• Published on Nov 3, 2018
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  • Ranvir Kalay
    Ranvir Kalay 2 months ago

    that is crazy i bet you felt really priviledged in a good way , as a racing driver you are lucky and proud as you are open to many doors what a exciting day i bet you had enjoying time and pushing one of porsches greatest electric hypercars to the limit , and having fun with a worldtime racing champion like yourself Nico , what a great choice you chose for the track , the 918 spyder is one of my favourite hypercars bleding hypercar performance , speed looks and electric performance when you want it

  • Rick Snow
    Rick Snow 3 months ago

    I love speed mate

  • Ethan Ayre
    Ethan Ayre 4 months ago

    You should do one of these with Lewis Hamilton

  • rassta baboul
    rassta baboul 8 months ago

    2 belles têtes de gland

  • Mark Cady
    Mark Cady 8 months ago

    Best video by a mile, racing connections and content is awesome...

  • DJBobbyChicago
    DJBobbyChicago 8 months ago


  • Claus Phillip Resberg
    Claus Phillip Resberg 8 months ago

    SOL made med watch this.. Great quality and content!!

  • ding020468
    ding020468 8 months ago

    Subbed, coz Nico said so....

  • Mr Prickle fingers
    Mr Prickle fingers 8 months ago

    This deserves more views

  • Team PantsFire
    Team PantsFire 8 months ago

    Subscribed, this is brilliant content Archie, I hope you get the views and subscriptions you deserve for it.

  • steven macleod
    steven macleod 8 months ago

    Best vid yet mate 👌

  • Dean Webb
    Dean Webb 8 months ago

    Both your faces on the race start... EPIC! 😂

  • i.e.m.
    i.e.m. 9 months ago

    My dream is NOT to drive this car. My dream is to have a Formula 1 pilot take me for a ride with this car.

  • Otis Cat
    Otis Cat 9 months ago


  • CharkieCars
    CharkieCars 9 months ago

    7th september

  • Mike
    Mike 10 months ago

    Time moves on fast, so it is easy to forget that if Nico hadn't retired, he could easily have been the reigning F1 Champion this year. Also, I'd guess Archie is quite handy around a circuit, but even he was wincing at Nico's speed!!! :))

  • Double Tap
    Double Tap 10 months ago

    This by far your best video.

  • Leon Leon
    Leon Leon 10 months ago

    Bravo Archie and Nico, a great immersive experience of the 918. One of the best videos I have seen in a long while. Great to see Nico throwing a 918 around!

  • lewisk112
    lewisk112 10 months ago

    Great content Archie lad

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro 10 months ago

    Am I the only one who knows that Archie and Nico Rosberg will race karting in Monaco? 😂😎

  • Christopher
    Christopher 10 months ago

    This is awesome

  • Carl Mills
    Carl Mills 10 months ago

    epic epic epic!

  • Kompoism
    Kompoism 10 months ago

    Love seeing these kind of vids of you and other drivers hanging out, even like the go kart first drive. The more of this you can do the better. It also means you have variety on the channel and when we see your Lambo etc the absence would have made the heart grow fonder.. Awesome stuff Archie! Keep it up!

  • Bernd Hoffmann
    Bernd Hoffmann 10 months ago

    congrats great stuff, I cannot understand why there are not more views!

    ACC QPQP 10 months ago

    LOL he is still happily clapping away

  • Ash R
    Ash R 10 months ago

    We want to see the driver view more than their faces :/

  • dantonchat71
    dantonchat71 10 months ago

    The sound of that V8 is out of this world epic

  • StevieShow
    StevieShow 10 months ago

    What a cool guy

  • Will
    Will 10 months ago

    100% the best video Archie has ever published on his YT channel... more like this!

  • 911Intense
    911Intense 10 months ago

    Not the best passenger......Rosberg gives it death. :D

  • Peter Whalley
    Peter Whalley 10 months ago

    Best video so far Archie. Well done lad.

  • F1 Fan
    F1 Fan 10 months ago

    Awesome video

  • Frederik Paulsen
    Frederik Paulsen 10 months ago

    Mate that video is chaos!!! I really enjoyed watching it, and seeing to champs get along so well!🤟🏽 Super cool!!

  • Beno94
    Beno94 10 months ago

    Mega 👍🏻 good job

  • Alan Hunt
    Alan Hunt 10 months ago

    I would guess Archie if you want to get back into racing with a behind scenes racing life, then you will need to focus on a specific teams sponsors and what they want to market from their product needs. Then add your overview, but principally you might need to go round these sponsors first to see what interest you can pull together. if the focus is about yourself, first, I doubt it will float and the teams will want you focused on them, not You tube. If you are the sponsors rep and driver, then teams will listen because they have no money of their own. You have been there, you know how it works... drivers always have to do sponsor event's you just need to come at it from another angle.

  • Cristian R32 GTR
    Cristian R32 GTR 10 months ago

    My content is better

  • Bradley Hurst
    Bradley Hurst 10 months ago

    Nailed it! Keep up the content.

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly 10 months ago

    Liked both of you guys videos. Cool stuff. Keep it coming!

  • Richard Corlett
    Richard Corlett 10 months ago

    Another great upload Archie, but it was a bit chringy that you called hit 'mate' 13 times ;-)

  • Brady W
    Brady W 10 months ago

    Awesome video! Great job Archie.

  • Bonnie and Clyde
    Bonnie and Clyde 10 months ago


  • James Donaghy
    James Donaghy 10 months ago

    So cool. Awesome video

  • Gareth Richardson
    Gareth Richardson 10 months ago

    Give a like if you think Archie was scared... Was you scared Archie?

  • Mac Sixtyfive
    Mac Sixtyfive 10 months ago

    At Long Last.... Archie getting his act together
    ...though at @3:47 and @3:57 Archie has somehow managed to infect F1 world champion Nico Rosberg with the eye infliction he had only moments ago?

  • Alan Pastor
    Alan Pastor 10 months ago

    Mate you rock, cheers ! Best regards from Mexico !!! :D

  • Youdontknoww Me
    Youdontknoww Me 10 months ago

    Itll work out man. You should have tossed that silver girl around the track though lol

  • JCrules
    JCrules 10 months ago

    someone is hyped, im driving 918, with nico rosberg, oh a 918, im driving it, with nico,...rosberg, the nico rosberg, and im riding it to, the 918, with nico.........etc etc :)

  • ExoticWhipsTV
    ExoticWhipsTV 10 months ago

    Man, this is the business! Well done! I'd love to hear the dynamics of how something like this was setup. "mate" the UK version of "bro" in America? Again, awesome content mate...keep it going!

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart 10 months ago

    Great stuff Archie. This is is the real deal for sure.

  • Llamuari
    Llamuari 10 months ago +1

    On the off chance that you read this, I think bringing an aventador to the channel would be great!. Possibly a Ferrari 🤔. But then it's just my opinion
    Edit: Or a gt3 rs 🙂

  • Mr C
    Mr C 10 months ago

    Great to see one of these going over 30mph.

  • spadgm
    spadgm 10 months ago

    Now thats a bucket list day!

  • 6 Ghette
    6 Ghette 10 months ago +1


  • Kebeiloe Sello
    Kebeiloe Sello 10 months ago +1

    You need to STOP with 3 MINUTES Of PREAMBLES in every video you post. Get on with it!

  • Janusha
    Janusha 10 months ago

    Ive never seen a Porsche 918 or any hypercar been driven harder in my life.

  • Jimmy2
    Jimmy2 10 months ago

    Archie no word of a lie, despite other major car vloggers making huge moves I find your channel to be the most interesting at the moment. Bringing racing to this space is brilliant. Good on you! Keep up the great work.

  • BestOfEDM
    BestOfEDM 10 months ago

    and ungraded footage inbetween LOL ffs

  • BestOfEDM
    BestOfEDM 10 months ago

    it is not a 9 - 1 - 8 ... it's called 9 - eighteen .........

    utterly obsert

  • Andrew Shaidurov
    Andrew Shaidurov 10 months ago

    That's like 3-rd video on a same subject. Others are Niko Rosberg and FullyCharged Show

  • NEntv58
    NEntv58 10 months ago

    What a sound