Who Knows Me Better?! (Boyfriend vs Sister!)

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • Lets find out if my boyfriend or my sister knows me better!
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    I hope you enjoy today's fun #Challenge video with my #Boyfriend and #Sister! We did a game where they competed to see who knew me better. What other videos would you like to see?
    xoxo Ro
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  2 months ago +3288

    If you guys play along during the video what was your score???

  • Bella Casa
    Bella Casa 31 minute ago

    You said I didn’t really participate because I didn’t know what it means The first one

  • nayee amith
    nayee amith 3 hours ago

    Can you show your mom

    CRUSTY CARLOS 12 hours ago

    Yesssss me and ro are both Gemini ♊️ symbol of twins

  • Jemma M12
    Jemma M12 19 hours ago


  • Haroon Javed
    Haroon Javed 2 days ago


  • Haroon Javed
    Haroon Javed 2 days ago


  • Raymond Falchek
    Raymond Falchek 3 days ago

    me too, have watched hocus pocus at least like 32 times at disney cruise

  • Steve Ricketts
    Steve Ricketts 3 days ago

    Cookie is technically a snack because his name is food

  • Julie Del
    Julie Del 4 days ago

    i have broke my arm twice and i have spraint my foot and i have spraint my arm twice and i almost broke my nose

  • Emmy Clifton
    Emmy Clifton 4 days ago

    hi RO

  • Isabella Marie
    Isabella Marie 4 days ago

    What would you order at dinner?

  • Navneet Kaur
    Navneet Kaur 5 days ago

    Is this even live

  • Fluffy Stuffy
    Fluffy Stuffy 5 days ago

    You been wearing a lot of red

  • covenkitten
    covenkitten 6 days ago

    I love you Ro but this hairstyle wasn’t it xD

  • sumayyah jahan
    sumayyah jahan 6 days ago

    No offense, but your bf doesn’t look the best

  • sOawsome Cool 1234
    sOawsome Cool 1234 7 days ago

    I didn't know you had a BF

  • Summer O'Neill
    Summer O'Neill 8 days ago

    I got 12 of out of 12

  • Baby Cakes
    Baby Cakes 8 days ago

    you have the same zodiac sign

  • laura zhang
    laura zhang 9 days ago +1

    I have a few questions about ro's bf
    1.Why is his nickname husky?
    2.What's his job?
    Hehe also you guys are the cutest couple luv you ro.❤💓

    • OrphandJones
      OrphandJones 7 days ago

      im actually in shock i found this video with him and ro in it from the banelings video tvclip.biz/video/u9cpWvHskY4/video.html
      i'm pretty sure its her LOL. it's from almost 7 years ago so wow.

    • OrphandJones
      OrphandJones 7 days ago

      1. Husky is just a username he chose and has been using for over 10 years in gaming and in youtube. He had a really popular youtube channel called StarcraftHusky. (Starcraft is a very popular real time strategy game ... think building a base and an army then beating other players). Husky was a unique gamecaster and content creator which really helped influence a lot of other creators and provided much entertainment. He even made some music videos which were hilarious such as "Banelings - Nerd Alert" If you've noticed in every video he has been in Ro at the start says H to the husky badhjashdjkkjasdh--- Which was a funny was of imitating his intro to EVERY single video lol. He actually says H to the Husky Husky! She does it cuter than him lol.

      2. Prior to him managing her he was a full time youtuber for starcraft and starcraft 2 (both popular computer games) and had several popular series he ran on his channel. Eventually he decided to take a break for his physical health. There's a lot of rumors and such as to what this meant because Husky never told his fan base (I can't for the life of me remember how many subs he had) which upset a lot of his fan base. Behind the scenes eventually we learned Husky started a youtuber training camp or something of the sorts where he assisted other youtubers with their content. Ro was one of these. Ro got extremely popular and with Husky (who was already very sucessful in youtube) managing her she soared to her current 11million subs far outgrowing Husky's popularity on youtube.
      So it sounds like to me he's working on some stuff in the background as well as primarily managing Ro's channel.
      They both seem happy and cool!

  • Ashley Warren
    Ashley Warren 9 days ago

    I’m a Gemini too

  • Lia Paz
    Lia Paz 9 days ago +2

    I’m also a Gemini ♊️ 🙂

  • Gage Garrett
    Gage Garrett 10 days ago

    Is he your boyfriend

  • Scarlet The beauty
    Scarlet The beauty 12 days ago

    Yay molly won!!!!!!!!!

  • alexanderdtail2
    alexanderdtail2 12 days ago

    Omg ok leggo I didn't know any if those answers I guessed

  • lily franklin-webb
    lily franklin-webb 12 days ago

    i dont like your sister

  • Ave_Muse_Mage
    Ave_Muse_Mage 15 days ago

    you can leash train cats xD

  • Ceallsach Ellis
    Ceallsach Ellis 15 days ago

    At 7:45 Cookie’s face was like, uhhh what r we doing here

  • Starving Venom Fusion7
    Starving Venom Fusion7 15 days ago +1

    My Zodiac sign is Cancer ♋

  • Lily and Junior's Toy Review

    Somebody was kicking my seat in the middle of how to train your dragon three movie

  • Lily and Junior's Toy Review

    I like corners when I’m scared I go in corners 😂

  • mustangjenn26
    mustangjenn26 15 days ago


  • Isabel Harms
    Isabel Harms 16 days ago

    when she said her two favorite people, I thought she was going to say Molly and Cookie.

  • Marley Cortez
    Marley Cortez 16 days ago

    It's hard to believe that Rosanna would tell at a kid cuz she is so sweet! ,,💓

  • aalikrae313 BED
    aalikrae313 BED 17 days ago

    huskies hair looks like an albino hedgehog

  • Arianne Gameplay
    Arianne Gameplay 17 days ago

    omg Ro we are same gemini

  • BLCJ
    BLCJ 18 days ago

    I love Ro's hair in this episode.

  • Criss_Cross_ Playz
    Criss_Cross_ Playz 18 days ago

    I answered too and I got the first 2 right


  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 18 days ago +1

    I know what you should play next the blind fuolded slime chaleng

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez 18 days ago

    8:18 lol

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez 18 days ago +1

    ro's face at 8:15 lol

    AYESHA ABUBAKR 19 days ago

    Love Mo's handwriting 😍

  • Amy Reiss
    Amy Reiss 20 days ago

    RO IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  • Sangeetha Rajeev
    Sangeetha Rajeev 20 days ago

    This was such a fun video!

  • Jordyn The unicorn
    Jordyn The unicorn 20 days ago


  • K christ
    K christ 20 days ago

    Love Ros hair.

  • Megan Elizabeth
    Megan Elizabeth 21 day ago

    Anyone else wondering what "jiggles" means lol

  • Ashley Sanchez
    Ashley Sanchez 21 day ago +2

    How si your boy 🤴👰

  • keysha jones
    keysha jones 21 day ago

    Ro can you say something like kick my seite one more time in your videos pleeeeeeeas.

  • Julienne Shaffer
    Julienne Shaffer 21 day ago +2

    They scratched the poop out of me!

  • Mya Clancey
    Mya Clancey 21 day ago

    You have a boyfriend

  • Albino Cadillac
    Albino Cadillac 22 days ago

    Theatre baby!!!!

  • Albino Cadillac
    Albino Cadillac 22 days ago

    How important is spelling?


  • Jennifer Ojeda
    Jennifer Ojeda 22 days ago

    Im a Gemini to

  • leticia chavez
    leticia chavez 22 days ago

    It was supposed to be husky because Ramos had a half point

  • Lauren Ivan
    Lauren Ivan 22 days ago

    How are you older than Mo but she is pregnant before you?

  • Grass Kids
    Grass Kids 22 days ago

    you guys are so pretty

  • Jaya Dragons
    Jaya Dragons 22 days ago +4

    Mo’s handwriting is amazing ❤️

  • Carolyn Bush
    Carolyn Bush 23 days ago


  • Redswift Animates
    Redswift Animates 23 days ago

    I'm a Gemini too ♊

  • Wendy Cornah
    Wendy Cornah 23 days ago


  • Wendy Cornah
    Wendy Cornah 23 days ago


  • Goatsneedto Rule
    Goatsneedto Rule 23 days ago

    Molly needs a TVclip account comment 🍪if you agree

  • Lucinda Crook
    Lucinda Crook 23 days ago

    Ro’s hair has such Princess Leia vibes!!

  • Analaura Chavez
    Analaura Chavez 24 days ago

    Yay I got a point 😀😁😂🤣❤

  • adrita rimjhim
    adrita rimjhim 24 days ago

    No effence you and your bf don't go together

  • Meriolle Rellama
    Meriolle Rellama 24 days ago

    Oh my................. i just thought you have shaved your hair😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maya Sosa
    Maya Sosa 24 days ago

    Jiggles? What?

  • Shadow girl ????
    Shadow girl ???? 24 days ago

    Your boyfriend looks vary nice

  • Gabriella Hostettler
    Gabriella Hostettler 24 days ago

    Mo is glowing so Gorgeous!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • issa princess
    issa princess 24 days ago

    *i was like is this really her boyfriend 😐*

  • Spectoia Fan
    Spectoia Fan 25 days ago

    I ❤️U

  • Really Though
    Really Though 25 days ago

    What’s up with ro looking like a 40 year old lately. Just like a year ago she was so pretty and youthful. And it’s not just the hairstyle in this but it certainly doesn’t help

  • Emma Falcon
    Emma Falcon 25 days ago

    High five sis I'm a gemini as well✋🙌♊

  • Alexis Abrams
    Alexis Abrams 25 days ago

    Anyone watching after the baby video? Baby Grey is so cute😍

  • Catherine Davis
    Catherine Davis 25 days ago

    Hi! Could you please do a video on you going to Disneyland Paris?

  • Mya lee
    Mya lee 25 days ago

    Make a stranger things cake

  • Anurag P
    Anurag P 26 days ago

    Come to San Luis Obispo

  • Rolando Carreto
    Rolando Carreto 26 days ago +3

    The washing machine looks like a minion when he put a frown

  • Rolando Carreto
    Rolando Carreto 26 days ago

    I've been watching her since 2016 I no its a little bit but yeah

  • Dumb and dumber I love green

    How did you meet husky??? Could you do a story time pls ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you both

  • Brooke And Charlize
    Brooke And Charlize 26 days ago


  • Carolyn Dailey
    Carolyn Dailey 27 days ago

    You should've watched the Hocus Pocus Celebration (I think it was on Hallmark or ABC or Lifetime) last Halloween in 2018 because it showed Hocus Pocus about 6 times over and over again from 6:00 to like Midnight ( plus 3 famous disney starts sang I PUT A SPELL ON YOU)

  • Fran Hile
    Fran Hile 27 days ago

    Rosanna looks like Mary poppins

  • Lindsey Squire
    Lindsey Squire 27 days ago

    Is it weird that I answered like half of these correctly?

  • Sarah Donelan
    Sarah Donelan 28 days ago

    I've got a question for you husky or mo?

  • Melissa Vazquez
    Melissa Vazquez 28 days ago

    my 4 year old got so excotes to see you! she said "mommy is that Anna?!" and now thats she mentioned it, YOU TOTALLY ARE HUMAN ANNA FROM FROZEN

  • Maria Jafar
    Maria Jafar 28 days ago

    Im gemini too

  • Bethan Stewart
    Bethan Stewart 28 days ago

    Does anyone else see Cookie?? No just me

  • Mika's Adventure - Kids Friendly Channel

    Mo, are you pregnant

  • Mina & Emilie //emmi
    Mina & Emilie //emmi 29 days ago

    Bf can be best friend too

  • Moshood Adedayo
    Moshood Adedayo 29 days ago

    your baby 's name is goning to be grayson

  • Ysabelle Solibaga
    Ysabelle Solibaga 29 days ago


  • Gamer Crystal
    Gamer Crystal 29 days ago

    So my fav colour black isn’t a colour? ;-;

  • Lacy Scurlock
    Lacy Scurlock 29 days ago

    Omg I’m Gemini to!! Gem twins! ♊️ Please like this!😁

  • pilar owen
    pilar owen 29 days ago

    4:55 omg I could not stop laughing 😂

  • Kinsey Kay
    Kinsey Kay 29 days ago

    At 4:29 you can see Rosanna was crossing her eyes.

  • Shaunna Hicks
    Shaunna Hicks 29 days ago

    My mom loves hocus-pocus so much every Halloween we have to watch it like 1000 times 🙄

  • Alexis Miralrio
    Alexis Miralrio Month ago

    Rosanna Husky dose not have video I lost the lasts video so I clicked on this one.

  • Ridha Rafath 19
    Ridha Rafath 19 Month ago +3

    Molly wins everytime. I love u ro and mo