played yourselves I use nest doorbell and I'm sure ring is their biggest competition

  • Rgjarrell1992 J
    Rgjarrell1992 J 17 days ago

    I love Copa De Vino!

  • Yogesh Rao
    Yogesh Rao 17 days ago

    What's the music?

  • Flaming Fantasy
    Flaming Fantasy 18 days ago

    Title millions thumbnail one billion?????

  • Clout Mixer
    Clout Mixer 18 days ago

    11:35 i remember watching this with my family and thought it was the coolest thing. They told me no one will ever use that....
    Follow your dreams people!

  • Maverick
    Maverick 19 days ago

    Background music is enough to make me want to kill someone

  • Nathaniel Clark
    Nathaniel Clark 19 days ago

    #10 why tf would I take $150k from somebody for 25% of my sales when I'm already making $1.4mill a year in online sales? Even after subtracting cost of business dude had to be making at least $4-500mill a year. Seems like a dumb move to me.

  • Prosassin 360
    Prosassin 360 20 days ago

    He didnt offer 30 million dollars.He just asked what they would do if he did.

  • Adrienne Scott
    Adrienne Scott 21 day ago

    I wish they would do shows showing the sharks feelings on offers they rejected but came out successful.

  • AnnoyingTheTriangle
    AnnoyingTheTriangle 21 day ago

    Rule 1. Always learn how to pronounce people’s last names. Laurie GRINER!?

  • Bill mays
    Bill mays 21 day ago

    Shark tank? Its fucking dragons den!

  • Bouncy Banana
    Bouncy Banana 21 day ago +3

    the first guy is good, but also an idiot
    first deal rejected okey
    now has a massive growing buisness
    but then goes on shark tank again for a loan?
    why, youre making 1.4 million a year
    why need a 150 thousand loan?
    for 25%
    thats that guy getting 350 thousand a year
    for a 150 thousand loan

    sorry but, that guy is an idiot

  • Juan Rolon
    Juan Rolon 21 day ago +1

    The wine guy just came back to the show just to tell them "I told you!" Jajjajaa SAVAGE 😂😂😂

  • TheNewSky
    TheNewSky 22 days ago

    My adblocker blocked 88 ads in total from 3 of your videos.

  • Priyanshu kumar Pandey
    Priyanshu kumar Pandey 22 days ago +4

    Rejection doesn't means that they aren't going to be successful

  • johnny j
    johnny j 22 days ago

    About wine guy, I think he missed a big opportunity, very big. I remember when he was the first time on the show when he declined Kevin's deal and idea. I lived in Spain then and in the shops, there was no similar product, however in about 9 months maybe a year they appeared in the shop, ( nothing to do with his brand,). He missed out on a very big market, France, Spain, Italy they drink a lot of vine, is like water almost, Licencing his technology to these countries in the right time i think they would be now worth 100s of millions, and could still sell his vine in US but still had control over packaging all over the world. I think is missed opportunity in a very big scale)))

  • myusername4youtub100
    myusername4youtub100 22 days ago

    I dont think Mark actually made that 30m offer to buy out the company. I think he just asked as a hypothetical

  • L. Xavier
    L. Xavier 23 days ago

    Where's the I want to draw a cat for you guy?

  • The Veiled Messenger
    The Veiled Messenger 23 days ago

    Its a good hit, as they would say in hernando county jail.

  • COO Ba
    COO Ba 23 days ago +12

    It kills me when the sharks feel some of these people are showing them disrespect when every week one or more of them are disrespectful to the people who show up in the tank.

  • merc1811
    merc1811 23 days ago

    hey i have that kodiak cake pancake mix

  • HaBeeB UmaR
    HaBeeB UmaR 24 days ago +1

    Even though India copies this reality show it will be corrupted due to dirty politics.

  • tootallforyou112
    tootallforyou112 24 days ago

    That ring wooooooo boy they missed out

  • Julia Alex
    Julia Alex 25 days ago

    Sharks can suck on that

  • Ash Doe
    Ash Doe 25 days ago

    420 dislikes (a.t.m.)

  • Scores Man
    Scores Man 25 days ago

    Mark Cuban hypothetically offered her 30 million dollar. It wasn't a legit offer dude

  • eric alexander
    eric alexander 25 days ago

    (Mega millions lotto

  • eric alexander
    eric alexander 25 days ago

    Mega millions lottery

  • Chino Designs NYC.com
    Chino Designs NYC.com 26 days ago

    These ads suck!!

  • Pure CANCER
    Pure CANCER 26 days ago

    I like kodiak cakes

  • KoToCoNDoR
    KoToCoNDoR 26 days ago +1

    you don't wanna give me your money now, so for that reason I’m out.

  • Dough Dog
    Dough Dog 27 days ago

    I'm guessing hoverboards are in this I haven't watched it yet

  • Rance Thomas
    Rance Thomas 27 days ago

    Kodiak cakes are great! My Walmart sells the product.

  • Nathan Potokar
    Nathan Potokar 28 days ago

    October 2018?

  • joe black
    joe black 28 days ago

    the ring guy is now sitting next to kevin on shark tank.

  • hondorus
    hondorus 28 days ago

    These so called billionaire s seem to me bunch of baboons.. they just got lucky !!

  • Citizen Terra
    Citizen Terra Month ago

    As a a person that works in marketing, I am seriously surprised at how many of those millionaires cant see that the only reason some of those business ideas aren't doing well is because they lack a good marketing campaign.
    In my field it so hard to get your average business owner to fork over some cash to market their products or service.
    Marketing makes or breaks a company, if you don't reach people they wont buy your products.
    Thats what the so called shark tank effect is, reaching millions of people and giving them an idea of why what you are offering is awesome.

  • dantemike1
    dantemike1 Month ago

    Thank you. Have you assholes never heard of hi!

  • qrag g
    qrag g Month ago

    Why do they use the sales value?You could have $100 billion of sales a year but if you're making a $50 billion loss in earnings then the sales don't exactly mean much.

  • Tyler mac
    Tyler mac Month ago

    only reason a majority were successful is because of there appearance on the show

  • Datawind
    Datawind Month ago

    Jeeze, Kill the music !!

  • Wicked Program
    Wicked Program Month ago

    ive had kolan cakes or whatever

  • Cindy Victoria
    Cindy Victoria Month ago

    DoorBot now called ring was bought for 1billion by Amazon gad damn

  • jay Pazare
    jay Pazare Month ago +1

    So many millions all I need is one ......

  • Dave Schmidt
    Dave Schmidt Month ago

    How do people not realise that crap is a scam?!?

  • GRiLaKa
    GRiLaKa Month ago

    Yeah dude... Ring is awesome!!

  • MJs Smile
    MJs Smile Month ago

    wait..the dating chicks didnt make a profit...they only speculated its worth..fact is they are in the hole for 8 million

  • umar kashif
    umar kashif Month ago

    Im gonna dig a hole and die im out

  • Esteban Velarde
    Esteban Velarde Month ago


  • majora231
    majora231 Month ago

    Well this is kinda bias considering a lot of those business wouldnt be where they are without the exposure of the show

  • side kick
    side kick Month ago

    old farts think they know all ....

  • Pjay Jones
    Pjay Jones Month ago

    Dude came back to brag

  • Frost Wolf
    Frost Wolf Month ago

    Will we get to see a megalodon?

  • Andrew West
    Andrew West Month ago

    Two years later MTailor is valued at $14 million and has nine competitors with similar technology. Revenues are $4 million.

  • Rawiri Marshall
    Rawiri Marshall Month ago

    Were do I find mtaylor

  • Bannanaskin666 plays

    This is a DLA version of dragons den

  • Zem Zem
    Zem Zem Month ago

    For those going on shark tank he’s a FREE tip, if a shark offers you a large amount for 100% equity, you’ve got a hit!

  • growtopiaJR
    growtopiaJR Month ago

    If you just appear on the show you’re already making money xD

  • boringgrass
    boringgrass Month ago

    most of these people just wanted to be on tv, it's like free advertisement for them

  • Jaerci Ayalar
    Jaerci Ayalar Month ago

    Guys, you let greed cloud your vision. (7:55) Are the sharks looking to make money from other people's ideas? Their greed gets to bully these guys for a profit. No Deal

  • Willard
    Willard Month ago

    Lesson? There are other sharks out there!

  • Nooruddin green city
    Nooruddin green city Month ago +1

    I love these ideas an hard-working behinds this god bless one an all

  • Tech News
    Tech News Month ago

    ring was sold off to amazon if yall didn't know

  • Crazy
    Crazy Month ago

    There aren't enough ads. For that reason, I'm out.

  • Otarrec Channel
    Otarrec Channel Month ago

    Ring was sold for 1.2-1.8 billions...

  • Mike Edmonton
    Mike Edmonton Month ago

    8 Minutes in and 3 adds. I am outta here. I always "dislike" and watch another video. If you dislike and switch to another video immediatly about 4 or 5 times it won't stick in adds for a few hours.

    KIRKILLER38 Month ago +2

    I was inside my house, the door opened, I walked through, and for that reason, im out.

  • Emin Aliff
    Emin Aliff Month ago

    It just shows that the shark tank is full of shit ....

  • Nick Friend
    Nick Friend Month ago +13

    ....I love when i see those arrogant shark tank people proven wrong. Satisfied to no ends. :)

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S Month ago

    That's why u dont let anyone tell what cant do !

  • Prezzy Boss
    Prezzy Boss Month ago

    and im here scrubing toilets :(

  • Mr. T-Rex
    Mr. T-Rex Month ago +2

    This guys voice makes me wanna subscribe

  • MrAlteredego
    MrAlteredego Month ago

    My buddy has the ring/doorbot and it works like a charm for his home. Works against trespassers and unbelievably looks good through your phone.

  • Cheepchipsable
    Cheepchipsable Month ago

    Who TF would want bio degradeable sunglasses?
    You want to keep them don't you?
    Never underestimate the public I guess...

  • Big Brody
    Big Brody Month ago

    lol virgin billionaire

  • ToastyNova
    ToastyNova Month ago

    My sister has a Ring

  • The Travel Guy
    The Travel Guy Month ago

    Encouraging. (But why so many youtube ads?) I'm out, but only halfway through.

  • Kimberlee Ellison
    Kimberlee Ellison Month ago +1

    ring is a joke ,a thief would go to the back door,kick it in and take what they want, theif aint going to call you to see if he can brake in, waste of money, pull it off the front door in throw it away..........

    • Junior Reyes
      Junior Reyes Month ago +1

      It’s not specifically for thieves. It’s to see who’s at your door. Maybe your in bed in the morning and someone rings the doorbell. You can check on your phone if it’s someone you know or some Girl Scout that’s not your worth time.